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Commercial proves that AT&T is set on taking T-Mobile

Whoa there, AT&T! Are we moving too fast? – We all know about the AT&T/T-Mobile possible merger, and most people have been openly showing their stand on this situation all over the internet. Even Sprint has turned in an official statement to the FCC, further clarifying that this this acquisition will create havoc and ultimately hurt the consumer.

In case you haven’t seen this commercial, it was aired during NBA’s Finals. AT&T seems to be set on acquiring T-Mobile, and pretty sure about it too, since they have even gone out of their way to make a commercial about the subject.

The commercial states that AT&T plans to combine with T-Mobile to bring a “stronger network.” While most customers are complaining about this, it seems AT&T is going all out before the deal is even passed, and has already started to invest money on advertisement for said acquisition.

Things are moving faster than we thought, and AT&T is not stopping. It would help if all of us submit our opinions to the FCC and start acting as a community. For now, check out the video, and let us know what you think about it on the comments section!

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website LadyDi

    I saw this yesterday and nearly flipped. They are very confident that AT$T is

  • http://Website jason v

    makes me wonder if at&t secretly paid off all the big wigs in the fcc under the table which makes them so confident putting a commercial like this out for public consumption! i wouldnt put it past them creeps!

  • http://Website scott n.

    I will be so pissed off if this deal ever goes through. If someone HAD to buy T-Mobile I’d rather see sprint do it I guess. But something tells me now that ATT actually spent the money to make this commercial, I think they know something that we don’t. Maybe they already got the OK from the FCC “behind closed doors” because why else would the spend the money for advertising an acquisition that hasn’t been finalized?

    • Uncle Rico

      Sprint isn’t any better bro…. search on Sprint and the ATT/T-Mobile merger and see what Hesse has up HIS sleeve…!?!?

      • http://Website applesuxfloppydonkeydi*

        u seriously gonna stick up for a crooked ass company like att i left them months ago for sprint and my bill never changes unlike att which constantly tried raping for data charges f*k you and f*k att and their dumbass data rapage they should be shut down and locked up for crimes against consumers

    • http://Website HEATTmobile

      Sprint taking over Tmobile would not work because of network GSM cannot and will not ever work on CDMA plus whenever you travel outside with Sprint and Verizon you have to use Tmobile or another GSM carriers towers stupid purchase option…honestly speaking Tmobile needs to go ahead and invest their money wisely and get 4GLTE, acquire other smaller carriers like Simple Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket and those companies and hirer more professional Customer Relation Representative along with MANAGEMENT personnel to improve their bottom-line.

  • http://Website F. Noodle

    Have you guys even looked at the comments submitted to the FCC so far?
    There are more than 10,000 responses online now.
    They consist of:
    1) ~90% of pasted-in opposition reponses from individuals (making them look like bots)
    2) many (>7%) are from different organizations like AFL-CIO, various chambers of commerce and state and local officials
    3) a few are individualized notes from real humans writing in support of the merger

    As someone who is opposed to the merger, I believe that my side is about to lose.
    The merger will go through because the FCC has no history of opposing such things and we are heavily outgunned by the pro-merger players.

    It’s been great, but it seems that we are about to get screwed.

  • http://Website CHARLES BURNETTE

    For me i have no complaints about Tmo, however at the rate they are going i wish they would stay the same while still being competitive, but one better choice might be Sprint since they were the first 4g and looking toward the future and better plans you can live with and functional good phones, i think and believe ATT wil jack the price just for GP but make you believe something else but before you realize it they will get you to sign a contract first. Lucky for me when i get my first upgrade in oct. My phone can operate on both systems, so i will be concern until the final word. I also wish they would send out a survey-inqiry to here what their customers say and feel its only fair.

  • http://Website Dev1359

    I already submitted a long statement to the FCC about this merger…now I kind of want to send them another one simply saying “fuck this shit.”

  • http://Website p51d007

    I think it was a done deal before it was announced. At&t wouldn’t be “risking” this much money if they didn’t have their ducks in a row. It just makes sense. At&t “can’t” buy Sprint…tdma/cdma.
    T-mobile would be the logical choice. What’s worse, is after this gets green lit by the FCC, Verizon will be making a move toward Sprint. They don’t want At&t to have “the biggest badass fastest” network. In a few years, it will be At&t, Verizon and a couple regional carriers, which means if you don’t like your cell carrier, you can go stuff it…with 2, the prices will go UP and the choice & service will go DOWN.

  • http://Website Farsnott

    I’m not really sure about this but I thought in 1995 the FCC reserved the “C” and “D” block of bandwidth for small business that T-Mobile qualified for. If this is true, can a large company like AT&T buy these blocks? AT&T need to invest in their infrastructure to make their network better, not buy T-Mobile to get their bandwidth. It’s like trying to put a new addition on your house when the rest of the place is falling apart!

    AT&T’s business model is one of deception. I’m grandfathered in, but if I buy a 4G phone, I am automatically converted to a 2GB capped plan. I’m using a Nexus One currently. Even though there are a few phones out there that are improvements and more to come soon, I think I’ll keep my N1 for now. I try to use WiFi more then my 3G as much as possible.

