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Tell the FCC what you think about AT&T acquiring T-Mobile

We have been hearing about the possible AT&T/T-Mobile merge since last March, and the issue has been very highly discussed all over the internet. Though AT&T seems to see this as a great business opportunity, the fact is that the majority of the crowd does not seem very happy about this idea (mostly due to the effect it could have on competition). If you are one of the many that have been cringing upon the thought of this merger, it is now your chance to express your opinions straight to the FCC.

The FCC has opened its ears to the public about the AT&T/T-Mobile subject, and everyone can now head to their website and speak up, simply by filling out a form. To let the FCC know how you feel about this issue, head over to their ECFS Express site, and simply find the topic with proceeding number 11-65, which is titled “In the Matter of applications of AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG for consent to assign or Transfer Control of licenses and Authorizations.” After you click the 11-65 link, simply fill out the forms and follow instructions.

Whether you are for or against AT&T acquiring T-Mobile (and possibly becoming a GSM monopoly), it is a personal choice. Though we all may differ in opinions, we share a common denominator – we are consumers, and the big boys need to know what is in our best interest. That said, head over to FCC’s website and fulfill your part as a citizen, and let the FCC know how this possible acquisition would affect you. It would be interesting to see which side of the spectrum has more weight, so please do share your opinions with us as well (you can even copy and paste what you sent to them, if you so choose).

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Source: FCC

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  • Deadzones

    We have about 20 posts on the merger at search “merger”. FCC how about reading these?

    • http://Website Tito!

      Have them e-mailed to the FCC! Having letters, concerns, petitions, etc online is greeat!
      Bu we need as much exposure to the FCC to stop this from happening.
      Make this fall on their lap, express and address to the commissioners that this shouldn’t pass! (:

      We ARE going to Block this!
      T-Mobile FTW(:

    • http://Website Camille

      I really wish that people would stop calling this a merger, because it’s not. It’s a buyout.

  • http://Website Frank Alvarez

    No!!! I Dont want that!…. Es muy caro para mi!!!

  • http://Website Joe

    If this merger is approved, how likely is it that sprint won’t be able to survive?

    • http://Website kazahani

      Somewhere in between very likely and surefire certainty.

  • http://Website Miku Hatsune

    A terrible company acquiring another terrible company. I don’t see a problem with this.

    • http://Website dylan

      I like t-mobile, it’s not so terrible. But, if you do think they’re both terrible, then a merge would make a terrible company into a HUGE terrible company. I see a problem with this.

  • http://Website austin

    I say let them merge. Then Verizon and Sprint should merge.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      And then we would all be at the mercy of Rich & Richer. AT&T has the worst plans of all 4 major carriers. They charge about the same as Verizon, but don’t have the network to back it up.

      And AT&T is the only carrier (of the 4) to not provide an unlimited data plan while being almost as expensive as Verizon who does offer unlimited on a larger network.

      If this goes thru, we maybe forced to pay more than the average person can afford for wireless services, as Sprint may not survive either. We either pay the new sky-high prices or we settle for crappier service like Cricket or pre-paid. Neither of which compares to T-Mobile (or perhaps even Sprint).

      • http://Website Anonymous

        PS: I am totally against this merger, as I am a customer of T-Mobile (5 lines) & Verizon (1 line). T-Mobile has the better priced plans of any of the major 4 carriers.

        If Douche Telekom was so damned insistent on selling T-Mobile, why couldn’t they have sold their licenses to Metro PCS or US Cellular, whom has better prices but don’t cover nearly as much areas in the US. That would have given another carrier with competitive pricing a shot at providing good service at a good price to more Americans & keep AT&T and Verizon in check. Hell, T-Mobile could have sold Metro PSC or US Cellular the licenses (which 1 of those 2 need) & sold the towers to AT&T (which is all AT&T wanted anyways to build up their network).

        However, only about 20-30% of T-Mobile customers will probably end up staying with AT&T anyway if the merger goes thru. As for me, if I am not grandfathered in with my current plan (unlimited data, throttled at 5GB = $20. plus talk plan), I will escape to either Verizon or Sprint.

        In the end, it may not matter. The merger will probably get approved, and AT&T will try to screw us all. All we can hope for is it will release T-Mobiles licenses because AT&T already holds licenses in many duplicate areas, and Metro/USC will be able to obtain them & expand.

        And it has been foretold, “The Richer shall get Richer & the Poorer shall get Poorer.” Like we see everywhere including the fueling stations, grocery stores & our monthly bills. AT&T buyout would move more in this direction.

  • http://Website Ichigo

    I submitted my opinion which is against AT&T acquiring Tmobile. I can’t Stand AT&T.

  • http://Website Jorge

    Even if you are not with TMobile this will be bad news for you, if the deal goes through your bill will be higher and that is guaranteed, and those with prepay or month to month are also screwed, there are only about 150 submitted right now and that is way too low in my opinion, please go write a quick letter even if you are not with TMobile.

  • http://Website Aaron

    I have commented. Below is a copy of my comment, which for what it may be worth, is license and royalty-free for modification, reuse, republication, or any other usage, with or without attribution.


    To whom it may concern:

    As a T-Mobile customer of approximately 8 years, I am vehemently opposed to the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom. If the deal is approved, it will sponsor massive anti-competitive behaviors, increased prices, and lower quality of service. T-Mobile is presently commonly considered the cheapest mobile phone service provider with award-winning customer service and incredible customer loyalty to back it up. AT&T, on the other hand, is commonly considered a lower-quality service provider (with regards to network quality as measured by dropped calls and network data speed) with many negative impressions of their customer service.

