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Sprint and Motorola holding a press event on June 9th

Right on time. Just two days after we broke the news that Sprint and Motorola are working on a version of the Atrix 4G, we now find out that both companies will be holding a press event on June 9th in New York. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

We might see something else announced at the event, though. The recently-announced Motorola XPRT and Titanium could make an appearance at the event. But we have our fingers crossed for a Tegra 2-packing superphone by Motorola.

Sprint is currently the only U.S. carrier without a Tegra 2 device. If the company wants to keep up with competitors like Verizon and AT&T, it needs to step up its game and release some truly amazing phones. Wonderful devices is what makes people want to switch to a certain carrier. A version of the Motorola Atrix 4G is a step in the right direction, but they shouldn’t stop there.

Now that AT&T is buying T-Mobile, Sprint needs to take Magenta’s place as the primary wireless carrier for Android. Starting by being the first to sell the upcoming Tegra 3-powered Nexus 3.Now, that’s something that’d make people really want to switch to Sprint.

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  • http://Website Kei

    Well, I already want to switch to Sprint anyway, just because soon they’ll be the only carrier with truly unlimited data plans….

  • http://Website st4xor

    Sprint first with the nexus 3? Maybe i should be giving them a closer look…

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Yeah, with T-Mobile soon out of the picture, I really think we’re going to see Sprint get all cozy with Google. Just look at the Google Voice integration. Sprint could become Google’s unofficial wireless carrier.

  • mavricxx

    SPRINT, please covert to GSM and get UMA for your phones while you’re at it so I can leave T-Mobile for you. I hate AT&T too much to move to them and they’re the only GSM network Telecoms in the USA.