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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming out in a few days, with Android 3.1 in tow

If you aren’t one of the few lucky chaps who got to go to Google I/O this year, chances are you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 just yet. Sammy knows how you feel, and that’s why the company just sent out a tweet letting you know that you’ll be able to put your grubby hands all over the Tab 10.1 in just a few days.

The company is topping it off by announcing that the Tab 10.1 will launch with Android 3.1 already installed. Huh, a Samsung device with the latest Android version? Is this real life? Or maybe the company is finally learning from its mistakes.

But if having the latest and greatest version of Android is not enough, here are a few more reasons to make the Tab 10.1 your new tablet-sized best friend:

  • 10.1-inch Super PLS with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
  • 1GHz Dual-core Tegra 2 Processor
  • 3 MP back-facing camera with LED flash
  • 2 MP front-facing camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • 16/32/64GB of storage and 1GB of RAM
  • 7000 mAh battery

What say you? Are you getting one of these as soon it comes out? While you make a decision, you can watch the video below from CTIA.

Source: Twitter

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  • Rob Heittman

    Got the I/O version and love it – my favorite tablet device I’ve handled yet. The 3.1 update is sorely needed … but the size and weight, the responsive 10-point multi-touchscreen, and the powerful processor make this device a really great investment. If I broke mine (perish the thought), I’d buy another straightaway.

  • Justin Shapcott

    I wonder if that means we’ll be getting the 3.1 update on the I/O version soon.

    • Jon Niola

      I was wondering about that too. Weird thing though is on settings screen for updates the US is not a selectable option which is weird.

      • Justin Shapcott

        Yep, I noticed that too.

        • vitriolix

          I asked the samsung help desk guys at IO about that, they said we would get the update when the tablet launches here in the US. I assume that the OS build we have on here is a beta/prerelease build done by a europe eng team, hence the lack of US in the update list.

          • Jon Niola

            Interesting. That makes sense. Thanks for the info.

  • http://Website anon

    So is it stock android?

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Not really, it’s running TouchWiz, but I don’t think Sammy had time to customize Honeycomb as much as it does on phones

      • http://Website AdamJ

        I thought it was stock for now and then you would have the option to install Touchwiz once it was ready?

        • Alberto Vildosola

          Maybe the Limited Edition they gave out at I/O is running stock, but the one at CTIA is running some form of TouchWiz

          • http://Website Anton Spaans

            Yep, the ones they gave out at Google IO is 99% stock Android UI. It does have some apps and widgets that are TouchWiz UI like. But you can choose not to activate/start them.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I was really interested in this device, but apparently it lacks USB ports. That’s a real killer for me, I had great plans for the new APIs. :(

    • http://Website Anton Spaans

      It has a USB interface… but through its proprietary port at the bottom of the tablet. You’ll need a ‘proprietary-port’ to USB adapter (one of which comes with the package).

      I’m currently using the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for some initial development by hooking it up to my USB ports on my PC.

      I assume that if a PC can communicate with it through USB, other USB accessories can as well.

      • mavricxx

        Another reason why I’m steering clear of this Tablet, I don’t do “proprietary”. Why can’t they just make them with standard ports so we’re not having a hard time finding a replacement if needed.

  • Justin

    Yes! First honeycomb tablet here I come!

  • http://Website Terry

    I like the samsung line, but I have been dissapointed in there software support, and I know I am not alone in this, who is to say they give you 3.1 now but when the next one hits will this device be left behind like their previous devices have. I have also like the asus transformer, it would be nice if someone could compare the two

  • http://Website Bob

    Have they changed the spec again? The 10.1 was spec’d with a 3MP camera at the rear. It was the 10.1V that had an 8MP camera at the rear. Unless of course things have changed.

  • http://Website andrew

    Albert, your specs seem to be confused with the 10.1v.

    The new 10.1 has:

    a 3.2MP back cam
    7000mah battery (according to some of the I/O attendees
    Super PLS screen, not TFT (I think – don’t have one so can’t confirm directly)
    No sdcard slot, as far as anybody knows right now…

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Fixed, thanks andrew

      • Justin Shapcott

        If this has the same screen as the I/O version, it would be TFT (as per the box of the I/O version).

        • Alberto Vildosola

          Its Wikipedia page shows PLS, but who knows? Why must you torture us with all this confusion, Samsung?

  • http://Website gad

    if the price for the 3g is gud, i might get it……In the UK

  • mavricxx

    Who cares, this thing doesn’t even have USB, HDMI or expandable memory! This thing is worthless!!!