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Samsung fights Apple back, requesting final versions of iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Always evolving, mobile technology has become quite competitive. Manufacturers are constantly going at it, suing each other for everything they can. Last month, Apple sued Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPhone’s hardware and software. Taking Apple’s side, the court decided (last week) that Samsung would hand over samples of their upcoming devices to be further analyzed. Only one condition was established – Apple would not have direct access to these devices, and the hardware would instead have to be inspected by Cupertino’s outside lawyers only. Such devices would be the following: Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy S II, Infuse 4G, and Droid Charge.

Though said devices were already announced, and much details about them are known, it seems like Samsung is trying to play things extra safely. Proving that it will not keep its arms crossed about the situation, Samsung has just requested that Apple turn in its unannounced, upcoming devices for inspection as well, which include the upcoming iPhone and iPad (Specific names are unknown, but probably something along the lines of iPhone 5 and iPad 3).[1]

The claim is that Samsung would like to have some type of ground to stand on, in order to defend itself from Apple’s upcoming legal actions (or maybe make some changes?). Of course, Samsung agrees to abide by the same rules placed upon Apple, allowing only lawyers to have access to these devices, not Samsung staff/executives.

Samsung’s move will surely make the situation much more heated than it already is. This company’s main concern is that the the upcoming Apple devices will be the ones taken into consideration (not the present ones) if Apple decides to take further action.

We will have to wait and see how Apple responds to this. Given the fact that Apple has not even announced details about the requested devices, it seems unlikely that they will easily give in to such a request. Samsung might simply be trying to make the process longer and more complicated for Apple, for reasons unknown to us.

Though I am biased toward Samsung (I am an Android fan), Apple’s devices are probably not even far into their testing and development. Samsung asking for their final products, and even packaging, seems simply unreasonable (We all know that all Apple devices are very similar anyways). What are your opinions on this? What do you think Samsung’s intentions are? Do you think Apple will be forced to turn over the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 (If that happens, hopefully we get some leaks!).


  1. Read Samsung’s statement at

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  • http://Website Reef215

    I hate apple….. I hate microsoft (for suing android) some one need to do a documentary on this topic.

    • http://Website Edwin van der Sar

      Samsuck is a sore loser

      • http://Website Jon Garrett

        sore looser? why? because they’re protecting their intellectual property rights and not standing for apple’s bullshit.

      • http://Website راضي التونسية عدد كبير من اللاجئين الفارين من ليبيا، سواء من الليبيي

        he said

        >>Samsuck is a sore loser

        i fully agree with him.

  • http://Website MeatRocket

    I think this is fabulous! Samsung is more or less spitting in Apple’s face with their trivial lawsuit BS. Basically, the way I read it, is Samsung is saying “look your honor, we just want to see what they have planned down the road so we don’t expose ourselves to litigation” knowing that Apple wasn’t expecting the tables to be turned on them. They just used Apple’s own frivilous litigation to actually protect Samsung and embarass Apple. Good on Samsung!

    • http://Website Ford

      Samsung is korean, its junk.

      • http://Website rovex

        Most of the iPhone is Korean as well, the CPU, memory and screen. Hardly anything about the iPhone is American.

        • http://Website Tony

          in fact, a good chunk of the iphone is samsung hardware.. Apple needs not to bite the hand that feeds.

          • http://Website Machika Kara Kuro

            The cpu and memory come directly from samsung I am unsure who makes the led panel but there are only few high end led panel makers

          • http://Website Daniel

            The LED comes from LG. LG’s Nova display (used in some of their latest phones) is the followup to the Retina, featuring even brighter colors.

  • http://Website ivan

    iPhone forever. Im so getting the new miracle phone from apple, the dominating world market leader.

    • http://Website the helping hand

      ivan wrote

      iPhone forever. Im so getting the new miracle phone from apple, the dominating world market leader.

  • http://Website btelks

    It will be the iPhone 4GS btw

    • http://Website O.J. Simpson, live statement from jail


  • http://Website Hans

    Doesn’t Apple usually announce their new iPhone model around this time? The same with their iPods and maybe now their iPads. If so, it makes sense that Samsung is making such a request.

  • http://Website KaLanGO

    Apple likes to hijack itself, firstly launching new devices every season. And then trying to lame others because of its failure and by being overcome within 2 or 3 months by other devices.
    And apple followers like to spend money….

  • ChrisLH

    Samsung is doing some really good things with their phones and tablets these days. But they need to be more original and innovative in their hardware design, regardless of how this lawsuit turns out. Reworking TouchWiz (or removing it altogether) would be even better.

  • http://Website Andy Steroid

    Doesn’t Samsung make components for the IPhone?

    • http://Website Tony

      Lots of them!

  • http://Website Kevin

    Feel free to down vote me, but doesn’t apple have a point here? Samsung’s touchwiz interface and devices are clearly made to look like an iPhone. I wish they would just embrace android; it’s a far different (and better, IMO) platform. Stop trying to make it look like an iPhone!

    • http://Website Rovex

      NO, Samsung had similar looks to some of its phones and interfaces before the iPhone 2G even came out.

