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Video: Qualcomm wants to show you why their single-core processor is better than the dual-core competition

If you have been reading the reviews for the new Verizon 4G LTE devices, you have probably heard that the devices perform amazingly (even though they lack a dual-core processor). This is because the HTC Thunderbolt and the LG Revolution (not the Droid Charge) carry Qualcomm’s new generation Snapdragon processor.

In the video below, Qualcomm wants to explain why their single-core processor, combined with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, would bring you a better experience when compared to “the competition” (Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T’s HSPA+ network). In a few words, this is because Qualcomm works on both the network and the processor, ensuring that the components are optimized to work with each other.

We would like to know what you guys think about this demonstration. It may seem like the comparison may be a bit unfair, since they are testing data speed. It is a given that Verizon’s 4G LTE data speeds are about the fastest (for now), so Snapdragon has an advantage from the get go (even if the processors were equal, the data speeds on a Verizon device should be faster anyways).

What do you guys say? Is this a fair demonstration? Do you prefer the new generation Snapdragon over its dual-core competitors? Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Source: Qualcomm

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  • http://Website metafor

    The statement shouldn’t be “our single-core is better”. It should be “phones based on our single-core bring a better overall experience”. Which would be true up until a dual-core LTE phone comes out.

  • http://Website Nick

    Well if Android isn’t optimized for the dual cores then yes, the faster single core would be better. But I didn’t watch the video.

  • http://Website Giraffe

    So, qualcomm admits that when sheer processing power is needed, they don’t have the right creature. As soon as other companies push through lte chips integrated with tegra, they’re screwed again.

  • http://Website Iynfynity

    That’s ridiculous, why don’t you compare the two phones using a game and we’ll see what your single core can do compared to a dual cores.

  • http://Website Arber

    Wait which one can play angry birds at a higher FPS….

  • http://Website Gary Blake

    This appeals to me.
    I hate touch gaming and really just want my phones to do more with a better battery life.

    • http://Website deckrider

      I agree, and yet how good has battery life been on lte thus far?

  • http://Website Robbie

    this is more an ad for LTE than snapdragon, i realize that the two do go hand in hand but they focused more on the network than the processor. They could have talked about graphics or overall smoothness while using apps and playing games.

  • http://Website Connor

    I’ve found that my thunderbolt provides a much nicer over all experiance then the g2x overall, Sure gaming is slightly nicer on the g2x but the thunderbolt wins in every other regard

    • http://Website Tom

      Bullshit the G2x wins completely against thunderbolt

      • http://Website TDGentry

        You sure about that? I’ve used the G2X and yea, its super fast when on the home screen and switching to and fro, but try adding LauncherPro or some other thirdparty homescreen and watch it perform less admirably. Point: For now, Android is optimized for singlecore. The LG optimized the homescreen specifically for the G2X. Google it.

        • AME

          I’m using LauncherPro on my G2x and it’s doing great! No lag, no freeze-ups, no problems. This flies in everything it does.

          Plus, I’m using T-Mo’s HSPA+ network and still getting 24hr+ battery life. How is the battery life on the Thunderbolt when it uses LTE?

  • http://Website Cheeto

    Well I do love HTC , I have the Evo. But when surfing the web on the thunderbolt why is the pinch to zoom still a little choppy compared to lets say the samsung gs2?…I’m not saying its at all slow but still a bit choppy.

  • http://Website Paul

    I love that my 2nd gen snapdragon, 800mhz G2, can be overclocked to 1.9ghz w/o any modifications to the cooling. I run it around 1.4ghz usually for the intense games. It just shows how much wiggle room there is in this CPU. And single core processors do generally have better battery life. I mean my next phone most likely will be dual core, but I don’t see any hugely compelling reason for me to jump ship from my Single core G2 just yet. The Galaxy S II though has caught my eye, may be worth giving up a keyboard.

    • http://Website bahahahahaha

      Single core phones get better battery life? Have you been smoking the chiba? Go do some research. Most dual core phones can blow the pants off single core for battery life. Both dual core phones I have messed with get 18-24 hours easily with heavy use. A 1 ghz single core running at 100% will eat more battery than a dual core 1ghz running each core at 50%.

      • http://Website TDGentry

        …..Except that since Android for phones isn’t yet optimized for dualcore, those two cores aren’t being used as efficiently as that singlecore. I can guarantee it isn’t nearly anywhere as efficient as your “50% on each core” example. Nice try though.

  • http://Website minedeen

    What does bandwidth have to do with raw CPU speed.

    All im seeing here is LTE is faster than any HSPA+ wich isnt a surprise i mean its as fast as Comcast

    this video is total BS snapdragon sucks and carry a weak GPU compared to the competition

  • http://Website Brandon

    Qualcomm has an LTE modem built into their processor…put a Tegra 2 processor with an LTE modem next to it and I bet qualcomms processor is still faster considering they acutally work with the technology and build their processors to be optimized for the 4g network. The Tegra 2 has amazing graphics but it doesn’t work with LTE for crap right now. Look at moto…they didn’t even launch the bionic on time because the tegra 2 doesn’t work well with an LTE modem (and rumor has it they switched to on OMAP4). I would take Qualcomms snapdragon with LTE anyday over 3g with a Tegra 2 for a phone. A tablet may be different if I wanted to game on it more but I would take Qualcomms processor anyday over a Tegra 2 with 3g. Qualcomm is a smarter company to have integrated a 4g LTE modem and have the advantage in the near future because phone manufactures don’t have to look for a modem to go along with a tegra 2 they just look at the snapdragon and say hey look everything is there and is running perfect…this saves us hours and hours of testing and lots of money. Good job Qualcomm keep up the good work. Way to prove yourself as the smarter/more experienced mobile processor company instead of getting ahead of yourself and everyone else and having other people solve problems for you.

