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Samsung plans to deliver a 4G LTE Galaxy Tab in 2011 while retaining their Android tablet crown

J.K. Shin, President of Samsung Mobile, weighed in on the state of the division in an interview just prior to the kick off of Computex Taipei and shed some light on some of their plans for the future.

Shin confirmed that they are working with carriers in the US and South Korea with an eye on delivering a 4G LTE powered Tab in 2011. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Verizon announced just such a Galaxy Tab at CES in January (we even got some hands on time with it), but as the window for that hardware to launch has come and gone it is good to know that something new is in the works. Shin did not specify which version(s) of the Galaxy Tab would receive 4G, but as the original 7″ Tab is now the odd man out with it’s relatively thick frame and single-core processor it wouldn’t be surprising to see an enhanced version of it with 4G.

Shin acknowledged that while they will not be able to singly overtake Apple in the tablet space in the near term they are dedicated to maintaining their lead in the Android tablet market and are willing to lower prices as needed to build their customer base. This has certainly been the case with the Galaxy Tab which is now available for sub-$200 on many carriers, although here’s hoping that Samsung realizes that they should be applying this same principle to their wifi-only models as tablet buyers have proven to be skittish about signing contracts to date.

Samsung has shown their dedication to providing the widest ranging options to tablet enthusiasts, but whether that tactic will pay off or simply leave consumers confused remains to be seen.

Do you think Samsung will remain at the top of the Android tablet heap by the end of 2011 and if not who do you see taking their place as king of the hill?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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    This is android.
    Check out our non-existing games!
    We embrace the power of fragmentation.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I can imagine a tablet on verizon LTE with poor battery life why not that’s all that network does anyway is drain your internal battery dry…LTE ON VERIZON THE OVERPRICED CHOICE OF THE FEW….

    • http://Website Hans

      Aw, someone didn’t have their mother’s milk this evening. Don’t be jealous that Verizon will be getting the Galaxy Tab while Sprint hasn’t mentioned anything. ;) Either way, I’m only getting a wifi only model. :D

      • http://Website Ali

        Hm… get your facts straight… Sprint long ago announced the 4G HTC Evo View Tablet…

        I’m not a Sprint fan but get your facts straight please…

  • http://Website R.S.

    Rather than just being the typical Apple Troll, why don’t you give your reason as to why you feel that the iPad is better.

    This way, people can have an actual discussion as to the pros and cons of these devices. That is of course provided that you have a legitimate reason why you feel that the iPad is better.

    Sorry, but “Because Steve Jobs said so!” isn’t a legitimate argument.

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    Hey off topic there was an update for the vibrant a couple weeks back i updated to it any info on the update its build number is froyo.uvkb5 can u guys do a report on this….

  • StealthGenie

    It is an Android era, and things are getting better and better for Android tablet. A lot of voices have started whispering that the iPhone killer has born and about to rock the market with amazing display and power features as never seen before. As the owners are planning price reduction, with this it is going to sweep the market.