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ZENS brings Qi inductive goodness to Europe!

Qi inductive charging certainly seems to be the direction many cell phone manufacturers are heading when it comes to offering convenient charging methods, and the really cool thing about Qi inductive plates is that anything that supports Qi can charge a Qi enabled phone. As it stands right now, not a whole lot of companies are making Qi inductive plates. We’ve got Energizer in the US, and HTC plans to make a charger plate for their Thunderbolt and any other phones that support it, but there’s been little third party momentum until now. ZENS, a Netherlands based manufacturer has started making Qi chargers for Europe.

The Qi (pronounced chee) standard was developed in 2010 by the Wireless Power Consortium in which over 80 companies (including Philips, Sanyo, Panasonic, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC and Motorola) participate. As these manufacturers start releasing Qi devices, it’s likely that many users will need inductive plates that support more than a single device. That’s exactly what ZENS has released. Place any two Qi supported devices on the ZENS plate over the top of the Qi symbol and the phone instantly starts charging.

ZENS units will be made available in the Netherlands, UK, France, and Germany at local electronics shops and on the internet. Pricing is not currently available on these units, but expect them to start showing up soon!

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      first -1 on your comment, im expecting alot more to follow…

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    This inductive charging is the biggest waste of time and money anywhere…..give it up folks!

    • http://Website Ratmuscle

      How is it the biggest waste of money. With the thunderbolt being probably the best phone out there pound for pound with speed, size, and being an android…the only and major problem is battery life. With technology (hardware and software) advancing more and more, something has to give. We have now seen that the battery can not keep up with the cameras, movies, music, social networking, surfing, texting and don’t forget the main reason we have a phone, to make phone calls. Think about just getting into your car and just laying out down and not having to hook it up to a cable…that is if you remembered to put out in your car. What if you’re at work and you’re at your desk, or at star bucks, or wherever. You wouldn’t have to rely on a company specific cord to charge your phone. Iphone or htc or samsung or cricket. The qi plate will work with and qi enabled handset. That means the price will come down and the availability will be in more and more places.

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    Yes at last, a good solution.