    • http://Website metafor

      The first chips from Qualcomm with an integrated LTE modem will be MSM8960, which isn’t due out in devices by Christmas at the earliest and likely Q1 of next year realistically.

      Currently, the LTE modems inside most phones and data cards are made by Qualcomm. However, I don’t know that they technically work better with Snapdragon compared to other processors; the interface is pretty standard.

      One actual advantage, however, is that when paired with a Snapdragon, the device will have two modems which, on CDMA2000 networks, can provide simultaneous voice and data; such as on the Thunderbolt. Other devices will not have such a capability on a CDMA2000 network.

      AT&T will be the first and likely only LTE implementation where two modems are not needed to perform simultaneous voice and data.

  • http://Website loul

    Useless, having a faster network is not helpfull, considering that to have the best download rate it must be in perfect conditions, so in the day to day use it’s unrelevant.
    If this commercial presentation works for them and some manufacturers buy it, it’s a shame…

  • http://Website Luther

    I’ll take a single core CPU with LTE over a dual core CPU without LTE any day. What I really want now is longer battery life!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Honestly…This video means nothing Qualcomm is a leader and there current MSM8660 and 8260 processors are the best in the industry they appear in both the Evo 3d and Sensation. Everyone knows that LTE burns through your battery there nothing Qualcomm can do about that fact WHO CARES ABOUT THE SPEED OF THE NETWORK WHEN YOUR BATTERY LIFE IS 4HRS TOPS ASK CURRENT THUNDERBOLT OWNERS OR IT THE XDA FORUMS ON THIS ISSUE…Bootlomline here qualcomm is better than anything out there at this time and everyone will see so much more come Novemeber, December, as well as January and Febuary 2012. The next HTC Nexus 3 device will be coming from Qualcomm as well as the next quadcore Evo in 2012 those device will TOP ANYTHING FROM TI,NIVIDA, AND ANYONE ELSE……

  • AME

    AT&T got some bad press because they weren’t letting their Atrix users take full advantage of their “4G” network. Here, they are saying their competitor is “HSPA+” when AT&T may not have even rolled that network out in the area of this commercial’s taping which means they are comparing apples to oranges.

    Besides, who is doubting Verizon’s network being faster than AT&T’s?!

    This commercial is shady.

  • HackNet

    People, calm yourselves!
    I have had every phone/device you can image. Why do I say that you ask? Because I can afford to have them.

    I will give you guys an honest opinion on my experience with the latest and greatest Tegra 2 which runs on my Atrix 4G… IT SUCKS!

    There are a handful of games located on the TegraZone App store which actually use the full 2 cores of Tegra2. Also, I am unable to watch HD videos on my phone because both Nvidia and Motorola confirmed that the chipset has coding issues. The Tegra 2 chipset does not render the videos to 720p or 1080p properly, so the videos either don’t play at all or they lag a lot.
    A friend of mine uses the Samsung Galaxy S and the phone renders 720p without any issues. Also gets a similar benchmark to mine when rooted. Dual Core needs to be optimized to be fully used on any device. I am an early adopter for many devices, and I can tell you that the Tegra 2 is half baked. GL!

    • http://Website eagle1967

      not doubting you. regarding trying different devices and such. cool you can afford them i can only do the full price thing once a year :)
      But ill bet you every phone you have including tablets that a galaxy -s can not meet the g2x in benchmarks programs.
      the atrix is a well known piece of junk that doesnt mean all tegra 2 devices are. is it perfect apparently not. but comeon.
      the atrix and motoblur has been know to lag and be a very poor experience. so comparing all tegra 2′s from that phone just isnt fair.
      the dual cores in the sensation is decent but slower than the tegra 2′s.
      i havent noticed any problems with running 720p video on my G2x(maybe a moto software issue?)
      the samsung chips are really the most powerful at this time. does it translate to the phone being that much better i dont know.
      the upcoming omap 1500mhz should smoke pretty good also.
      but in regards to this article come on.
      lte is the fastest we know this. that does not make your processor faster than a dual core on hspa+ it make lte faster period.
      i agree no dual core lte device can chalenge the single core qualcom’s oh wait is there a dual core lte to compare to. ah no. my car is the fastest sitting in the parking lot. so it must be better than the corvette since none of them are in the parking lot.
      that someone along the lines even thought to attempt to show this is laughable and shows what the phone and processor companies actually think about the users…idiots! well not all of us sell that snake oil somewhere else.

  • HackNet

    …but the webtop via hdmi to tv is awesome. I play Modern Combat 2 and Radiant on my LED 46′ tv.
    No pixelation…Works like a charm!