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Unlocked HTC Sensation gets launch date and price in the UK

The HTC Sensation has finally gotten a launch date and price in the UK.  Online retailer is now listing the HTC Sensation for £549.98 ($903) with a launch date of June 27th.  The £549.98 price tag is certainly a lot higher than what we’d expect, but it does include Britain’s 20% VAT, which brings the real cost of the phone down to a slightly more reasonable $750.

The price of the HTC Sensation will be trimmed down significantly once UK service providers start selling the phone bundled with a two year contract.  We wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Vodafone and T-Mobile UK announce that they will be giving the HTC Sensation away for free with a qualifying 2 year voice and data contract.

Now all we want to know is how much T-Mobile will be charging for the HTC Sensation here in the United States.  How much would you be willing to pay for HTC’s first dual-core phone?

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  • http://Website Miguel

    I’d like to pay $200 but my guess is that T-Mobile will probably charge $250 for it or worse, $299 with a $50 mail-in rebate.

    My guess is they don’t want to eat into G2X sales too much so they will price it $50 higher.

    Verizon, of course, started this trend by pricing the Droid Charge at $299. So I think we can expect handset prices to start moving up across carriers.

    • http://Website Black Kristos

      If that is the case, I’ll be keeping my EMP rates and buying it off contract. $300 for a subsidized handset is a bit much.

      • Galen20K

        I usually always buy unsubsidized, I don’t know why just a great once in a while I’ll take the discount as like you said if its worth it.

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      I don’t see this happening, if for no other reason than T-Mobile has never charged more than $200 (w/$50 rebate) for a new top-end phone. Look at the G2x, which is a dual-core phone as well. I also predict it will be $500 unsubsidized, if for no other reason than that’s been the max price point for a while, too. I think the majority of manufacturers and carriers know how much they can charge for a phone and still sell plenty. Verizon may be upping the ceiling on that, but I doubt T-Mobile will follow.

  • http://Website sammy

    That price is simply ridiculous. I hope T-Mobile cuts it down to like 450 for those of us on emp plans.

    • http://Website Dags

      It’s only £414.99 ($681) without VAT from Handtec which I think is pretty reasonable (about the same as SGSII).

  • mrjlwilliams

    I think it will be $500 at full cost with T-Mobile.

  • http://Website masterpfa

    Here in the UK if a Mobile Operator doesn’t have a price plan which includes a Free handset, they just do not sell. All the best handsets are always available for free on a 2 year contract just depends on the minutes etc. and at £30 -£35 per month.
    So all the phones that have been released recently or are due to be released, such as the Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy II, HTC Sensation, LG G2, will all be available for free on a contract somewhere

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Which is part of why the unsubsidized price is so high even when you take out the excessive European taxes. They charge more to the retail buyer to make up for the free phones on contract.

  • http://Website robert m

    I agree with mastapfa, if it ain’t free on a 2 year contract we’re not interested. I have my HTC hero since it cane out so I’m due upgrade, but if I can’t do better than what I’m currently on, unlimited for 26 pounds a month, ill walk from Orange….its the power of a long term client and the retentions dept. The only decision I really have to make is get the sensation, or tough it out till the Evo 3D gets released later in the year, the force is strong there, and the Hero has a new battery :-)

  • roraz

    Looking forward to seeing this phone in the shops and giving it a shot (though after Vodafones exclusivity). Its is on the pricier side, even for a high end Android phone with the 20% tax, almost on par with a sim free iphone 4 16gb – but hopefully it should justify it.

  • http://Website David

    I hope it is not more than 250$ im hoping that it is more in between 150 and 200 but i guess that is just wishful thinking. regardless im gonna upgrade very soon. ( i still have the original mytouch3G.) hoping that it is this phone though….

  • mrben

    OK – broken record time. Prices in the UK *IN NO WAY* reflect the prices in the US via a simple currency conversion. It is _far_more_likely_ that a £550 phone in the UK will retail in the US for $550.

  • ballster75

    Just ordered my sensation on t mobile here in the UK from chitter chatter will be with me on Tuesday – as masterpfa says I got the phone for nothing – will give feedback when i get it – they have sim free at £500.

  • Larry Baker

    I missed the chance to purchase unlocked version of HTC sensation, now i got it unlocked from and simply unlocked it,