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Rumor: Sprint is finally getting a Tegra 2 Android phone next month

It’s been more than five months since we saw NVIDIA announce its Tegra 2 “super chip” at CES. Fast-forward to today and you can get a Tegra 2-powered Android phone from any U.S. carrier, except one. You can buy the G2x from T-Mobile, the Atrix 4G from AT&T, or the Droid X2 from Verizon. On Sprint? Well, you can get last year’s very popular but slightly outdated HTC EVO 4G. Thankfully, Sprint is about to jump on the Tegra 2 bandwagon as well.

The Rumor

Back in March, we reported that Sprint was getting ready to launch its own version of the Motorola Atrix 4G. Obviously, that hasn’t happened yet. The reason? Sprint decided to tweak the Atrix’s design a little bit. Two months later, we believe that the carrier is finally ready to launch the device, and will do so next month.

The device will share many similarities with the Atrix 4G, but it won’t be exactly the same device. Instead of the 4-inch screen that the Atrix 4G has, Sprint’s model will have a 4.3-inch display. The carrier has also re-designed its model to look a bit more like an HTC EVO 4G, with kickstand and all. Additionally, the phone will launch with Gingerbread already installed, and not Froyo. Aside from those differences, we expect the phone to have much of the same features that the Motorola Atrix 4G has.

The Source

This tip came from a regular source who has provided accurate information on Sprint in the past. As with most people that hand over sensitive information, they wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

As we told you before, we don’t think that Motorola invested all that time and money on those Lapdocks to just make AT&T happy for a couple of months. We strongly believe that the company will bring those kind of accessories to other carriers — with Sprint being one of the first. However, we’ve yet to see whether Motorola will maintain compatibility between its different accessories or not. Especially, knowing that Sprint’s modified Atrix 4G could have a bigger screen than AT&T’s model.

With the HTC EVO 3D and a version of the Atrix 4G coming to Sprint in the near future, the carrier could very well become the first battleground in the war between Qualcomm’s and NVIDIA’s dual-core chips. Even though Qualcomm is a little late to the dual-core party, the company could still surprise us and blow NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 right out of the water.

I’ll remain undecided until I see some benchmarks between these two devices, but which phone would you guys rather own?

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  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    I would much rather have the Evo 3D than this phone. Why? Because I like HTC much better than Moto. I would even take the SGS II over this phone

    • http://Website jane fonda

      more importantly, just how good was dirk nowitzness tonight? incredible.

    • http://@booredatwork kstagg

      EVO3D has a inimal upkick in battery size, same default 8GB SDcard (for 3D graphics/video – are they serious?), an even thicker device than current EVO), and a potentially unflashable ROM. Good luck with that.

      • http://Website htcfree

        did you not see this… HTC
        “There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC

  • WickedToby741

    So basically Sprint is launching a hybrid between the Atrix and the Bionic.

  • Alberto Vildosola

    Hey guys, we’re really sorry if you already commented on this article and the comment got deleted. We’re having some issues with WordPress, which hopefully are fixed for now.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I really don’t care about benchmarks

  • QDOG8

    Isn’t it kinda strange that Motorola has no Android phones on Sprint? ..I think it kinda is…

    • http://Website ajac

      Sprint has 2 moto andoid phones coming and has one IDEN android phone already

    • http://Website panic

      Sprint had the Motorola Cliq and the Cliq XT…just so u know…

      • http://Website dj

        r u just trollin or stupid? The CliQ and CliQ XT(2 shitty ass phones btw) were released as T-Mobile xclusives

  • http://Website Dre

    Very cool news, but I’m patently waiting for a dual core with keyboard. Here’s hoping for a Epic 2

  • LjNj_RC51

    Android without HTC Sense makes no sense to me.

  • http://Website dj

    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that a tegra 2 phone coming next month while the HTC evo 3d doesn’t have a date ? The employees keep saying end of June or July but how can u release a tegra 2 before there first dual core flagship phone smh

    • http://@booredatwork kstagg

      Follow for latest on EVO3D info. Last I heard was first week in June.

  • http://Website Josefina

    Hell yeaaaah I’m buying two can’t wait!

