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You can now watch the whole Google Wallet event (video)

It’s been a crazy day in the mobile world today. This morning, Google gave us a glimpse at the future of mobile commerce, and how we’ll eventually get rid of our wallets, keys, cash, and credit cards. The company announced Google Wallet, Google Offers, and even a new Google credit card named Google Prepaid Card.

But watching the event once is really not enough. You can now relive the excitement of watching Googler Osama Bedier tap his Nexus S 4G to pay for his daughter’s shorts, because Google has now uploaded a video of the whole event to YouTube for your enjoyment. After watching it, come back and tell us if you’ll be happy to dump your wallet for Google Wallet or not? I will.

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  • Gerad Munsch

    I love how he went to the extent of covering the number on the physical card, but accidentally showed the full number on the screen.

  • Rahul Aggarwal

    The Google’s step towards a open commerce ecosystem is going to draw a lot of attentions from the retailers as they get a new way to target their potential customers and also increase the buyer population. However, the geotargeting option might be a safeguard measure to save the public from privacy intrusion.

  • http://Website Duarte

    something i really do not get…

    On the POS the demo showed that you have to sign on the touchscreen… how is that tap and go?

    For that I can just keep using my debit card an put the pin number on the POS

    I was hoping for something faster and easier that debid card payments… not more complicated.

  • http://Website Kyle

    The video is private it seems. Or it’s hidden from me because I’m Canadian. Either way, fuuuuuu :P

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Yeah, Google took down the video. We don’t know why.