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Android gets console-quality games thanks to OnLive (Video)

That day when you’ll be able to play Call of Duty while sitting on a plane or or at the park is almost here. At Qualcomm’s Uplinq yesterday, OnLive announced the Universal Wireless Controller. The controller will allow you to play video games on any device that supports OnLive, including OnLive’s own MicroConsole, PC, Mac, Vizio TVs with VIA Plus, and most importantly Android tablets and smartphones. In OnLive CEO, Steve Perlman’s own words:

We set out to make OnLive available everywhere. Now that this is a reality, consumers need a way to enjoy the full OnLive experience on any device. The new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller places high-quality gameplay in your hands whether on a TV, computer, tablet/smartphone device or on future OnLive-compatible devices yet to be introduced.Steve PerlmanCEO and Founder of OnLive

The Universal Wireless Controller will able to talk to these devices either via some voodoo magic wireless technology that the company didn’t want to talk about or a USB dongle. The HTC Flyer on the video below is using this unknown wireless technology, and it seems to be performing rather flawlessly. According to Engadget, “gaming was as good on the Flyer as it is on a PC, with little lag and the same quality graphics”. That’s music to our ears.

OnLive is not resting either, the company plans “to have 50 million Blu-ray players and 25 million Internet TVs shipped with the service on board by the end of the year”. Hopefully, this means that Google TV will get OnLive over the coming months. This would catapult the platform into the middle of the video-game console war, where Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo own most of the market.

However, Google TV has one big advantage over the Wii, the Xbox 360, and the PS3, it comes pre-installed on your TV. If playing games through OnLive is just like playing them on a Xbox 360 or a PS3, why buy either of those consoles when you already have a Google TV-powered device at home.

Looking at the video below, you get the sense that this is the future of gaming. Pretty soon, there’ll be no more dedicated devices for just playing games. Instead, as long as you have your OnLive controller on you, you’ll be able to play on anything that has a screen — from Google TV and Chromebooks to Android tablets and phones.

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Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website name (unrequired)

    im not sure im getting this…

    i buy this little black box that comes whit the controller, and i connect it to anything that have a screen, and i can play any game ? they have all the freaking games ? how much does it cost ?

    • Alberto Vildosola

      The MicroConsole is only for playing games on your regular TV.

      The Universal Wireless Controller connects directly to the device without anything in between.

      Check out OnLive’s website for more details: http://www.onlive.com/#2

      • http://Website name (unrequired)

        question : do i have to pay 9.99$/month in order to use this thing ? or its only if i want the playback bundle ?

        • Alberto Vildosola

          You don’t have to pay anything to use the actual service, but you do have to pay for the games.

          You can pay for the PlayPack Bundle, which allows you to play some (not all) games for free. Or don’t pay for PlayPack and just pay individually for whatever game you want to play.

          Also, you can play a lot of games for free for 30 minutes if you want to try them out before buying.

          Bonus: Quality is awesome if you have a good Internet connection. I’m on a 11Mbps connection right now, and I can’t tell the difference between OnLive and playing the game locally.

  • http://Website abm

    Yeah what games exactly?

  • http://www.bestandroiddeals.com Paul Paulson

    I’m a little confused as well but it sounds like it could really alter the gaming landscape if done correctly.

  • http://Website Mark

    Those above that are asking, OnLive is a service that runs similar to Netflix on the PC except it requires a special black box and controller. You can buy or rent games and it all streams directly from their servers while you play. It costs $9.99 a month but they have a free one month trial. This year, I believed they made it available on some Blu Ray players and TVs that came with it pre-installed.

    However, I’m not sure of how they plan on executing it on Android. Will it require the black box? Where will you plug in the controller and black box on your phone? The video doesn’t show much about that, just the screen playing a game. It will be interesting seeing this come to life though.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      The Universal Wireless Controller connects directly to the Android device, without the MicroConsole.

      • http://Website Mark

        Where will you plug it in though? I’m guessing it will only be newer devices supported then? Unless they release some kind of adapter for older phones.

        • http://Website Flapjacks

          Plug what in? It’s called the Universal WIRELESS Controller for a reason…

        • http://Website Bloop

          Are you new?

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      I thought the $9.99 was for the play pack, but if you just want to buy games out right you didn’t incur a monthly fee.

    • chris

      Many of you are idiots. It connects to the phone or tablet via magic, don’t you read. In reality, its probably bluetooth.

  • greedoe

    hurm. this is pretty cool.

  • http://Website Kalango

    I smell server bloats and traffic crap.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    The demo they showed during the keynote looked pretty rad. Hopefully they get the full Uplinq keynote videos up so you guys can have a look.

  • Jaymoon

    Having used OnLive since they introduced it last year, it’s certainly a great concept, and awesome service. The one thing they are lacking (but thankfully working hard at) is their game library.

    The idea behind it is that a server is running the game locally. All the player is doing is watching the video of the server watching the game. When you press a button or control the game, the server is actually doing the rendering, not your local machine. So whether you are playing on the Micro Console (on a HDTV), the OnLive app (Windows/Mac), or soon to be Android app, the game runs at pretty good quality regardless. I’ve even played games with it on my crappy netbook (over Wi-Fi too!), and it works great.

    The controllers are just regular Bluetooth controllers. Just like you can pair up a Wii-mote, you’ll be able to connect it to your phone/tablet. Oh the possibilities! (Google TV *wink wink*).

  • http://Website alex

    why buy a control when android 3.1/ice-cream sandwich will support accesories like ps3 controls, and etc

    • http://Website Allergy Relief D

      Lolwut? noone has ever said it would allow accessories to connect like the ps3. quite shouting out false information

      • http://Website stef

        Watch the Google I/O conference from last may and you’ll see that they will include plugins for both PS2 and 360 controller to be recognized an used and honeycomb 3.1, already supported on xoom

    • Adam Plante

      ICS is Android 4.0 and they have announced that it will support game controllers natively.

  • http://Website realitycheck

    Only problem is you better use your wifi connection, becuase you will hit your data cap pretty quick otherwise..

    and having a tiny phone propped up on a table while you play with a controller seems kinda weird.

    ..better to have a controller where the phone can snap onto it so its like a portable gaming unit

  • rae moore

    Need help please send update from LG and send it via text