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The Android world is about to be flooded with NFC-enabled devices

If you watched the “How to NFC” session at Google I/O, you already know how much Google is committed to the technology. The company believes that NFC has the potential to change the way we exchange money, information and location — three things that Google is very much interested in.

As we saw a couple of days ago, Google will bring some new features in Ice Cream Sandwich that will make use of the NFC chip in some very interesting ways. But unless there are NFC-enabled phones for people to buy, those features will go unnoticed and very few people will take advantage of them.

Currently, the Nexus S is the only Android phone that packs an NFC chip. But according to Nick Pelly — technical lead for NFC at Google — that will change later this year. Nick said that he personally knows of dozens of Android devices that will launch with NFC capabilities in the coming months.

While that’s very exciting, what’s even more amazing is that there are dozens of Android devices coming out in the near future. Manufacturers and carriers are launching so many Android devices these days that we have to wonder if we’ll even be able to keep track of all of them in the future.

With Google pushing hard for NFC adoption, it won’t be long before we take NFC for granted. Similar to the way we expect phones to have Wi-Fi, GPS and an accelerometer.

Via: IntoMobile

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    As a resident of Salt Lake City, I’m excited to be one of the first to use ISIS.
    Now, to make sure T-Mobile sticks around. . :)

    NFC smartphone-tablet-PC bonding FTW!

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    Google is recently launching Ice Cream Sandwich with NFC chip as NFC-enabled phones with stored data that act as a debit/credit payment card.I am eagerly waiting for the launch of new Android devices with NFC capabilities.

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    I read a rumor that the UK Galaxy S is getting an upgrade to include NFC, I hope that change ends up in the US version.

    Also, Staff could we get the comment system changed to put top voted comments at the top of the list (reddit style) to get rid of all the 1st posters.

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    I’ve read other article where it was a dozen not dozens. Either way its great. I love the NFC in my nexus s.

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    NFC is already a SHOULD in Google’s current Android Compatibilty Definition for 2.3. You can be sure that it will be a MUST for Ice Cream Sandwich.