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Current Verizon customers might be able to avoid tiered data plans… forever?

Yesterday’s rumors were less than satisfactory for most Verizon customers. Our good friends over at Droid-Life got some details about the new Verizon tiered data plans from a tipster. It wasn’t pretty. The cheapest plan started at $30 a month for 2 GB of data. If you’re wondering, that’s the same price Verizon customers currently pay for unlimited data for smartphones. Not a great deal if you ask us.

It seems some of you may be in luck, though! Today, Droid-Life has received more details about the subject. Current Verizon customers will be able to keep their unlimited plans. Seems reasonable, right? After all, those contracts are still going. If Verizon decided to switch everyone’s plans, customers would be able to cancel their contract without an ETF (Early Termination Fee). Verizon would loose many customers making such a move, so that isn’t what really surprises us.

What’s surprising about this deal is that not only will you keep your current data plan for now, but you’ll be able to keep it after upgrading or renewing your contract. Droid-Life’s sources state this is a “forever” deal. Meaning that if you were a Verizon customer before 7/7/11 (which is also when the free 4G tethering offer ends), the unlimited data plan will be grandfathered and stay as long as you remain a loyal Verizon customer.

Not bad, Verizon. In fact, this is so nice we find it a bit hard to believe. Would Verizon be willing to keep the data plans unlimited even for customers with expired contracts? Would this be a one-time thing? Would the upgrade after your next one not be as fun? We don’t know. This is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt until we hear from Verizon. Please do let us know what you think about this rumor. And let the hoping begin!

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Source: Droid-Life

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  • http://www.twitter.com/dcborn61 dcborn61

    Lose, not loose!

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Sorry about the slip, it has been fixed. Thank you very much! :)

      • http://Website lose cannon


  • http://Website Jeff

    Hmm… if it’s for “forever’, I might have to go sign up for a Verizon account just to get it…

  • http://Website Mike

    Arghh…torn on whether I should sign my 14 year old up now. Was thinking Id get him data when he turned 16…he’d burn through that 2GB in a heartbeat…

    • http://Website rothbart

      Yes… teenagers are data-sinks… no matter what you get for them, they’ll find a way to use most/all of it… 5GB was always enough for us, but 2GB wouldn’t have been.

    • silverfang77

      You might look at the Virgin Mobile USA Triumph, which will be available on either July 19 or 21. It’s an Android 2.2 phone with a front facing camera and 1 GHz CPU and VMUSA does unlimited data.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    The question on my mind is whether or not a shiny new 4G phone counts as a renewal or an upgrade. Especially when I don’t even have 4G in my metro area.

    • http://Website GeauxLSU

      I’m wondering the same thing. I currently have a great plan – $69.98 for unlimited txt, data, 450 minutes before a $13.20 discount through my work. My contract is up and I’ve been holding out on getting a new phone waiting on something that will probably never be made (Droid 4g LTE with unlocked bootloader). Should I pick up a TBolt now to lock in the 4G at my current rate?

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m thinking that current customers may be able to keep their speeds on 3G speeds.. but LTE will require one of these new plans. But I could be wrong.

    I wonder how fast an LTE device could burn through 2GB…

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      An LTE device will burn through 2GB of data about as fast as any device. Think about it, you will be doing the same tasks, which will use the same amount of data. The only difference is that you won’t be stuck waiting as much. Loading this web page will take the same data whether it takes 10 seconds to get to you or 2 minutes. Now if the user lets the speed go to their head and does way more than they would have otherwise, then they will burn through data faster.

  • http://www.twitter.com/droid_dizzy T.W13

    So as long as I’m on contract I’m fine? Sounds too good to be true and I get my last NE2 on 7/9/11 so if I upgrade after do I still get to keep my unlimited data? Also if phones on my exsisting plan wanta smartphone at a later date will they have to get tiered data if they’re upgrading from a feature phone? Sorry just curious about my situation. I guess I will be on my mom and dad’s plan FOOR-EV-VER! (Squince voice from sandlot)

    • Edgar Cervantes

      This is a rumor, so nothing is for sure yet. But if the rumor is right – yes, you will be able to keep your unlimited data plan if you upgrade on the 9th. As for the question about the features phones being upgraded to smartphones, the rumor mentions that new lines actually do need to get the tiered data plans. It is not specified whether this will apply for people that upgrade from feature phones or not, but my assumption would be that they will probably have to be on a tiered data plan. As I mentioned, it is not completely known, and that is simply my take on it. I would advice that you wait for official word from Verizon before you make any major changes.

