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TomTom Navigator is coming to Android soon

TomTom has been one of the most famous navigation systems for years. Not only has TomTom provided Navigation services with PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices), but it has also been among the Top 10 apps in the Apple App Store since its release. Well, for those that have been jealous of iPhone users, TomTom is coming to Android soon, as Corinne Vigreux (TomTom’s MD) stated during an interview with PocketGPSWorld.


We are currently working on a version for Android this will be released soon. I cannot give you a specific date yet. For Windows Phone we are not planning to release anything.Corinne VigreuxTomTom International BV.

You may wonder how this navigator made it to the Top 10, despite the fact that it costs a whooping $39.99 for the U.S. version (price for iPhone). Well, there are multiple reasons. Assuming that Android's TomTom app will bring the same capabilities as the iPhone's, these are some of the major features - The maps are actually saved on your device, which means that data consumption would be substantially lowered. Also, Like PNDs, TomTom for iPhone has some level of customization, and yes, that includes the addition of cool navigation voices. This may seem a bit unnecessary, but it is unbelievable how such features can make the price very well worth it:


I'd pay $40 just for the yoda voice.Anthony DomanicoAndroid and Me

Since we are expecting Android's TomTom Navigation to bring the same features as the iPhone, these are some of the things you should expect from it:

Key Features[1]


  • TOMTOM MAPS: Your TomTom App comes with the latest and most up-to-date map, ready to navigate.
  • MAP SHAREâ„¢: Make on-the-fly changes to your own map and benefit from free, verified updates made by TomTom users every day--delivered automatically on a weekly basis and on-demand anytime you want.
  • IQ ROUTESâ„¢: Only TomTom uses actual speed data collected from millions of users to accurately calculate the travel time of your route. It takes into account rush hour, traffic lights-even shopping crowds.
  • REAL-TIME TRAFFIC UPDATES: Outsmart traffic with real-time information for your route delivered directly to your TomTom App. Based on incoming traffic information, your TomTom will recalculate travel time and suggest alternate routes to minimize potential delays.


  • Local search powered by Googleâ„¢
  • Millions of pre-installed POIs


  • Lane guidance for complicated interchanges
  • Clear voice instructions
  • Announces street names
  • Help me! emergency menu
  • Automatic music fading


  • multitasking support
  • Seamless navigation while calling
  • Background navigation instructions
  • Navigate-to-photo
  • Navigate-to-contacts
  • Route sharing
  • Departure reminder
  • Calling destination


  • Celebrity voices (Available via in-App purchase)
  • Car symbols
  • Map colors

TomTom undoubtedly offers some of the best Navigation services out there, but that $40 price tag may be a bit steep. We do know that apps tend to be offered at a more affordable price in the Android Market, though I wouldn't expect TomTom International to go any lower than $29.99.


Since we know that TomTom is coming to Android soon, it is time to start seeing if it will be a feasible option for us. Have you guys been waiting for this navigation app? Would you pay $39.99 or even $29.99 for just the U.S. version (especially when Co-Pilot Live USA is going for $5)?  If none of these convince you, what do you think would be a fair price for both the consumer and the developer?


  1. Via iTunes


Source: PocketGPSWorld

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  • mmitchum

    I’m just fine with my FREE Google Maps Navigation!

    • Anthony Domanico

      The lure of TomTom is the offline maps + clean as hell UI. That and the Yoda voice. C3PO is a close second.

      • mmitchum

        LOL @ the Star Wars voices!

        I can see where offline maps would be helpful, but not so much that I’d be willing to shell out 30 or 40 ducats for the app. I use Google Maps Navigation A LOT and there have been a few times when i’ve lost connection. Even on those occasions, it keeps humming along until a connection is re-established. I’m sure some folks will swoop on TomTom when it arrives; i’m just not one of them.

        • http://Website rikardo

          1st) not every1 have unlimited data plan
          2nd) there r some areas where u have no signal at all, not just data and when u stop on place like this for a while and u switch the sat nav off than without signal is no way you swith it back on and find your route. And this is a big problem ;)

          • http://Website Turge

            You don’t need an unlimited plan for Google Maps. I doesn’t use very much data.

    • alex

      go on vacation with your data plan and then see how cheap is a $ 40 application.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    40.00 FOR THE APP ?! !??! ?!?


