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Best Buy Music Cloud service – the option for cross-platform users

Cloud music services are blowing up, and the competition is fierce. Major players currently offering these services include Google, Amazon and Sony. Each service has certain benefits over the others. (We made a comparison last week). Today, we have a new player stepping up to the plate:  Best Buy. Very interesting. And it may sound very attractive to some of you.

Best Buy Music Cloud is available for all major platforms, unlike the other services mentioned above. While the competition focuses mostly on Android, this service is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Blackberry. It’s definitely good for platform diversity. Personally, I own at least one device from each platform (except a Mac). Though I mostly stick to my Android devices, the idea of accessing my music from all of them is very persuasive.

Alright, let’s get down to what on everyone’s minds:  the price. There are two options. You can keep the basic service for free or upgrade to a premium subscription for $3.99 a month. The main difference is the premium subscription allows unlimited access to uploaded songs, as well as an unimaginable amount of readio stations. The free service only gives you access to the Best Buy Web Player, and you’ll be able to listen to 30 seconds of every song.

Obviously, you’d probably want the Premium services to take full advantage of the Best Buy Music Cloud’s potential. The price isn’t too bad, compared to the competition. (It costs the same as Sony’s Music Unlimited basic subscription, which offers very similar services). As mentioned above, this may be the best option for multi-platform users. It could very well be worth your $4 per month. Anyone signing up?


Via: Android Central

Source: Best Buy

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  • http://Website andrew g

    Frankly, and I know it sounds lame, but I don’t feel like having to look at the best buy logo every time I want to play music.

  • http://Monroeworld.com Shane Monroe

    Requires iTunes .. No thank you.

    Right from the FAQ:

    How do I add songs to my inventory? Install Best Buy Music Cloud and iTunes on your computer. Once Best Buy Music Cloud is installed and logged in, all the songs you have in your iTunes will be added to your inventory and every song that will be added to iTunes will be added to your inventory automatically.

  • http://Website Miranda

    Never been to BB. Is it safe? I mean, they always got shops in ghetto areas with drugs, crime, prostitutes. Im afraid of these areas and rather shop at Target!

    • http://Website Slummin’

      Haha WTF?! Is that a serious question?! Actually 17% of all drug related crimes take place in the home theater room of the local Best Buy.

    • http://Website RUSuriussss??

      Our new Best Buy is directly next to our new Target so no, you are not correct. Unless, there is some sort of force field that separates the two demographics of shoppers from one another.

      You are a fool.

    • http://Website Dude of big apple

      Dunno, but you better take a shottie with you…just in case you get attacked by the sales guy!?!

  • http://Website guess who

    Since you’re admitting to owning an iphone/ipod touch, do you like it?

  • http://Website Nelson

    Since you’ve admitted to owning an iOS device, please tell us if you like it.

    -Sent from my iPad, which has a ton of great apps for it, unlike Honeycomb, which has almost no great apps.

  • http://Website Joel F

    Pop-over ads, guys? For real?