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Sony Ericsson officially announces the Xperia mini and Xperia mini Pro

Sony Ericsson just announced at an event in London the latest additions to their Xperia line of phones. They are the Xperia mini and the Xperia mini Pro. Like their names indicate the phones are aimed at the low-end of the market, but these are not you average low-end Android phones.

Both phones are packing some serious hardware. Powered by a 1Ghz Processor, 3-inch display with Bravia Engine, and 720p HD video-recording capability, these phones are anything but low-end. Plus, Sony Ericsson has added a bunch of extra features brought from Sony’s other departments. Like xLOUDâ„¢ Experience for better speaker performance, and Video stabilizer, Smile detection, and Red-eye reduction on the camera app. Here’s a summary of the phones’ other specs:

  • RAM: 512MB
  • ROM: 320 with SD card slot upgradeable up to 32GB
  • 320 x 480 pixels (HVGA) TFT screen
  • LED flash and auto-focus
  • 5MP camera

The two phones are pretty similar, but the Xperia mini Pro adds a  physical QWERTY keyboard to the mix for you typing aficionados. The phones will launch with Gingerbread which is always a big plus, and we’re happy to see Sony Ericsson abandon its previous strategy of launching phones with obsolete Android versions. You can expect these phones to land on a carrier near you in Q3 of 2011.

Xperia_mini_press_2 Xperia mini Xperia mini

Via: Engadget

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  • Amanj

    Are you sure this news is not from last year? it has been a year since I have played with them, and suggested them to my gf but she didn’t like them :)

    • Droidsid

      Are you sure that wasn’t the Xperia X10 Mini that you asked your gf to get? ;)

      • Amanj

        You are absolutely right, what a bad selection of name, they should have selected a better name ;)

        • Droidsid

          Exactly!! :) The name creates a whole lot of confusion!!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Wow, horrible names. I mean, the name’s not bad in itself, but there will be lots of confusion due to the similarity to their predecessors, Xperia X10 Mini and Xperia X10 Mini Pro, which were informally often called “Xperia Mini”. Plus they don’t convey any notion of newer models, quite the opposite actually.

    Naming issues aside, I really like the concept behind these models. I know quite a few people who are turned off by how big smartphones are, and refused to migrate from dumbphones for this reason. The small size made them reconsider this decision. It’s good that they addressed the excessively small screen, hopefully the bigger dimensions won’t disappoint users.

    • http://Website Mark

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  • http://Website Greg

    “Sony Ericsson has added a bunch of extra features brought from Sony’s other departments”

    Hmm, like the feature to expose all of your unencrypted personal data?

  • http://Website SE Vomit

    fugly fugly fugly

  • PixelSlave

    Look, regardless of what happens to Sony’s network security, I think they deserve a lot of credits to launch almost all of their 2011 Android phones with Gingerbread pre-installed. No more “update coming soon” (ex, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Samsung Droid Charge, etc), or the f**king Eclair launch of the Motorola Tit***nium (I am not even to name the full name here to help their SEO) TODAY.

  • http://Website Nancy Kerrigan / iPhone user

    What a horrible design.
    Fag shit.
    Whoever is purchasing this mess, must be a gay, poor, android fanboy or a retard.
    Its probably all combined, given the average pool of meandroid cummunity!!!

    I have the iPhone ………..
    and using a sub-prime android phone would be a huge embarassment…
    Android pricks are pathetic!


  • Frugal Living

    I think a lot more mini phones will be created as time goes by

  • http://Website Tsepz

    They are small, beautiful and powerful, SE realy do mean business this year, realy like these two, officialy the best low end phones, i’m waiting for a dual-core SE high end now.