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Sprint-bound Samsung SPH-D600 pops up, powered by a Snapdragon chip and Gingerbread

Well, what do we have here. It seems there’s not only a Motorola Android phone in Sprint’s near future, but also a Samsung one. The Samsung SPH-D600 just found its way to the Internet, as always, thanks to Mr. Blurrycam.

We don’t know a lot about the device at this point, but according to the pictures below it’ll probably launch with Gingerbread. Also, word on the street is that it’ll be powered by a Snapdragon processor, have a 480×320 resolution display, and 3.2 MP rear-facing camera with also a front-facing camera.

Looking at the specs, it’s obvious that the SPH-D600 will be aimed at the mid-range section of the market. With that said, it’s interesting that the device has a front-facing camera — a feature still reserved for high-end phones. Just like NFC chips, front-facing cameras could soon become just one of those features like Wi-Fi and GPS that we take for granted. Eventually, we could even see them on low-end phones. We better get used to the idea of video-calling everybody, everywhere, at anytime.

Keep an eye out for the SPH-D600, who knows, we might even catch a glimpse of it at a certain press event that’s coming up.

SMASUNSPHD600-550x918 SPH-d600-550x918 SPH-d6600000-550x918

Via: AndroidGuys

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  • Bulgaro

    Maybe Apple will leak some more spec and better pictures ;)

    • http://Website applesuxbigfloppydonkeyd*..

      and maybe apple will sue because the corners are rounded or it has a screen or its a device that makes calls or texts …the list goes on maybe a fruit stand should sue apple for using their fruits name

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Apple doesn’t need to leak out images…

      They leak whole phones sitting on a bar somewhere for all to find.

  • Alberto Vildosola

    We don’t know yet, but yeah I wouldn’t recommend buying a phone without nfc at this point

  • mavricxx

    I really wish Sprint was GSM and had UMA !