      Stay tuned for more details about this! :)

    • http://Website dangerousjenny

      you know you can do your renewal 6 or 7 days before hand too. A verizon rep told me that. so you could get it done before the date.

      • http://www.twitter.com/droid_dizzy T.W13

        Qestion: Anyone know if i can keep my unlimited data and plan if i want to move my phone to a seperate account while still under contract. can i move my phone to a se[erate account well under contract?

        • http://Website dangerousjenny

          I believe you have to move your phone at the end of its contract. I had to when I did. I had to pay a security deposit when I did but it was lower then before when I tried to get my own line originally.

  • http://Website RD

    Ok, so I NEED to have unlimited 4G data and my upgrade date is July 6th. I hate all the current 4G VZW phones and don’t want one with a 4.3 inch screen, but I guess I will just have to buy one then to get grandfathered in, and upgrade to one I can stand later.

    Question is, Thunderbolt, Charge, or Revolution? Battery life is pretty important to me, but I love Sense. Is the Thunderbolt still that terrible?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I have done some tests on the Thunderbolt. If you turn off the 4g and use 3G and Wifi, battery life actually isn’t bad at all. I managed to get 10-12 hours.

      I consider myself a heavy user. I use my phone constantly for Google Talk, Email (both personal and work), Skype, I talk on the phone about 1-2 hours per charge (sometimes more), Google Reader, browsing, occasional gaming (about 45 minutes), and usually about an hour of Music Beta.

      If you do turn 4G on, battery will last 3-6 hours, depending on how you use your device. The average for me was a bit less than 4. If you really want good battery life and 4G, your best option would probably be the Revolution. Check out Sean’s review.


      If you really like Sense, the Thunderbolt isn’t that bad as long as you turn off 4G when you are not using it.

    • Uncemister

      The other alternative is the extended battery VZW is selling online and in stores. It comes with a new battery door that fits and it is a massive 2750mah compared to the stock one. Of course that makes the phone kind of chunky, but to me the massive battery life is worth it.

    • http://Website sleepin

      I have a rooted thunderbolt running das bamf 2.1. I use 4G all day for movies and such…..I get 12 plus hours now. Before rooting with te software and all….it was 3. I would say get a tb and root it. I love t as much as my og Droid.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    I’m planning on switching to verizon, but not anytime soon. The only way this becomes a good deal is if the plans for sharing data on a family plan are not much more, if any. I can afford 5GB or even 10GB if it is for both me and my wife. She uses less than 1GB, so I can have the rest. If not, then it’s Sprint, here we come.

    • http://Website dangerousjenny

      The family share you have to have separate data plans for each smart phone. You can not have one data plan for two smart phones. So it would depend on how much you want to spend on your bill.

  • http://Website Fan

    I’m still a bit confuse… So would my current 3G unlimited plan be grandfathered in when I upgrade to a LTE device later on? Or do I need to be in 4G contract before the 7/7 deadline?

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    Here is a copy of a chat I had with a Verizon representative online. Doesn’t sound good!!!

    Please wait for a Chat Representative to respond.

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless. My name is ‘Shaqita’, how may I assist you?

    Shaqita: Hi! Thank you for visiting our Wireless chat service. How may I assist you today?

    you: do you know about the new tiered data rules?

    Shaqita: Do you have a smartphone device or a feature phone?

    you: smartphone, motorola droid

    Shaqita: For the smartphone device you currently have the $29.99 unlimited data you would be able to keep this package as long as you do not make any changes to your account.

    you: when i upgrade to a 4G phone, will I still have unlimited data?

    Shaqita: When you upgrade your device when you are eligible to upgrade you would be prompted to select on of the new minimum data pacakges.

    you: if I upgrade to 4G before the tiered plans go into effect, will I have unlimited data for all future 4G phones as well?

    Shaqita: Yes if you upgrade before the new plans start.

    you: If I upgrade now to a 4G phone, but then go back to a 3G phone after the new plans start, will I be able to go back to a 4G again with unlimited?

    Shaqita: When you complete an esn change that is considered making a change to your account and when you switch back you would be prompted to select the new data plan.

    Shaqita: Do you have any other further questions or concerns I may assist you with?

    you: So the unlimited is only going to be good for the life of the phone I have at the time that the tiered plans go into effect. After that, any new phone will be switched to the tiered plan no matter if I go from 3G to 3G, 3G to 4G, or 4G to 4G?

    Shaqita: That is correct.

    you: wow, that sucks!!!

    Shaqita: I do understand how you feel.

    you: Thanks for your help.

    Shaqita: You are welcome.

    Shaqita: Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless. We appreciate your business. Please click ‘End Chat’ button above to end the chat session.