  • Dave K

    Well this would be some unexpectedly good news… I’ve been waiting all this time to get the HTC EVO 3D, but now I might have to consider this phone. It’s been a long wait for Sprint to get a high-end phone.

    • kstagg

      I’m still waiting for Samsung Galaxy S2, unless this puppy makes a believer out of me. I love my EVO 4G, but am going to pass on the EVO3D. Flashing that ROM would make me nervous.


  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    No doubt it’s the Htc Evo 3d for me hands down without any questions. The granddaddy of 4g devices our beloved Evo 4g is now ready for retirement a new member of the family is ready to take the android throne for sprint. If you look around the lineup of devices on sprint as well as tmobile are TOPS IN THE SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY. Think of this 1. Evo 3d, 2. Nexus S4g, 3. Atrix 4g, 4. Evo 4g, 5. Evo shift 4g, 6. Samsung Epic 4g, plus the lineup of various tablets, Htc Evo view 4g, Blackberry playbook4g, Galaxy tab 4g, wifi xoom, it goes on and on. The fact that sprint has the flagship google phone that will always mean a pure google device on the carrier for ever as well as many iterations of Evo’s in the future sprint will be the best carrier in the game espically if tmobile become at&t then they will become the ONLY AFFORDABLE carrier period. It gets better and better on sprint.

    • http://Website iPhone

      Richard, you sir are a douche.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        I’m pretty sure you know where you can place your iphone. I won’t use this forum to make you look any more stupid than you and your posting already appears to be. Loser

        • http://Website Atrix 4G

          Richard, you still are a douche. Enough said. :)

      • josh dillard

        now why is Richard because the iPhone is Unix Linux when will people learn you payed for ie GUI see that’s what’s wrong with this country do you think Thomas Jefferson would have communist phone as in bb winders apple or go with freedom ie Gnu don’t get me wrong open source isn’t identified as free sorry you wasted money on iPhone# legacy

    • http://Website cyril

      Its only a flagship device for SPRINT, not all the carriers! You act like this phone is setting the standard for everyone. It was innovative last year with 4g and the large display, but this year its just an also ran. Sorry, but it is. Notice the Sensation is getting way more attention than it is :). And of course the Galaxy S2 will blow the pants off it.

      • http://Website kazahani

        While I agree with your sentiments, I can’t help but think that “blow the pants off it” is a bad choice of words…

    • http://Website snowbdr89
      • http://Website do-over


        Update: If you’ve somehow inexplicably ended up at this article, please note, HTC has since announced the 3D will be unlocked (at some point) and their future policy is to have unlocked bootloaders on all devices.

  • mikevo

    I have an Evo now and I don’t have a line eligible till Oct 1. The 3D is a definite no. Not interested in 3D graphics, phone or TV. Plus I’ve already made up my mind an know I want my next device to b a nexus but I’ll wait for the Nexus L 4G.

    • DaEXfactoR

      The Nexus is a good choice,,,just keep in my mind, it isn’t the 3D that makes the EVO 3D awesome…but I digress. Like I said the Nexus is a good choice and you cant go wrong…

    • josh dillard

      Hey becareful nexsus is nice really runs hot I think of it as moment 2 but better I can see phones made Google not sam

  • http://Website cb2000a

    Evo 3D…the phone that will get me to jump ship from Verizon to Sprint….

  • http://Website Greg

    This would round out Sprint’s selection of Androids nicely! I actually hope the form factor is the same size, so that accessories aren’t fragmented, and finding a used laptop-dock will be easier, because I could buy one from former owners from either carrier.

  • http://Website Android4Life

    I want Sprint to get a Tegra device…namely the Nexus 3 :)

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I hope more news comes soon on this phone and whether Sprint will have a version of the SGS 2. I’m so tempted to say to hell with it and trade my EVO 4G in to Best Buy for the EVO 3D.

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      Sure, vote me down because I like to have options. Thank you

    • DaEXfactoR

      Is Best Buy doing trade ins???? I have a pre-order their with a $50 gift card..that would be sweet…

    • kstagg

      I’m with ya Paul. But after seeing the Mango updates today, if the SGS2 comes to Sprint, I’m tempted to go Windows Mobile instead of Android, the updates were that slick.

