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Twitter overhauls its mobile web client; we’re very impressed

If you had any doubt that HTML5 is the future, Twitter just went ahead and cleared those doubts for you. The company is currently rolling out a new version of its mobile web client — and we’re liking what we’re seeing.

At first sight, you’ll have a hard time telling the web app apart from its native cousins. There’s a reason for that, the web app looks just like the iOS app, but with the navigation bar at the top and not the bottom. The new app is not only prettier but also much quicker, as Twitter explains:

The app is fast — you can quickly scroll through your timeline, move between tabs and compose Tweets. It’s rich — it takes advantage of capabilities that high-end device browsers offer, such as touch gestures and a large screen. And it’s simple — it’s easy-to-use and has the features you’d expect from a Twitter application, including your timeline, @mentions, messages that you can read in conversation view, search, trending topics, lists, and more.Carolyn PennerTwitter

Additionally, you’ll be able to see inline media — like images — right from your tweet stream. Twitter also says that the new app makes extensive use of HTML5 and other modern technologies, and was built from the ground up for touchscreen devices. This is music to our ears, since the previous app was not very finger-friendly and more times than not I’d tap the wrong button.

The new app is currently available to small a percentage of Android and iOS users, but Twitter expects all mobile users to have access to the new version over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, keep refreshing on your Android phone like the rest of us.

m5-screenshot-1b m5-screenshot-3b

Via: GigaOM

Source: Twitter

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  • Clark Wimberly

    I’ve been waiting on this for days and still don’t have access! I don’t think I’ll use it long-term but I still really want to check it out for some reason.

  • Justin Shapcott

    I’ve got the new version. Its pretty slick.

    • http://Website daniel

      how did you get it. that is an iphone screen on an evo

      • Justin Shapcott

        I just went to on my G2x.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Meanwhile your name is “1st” and you’re second. Talk about being late – must be your iphone.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Honestly??? Am I the only one who noticed the Evo phone with the Iphone screen?…is this like that sign that Verizon did with the Droid and Iphone screen???

    • http://Website Noriega713

      *Status bar*…blanked out for a moment.

    • http://Website Hans

      No…you’re just one of the people who overpay for a phone when other phones can do the same/better for less.