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Five features in iOS 5 that I wish Android had by now

Apple might not be leading the way in mobile anymore, but iOS still has a lot of features other platforms lack. Having gone through all the features iOS 5 copied straight from Android, it’s time to take a look at some of the new features from iOS 5 that I wish Android had already. Starting with…

Game Center

Gaming is one of those areas where Android still lags behind iOS. While the platform has a lot of high-quality and popular games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja, there’s something missing. Android needs its own Game Center–a service that allows gamers to easily find friends, unlock achievements and discover those awesome games they don’t know about yet.

Launch the Camera app right from the lock screen

Apple introduced a new feature today that lets users launch the Camera app right from the lock screen. I can’t put into words how useful this is for those moments when you need to quickly snap a photo. On Android, this same action takes way too many steps. Please, Google, fix this.

Multitasking gestures

Google might be getting rid of hardware buttons on Honeycomb, but the company shouldn’t stop there. Today, Apple hinted that the next-gen iPad will get rid of the Home button current devices have. Apple will replace the button with multitasking gestures like pinching to go Home, and swiping to switch between applications. Multitasking gestures might not work on small devices like a phone, but on tablets it’s a god-send.

Airplay mirroring

Airplay mirroring was the only feature from the iOS announcement that truly impressed me today. iOS users will be able to wirelessly stream whatever is showing on their device’s screen to their Apple TVs. Just having this feature work without cables is enough to make me want this, but the icing on the cake is that it will work across the whole OS — meaning is not per-app.

If being able to watch Netflix on the go excites you, imagine being able to do so on any TV as long as you have your phone with you. Of course, we’ve yet to see if Apple has put some APIs in place that let developers block their apps from working with this feature. If so, this feature loses half its awesomeness. It goes without saying that Google should implement this on Ice Cream Sandwich. Pretty please?

Newsstand app

Apple also introduced an app today called Newsstand that will allow you to take your favorite magazines and newspapers everywhere you go. The app also lets you subscribe to magazines and newspapers and will automatically update them as they are released. Even though it might not be that easy for Google to bring this to Android, seeing how some newspapers blame Google for their demise, Google needs to do it anyway.

There you have it. Five features from iOS 5 that Android needs to have yesterday. If you know of any other feature that our iFriends love to brag about, let us know in the comments. Like always, keep it civil.[1]



  1. Image via Intomobile
Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://twitter.com/veedrummer Derek

    I can already launch the camera app from the lockscreen. It’s called Cyanogenmod.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      True, but I’m talking about classic, unmodified Android here. The kind that the mainstream consumer uses.

      • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

        Mainstream consumers use Sense UI. Not too many people even know what unmodified Android even looks like.. =p


        And as far as Game Center goes, I feel like Google is letting device and chipset makers take the ball with this one. Tegra Zone, Qualcomm’s game app thing.. Even Amazon store for exclusive game content.

        Android is REALLY turning into a mixed bag right now. Barely discovering its identity. =/

        • Alberto Vildosola

          I wasn’t talking about “unmodified” as in Vanilla Android. I meant unmodified as in not modified by the user.

          • http://Website HermanMelville

            I don’t understand. You have the same thing listed in both of these articles (launching camera from the homescreen). Contradiction?

          • http://Website HermanMelville

            *from the lockscreen

          • http://Website Vinter

            Didn’t you just list that we can here “http://androidandme.com/2011/06/news/five-features-in-ios-5-that-show-how-apple-is-now-playing-catch-up-to-google/”

            and how difficult is one swipe to unlock, click camera and shoot?

          • http://Website Luis

            Guess you can go from lockscreen to camera using “GOTO Lockscreen” or “WidgetLocker”… The thing about Android is that you don’t even need to stick with the default lockscreen…

          • http://Website oaussieo

            So are you forgetting the Sensation? this allows user to open any opp of their choice from the lock screen?

