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T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling will no longer use in-plan minutes

T-Mobile customers with Wi-Fi calling enabled phones will soon have something to celebrate.  Leaked internal documents indicate that on May 11th, T-Mobile customers with Wi-Fi calling capable devices will be able to place calls over any Wi-Fi network without deducting in-plan minutes. Currently, T-Mobile subtracts minutes from your plan even though the calls are being places over private Wi-Fi networks.

Anyone who currently owns a Wi-Fi calling capable device will be notified of these changes via SMS within the next few days. If you own a phone with Wi-Fi calling capabilities but have never used the service before you will need to active the feature online or by calling customer service. 

It’s nice to see T-Mobile continue to add great value to their customers while under the shadow of the AT&T buyout.  Let’s just hope that AT&T keeps Wi-Fi calling operational if the deal goes through next year.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website rey

    Pretty awesome !

  • http://Website jeff

    Loving it

  • http://Website Ravana

    Two thumbs up to T-Mobile.

    Please don’t sell your soul to the Debil :)

  • Nick Gray

    I loved using Wi-Fi calling while in Europe over Christmas. Now that minutes are not an issue, it just makes T-mobile service that much better.

    • Lisa

      Question..I’m going to europe next week. How do I make sure to not get charged while there. should I keep certain setting s off and only enable wifi?

  • ayocuz

    That’s why t mobile is the ish. I love my g2x with wifi calling plus it’s great on battery. No more cell stand by taking killing the juice

  • http://Website watbetch

    Now WiFi calling is going to be cancelled for sure!

  • http://Website Sax M

    I have a Nexus S. Is that a WiFi calling capable phone? What setting do I have have to enable on the phone for it to work?

  • EmeryLee

    Thank you very much. This is an awesome feature on the new phones because in my house we can’t access a signal but the WiFi signal is mostly accessible 98% of the time. Thank you T-Mobile!!!

  • http://Website Paul Halford

    I assume this applies to US, but had to read to the end to guess that. Please could your website in future mention country relevance in the first par of articles?

  • http://Website Sean

    just left a chat with tmobile rep and she said;

    “We do not have a the WiFi calling feature available at this time. The launch was suppose to be tomorrow but has been delayed”

  • http://Website Anonymous

    T-Mobile offered this feature on their Blackberry devices years ago, and was successful. Just glad they decided to make it available to Android users now too.

    It only makes sense to make it free since it doesn’t even bog down their network.

    AT&T will no doubt do away with this feature “if” the buyout goes through. It would hurt their billion dollar revenues. Even if their service & signals sucks, and you can’t get a signal to use your phone your paying out the arse for.

  • http://Website needragr

    Evan so, still today the interface on their phones notates “WiFi calling utilize plan minutes”

  • http://Website Mike

    I’ve been a Voicestream/TMobile customer for over 10 years and have really liked their customer service and services. I have been screwed over by AT&T and thus the reason I left them. After going through the hassle of finding another carrier, I found Voicestream and loved their service and have continued to do so now as TMobile. The wifi calling feature is great as I travel outside the US quite often so it’s very beneficial to me. Their new plan has unlimited calling so it doesn’t cost me any minutes – gotta love that; now their have changed the plan and it’s free, can’t beat that. I have told them and I will say so here, IF AT&T gets any way involved with TMobile, I will cancel my account period. I will not patronize AT&T ever again. My contract is with TMobile and NOT AT&T.

    That said, I hope TMobile stays its own entity. I’ve converted quite a few AT&T customers over to TMobile as they hated the service they were getting. I am sure they feel the same way as I do.

    Go to hell AT&T!

    • Kathy Jackson

      Be sure to let the US Justice Dept and the FTC know your opinions about the merger with AT&T.

  • tasha caiazza

    when is this supposed to happen where it wont use minutes??

  • samm

    what apparently they don’t tell you when you buy a phone is that if you are using the prepaid option, you might as well forget wifi. Prepaid minutes are deducted from whatever you bought in advance, same as if there was no WiFi. I traveled across country and always made sure that I connected to the hotels’ WiFi. I wondered why my 1000 minutes were gone in a week and a half. Only when I reached my destination, hooked up to the WiFi here & didn’t make/receive any calls outside the house and again wound up with zero balance, did I realize what was going on. I looked up the FAQS at the T Mobile prepaid site, and there’s no mention of this. You have to go to the WiFi FAQS to find this information. Several people on another website found through a search were complaining about the same thing, only they specifically asked the salesperson(s) about this. They all lied, including one repeatedly, when the writer called the store pretending to be a new customer. This is bogus. Considering that most cell plans have unlimited calling/texts, and charging for data is the big variable, what’s the point of touting WiFi calling? I’m hoping to dig out my non-T Mobile Samsung phone from my moving boxes and am going with another carrier for the full smartphone menu. This business could have gone to T Mobile, but I feel so betrayed by this that they’ve lost a customer of many years.