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How strong is the new Cobra universal mini mount?

It’s not often that I REVIEW an accessory. It really has to be something special. Earlier this week, I got an unreleased, new vehicle mount from Cobra. The design is such that practically any phone will work in the mount, but possesses a minimalist design you don’t usually see in most universal mounts. When the mount showed up on my doorstep, I decided to test the limits of it to see just how useful it really was.

As you can see, this mount can hold pretty much any phone through most car accidents. This didn’t just work on the ultra light, ultra thin Optimus Black either. This test was also performed on an HTC Thunderbolt with the extended battery from HTC, which is a significant weight difference. In my desire to break this mount, however, I decided to go even further, so I stuck my Motorola Xoom to it.

Xoom on Cobra universal mount

Now, the mount holds the Xoom in place, and I was able to drive around with it with no issues, but this girthy tablet would most assuredly go flying in the event of an accident. Just as well, since Cobra also makes a few tablet-specific mounts. This little mount impressed me pretty significantly, and at $24.95 anybody can afford one. These are available some time this month at retailers all over the US.

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  • Angie Strickland

    That shake test seemed pretty rigorous! Seemed like a good way to test it.

  • Justin

    Whoa, I was expecting it to fly of there after a few shakes but it didn’t. I know what phone mount I am getting now. It works with pretty much any phone it looks like too.

  • http://Website Graham

    I like the look of this but have a bad feeling this will rip my invisible shield clean off when I try to remove it.

    • http://Website PHADE


      Someone Asked That On Their YouTube Channel And They Said “It Will Not Tear Off The Skin”

  • http://Website Frank

    It looks great but where can I buy it? I can’t find it online, and Amazon says it’s sold out.

  • http://Website joe

    The only real test worth doing is the followup in 6 months… after 6 months of grime and dust… does it work at all?

    • http://Website Dan

      You can just wipe it down with a wet cloth and let it dry and it will be back to normal. Based on what I’ve seen with other stands that use this same thing, that’s actually recommended every couple months.

  • http://Website Kriss

    Looks good but it’s clearly a rip-off of the Bracketron mount which has been out for almost 1 year:

    • oakes6b2

      Hmmm….sure does look similar, or even exactly the same!

      • http://Website n2imagination

        Yeah no kidding. That is a freakin clone. Amazing! Bracketron lawyers UP…

  • http://Website Whoa…

    Someone is large and in charge…

    • http://Website mikeDroid

      Of awesome reviews.