    • Uncemister

      lol chat conversation is lol

    • http://Website dangerousjenny

      This doesn’t make sense because why would you be prompted to choose a new data package with a 3g then with a 4g if the packages are the same for data. I understand feature phones doing this since the data package is less expensive for feature phones but 3g and 4g have the same data packages. I would talk to another verizon rep cause honestly I have talked to different reps who would say different things. And not just with verizon. With all companies. Some people make up stuff when they aren’t sure rather then find out the correct info. LIke when I had a trackball issue with my Eris and even HTC admited it was a problem with the way it is constructed one of the reps told me this was not a common problem with them even though if you look up any board you can find someone talking about it being an issue.

  • http://Website seapickle

    It looks like pretty much the same scenario AT&T had. It is nice Verizon is being crystal clear with their intentions. I remember when AT&T switched to tiered plans it was crazy. A lot of people got forced off their unlimited plans by store reps telling them they couldn’t keep them and upgrade. This later turned out to be false and AT&T allowed people that had the unlimited plans re-add them back. It was a pain in the ass to do though.

  • Uncemister

    Glad I signed my contract with them in may.

  • silverfang77

    Well, if they are letting current customers keep their plans for the duration of their stay as customers and not just till contract renewal, that is better news than I had anticipated.

  • http://Website David Duke

    The key word from that chat with the Verizon rep is “Shaqita”. You should have immediately disconnected and tried to get another rep. Trust me, I’ve worked customer service before and know what I’m talking about.

  • http://Website Sleepin

    If they do let us keep the unlimited plans…..I will gladly stay. If they do not….then hello Sprint/cricket/virgin ……lol

  • http://Website miltk

    i called verizon and asked support about whether i will keep my unlimited plan. she said “why not” so there you go. anyway, i’m a casual user, surf when i have to, check my emails, google map if i have to, and app usage that accesses the internet, like pulse and where, etc etc. to my satisfaction.

    my projected data usage is 10mg for the month! yeah, i think the minimum data plan will be okay for me if it comes to that :D

  • http://None.com Kai99

    “Cooome to Sprint-COME TO SPRINT!”
    …That’s all I hear these other carriers telling their customers. Sprints’ not perfect but these other companies are making them look like saints by default.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    So i talked to a vzw rep an he said the new tiered plans dont affect mobile web on your phone an they will still offer unlimited mobile web on your smartphone the tiered plans are for mobile hot spot n such. i have unlimited everything and vzw price isnt much higher then sprints unlimited everything i think i pay 20 more then sprint so 20 more a month for a FAR BETTER. network is worth it an for you all who have been with big red for years and are thinking about jumpin ship to sprint well i tried sprint out an it was a total nightmare an we all know about how pathetic their 4g is!! Customer service is a joke but if you dont mind pathetic customer service reps who hardly speak english along with coverage the size of richard yarrells dick and slow ass 4g then them!!! Thats only my opinion and experience with the not so now network

    • http://Website Noah

      And you trusted the Verizon rep???

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        I dont trust them but it gives me hope.

  • http://Website Noah

    Nothing is forever! Even if VZW decided to allow people to keep it when upgrading now, that does not guarantee that they won’t change their minds at some point, and implement a plan where “if you upgrade to THESE phones, you need a tiered data plan”

  • http://yahoo mike

    i just talked to a rep and they told me that any esn change can void your unlimited data plan.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    I called verizon a few times today to get different answers an they all said if you have an existing unlimited plan you can keep it aslong as you want even when you upgrade. so hopefully that is true but we will see if not then ill probably switch

  • http://Website Cook

    I wonder if you are on an unlimited 3G plan, if you will be able to stay unlimited when upgrading to a 4G phone after 7/7/11? This switch is realistically only affecting about 15% of Verizon customers, because the majority of people assume they are using much more data than they really are. Smart, smart- phone users, that live in a 4G area, are aware that their phones internet connection can eliminate the cost of home internet, by using third party tethering sites (such as pdanet) to run their PC off of their ridiculously ample 4G connection. Within a couple of years 4G will be nearly as widespread as 3G is now, which will cause a potential problem for Verizon when users wise up to these tethering sites. If everyone used their 4G smartphone as their mobile broadband connection, VZW would lose all of its MoBro customers, and would have a serious shortage of band width, resulting in a less affective and less reliable 4G. My advice, if you are living in an area even remotely close to a current 4G area, use your upgrade, buy a 4G smartphone, and capitolize on Verizon’s terrific option to be grandfathered into the worlds best 4G unlimited plan.