    Much of AT&T’s technical problems can be attributed to the success of the Apple iPhone and its exclusive availability on AT&T’s network. Now that Verizon Wireless offers the iPhone, and with the growing market share held by a growing number of successful Android-based phones, it is not unreasonable to suspect that the iPhone traffic will load balance between the two carriers as customer’s AT&T contracts expire. The consumer market will drive the competition.

    If AT&T acquires T-Mobile, there will be one nationwide GSM cellular provider. Sprint and Verizon Wireless employ a different cellular technology — CDMA — which is not as widely adopted worldwide. This means that for consumers who travel frequently to other countries and require a worldwide-capable phone, they will have one choice: AT&T. So-called “global” phones which support GSM technologies and are available through CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless are priced at a premium and are very few in selection. As the sole feasible and convenient option, AT&T will control the global market and successfully be able to price their services at unreasonable rates and have no motivation to improve the quality of their services.

    This is anti-competitive and monopolistic, and the acquisition should be denied for this reason alone, if nothing else.

    Lastly, AT&T’s plans for re-purposing various radio frequencies will leave most, if not all current T-Mobile customers without wireless service once the final switchover occurs. Current customers will be forced to acquire new handsets at personal expense. This will prove to be an unjust economical burden upon many Americans who are already struggling in these times of financial crises. A provision may exist for AT&T to provide subsidized and/or free replacement phones upon the switchover, but there is no guarantee of equivalent functionality since these future devices may not exist, and the technology of mobile phones is progressing at a remarkable pace (see: technical hardware and software specifications of high-end smartphones of two years ago versus high-end smartphones today).

    When the final switchover occurs, most, if not all acquired and existing T-Mobile contracts will have expired and in order to take advantage of a replacement device, will in all likelihood require a new contract with AT&T at the service rates at the time of signing, which, due to aforementioned anti-competition and monopolization of the industry, will likely have increased, thus further increasing the financial burden upon American citizens.

    • http://Website Mo

      yep… what he said…

    • Aaron

      Haha, that’s awesome – I’m the *actual* “Aaron” who posted that over at AndroidPolice when they reported it – whoever posted this just saved me the effort of finding my post and copy/pasting it, and has my blessing – especially since they even filled in my name!

    • http://Website Raptor

      Great, Aaron, you nailed like no one else the devious hidden essence of the whole deal ! Somehow i overlooked that this deal spreads far over the US borders.

      The AT&T monopoly, now in the cellular, RETURNS. And it will be all over the world.

      Someone do not know what monopoly means? Take more lubricant and prepare to be F.U.

  • http://Website Vance

    Vote = cast:
    “Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thank you for considering the consumer voice prior to ruling on this matter. In my opinion this acquisition creates an obvious monopoly on GSM service options within the United States. It also severely limits the current cellular service provider competition metric, thus putting the consumer in a weakened position.
    Please, PLEASE do the right thing and rule in favor of the American consumer.

    • http://Website Vance

      I’m surprised there’s not an option to vote “for” or “against” along with the comments section. Without it, whoever is supposedly reading these submissions is left to scour through lines and lines of text, interpret and comprehend the author’s desires, and manually record a “for” or “against” based on his/her personal understanding… just seems strange to me and almost makes me suspicious whether anything will come of this forum or not…

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I am an ATT customer of many years, and have been waiting to upgrade to a smart phone. But am concerned about ATT’s business practices as follows.

    ATT has been advertising that it sells 4G phones but the phones it is selling to customers have the 4G capability disabled and despite customers filing complaints for the past 3 months ATT does not post any comment on their own forum about correcting this problem.

    ATT is selling the Atrix phone which has such poor call quality that customers have to return their phones over and over again trying to find one that can be understood when a call is made. The main purpose of a phone is to be able to make a call especially in an emergency but ATT does ont acknowledge this problem and has not released any fix for this problem.

    Is this the kind of company you want to control a major portion of the USA phone system by granting them the right to acquire the T-Mobile system.

  • http://Website Derek

    Done, message sent. Not that they will listen, the FCC is just a bunch of bought-off crooked politicians, just like our congress.

  • http://Website Daniel

    As an at&t customer I am afraif they try to push the freacking iPhones.I hope they focus just on the apple phone.

  • http://Website Pancake

    I’m already in the process of leaving for Verizon

  • http://Website tony

    Screw it, I HOPE THE MERGER GOES THROUGH. After almost a decade of being a T-mobile customer and not once having a late payment, I am shocked at their horrible customer service I experienced recently.

    I was going to voice my opinion to the FCC, in hopes of saving T-mobile from this merger, but not anymore. Not after the crap customer service T-Mobile is now offering.

    I’m ready to move to move on, let the merger happen, Verizon here I come.

    • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

      I’m going to Sprint if this goes through and I still signed. Why? Even if T-Mo sucks now, their existence still prevents a GSM monopoly. Guess what happens if a monopoly exists. You get the picture? This is bad all over. Hell, even AT&T customers are going to be screwed when the costs of this deal have to be recouped. This buyout is just plain evil. It’s like an American Napoleon with an army of Benjamins instead of soldiers and it makes me sick to my stomach. What happened to the Antitrust laws?

  • http://Website Screw AT&T

    Have you seen the Drones that has filed on FCC web site on this?

    looks like AT&T has sold their bullshit to these politicians. All in favor of this merger in believing that AT&T will bring mobile broadband to their town/cities.

    I said FUCK AT&T, FUCK the Obama administration.