          • http://Website Joshua

            Alberto, isn’t the benefit of Android that you can modify the phone anyway you want? Widgetocker will let you put any shortcut on the lockscreen. I am just a little surprised that this is a big enough deal that you don’t want to have an app that benefits many things plus allowing you to do that you are envious of the iphone for. You other things aren’t a big deal to me, but i’m sure are to other people. Battery life is pitiful for gaming in most instances and the small screen and the crappy on screen controls for decent games don’t give me any thrill for gaming. I also think i’ve kind of outgrown the game thing. I only play them on the crapper now.

            To reiterate though, widgetlocker does what you need and more… and if you call downloading an app modification then what’s the point, lol.

          • http://www.beeandroid.net Alan Mac

            My HTC Sensation lets me launch the camera straight from the lock screen, as well as another 3 applications.

        • http://Website Bacoon_Hat

          Gamecenter sucks for REAL leaderboards. Almost all the high scores are hacked, just look at the one for Fruit Ninja. Seriously, throw the fruit at me now : ), who is to believe that one Android jail-breaker won’t ruin it for the rest of us? I’m all for honest scores and Apple needs to do a better job booting those fake scores and users. Other than that its pretty good at achievement tracking and comparisons.

          • http://Website Kiljoy616

            Everything Apple sucks for the fangirls, so your not saying anything new. But hey keep telling your self Android has something better.

      • http://Website Panda

        Widget Locker; Android Market.

      • http://Website rikki

        I thought sense 3.0 could launch the camera from the app screen being that sense 3.0 was shown off before ios5 doesn’t that mean android had it first?

        • http://Website Panda

          Because I’ve already been launching my camera from the lock screen on stock Android for months means Android had it first.

          Widget Locker; available in the Android Market.

          • http://Website rikki

            Widget locker is kool
            I personally don’t use it anymore since my music player randomly started playing in one of my classes lol

        • http://Website Matthew

          It does have camera launch from the Lockscreen.. Android 3.0 I use it all the time. With IM, MMS,Music and email Launches from the lockscreen. it’s features on Android 3.0, And who cares who made it first Apple or not. We still have The notification and Sync wireless. Apple’s new iOS is just NOW allowing those on their, “Revolutionary and Exciting Technological Phones”. lol

      • http://www.appsbybirbeck.com Stewart

        This depends on device model, but devices with a dedicated shutter button (ala g1, first android device, 2008) can launch the camera from any screen.

        Also, with a dedicated shutter button, they don’t need to remap the volume buttons, something apple just banned an app from the appstore for because it would “confuse users”.

      • http://Website chris

        This guy is an android blogger? We are supposed to care about features iPhone has? This Alberto guy looking for a reason to jump ship, go ahead, you wont be missed.

      • Cyrant

        The Camera can already be launched from the lock screen if on sense ui 3.0 and lets face it, thats what most mainstream consumers will use.

      • http://Website Jon Garrett

        I’m an iphone 4 user but Iv been interested in Android for many months now and I’m totally committed to getting an Android device this summer.

        that being said, lemme say this about apple and all their great “innovations”

        iOS 4 copied a lot of apps that were available to iOS users with jailbroken devices. apple copied a lot of shit straight outta Cydia and integrated it into iOS 4. now, with iOS 5 I’m seeing the exact same thing, apple copied all the newest popular apps and tweaks and are including them into iOS 5.

        • http://Website User

          that’s exactly what they must do

          what do you expect then?!

      • http://Website Shaban S

        HTC Sense 3.0

    • http://Website anjie

      “there’s an app for that,” it’s called widgetlocker lockscreen.

    • http://Website Lee

      Me too, it’s called Widget Locker and everyone should use it. That and Widgetsoid is the best combo.

  • http://Website Chase

    I’m pretty sure Apple didn’t actually SAY that they were getting rid of the home button on the iPad. but I can say from experiencing the multitasking gestures over the past month or so that my iPad’s home button is definitely getting a lot less use.

  • http://Website alex

    Also; android lacks the general polish of IOS (ui animations/transitions/rotations). Please google…give us some polish in Ice Cream Sandwich! We like (I do at least) Eye Candy!

    • http://Website mkrmec

      I have animations disabled.. everything is so much faster without them. Animations are for crybabies, I like things snappy and fast.

