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Sony Ericsson posts a tutorial on building and flashing custom kernels

Earlier this year, Sony Ericsson promised that it would bring substantial improvements to its performance within the Android platform. Sony Ericsson has been making devices with good potential, but sadly, the company has been lagging when it comes to software updates (which is what seems to bother most Sony Ericsson Android users). Sony Ericsson is throwing us some curve balls lately, proving that their commitment to the Android platform is legit. Not only are their phones better and even coming straight with Gingerbread, but Sony Ericsson also seems to be opening the doors to the developer world, which is sadly starting to become much less of a trend lately.

Last month, Sony Ericsson gave us official support for unlocking their devices’ bootloaders. Today looks like an even brighter day, as they have posted a tutorial that shows us how to build a custom kernel and flash it to an Xperia device. Bad news is that Xperia X10 users will be left out, since this guide is actually specific to the new Xperia devices: the Xperia Play, Xperia Arc, and Xperia Neo.

Now that Sony Ericsson has put down its weapons and decided to cooperate with the developer world, the company decided to even bring some official support at the XDA-Developers site… Impressive. It looks like the future of Sony Ericsson will begin to look brighter. As manufacturers continue to lock their devices, the Xperia brand will start gaining a better reputation within the Android world.

Via: Android Central

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer Blog

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  • http://Website Hans

    Manufacturers could learn something from this.

  • IceCrush

    Great move but… LATE i already ditched my x10 for an hd7.
    if this was 2 months earlier .. maybe you would have had a shot .

    • http://Website TWiT Commander

      I see what you did there.

      You switched to an HD7, which runs on WP7.

  • AME

    Does this mean rooting an Xperia device won’t void its warranty?

  • mac08wrx

    total win for dev teams

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    THIS is how you do Motorola.

    Kudos Sony-Ericsson!

  • http://Website adam

    Im getting xperia play when it release

  • http://Website Andy

    Still not a fan of Sony’s phones.

    Instead of making the customer ask the manufacturer for permission, they should ship all of their phones with an unlocked bootloader, similar to what HTC and Samsung currently does.

    Until they do this, I won’t even consider buying a Sony Android phone.

  • http://Website Kimbo

    This is awesome. Really, really awesome. Now if they could just make a decent phone…