  • http://Website JLishere

    I’ve tested TomTom v1.7 on an iPhone, and the first thing that strikes me is simply how unpolished their maps look. I know it’s a matter of preference, but I find Google Maps renders maps that look far better, with smoother graphics and clearer street names. I also prefer Google’s navigation UI over TomTom.

    For voice guidance, I agree the default Android voice output is terrible and sounds robotic. However, you can install apps such as SVOX that will replace the default voice when navigating (I use SVOX English US “Grace”, she sounds perfect and it only cost me $3 on the Android Market).

    Google has real-time traffic data and automatic re-routing – but I admit it’s not as good as TomTom in my city. Traffic data from Google in my city always seem to reflect how things were about an hour ago, as opposed to right now. So TomTom wins there.

    Google introduced offline reliability a few months ago, which means your maps are partially cached – it does help save data, but obviously your phone won’t be able to recalculate if you go way off-track and lose your connection.

    However, I like that Google Maps is one of the most update-intensive app on Android, and it has excellent local search capabilities, voice actions, satellite views and street view. And it’s free!

  • http://Website ben

    I’m a fan of not having to use precious 3g data for gps navigation…

    The CoPilot app costs $20 if you want the (offline) maps, so tom tom would ONLY be twice the price (if they include the maps as well)

    • Anthony Domanico

      Not true. Co-Pilot Live USA costs only $5. You download the maps for offline access as well.

  • http://Website OhMyDroid

    An important feature on TomTom is IQ routes.

    Based on trillions of road movements, they do not only know the length of a road, but also how long it takes to drive a certain road at tuesday 8 AM, and sunday 5PM. So it takes in account all kinds of things that can make a short road long, like trafficlights or roundabouts. Sometimes IQ routes even gives you a totally different route to the same adress, because it’s the time of day to avoid that route.

    Al this information (time per roadstretch) is saved within their maps. So it’s really just part of the map. When they licence maps to others, like Google who partly uses TomTom maps, to fill the gaps, they only sell the plain maps, without the time-data.

    Based on this, even without HD traffic, which is realtime, I dear to say that routes on a tomtom must be quicker than Google maps. This, in combination with HD traffic, and pre-loaded maps, makes it a no-brainer for me.

    Check here:

    • http://Website SNAKEYE

      I have a TOM TOM Pnd device with IQ it is no thrill if the map is out dated, even after spending more on quarterly updated map. Tom Tom new map still is outdated Gmaps win on the most updated map, but need data connection. Tom Tom only win on offline maps. Still not worth $40 buck.

  • http://Website Toha

    I think $40 are resonable price as navigation service is sooooo gooood and usefull!

    But this is only my opinion….anyway my main reason with the post was to say CoPilot navigation is cracked and you can download it, just google….
    It has more or less all features you need and maps stored on SD card.

  • http://Website Peter

    I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t mention Google Navigation in your article. Obviously it is extremely well known that Google Navigation is free and works quite well, however, it runs as a service (no directions when no phone coverage) where as Tom Tom doesn’t. You could have at least stated this. I do realise that this is about Tom Tom, but never the less, you should have mentioned this especially when GN is exclusive to Android.

  • http://Website joe

    I was abused by tom tom’s faulty maps and poor quality hardware for 7 years. not going down that road again! no way it’s worth 40 or even 30 bucks for this app. when they come up with a new version, get out your checkbook; cause it won’t be free!

  • http://Website Adam

    Why wait for an unpolished Tom Tom when you can use Sygic? Sure it might be just as pricey, but It has everything Tom Tom has (Minus the customisation and IQ Routes, but Sygic is almost as good), plus a few more handy features.

  • http://Website Rainor

    I use Google maps and Ndrive but I wish be able to use Ovi Maps on my Milestone 2.

  • http://Website kelvin

    I think this is a sign that Google just needs to come out with a paid version of their navigation system for the iphone, blackberry and webos. Charge $10 and outsell the hell out of TomTom.

  • http://Website Coda

    Tomtom should lower the price of their app for android as android users already have free Google Navigation.
    (I’m not sure if iPhone users can use Google Navigation or not).

  • http://Website Dr. Fill

    CoPilot Live North America is $20. CoPilot Live USA is only $5 with offline maps. I prefer Google Navigation, but CoPilot gets me there.

  • http://Website OhMyDroid

    In the US Google is almost self-sufficient, but in Europe, South-America, Asia and Africa it’s a different game. Google still relies on TomTom for their maps. For instance: TeleAtlas (mapping company acquired by TomTom in 2007) recently mapped parts of Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Morocco, India. So the argument really depends on where you live or where you spend your holiday.

