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Amazon to purchase 1.5-2 million tablet touch panels by September – more than Taiwanese manufacturers can handle

We know Amazon has been working diligently to bring the family of tablets we’ve been hearing about since last May. While we’re not very sure about the specs, we know these tablets could come with either NVIDIA Tegra or Texas Instruments OMAP processors. While most details are rumors, and we’re still awaiting more information, we know these bad boys will bring some good competition to the table. Not only will these be high-end, but we expect Amazon will set very competitive prices as well.

Just how serious is Amazon about these tablets? According to Digitimes’ sources, Amazon is planning to purchase 1.5-2 million touch panels to be delivered by September. Get ready, because this is only the first batch of panels Amazon will be ordering. Apparently, Amazon is planning to ship 4 million tablets by the end of 2011.

Amazon’s first touch panel order seems a bit overwhelming. The company has been holding some discussions with multiple manufacturers, including TPK Holdings, Wintek, HannStar Display and J Touch. A 1.5-2 million order is hard to decline (it’ll surely bring good profits), but some of these touch panel manufacturers have been hesitant about making a deal with Amazon. Companies like TPK and Wintek seem to be doubting their ability to supply such a high quantity of touch panels. Both TPK and Wintek are major Apple suppliers, which is partly the reason why they might not be able to handle Amazon’s massive tablet production. (Maybe they’re getting ready to supply the next generation of Apple products?).

Regardless of which touch panel manufacturer supplies Amazon, we know there are big plans here. Amazon is taking big steps, and those tablets should be coming to the consumer soon! Where’s our announcement, Amazon?

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Source: Digitimes

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  • nexus15

    I think its interesting. This is going to be the first MAJOR non Google certified android device. I wonder how it will fair.

    Now you ask why it wont be Google certified? Well simple, up till now Google has hated the amazon app store for the competition it causes, but could do nothing against it, now they have a device, Google is simply going to refuse to certify it for Google apps, but amazon wont care, which is why it makes this tablet interesting because it will be interesting to watch how it is advertized and marketed, pricing too, especially since other tablets will be 7,8 and 10 inches, other tablets will run gmail, maps, market, etc. Other tablets will run the kindle app just as well as this will. Will there be some incentives for buying this? 1year free prime subscription? Lots of questions.