    I doubt that the public can influence the FCC to stop the sale, but I hope that someone of authority can see that this sale will curtail innovation and fair market environments. Thank you.

  • http://Website OneRcknMan

    This should be illegal as it is swaying public oppinion in making it sound like this is a good deal. This deal is only good for them and it will screw both T-Mobile, Verizon and their own customers in the long run.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you there…

      These commercials are nothing shy of trying to get the public (especially those on the fence about the merger/buyout) to sway to their side by saying “oh, look at all the great things a combined network CAN do…”

      But what they aren’t telling you is, that combined network will cost more to use, and will be corrupted to AT&T standards.

      Just goes to show how wicked & deceptive AT&T is.

  • http://Website bobby

    On a serious note, anyone know the name of this song?

  • http://Website Jen

    An article mentioned that AT&T contacted all FCC commissioners before their proposal.

  • http://Website TorchingiPhone

    I had the unfortunate experience of happening to look up at the TV during dinner – only to see this crap playing! I almost choked. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Like some creepy mind-control propaganda? Are you kidding me? Since when does a merger “need” a multimillion or billion dollar ‘public awareness’ campaign? Since so many people hate AT&T.

    Seriously if this merger is allowed to go through, I think it’s going to cause HUGE problems – more than just the obvious it-is-illegal GSM MONOPOLY which SUCKS for consumers …. but why doesn’t the FCC consider what this is going to do to consumer confidence in the middle of a recession? I for one am going to feel totally SCREWED by the market if this merger goes through, because this is so obviously such a horrible scenario for ALL smartphone users. What is the purpose of having government regulation if it’s NOT GOING TO STOP THE BIG GREEDY MONOPOLIES? Instead, if this goes through, it is going to only solidify the already existing perception that the current big wigs are dedicated to drowning out all small business through a pick-and-choose approach to regulation enforcement, while they line their personal pockets with the bonuses and cheap thrills that come from whatever form of payoff they’re getting by promoting or looking the other way for the market’s ‘giants’. The people in the US are in danger of losing their consumer voice. DON’T let it happen!

    Before my next section – I solemnly swear – I don’t give a flip about Apple vs. Microsoft. Whoever’s equipment works best, and whoever is behaving least like an absolute giant corporate scumbag will win my dollars. I own Microsoft items, and I own Apple items. I seriously DON’T CARE. But – I HAVE to add the following…
    Furthermore, for this merger, in a way, I blame Apple. Yeah, I know … but wait. Mr Jobs has a record of calling foul at Microsoft for being such a big corporate meanie, but it can’t escape reason – the fact that he partnered with Satan (AT&T) to: first, create the you-can-only-use-the-iPhone-with-AT&T monopoly, and second, seeing full well in advance that this bolster of sales to AT&T, instigated by consumers wanting to use the iPhone, would project AT&T into a total competitor-swallowing monopoly. There was no reason the iPhone had to be isolated to AT&T. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been able to be jailbroken. You think Apple developers are too stupid to thwart jailbreaks in production? No. This was just a pre-planned vision concocted by AT&T, knowingly assisted by Apple, to essentially kill off / swallow up AT&T’s only GSM competitor. And I’m sure Apple will be reaping the benefits for years. Who knows what was promised in that backroom deal. Why else would it have made market sense to nail the iPhone to only one carrier? Yeah, I have this life-changing technology, but I only want to sell it to THIS group of people … Doesn’t make sense unless he got a HUGE payout for doing so. It’s about control. Driving the market this way or that. And Apple helped do it. Gross.

    It’s been nice using smartphones, people. But I am unwillingly willing to go back to life without them. Because all this merger is going to do is drive smartphone contract prices up into infinity, and I will not pay that much – and I can only hope no one else will either. If this merger goes through, I will not subscribe to AT&T. Instead, I will torch my iPhone, pull my money from the market, and stop spending. And don’t give me the force-it-down-my-throat crap “not spending is bad for the economy, which is bad for you!” The rules come BEFORE the economy. If Wall Street doesn’t want to play by the rules, they shouldn’t be allowed to play. If we’re going to have a recession let’s have it already. Let the irresponsible corporations die out and we’ll pick up where we left off and keep going. What’s the point of having a FREE MARKET if it is truly anything BUT free???? Monopolies take away the freedom of a free market. There is a blurry area that exists between free capitalism and having government regulations. It is dependent upon the ideal that giant corporations won’t behave like unethical Goliaths. This has been helped to remain in-check over the years because consumers don’t like it when companies misbehave either. But, as can be seen by the mere existence of the AT&T propaganda commercial, our tolerance for corporate ugly crap is increasing. As that tolerance increases, so does corporate mischieviousness, which essentially decreases the freedom of the consumer in the marketplace, creating the most awful situation – a market demand (want)-driven isolated control of our money by someone else (monopoly). We can only pray the government actually applies the regulations here (a GSM monopoly is a GSM monopoly is a GSM monopoly) to avoid total disaster.

    • http://Website cumquat

      Very well put.

  • caren

    why the hell won’t they credit the artist for that song?! wtf is is?