  • http://Website Tamino

    Argh. I wish I’d known about this last week.

    I’ve just spent far, far more than $40 buying all the GPS apps I could find and finding out that they’re all junk, and really, really wishing I could find something as good as Tomtom on my iPhone.

    I am *so glad* to hear this news. If it’s correct, and Tomtom does come out for Android, then *YOU BETCHA* I will pay $40 (on top of what I’ve already paid for the other apps, which is sunk capital…) I hope they don’t lower the price! They deserve to be compensated for an awesome piece of software!

    And no, Google Navigation is *in no way* a substitute for a real GPS app like Tomtom.

  • http://Website Dan

    TomTom on Android, yeah!!

    The lack of TomTom on Android phones is the only reason I’m still holding onto my WinMobile phone. TomTom is the most intuitive GPS navig app, bar none! I have used Google, CoPilot, Garmin, Sygic. Some of them may look fancy. But I concentrate on my driving, not staring at the darn screen. With TomTom, I could get a route quicker, change the settings in less keystrokes than all those other apps. And it’s not a CPU or memory hog.

    (I don’t work for TomTom nor a stock-holder)

  • http://Website GandJim

    40 bucks? I’ll gladly pay that. :-)

    I have been using TomTom for years and was praying for so long to have TomTom releasing an Android version, so this makes my day!!!

    I guess most people bashing TomTom and praising GoogleMaps haven’t actually used TomTom. TomTom offers me so many things GoogleMaps don’t, it will need a full page to describe. It’s that kind of stuff you have to use to appreciate it, so I fully agree with what Dan wrote above. Also tested CoPilot and Sygic and didn’t bother to use them again.

    But there is no point in arguing TomTom vs GoogleMaps (or CoPilot, Garmin, Sygic, whatever,…). If TomTom makes money (i.e. if there are enough idiots like Dan and myself out there to buy it), there’re right. If not, there’re wrong. It’s as simple as that.

    In the meantime, I hope I won’t have to hold my breath for too long (unfortunately, experience tells me that releasing apps in due time is probably the biggest weakness of TomTom) :-(

    But, at least, now, there is hope. :-)


  • http://Website Dave

    I have used TomTom devices and TomTom Win Mobile software for years in both the USA and Europe. While not perfect, TomTom is very good, easy to use and a lot better than Copilot (which I’ve also used). Since Windows mobile phones seem a thing of the past (I’m interested in business usability of a phone and Windows Phone 7 is a totally useless device/system), I’m hoping TomTom will, in fact, come up with an Android app.

  • http://Website Dave

    I forgot to mention that I don’t think a $40 price would be unreasonable in order to have maps on the device.

  • http://Website Gulam

    I have used copilot, garmin on Winddows 6.5 and Co pilot on Android, along with Google maps..

    I have used tomtom since 2002 started on an HP ipaq, than on windows 6.5 devices and the tomtom devices.

    I always liked how tomtom works, and prefer the routing of tomtom.

    I would pay $40 for tomtom if its the same as the windows 6.5 version… or better..

    I know others have more features but for routing i think tomtom is best

    I just hope itsd to too long until it comes out…

    As the android users exceed the iphone users, even if there is an element of pricey, still tomtom should sell alot and make more than enough money to justify the development costs.

    However i think, tomtom would much rather sell their own devices,

  • http://Website me

    guys i recommend iGO for me no other application comes even close, by comparison iGO maps are at the inch detail while tomtom lacks whole streets, at least this what i see in EU, so for me iGO rules, yet tomtom is 2nd best and works fine on my HTC Diamond with Yoda voice, other’s i’ve tried useless or look so unprofessional that i didn’t even try the navigation itself. Also IGo works great on my LG Optimus, so there you have it winmo or android iGO works and you have it all, 3d terrains, gas stations, and 3d buildings clear lines in complicated intersections and best routes computations yet and yes it works on HTC Diamond and LG Optimus.
    P.S. Gulam is right, TomTom want’s those products sold not just the apps.

  • http://Website Wayne B

    I’d pay $100 for TomTom Android. TomTom for Palm is the one thing I miss most from my Palm Treo 755. That version of TomTom was the best Navigation system I’ve ever had and that is against dedicated TomTom navigatators, as well as Garmin and Magellan navigators and everything currently offered for Android, which I have tried all of. TomTom for iPhone was the main reason I ever considered an iPhone.

