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Digitimes: Zero new devices from Apple, RIM, Nokia to help Android gain market share this summer

One of Android’s main advantages is volume. Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about some new Android device that’s coming out in the near future. It’s this nonstop river of Android phones that has catapulted the platform to the number one spot worldwide. As someone who keeps an eye on this avalanche of new devices, it’s a little overwhelming at times.

But you know who dislikes this constant release of new Android devices even more? RIM, Nokia and Apple. Especially since none of them will be announcing any new phones for at least three months. That’s an eternity in the tech world. Even more so in the Android world, where it takes just a few weeks for phones to become obsolete.

Apple broke the tradition at this year’s WWDC conference, and didn’t announce a new iPhone. It is now believed the company will release the “magical” device this Fall, along with iOS 5. Then there’s Nokia, which is still releasing Symbian phones that no one is buying and won’t have a Windows Phone device ready until the Christmas season. Lastly, RIM has delayed the release of its Bold 9900/9930 until September.

In other words, Android has the next three months all to itself. Today’s Sprint-Motorola lovefest brought the release of two new high-end Android devices. Right around the corner, we have Sprint’s EVO 3D and T-Mobile’s Sensation 4G and Exhibit 4G. And that’s just what’s coming out this month.

By the time the other companies get their acts together and release new devices this Fall, Google and co. will be getting ready to launch the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered, Tegra 3-packing Nexus 3. Also known as the device that’ll make all other phones look like a telegraph. Good luck, RIM, Nokia and Apple.

Source: Digitimes

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  • http://Website Splendor

    This made me smile. :)

  • http://Website Hinds2009

    Variety is androids biggest advantage and it offers both ends of the consumer spectrum.And yes ice cream sandwich will humble the competition! Can’t wait, but will for the nexus 3.

  • http://Website Florence

    Im waiting for the new iPhone nonetheless. It will blow everything out of the water!

    • Jasonhunterx

      Have u forgotten about ice cream sandwich

      • http://Website Eric

        He wouldn’t care about ICS. Trolling fanboys aren’t usually looking at the competition.

        For myself, the only reason I haven’t imported a SGS II is in anticipation of the ICS Nexus 3 in december. My Galaxy S1 will do till then.

        • emmarbee

          c’mon guys don’t be hostile to iphone users.
          already ios5 has got a great feature now (notifications via android).
          and with IP5′s great hardware will definitely rock the mobile world except for it’s NON-FRAGMENTED O.S

          BTW- proud owner of SGS here. next -> SGS II or any other quad core ANDROID mobile

    • http://Website thel0nerang3r

      @Florence: Do you have any inside info to say it will better then anything out there?
      From the dev version of IOS5, it looks more like a maintenance update. I’ll admit, I haven’t combed through every single new feature, but the major ones seem like incremental updates.

    • http://Website cb2000a

      Unfortunately it will be obsolete in three months.

  • http://Website Dan

    “…Nexus 3. Also known as the device that will make all other phones look like a telegraph.” – Alberto Vildosola

    Well stated, you couldn’t have worded it any better. This point reminded me of the old times of the dumb-phones. When I was using a hopelessly locked Verizon Qwerty Phone that could barely perform menial tasks.

    My have we progressed.

  • http://Website KaLanGO

    R.E.M. doesnt like android? O gee they have such good music….

  • http://Website mark

    This is the absolute Perfect time for Samsung to release the Galaxy S II.. what are they waiting on!?!?

    • http://Website mountain dew

      They are still negotiating how to betray their customers this time….

    • http://Website James Jun

      They’ve been busy handing at 10.1 tabs and GSIIs to developers lol.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I don’t know what country you are in, but in the US, the carrier gets a lot of say on what gets sold. You could get your own GSM phone and use it on ATT or TMobile. However, I think the number of people that do that is extremely low.
      You and I are not Samsung’s customer, the carriers are. So, I would say, that it’s the carriers holding back the deployments.

      • http://Website cb2000a

        Exactly right…it’s the carriers holding the Sg2 back. ATT could have it now it they wanted (the unlocked version works on their system fully). Also they just now are ramping up production on the new screens for the phone. Expect to see some Sg2′s coming to carriers in July and August.

  • Jeffroid

    Our green robot is hungry. He’ll eat anything(everything) to grow.

  • http://Website df

    I guess the 27.5 million Symbian phone sales last quarter counts as nothing?


    • http://Website jaymonster

      It does, if you read the text that went along with it. 1. It is a major decrease in marketshare for Nokia. 2. This was before the official retirement of Symbian, which ( according to the report) wil have other vendors grabbing their marketshare between now and when they bring a WP7 device to market. And that is assuming that Nokia bringing a WP7 device is actually going to mean anything by the time it finally arrives.

      Nokia had nothing new in the second qtr, and the dame is going to hold true for the 3rd. With everything else retired, and no visible device on the horizon, those sales had better be enough to carry them for some time.

      • http://Website Chris

        Furthermore, those stats are for generic “mobile communication devices” This includes all forms of dumbphone as well as smartphones. Nokia has strong sales in the dumbphone segment due to a large established consumer base and strong presence in developing countries. But in the smartphone arena, where high price tags and top dollar plans and contracts are, nokia is finished.

  • http://Website Thaghost

    All fan boy talk aside, this article is soo true. Very good article. Its amazing how long these guys take to release phones. Whats wrong with them? The name android fits this movement so well. they are using Waves and waves of top phones to crush the competion. And while you slow down, the waves keep coming. +1 to Android

  • http://Website Mark

    Alberto, you sir, deserve a cookie.


  • http://the4thDimension.net/ Jaydeep

    Hail Android.

    want to grow android beyond imagination.

  • http://yohanesmario.com Mario

    It just made me want the Nexus 3 even more! I hope my saving is enough when it comes, so I can shove it on the face of my iPhone-maniac-friends! I hope it really is packed with Tegra-3. *fingers crossed*

  • http://Website Steve Mullin

    This could potentially be damaging!!! If handset manufacturers do not upgrade their old handsets to the latest software.

    I have a HTC desire and a Samsung galaxy tab and have not received gingerbread update for either! I am seriuosly considering going back to a blackberry or iPhone because of this. We all accept that software is updated and we have to wait, but to find out literally a few weeks after you have spent.hundreds of hard earned cash on a device to find it is not up to date really hurts.

    The manufacturers need to be really carefully about this. I am sure they will want return custom from early adopters like me.

    • http://Website Craz

      Get a Nexus…

    • http://Website JayMonster

      HTC Desire is “expected” to receive GingerBread in the second quarter.

      As for the Galaxy Tab… First of all it is not a phone. Second of all, it was a highly customized version to get it out to market early. The fact that you just bought it doesn’t mean it is a new device and necessarily worthy of an upgrade. It was a stopgap on the road to Honeycomb, which will not come to the device. And I sincerely doubt Samsung in is going to invest in the rewrite again to bring it up to 2.3 when they have Honeycomb tablets out.

      Of course if you just bought these devices “literally a few weeks ago” then you are not the early adopter you think you are.

  • http://Website Dave

    The Nexus Three is not coming with Tegra 3. Reportedly, either TI OMAP5 or Snapdragon Krait.