  • http://Website Tim H

    How is it an unreasonable request? The judge ruled that Samsung had to show Apple lawyers all of its forthcoming products pre-release.. I think it is only fair that Samsung gets the same opportunity.. I’m pretty sure Samsung has some patents of their own.

  • http://Website Glendawg

    I thought this was a android blog?

  • AME

    Of course the two phones will be similar:

    1) Phones are 4″ rectangles
    2) Apple and Samsung are all about out-doing each other over weight and thinness
    3) Samsung makes some of the very important parts in iPhones

    If Apple wants to make the rules and request pre-released products, then they have to live by those rules and do the same. It’s not like they have to show them to every phone manufacturer. It would be interesting if Apple decides to drop their suit over this.

    It’s really unfortunate for all the Apple zombies out there who are going to pay top dollar for a phone in September that was apparently out-classed by a phone released in April. (Sad that this is the only leak about the iPhone 5 so far!)

  • http://Website Dr. Samsung, CEO of betrayal & customer genocide

    samsuck is full of lies and liars….we will never forget!

  • http://Website Raptor

    From the chronicles of the World War II:”Everybody wanted to be resembling their furer…”

    Be objective, no slightest doubts about that. All are always copying the style leaders everywhere. And our friends asians specifically shamelessly.

    Disclaimer: not an bitten fruit user

  • http://Website OUR OPINION


  • http://Website Tony

    Be it me the last person to stand up for Samsung, I bought a Fascinate and effing hate it. That being said, Apple needs to get off of their high-horse. Similarities aside, its not like Apple hasn’t been doing the same thing for years on in. The fact of the matter is, Samsung’s Android smartphone lineup, really looks nothing more or less like an iPhone be it 3G/S or 4 than any other black/white slab phone out there. Sure touchwiz is very iOS-esque *and is completely terrible*, but is it iOS? no.. If anything, Apple should be going after the MIUI dev team for making a damn near iOS clone in Android.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Truthfully BOTH APPLE AND SAMSUNG SUCK ROTTEN EGGS, but I’ll give samsung credit for standing up to Apple just like HTC did. That is all APPLE does is sue people because they can’t develop anything truly WORTH WILD FOR EVERYONE…I have always said this from day one and will forever say this till the day I die….APPLE IPHONES if you just want to turn on your little phone and be locked into your small world with no options for music or content and if you just give up on learning and exploring with your device then you buy iphone with that sorry at&t and useless verizon. But if you want the best of content with the option to learn and explore as well as making your device however way you want it to be then you select ANDROID with the carriers of sprint and tmobile…IPHONE USERS ARE SIMPLE PEOPLE they don’t value choice they love being told what to do with there little iphones STEVIE RULES THEIR KINGDOM…

    • http://Website Willard Potter

      I honestly wanted to mark down your comment out of habit… lol

      Every carrier has their strong and weak points. Service, coverage, and availability. These things aren’t the same everywhere. While, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. It is only that; Opinion.

      You came so close to making a decent statement for once and went crazy biased and ruined it. If you start wording things a little differently, people (myself almost included.. lol) wouldn’t just auto rate you down.

      :: end of rant ::

      TouchWiz most certainly is very iOS-esque. Nobody can deny that. First Galaxy S phone I saw, I immediately took a double-take and was almost upset with it. I hoped it was just a ploy to get some of the more light users to jump over to android. That’s pretty much what I did with my friend and the Sidekick 4G. lol

      If Apple is requesting things like that, it’s only fair that they have the same chance even if only to protect themselves from doing something that is too similar for Apple to sit back and take.

      The way I look at it… Android is, admittedly, less polished in terms of smooth UI experience. On the other hand, after using my Android devices for the better part of the last two years, i’d never switch back. I have my iPod Touch and that’s it. I’m happier with my Droid 1 and G-Tablet.

      Which brings me to my next point… This wouldn’t have happened at all on a software end if Samsung, HTC, and yes, even Motorola.. would just cut the crap and give us stock android. While these added UI overlays can be nice(I kinda like the Sense UI, honestly), it could easily be done through extra apps and widgets, making it fully optional. Putting all of this extra work into a UI just makes it so it takes FOREVER for a lot of phones to get firmware updates that could have been as easily as easily as compiling from source and throwing their APKs in the package and being done with it.

      Someone brought up MIUI, THAT is way more of an iOS close, but it just goes to show that Apple is feeling the pressure knowing Android is right there next to them at this point. Apple is grasping onto whatever it can for a win and it’s likely not going to work because they’re so stubborn instead of jumping on board. Easy and Friendly are two completely different things.

  • http://Website Yan Philippe

    I, as a fan of both 2 companies, I am gonna tell you what will happen. Apple is gonna get into trouble because it they release a version of the iPhone 4GS or Iphone 5 with the latest version (IOS 5), they will say that apple copied on Samsung. And how come, you’re gonna ask. It’s simple. Just the fact that apple added a widget system into IOS.

  • http://Website KaLanGO

    I bet that IOs 5 will look a lot like honeycomb. If not it will keep the same boxy limited look of previous IOsses. its incredible how boring their OS is.
    Even Microsoft has a cool OS.