  • http://Website Jamice Welbon

    Hell yeah!!! I would pay $30.00 for Tom Tom. Google navigation is way smarter than google navigation. Google will take you the round about way. It just plain sucks. Not itinerary routing. The data plus the gps kills your battery. If you are going some place without data connection you are screwed. I miss having TomTom maps on my phone.

  • http://Website gingerchristopher

    TomTom for windows mobile has been out for years and I have been using it for years, so this nonsence about it not ever coming out is rubish.
    I am now using Android and am looking forward to one of the developers cracking Tomtom so it can be used for free.

    • http://Website non

      They meant the new windows mobile OS, Windows Phone 7. Any time someone says Windows Phone they mean not Windows Mobile. As you know..they broke app compatibility between 6.5 and 7.

  • http://Website Peter

    If you need good navigation, youll pay the couple of bucks. If you want to depend on google to take you places good luck. Once you hit the highway you can forget google maps loading fast or working period. Stop praising and sucking up to google!

  • http://Website TomTom

    Stop mentioning hacked apps idiots! We dont need to know how smart you are or how you planning to save a buck!

  • mazmorbid

    Oh this couldn’t come soon enough, I have been using TomTom on my iPhone for ages, now I have switched to an Android device I find all the GPS apps incredibly painful to use, TomTom is the only navigation in my eyes.

  • Don Neeley

    TomTom is my GPS and it works great, I would probably pay for the Android Version for my Transformer for my truck. TomTom does a good job and is fast scrolling.

    I just wish I had the Yoda voice or other star wars characters!!!!


  • Telboy

    TomTom coming soon (May) We are now going into September and still no sign!

    • Rider

      Tomtom is promised since more one year … it will never come …

  • http://yeah flash

    Tomtom was nice in WinMo, best guidance available interms of routing, however, we have mostly all moved to Andy and yeah looking for an alternative to Google Navigation. I am here to say I tried them all and imo the best one is CoPilot, it supports TTS, has extremely smooth map movements, detail and many POIs.

  • http://yeah flash

    That is not to say I wouldnt buy Tomtom if it became available for Andy because I definately would.

  • Wibbly

    Looks like Android functionality will be pretty poor…

    Last sentence

    “* The Android application will function as a search engine and will display a route description to the destination via the same TomTom map as used by our online route planner ( It will not function as a turn by turn navigation application.”

    • jrial

      That’s TomTom Local Search, not TomTom Navigation.

  • Adrian Palmer

    I’ve had Tom Tom 6 on my Nokia N95 for years. I use it on my bike when I’m out riding. I have to use a GPS receiver as a separate unit, but it’s small and fits in my pocket. I sometimes just have my phone connected to the charger under my seat and just wait for the verbal directions to tell me where I’m going, rather than have to keep looking at a map. I have a Nolan N102 helmet with Bluetooth, it’s just brilliant.
    If they make Tom Tom for my Galaxy S, I’ll pay £40 for it without hesitation. CoPilot 8 is currently going for almost £80 on Ebay.
    Come on Tom Tom, we are waiting with baited breath.

  • bilb

    I had tomtom on my HP ipaq (before it died) and now have route66 on Android. I prefered TomTom’s data entry method and destination storage features. However TomTom’s security features are a real pain. I paid for the UK maps but never got them because the download process is too glitchey. I am looking forward to seeing how TomTom works on Android. $40 max with two countries, a.native country and a guest country.

  • Asmodeus1971

    I’m using a tablet with no data service beyond wifi, so TomTom or anything with maps stored onboard is my only choice because google needs connection

  • best navigation systems for cars

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  • Tapio

    great! I used 5 years TomTom on ipaq. Still that 5 years old navigator is MUTCH better that any of current androind navigators. Greatness is not on superior map data. it is on damn easy UI. You can use TomTom UI even when you drive. With google map and other android navigators you end to forest if you try change your destination when you driving.
    I really hope that when they port TomTom to android they realize that reason for TomTom popularity is really good UI not extra features or best map data.

  • Miop

    Stop your winging about the price. In OZ we pay $86 for TT and our dollar is much stronger than yours!

