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Cha ching! HTC reels in $1.42 billion in May, more than double what it made a year ago

You know what happens to those companies that fully embrace Android? They double their sales, that’s what. HTC has once again bested its performance from the previous year, and even the last month. The Taiwanese company reached a whopping $1.42 billion in sales during the month of May. In comparison, HTC made $1.35 billion the previous month and $658 million in May of last year.

Fueling HTC’s crazy sale numbers is the very impressive Android portfolio. This has everything from low-end phones like the HTC Aria and HTC Wildfire, to superphones like the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D. Add great build quality and an unparalleled user experience, and you see why HTC devices are selling like hotcakes.

General consumers are not the only fans of HTC’s work, though. The Android developer community is also a big admirer of what the company builds. Not very often do you see a company that appeals to both the mainstream user and the hacker/modder. But HTC has managed to do just that. Users love the quality and the experience of HTC phones, and hackers love HTC’s developer-friendly attitude. For these and many more reasons, the company is now swimming in money. Kudos, HTC. Kudos.

Via: Reuters

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  • http://Website Hinds

    To bad microsoft getting a slice of htcs’ pie.

    • http://Website Joze

      Was about to say…could you imagine the profits if MS wasn’t taking 5$ for every phone?

  • http://Website kumar

    htc has a shitload of windows 7 phones too. htc is a huge ms partner

  • http://Website FCC

    because htc is only paying the lowest wages to their slave workers????

    • geniusdog254

      You’re insane if you think almost all manufacturers aren’t paying the lowest wages they can get away with.

  • Richard Yarrell

    HTC rules all manufracturers