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Apple responds to Samsung’s request to see devices, unwilling to cooperate

In response to Apple asking they hand over their upcoming devices, Samsung filed a request a couple weeks ago asking Apple to do the same. Said devices include the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, which have been kept secret, safe and sound at Apple headquarters. The war continues, and Apple has responded to Samsung’s counter attack. As we expected, Android’s biggest competitor is surely not going to let Samsung check out their unannounced devices (at least not willingly).

Apple claims Samsung has no right to ask for the unannounced devices on the basis that Apple is not being accused of copying Samsung. Of course, Apple also mentions this is an unreasonable request; the products they requested from Samsung are already announced, and some are even released. Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are still unannounced. Nothing is known about them yet, so Apple will definitely try to keep any info within their own buildings.

Of course, this is only Apple’s reaction. Things will be taken into further consideration in Court. It seems unlikely that Apple will be forced to hand over their devices, but we never know. The Court will hear this case next Friday, June 17th, when Samsung will have to give up their devices. Stay tuned for more details on the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, and hit us up on the comments section below to let us know where you stand on this.

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Source: Apple Insider

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  • http://Website ray

    Apple is a bitch and there always sueing someone

  • http://Website Christopher Chavez

    Geeeez Apple, get off Samsung’s balls, ya hear?

  • http://Website Dr. Hasenheide

    Gosh! The game stays dirty.
    To me it looks like the desperate act of spoilsport that already knows it’s over.

    What’s up Apple? Self confidence sounds different!

    • http://Website Al Burdy

      samsung sux

      • http://Website Luciano

        Samsung sux (2)

  • http://Website Tre

    Apple is pissed trying to destroy android one step at a time… First by attacking the weakest Android phone company which is Samsung. What if Google took Apple to court for copying the notification slide down bar and the iCloud shit for copying Googles Single Sign on and sync service… I know its open sourced and they can’t do that but Apple is such a scary company. Any threat they will try to take out. Too bad its not going to happen

    • http://Website 0012

      “the weakest Android phone company which is Samsung”

      Are you one of those retards I keep hearing about?

      • http://Website Frozen

        Yep yep

    • http://Website Jeroen

      Excuse me?
      Samsung is on it’s way to become the world’s largest phone manufacturer and some of the most successful and popular Android phone’s are by Samsung.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Will i get sued if i curse apple products or dont buy them!

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      “Will i get sued if i curse apple products or dont buy them!”

      you are making a statement.

      If you are trying to ask a question the curly line with the dot under it is the question mark.

      “Will i get sued if i curse apple products or dont buy them?”

      is how it should of been written.

      • http://Website j

        Just so you know… This is how your final sentence should HAVE been written!

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        Oh my bad teacher i wasnt aware i was getting a graded.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    And yet another reason why I will not but anything from Apple. They are always out to try and destroy everyone else. They cannot build a superior product so they will “ruin” everyone else. It’s a crappy way to do business. I just think it’s funny that Apple sues Samsung, when Samsung was making all of their parts for their devices….. just funny that’s all.

  • http://www.appsbybirbeck.com/ Stewart

    I don’t see Apples issue here. Sure, the Nexus S and Galaxy Tab look similar to an iPhone 3G and and iPad 2 from 20 feet away, but up close and personal there are VERY distinct differences between them and someone who knows and loves Apple products could NEVER confuse the two. In fact, Apple should be THANKING Samsung. Copying is a sincere form of flattery no? We are still in the day and age when many consumers think any phone with a touch screen is an iPhone, though there is that other Droid thing.

    When it comes to tablets, consumers only know of one. I’ve had countless people ask me how I like my iPad when i’m out and about with my Xoom. And when I use my Tab 10.1? Forget it. To anybody around me, it appears I am on an iPad. This gives Apple free marketing and helps support the idea that there is only one tablet out there. Maybe I should sue both Apple and Samsung for the embarrassment.

    Present the case to a judge that has two working eyes and a half dozen other samples of smartphones and tables and it should be quickly dropped. The inferior ones are easily identifiable in a line-up.

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    apple doesnt play fair and touchwiz was already on feature phones before their iphone came out. also apple copied samsung from the beginning

  • http://Website Magic Johnson


    • http://Website faswah zaoot

      ur a fu*kin ass.

    • http://Website Chris

      Just to let you know, that your shiny white device is probably assembled by the same korean hands as the galaxy s.

    • http://Website Jeroen

      Three guesses where your beloved iPhone came from…

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    they also copied lg too.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LG_Prada_(KE850) apple copied this phone too. come on lg, sue apple for stealing your designs

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    Really apple is just trying to continue stealing idea for the real competitors. Why don’t apple fans understand that iOS mean I openly steal is there slogan.

    • http://Website daniel walsh


  • http://yohanesmario.com Mario

    Here in AndroidAndMe I always see people arguing about “mine is better than yours”. Please cut all the crap and negativity, and let the big guys do their jobs, or dirty “Jobs”.

  • http://Website jayc

    First of all…Tre u have no idea what your talking about. Samsung was last years hottest android developer by releasing the galaxy series phone for all 4 major U.S. carriers. Secondly….apple knew that so why not try to take them out by accusing them of copyrights. Apple and Steve jobs are nothing but whinning bitches.

  • http://Website Lamar

    So will apple have to give up its mobile OS to Android, Microsoft & others? Wow apple so ashamed of you.

  • http://Website Noel

    I think it is only fair if Sammy is required to hand over their devices so should Apple be required to do same. Apple could simply buy Samsung devices and look at them as much as they want and Samsung can w8 till Apple release their device and they can take a look as well…only fair not taking any sides. They both compete against each other so one should not have an advantage over the other by handing over their un-released devices. If u want it buy it… :)

  • http://Website Jeroen

    “Apple also mentions this is an unreasonable request; the products they requested from Samsung are already announced, and some are even released.”

    Well, Steve can go and buy them then, like everybody else. Problem solved. He just wants a freebie.