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Scared of the acquisition? Head over to Sprint’s refugee camp with a waived ETF

Sprint has been openly against AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile since the very beginning. If this proposed acquisition goes through, that would make AT&T and Verizon the leaders of mobile telephony in the US, placing Sprint on a lower, more vulnerable position. Now that the merge is going through its process, and the FCC has even asked for consumers’ opinions, Sprint seems to be making some interesting moves to stay alive if the said deal comes goes through.

Sprint has given us a nice incentive to head over to their protecting arms, offering ETF (Early Termination Fee) credits to those that switch over to the first 4G network in America. Though Sprint is now giving this ETF credit to anyone that moves from a rival company, this offer was meant mostly for T-Mobile business customers (it has been cleared that individuals can also take advantage of this), who might be afraid of their impending “AT&T doom”.

Under the conditions of this offer, one would be able to switch to Sprint and receive an ETF credit, upon porting a number from an existing contract (just to make sure). According to CNN, such credit would be of $175 for business customers, $125 for individuals purchasing a smartphone, and $75 for individuals buying a feature phone.

Thought that was good news? Wait for this detail… If the AT&T/T-Mobile merge does not go through, and one decides that T-Mobile is still a sweet and comfortable spot, Sprint will waive their own ETF, allowing you to make a seamless return to T-Mobile (as long as you do it before 90 days after the announcement). If the deal does go through, though, you are pretty much with Sprint for the duration of the 2-year contract, or until you decide to pay the ETF and cancel. Of course you also get a guaranteed first 30 day window, in which you can choose to opt-out and cancel all attachments with Sprint.

What do you say? Good deal, right? This just shows you how much Sprint (along with many of us) is worried about a possible cellphone carrier duopoly, and it is an open invitation find a safe spot as a refugee in the middle of so much acquisition havoc.

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Source: CNN

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  • Every Android Blog Commenter

    Premeptive Shut the f*ck up, Richard.

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Thanks for the introduction my friend. I have to say SCREW AT&T and this merger. Sprint is doing the right thing concerning this situation make the offers that’s what gains new customers. People will switch to sprint if this merger takes place mainly because sprint will be the LAST MAN STANDING IN THE AFFORDABLE CARRIER ARENA nobody else will exist. I hope At&t and merger falls flat on it’s face anyone wanting this to happen is BOARDERLINE CRAZY ANYWAY…

      • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

        Amen, brother. If the merger doesn’t show signs of stopping by the time I have cash in hand on June 8, I’m going to Sprint. Luckily, I’m not on contract with T-Mo. I will miss the stellar service and GSM functionality, but sweet Lord, man, AT&T? No, just no. I NEED my unlimited data and I need it at least halfway affordable. I’m willing to pay up to be among the small crowd that uses their phone for everything they would use a PC for, but not quite that much. I think Sprint’s Everything Data plan is a nice fit for me and that EVO 3D is looking better and better as the release date creeps closer. If the merger fails, however, I fancy myself a G2X owner.

  • http://Website Genjinaro

    That merger is effing wicked. I’m glad Sprint is fighting the good fight here.
    I can’t imagine what AT&T would stoop to, to recoupe 39 billion, plus the billions spent on converting ALL of T-Mobile’s towers.

    • infectdead

      Yeah, convert gsm networks to gsm networks, that is really difficult. Thanks for your concern.

      • http://Website Genjinaro

        Umm no its not that simple, AT&T is going to use that 1700MHz AWS spectrum for LTE.
        Difficult? No, not at all. Expensive, hell yes. Why hurt corporate buddies pockets/ stock holders when AT&T can shift the cost of doing it to its current & new customers?

  • http://Website jay555

    With the sleazy way Sprint implemented their “premium data” fee last year, they lost all their credibility with me – it’s not for 4G, it’s for the wicked hardware blah blah blah.

    Sprint is no white knight, they know full well how screwed they will be if this deal for a thru.

    Personally, I would’ve rather seen Sprint be bought out by T-mobile than for Tmo to be bought by the Deathstar.

    • http://Website Genjinaro

      So you prefer AT&T’s data gauging? Even T-Mobile recently began throttling their data & Verizon will move to teired data & they have no qualms about their premium pricing.

      I’ll take the beige knight (Sprint) becuase the white knight (T-Mobile?) is on the chopping block & the Sith Lord (AT&T) has no unlimited data.

      • Lisa

        I’m sure Verizon will eventually move to tiered data. However if AT&T buys out T-mobile they may wait on it even longer. Verizon tends to boast about their unlimited data vs AT&T’s limited data gauging plans. The only problem with Verizon is the minute gauging. If T-mobile is out of the running Verizon will likely use that as an opportunity to grab more AT&T customers. I believe most people who switch to Verizon come from AT&T.

        Most people that leave Verizon go to Sprint or T-mobile because they are more affordable. Now that Verizon has the iPhone, moving to AT&T from Verizon is less appealing. In the end I’m glad Sprint is still fighting the good fight. As a long time Sprint customer I am happy with their service. The data charges even with the 4G charge is STILL cheaper then Verizon. We may have a lot of smartphones but not all of them are 4G.

    • http://Website a*hole

      omg ten friggin bux dude get a life go to att and tell me you love being charged $45 a month for 4gb NOT UNLIMITED and o when they see any kind of data useage they’ll at their convienience throw in an xtra……wait for it……………….10 F*ING BUX STUPID FOR WHAT TETHERING …. so yea sprint sux cuz 79 bux thats huge compared to att’s 3-400 a month bill i had with them f* att friggin crooks and the fact u think what u do about sprint proves u must be still suckin moms tit like a lil b*tch cuz u aint gettin your way

  • http://Website Joe

    This offer is not for everyone. Its only for “CL” Corporate Liable accounts. Read the fine print people!

  • http://Website Jonathan

    “Some people wait their entire lives for moments like these”? Good lord. Hyperbole much?

  • http://Website DaveC

    I jumped ship in March when they had a similar offer going. The deal was $125 for any number being ported over to a smartphone. Next month I will have a $625 credit on my bill.

  • http://Website revs


    • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

      Amen. If the release date is any later than June 8 on the EVO 3D, I’ll be stuck with a stock, unrooted Epic(ugh) until the release date and be forced to use the 30-day return policy for a bait and switch gambit.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    sprint needs to get rid of it stupid 10 dollars 4g charge, it ridiculous. when that happen ill be more than ready to join them.

  • Jillian C. York

    I would consider switching if Spring would consider switching to GSM. As a frequent international traveler it makes absolutely zero sense for me to have a phone that I can’t use outside the country, and that is tethered to one service by its very nature.

    And T-Mobile unlocks your phone for you as a matter of policy ;)

  • http://Website Hans

    So is it a sure thing that people from other carriers can take advantage of this offer? I want to use this offer to return to Verizon to get an LTE phone.

  • mavricxx

    If only Sprint was GSM and has UMA, I’d switch in a heartbeat!

  • mavricxx

    CORRECTION: If only Sprint was GSM, had UMA, got rid of the $10 4G fee used, switched to LTE, they unlocked your phone as a matter of policy and unlimited data- even if it is tiered as long as its the way Tmo is doing it where you still get data.