    • http://twitter.com/xiv92_alpha Alpha

      I too like the polish that iOS has (screen transitions, rotations, animations)… Android is FAR superior in most every way (SO many customisations). To me, the iPhone isn’t a true smartphone… more like a feature-full feature phone. No widgets = no smartphone *Sorry Apple :-P

      I love my Dell Streak by the way, DJ_Steve is KING

  • http://Website Isaac

    Music controls on the lockscreen would be nice too >.>

    • uzunoff

      You have two options here.
      1. Cyanogenmod
      2. Winamp

      I am sure there are others too.
      It’s not that hard, just install Winamp, you will also get wifi-sync

      • http://twitter.com/veedrummer Derek

        If you’re not running Cyanogenmod, poweramp is by far the best.

      • http://Website Paul Atreides


  • http://Website Armo

    Microsoft introduced launching the camera from the lock screen, not Apple. Windows Phone 7 devices have had this feature since day 1.

    • http://Website JimT

      I could also directly start the camera app when the device was off on my 2004 era Sony Clie TH55 by pressing the camera button. The device would turn on, and launch the camera app with one press of camera button which was a physical button back then.

  • http://Website Android user

    Widget locker… Maybe you should check out the android market, they have apps there…

    • http://rizdroid.blogspot.com RizDroid

      You said it!!! Seems Mr.Vildosola has to learn a lot about Android! ;)

    • Alberto Vildosola

      For the sake of argument, I ignored third-party apps and ROMs.

      • http://Na Travis

        Why ignore non-root apps? Google has api’s in place to allow for lockscreen replacement. Apple doesn’t have an api for lockscreen replacement, thus they are playing catch up here.

        • http://Website NotRelevent

          That’s exactly the point…its an APP, ie. NOT part of the OS. Who cares whether you can do it with an app when the other two OSes can do it natively.

          • http://Website Someone

            Here’s the biggest problem with most of the author’s statements.

            If you make it default and fixed-in-stone, you automatically make all other applications on the market that do the same broken.

            For example, the i series devices you can shake to fast forward. If this was implemented in Android, the application that I use would be rendered less useful: shake flashlight. I mean, you could theoretically have the program disable it, but that adds extra development time. I would much prefer Google use their precious time and resources developing the awesome interface on Honeycomb (and porting it to ICS).

            #1. Openfeint? I don’t see very many people caring that they have GC, but that could be just me.

            #2. As everyone else said, there’s stuff on the market already, and then some (control your media player, RSS feeds, etc). If the camera is THAT important to you, why don’t you get a phone with an actual camera button?

            #3. Gestures. I disagree with this one. I have the Smart Taskbar application that swipes-to-open from a specific spot on the edge of the screen. Do you know how many times I’ve / someone’s accidentally opened the app? Additionally, once those actions are defined, that means no applications can use those same gestures if it’s an OS-wide thing (just like the shake example above). Someone’s going to be playing a game, and it’s going to activate on them (and if it’s disabled in game, then it’s automatically less useful and less consistent anyway)

            #4. News stand. Uh, no. Google just decided to put Books and Music on my N1 despite the fact I can’t use them. (not in the States) While I’m sure the counterpart will have world-wide support, why would you duplicate something already on the market? Additionally, I suspect once they force all the other applications off the market, I can imagine them adding their 30% surcharge like they have with everything else in their ecosystem.

            #5. While it would be nice, I don’t have the urge to buy another $100+ device to sync my media with. One device is enough, thankyouverymuch. If this is important to you, you should buy a Samsung TV, so you don’t have another box attached to your TV. ( http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-tab-wireless-tv-streaming-hands-on-20110415/ )

      • Killa

        “Twitter integration is coming to iOS in a big way. Pretty soon, iOS users will be able to tweet from their browsers, photo gallery, YouTube and Google Maps. Twitter information – like user name and photo – will also be added to any of your contacts that has a Twitter account… Due to Android’s openness, any third-party app is able to reach this same level of integration within the OS. From popular services like Twitter, to a hot new startup, everybody is able to do this on Android.”