      And yeah – I have an EVO4G right now. Love it. Love Android. But for all the EVO3D fanboys out there [cough] Richard [/cough], if you’re going to be a cheerleader for Sprint (I think they’re great) – at least do the research and don’t come off like a company parrot.

      The EVO3D is a good phone, to be sure – albeit “meh” – but there are other phones out there already that are going to knock this thing off its pedestal even before its had a chance to reign, unlike the 4G which ruled the roost for a few months. As others have noted – phones like the Galaxy S2 will, I’m sorry to say, bitchslap the EVO3D from here to next week.

      If you’re looking for a phone with bragging rights – you need to look around at something else. Hell, it looks like something else is gunning for the GS2:


  • http://Website green2u

    AT&T and Motorola really screwed the pooch with Atrix 4G. Let’s hope this revamped version will give the Atrix a new lease on life.

  • http://Website Sin City

    I called this info before, with Sprint not releasing it with the Xoom and upgrading their Atrix to something better. The same treatment as the Bionic. Don’t know if Sprint will be a pull of Verizon, and announce numerous high end devices, so I’m leaning on July for this device. I’m waiting for the official press release, just so I could be happy that Sprint finally receiving high end Motorola devices.

    • kstagg

      Awesome – right when I’m eligible to upgrade! If no word on GS2, I’d definitely take a gander at this!

  • http://Website COrd

    When are we going to get a samsung galaxy S II announcement?? This wait is killing me!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Galaxy S2 what a waste

    • http://Website Snowbdr89

      With out a doubt dick the douche you are a waste

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        Your another loser in these forums but you make me laugh.

    • kstagg

      You really are clueless aren’t you?

    • http://Website Atrix 4G

      Richard, you still are a complete douche. Please go away.

  • http://Website Frank

    One word…”MotoBlur”. Enjoy! Pfffft lol!

  • http://none Todd

    I wanted an evo3d until the encrypted bootloader. Now I am all for an atrix on sprint.

  • DaEXfactoR

    EVO 3D baby,,,,HTC made me a believer with the EVO 4G…

  • http://Website Antjones21

    I have an EVO 4G right now and I’ve been impatiently awaiting the EVO 3D cuz I love HTC Sense. But this version of the Atrix does in intrigue me. I have a friend who has the At&T version and it doesn’t have motoblur on it I don’t think or it’s very minimal. As far as the Samsung Within (Sprints SGS2) I’m just not impressed with Samsung smartphones, yes they have great screens but the feel and hardware seems cheap and plastic to me. None of the original SGS’s blew anything out of the water so what’s so good about the SGS2s? The Nexus S is nice but it lacks in specs compared to everything else right now. I keep seeing people say they will wait to the Nexus 3 or whatever the next version is but there’s no guarantee that will be released on Sprint.

    • kstagg

      “None of the original SGS’s blew anything out of the water so what’s so good about the SGS2s?”

      Show me a smartphone on the market worldwide that has better specs. Not trying to be coy, just trying to prove a point.

  • http://Website sparky

    ARGHH… I really want a good 4 INCH or smaller…. 4.3″ is just too big for me. There are so many 4.3″ out there it seems like the 4″ or smaller is a good niche for a phone. Why did they have to mess with the size of the original Atrix?

  • http://Website Antjones21

    It has the same specs the EVO 3D has except the camera is better at 8MP but I everything else seems the same to me. 1GB Ram, Dual Core 1.2GHz processor, Bluetooth 3.0,HTC-EVO-3D/phones/5537,5321

    • kstagg

      GS2: 8.49mm (0.33 inches) thick
      EVO3D: NOT anywhere close as thin as the GS2 :]

      GS2 Front camera: 2.0MP
      EVO3D: Front Camera: 1.3MP

      GS2 2D Camera: 8MP
      EVO 2D Camera: 5MP
      EVO 3D Camera wins if you’re into 3D

      GS2 Display: 4.3″ Super AMOLED PLUS with Gorilla glass
      EVO 3D: qHD
      Both displays are excellent though not sure if EVO3D has scratch resistant Gorilla Glass

      As it stands now GS2 has flashable ROM, EVO3D does not, but to be honest – do you want to mess with the ROM of a 3D device, even if HTC does reverse itself?

