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New version of Google TV to be shown at Google I/O

Everybody knows — including Google — Google TV devices are not flying off the shelves. In fact, last week we found out that Logitech’s Revue is not selling very well. Google must be very much aware of the issue, because according to an article on BusinessInsider, Google will announce a new version of Google TV at the company’s I/O conference next week.

The new update will focus on three main areas:

  • Performance: It will run on a faster chip.
  • User experience: Improved user experience and interface
  • Apps: Google will show a new version of the Android Market built for Google TV. Of course, this means Google will probably release a Google TV SDK in the very near future.

While Google TV needs a lot of work around performance and user experience, I’m much more excited about the notion of being able to download third-apps to my TV. We have yet to see what developers are able to come up with when they get their hands on certain information like our TV schedule and watching habits. Likewise, it’ll be interesting to see how apps like Gmail and Google Voice take a whole new life on your TV. We better startĀ gettingĀ used to taking calls and tweeting from our TVs — that’s where we seem to be heading.

Source: BusinessInsider

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  • schwiz

    I’m sad to say but if it doesn’t have hulu then I could really care less.

  • http://Website AdamJ

    I hope so. I still think Google TV has major potential but it was rushed to market and then neglected. I have Sony Goggle TV at home and Logitech at the office. For whatever reason the Revue performs much better, especially in Chrome.

  • http://Website dylan

    Oh good! I thought they forgot about google tv.

    • http://Website Daniel

      They certainly didn’t, but they were pressured to work on Honeycomb (to the detriment of Google TV and phones). Much of the Honeycomb work will certainly benefit Google TV, though, so I’m sure there’s something positive coming out of this inertia period anyway.

  • http://Website Gary

    I hope these improvements can applied to current models and not just newer models with faster chips.

    • http://Website Uncemister

      Agreed, I don’t want the fragmentation to start with my 700 dollar TV as well

  • Noice

    Needs to work (somehow) with OTA broadcast TV – if I need a cable bill to use GoogTV, I won’t have GoogTV.

    Needs to offer it’s own inbuilt DVR recording system.

    Until it has both, it’s simply irrelevant for a lot of people. Sadly Xbox Live + Netflix + HuluPlus is offering a much better situation than Cable + Google; especially since a lot will still have and Netflix & Xbox owners will still probably have Xbox Live. The only thing GoogTV is really offering is a less than polished Android-On-The-Otherside-Of-The-Room with no decent apps/features/services enhancing GoogTV.

    I want it to be an amazing, innovative product/platform – as a geek/dev/info-consumer/entertainment-consumer… but it’s no where near there. No where near.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      im happy u have a better situation with your xbox and hulu plus and whatever u said. Guess what ? most of us arent gamers, ya know why ? most of us work full time and have no time to play games all day. so we dont have xbox live so we must rely on cable. plus you cant get everything on hulu, for me cable is a neccessity, for my internet primarily, which even if i didnt have a cable box, i would still need the cable modem…how do u hav internet if u dont hav cable or dsl ? mooching off the neighbors wifi ? lame ! my google tv is much more than an android on the other side of the moon, or whatever….its the ability to use my 52 inch tv as the ultimate computer monitor. the free streaming sites work fine, so anything i cant find on cable i can get there. btw gtv does have hulu plus.

  • http://Website Mjolnier

    Get it to $99 and I’ll buy one tomorrow.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      cheapo…. its ironic to me that the same people that buy unlocked $400 phones wont dish out $250 for a logitech revue. its worth it at the price its at right now, we be worth twice that when the market is on it….make it an investment purchase.

  • http://Website dagamer34

    Will it be worth using?

  • http://Website SoDark

    I don’t care about hulu or other content provider not cooperating. All I need is a utorrent app for google tv.

    • http://Website Morten

      Does it have to be utorrent? Torrent apps already exist for Android. Though a better solution is to stream video from your computer. If you need to control torrents from the TV, use a remote torrent app. They work great as well.

  • Uncemister

    I have both iterations of it (sony google tv and logitech) And I’m honestly happy with both in that it adds a decent internet browser for the ultimate huge PC screen. However it would be great to have a market and some apps tailored to the platform. I certainly hope they add these features to the older versions I have.

  • http://Website geonerstiem


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