  • adam75pl

    Any idea when could we at least get the date of a relase???
    I need a new sat-nav, would pref one on my phone…

  • tomtom rules the gps waves

    TomTom User of many years on variety of windows devices and dedicated tomtoms, also tried copilot and other so called navigation systems and always end up back on my old broken down HTC Stellar and TomTom, very rarely fails, google on my android is just not quick enough, passed most exits before its even realised so for tomtom to go android $30 sounds great, currently paying more than double that for mobile version in uk

  • Pete Owles

    I am disgusted with TomTom for not getting off their backsides and getting it sorted for Android christ if I was a sharehodler I would be giving the chairman stick in the AGM’s how much are they losing out on by not producing it.

    I have had Tomtom on my old windows PDA for years love it cannot wait for it to be released for Android (if its as good) plus I need my camera POI’s heheh specially the mobile ones

  • Johner

    In waiting for this app so I can switch to android

  • Jason McLaughlin

    I just called TomTom support to follow up on this. One word…. WOW! They have extremely stupid people answering the phones! The first chola didn’t even know the word Android! The second level support just spewed the typical BS “check the website for the latest products”…. I want that 5 minutes of my life back!

  • Shwn

    I too have used TomTom for years on Windows Mobile and now my wife has it on her iPhone. I currently have an Android device (HTC Sensation) and although being able to say “navigate to 1313 Mocking Bird Ln” is great and convenient, the routing and performace of Google Navigation SUCKS! I wish they would hurry up and come out with the Android version for TomTom. I would happily pay $40 for TomTom to get it’s rock solid performance and excellent routing in favor of Google Nagravation routing me through a street with a million traffic lights when there’s a wide open highway running adjacent to my course. TomTom doesn’t have the prettiest interface but it just plain WORKS! You get what you pay for.

  • Don K

    I realize that this is an Android forum, but I have been using various TomTom GPS systems for years all the way back to Navigator for the Palm. I still like to use my hardware dedicated TomTom for navigation just so I don’t have to mess with the phone while driving,and it keeps working no matter what else is going on with my Droid, like texts, talking on my headset. I know that most of the navigation apps keep going in the background, but in traffic and on a route you’re not familiar with, the dedicated GPS is lot easier to follow!

  • johnpcace

    just bought an android for the first time and i did so because my blackberry was slow and I was sick of carrying an mp3 player as well. how much is it worth to you to be able to take a GPS device with you wherever you go and to reduce the # of devices you have in your car.

    with this app and device I can go from 3-4 devices down to 1. However i dont see this app on the marketplace.

  • Robert Kreisler

    I was a TomTom user on WM until going to Android, and now I’m using CoPilot Live. Having used both, I have to say that TomTom’s routing is far more sensible. CoPilot often has the most bizarre way of getting you to a destination that it just doesn’t make sense – I think they just need more work on their routing logic. If the Android version of TomTom is competitive with the FULL version of CoPilot (putting them in a range of $20-$30, then I’m in. More than that and I think they’ll lose any hope at capturing any attention with other lower cost and even free options.

  • j

    They need to just do it and stop with the delays– mean while copilot has taken the bull by the horns also wake up people jail break the iPhone and get apps for free …. either sh#%&t or get out off the toilet

  • Dan

    What’s wrong with TomTom management?!!! Get a move on, stupid! Put TomTom on Android.

    If they can’t see such a big business opportunity, and the dwindling one in navig device, I guarantee TomTom would go the way of Kodak!

    • Len

      Have been waiting patiently for Tomtom to come to Android. Google map nav is awesome. Problem is when I travel in Canada I need a data connection to start a route. I have Verizon and don’t want a hugh data roaming charge. What I have a problem with is why Tomtom won’t respond to peoples requests for an Android update. Please let is know about a timeframe. Navigon did the same thing before they came to Android.

  • Scooby

    It baffles me, TomTom’s profits have dropped dramatically.
    An Android version would give them a whole new market.
    They really need to get their finger out!

  • KS

    I have had my iPhone TomTom app for 2 years. I absolutely love it. It is the only thing that is keeping me from switching to an Android phone. My current iPhone went for a swim this weekend and I am having a bid dilemma. I am good with maps and directions but this is far better than the Google maps.

    I would pay the $39 dollar cost for it again on Android. The question is how soon are we looking at it coming out.

  • sokol hoxha

    The prize is ok. the only prob for me is spending internet in roaming. if android Tom Tom will be also with bluetooth gps than it will be fantastic. I hope alywas.
    I am waiting TT for android platform