  • http://Website snowbdr89
    • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

      Well, I must say, these developments inspire a slurry of strong words in me… Words such as “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” and “*&*#$!!!!”. However, I will keep my composure simply because I cannot wait for a tegra 2 device or the Galaxy S2. I’m stuck with whatever’s out June 8 and 30 days from that date. If the EVO 3D is the only thing, I guess I’ll just enjoy Sense 3.0 with whatever temp root comes out until some brilliant developer makes a breakthrough. And no, I will not sacrifice dual core. If I’m going to plunk cold hard cash on the table for a phone, I don’t want to have EXTREME buyer’s remorse in a matter of months. Being a gamer and a power user, dual core is the answer to my prayers and I’m sure even if the GS2 blows the new snapdragon out of the water benchmark-wise, I’ll still be plenty future proof.

      • kstagg

        Don’t you have 31 days to return? So technically you have a trial period with the phone I believe. Give your local sprint retailer a call (or better yet, look on their website somewhere for it in writing). So you might have until the end of July to exchange that EVO3D for something else if you’re not satisfied.

        Please confirm this – not sure if this correct, but am almost positive.

    • josh dillard

      Hey becareful it isn’t no more lol

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    New phones will always come that will knock out the device we carry that is android and will always be i personally like that. I except the fact that the Evo 3d might not remain number but neither will the galaxy S2. All you people make me laugh some of you are probably the same people who were crying lastyear when you needed froyo on all your samsung phones. If samsung was so great how come they still have phone in there galaxy s line with 2.1 eggclair. Screw the galaxy s2 or whoever decides they have no desire for the Evo 3d. In my world it’s all about htc/qualcomm/google/sprint and that will always be. Android forces you to decide what camp you will be a part of I have chosen mines and will remain in that camp regardless of anything. I know htc PIMP SLAPS samsung and the Evo 3d PIMP SLAPS Galaxy S2 whoever purchases the galaxy s2 out the box you recieved your last update.. SAMSUNG NEVER CARES ABOUT CURRENT DEVICES ONLY THE NEW ONES

    • http://Website Snowbdr89

      Dick your evo 3d is locked down an if the galaxy s2 isnt locked down then im pretty sure the galaxy s2 will make that evo 3d its bitch.. A locked down phone is a useless phone

    • kstagg

      Hey dumbass,

      The Galaxy line is an android phone which means it will work on MULTIPLE CARRIERS INCLUDING SPRINT.

      The Galaxy line includes Samsung Galaxy S2.

      Oh, and in other news – the Tegra 2 phone for Motorola gets a name: Motorla Photon 4G

    • http://Website Atrix 4G

      Richard, please learn how to spell. Maybe that might help get rid of some of the douche-ness you have. Probably not though.

  • kstagg

    The Tegra 2 Android Phone for Sprint gets a Name – Motorola Photon 4G: via

  • http://Website Akira

    HTC announced on their Facebook they’re reviewing their bootloader policy after being flamed, emailed, and called since the hour they announced the lock on the Evo 3D.

    Regardless, there’s an army of new devices coming to all carriers, it really isn’t that hard to pick your favorite without trashing everything else out there.

    So much for an open community being open minded.

    • http://Website Kazahani

      Here here! Well said!

  • mavricxx

    Sprint, switch to GSM already…

  • http://Website tim

    I had been using a Samsung Moment and trying to hold out for a dual core phone, but couldn’t stand the glitches any longer. So I went to my local Sprint store and tried an Epic 4G which was a fail due to poor build quality. I actually gave the phone back and went back to the moment thinking I could hold out for the Evo 3D. Wrong, my moment finally gave out and on June 6th I went to Best Buy and got an Evo 4G which seems to be a great phone so far. My question is, I’m still in my 30 day exchange period, is it tacky of me to consider swapping out on the 24th to the Evo 3D. After all, its not our fault that Sprint is the last major carrier to come out with a dual core phone. Opinions welcomed.