        So, you give Android bragging rights on already having Twitter integration through use of third party apps, but when it comes to having the ability to open apps from the lockscreen via third-party app(s), you leave out that option and just say it can’t do it cause it’s not built into the OS. I’m confused, are you a blogger FOR or AGAINST Android?

        • http://Website Zachriel

          Maybe he’s just a blogger /about/ Android?

      • http://Website irv

        How you can ignore 3rd party apps? That statement shows that you have no idea what android is. You have to understand one thing, every thing you see on your screen is an app. Launcher, lock screen, dialer, camera, gallery, music player… EVERYTHING! Because of the way android built every 3rd party developer can develop an app that acts exactly like a system app. Lets take for example the gmail app, its a system app but you can download it from the market, does it mean it’s a third party app or a part of the OS? Unlike in ios everything in android can be replaced by third party apps.
        That’s why third party apps can’t be ignored. We don’t have to wait for Google to put a camera button on the lockscreen, we have an app for that. We don’t have to wait until Google put tabs in the browser, we have an app for that. And so on…
        Android features are limited to the apps you have installed on your phone.

      • http://Website Joshua

        Sorry, just catching up. I’m kind of laughing at the “for sake of argument thing” Alberto. If we are ignoring apps then why don’t we say that neither phone has any gaming options at all because they are all apps? Gamecenter or whatever it is called is useless without games. Ignoring software means there are no games. Not trying to be a jerk but it really is a weak “for sake of argument”

  • http://www.patentlystupid.com Richard Ahlquist

    A few brief (I hope) counterpoints.

    Game Center
    Blah. I want to fire up a game and play to kill time its not professional sport, if I want friends and achievements I will buy a game console.

    Camera App
    Some phones have a dedicated camera button, I bet they can have code written to launch the app even when the phone is asleep.

    Google Gestures anyone?

    There are DLNA apps for android but yes this is a weak point.

    Umm dinosaurs need not apply, sorry but with podcasts and rss and apps like pulse or google reader, newspapers be damned!

  • http://Website kmisterk

    What I don’t get is why iOS still has no flash. And seriously? Still gotta update via USB cable? Soooo 2000. Get with the decade, apple!

    • http://Website hoosiercub

      Nope.. iOS5 will kick the need to plug into iTunes apparently. I wonder though how iOS5 will fragment the iPhone devices.. I think the 3G/S will finally be done for.

      • http://Website firestrike

        um its not called fragmentation its called leaving devices behind that are not powerful enough once again in apples wold it is not called fragmentation not trying to create a bad image of you or anything

    • samp1800

      there is a flash on the iphone and i never connected my iphone to my computer in my life. your argument is invalid

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    that is why, android dev should improve lot of things of android, there still long road to achieve that

  • http://Website joe

    Try Widget unlocker… you can have camera, music or whatever other app you want to launch too… humm android one ups iOS by letting developers do things like that.
    Game central… try Sony’s PSP. Granted android could do a game central of its own, or even I’ve thought of writing a app to share it. It could pop up on your contacts list just like txt or contacts does when you tap the persons photo icon. Coders get cracking…

    • http://Website Brains

      As well as WidgetLocker there’s also an (at this time ad-supported but should soon be available ad-free) application called Lock menu which works very well.

  • http://Website Irvin Zamora

    Good thing this is only opinion based. Game Center idea is cool and all, but not needed. Sense3.0 takes care of that + more. Everything else, to me, meh.

    Thats just for the mainstream user perspective. Root your Android = win all around. Period.

    • http://Website kmisterk

      Completely agree with you in the rooting idea, but you have no idea how few people in the mainstream consumer market want their product to “just work” right out of the box with minimal effort. And for the great many, the answer is iOS. I have been in the situation many times. My dad pays an extra 50 bucks a month to get a USB internet device, even after I have told him he could jailbreak his iPhone and get it for a lot cheaper. He hears “jailbreak” and instantly says no. People, and by people I mean the mass consumer market, just don’t want to mess with their phones, let alone know how.

  • http://Website Rick

    This feature: “Launch the Camera app right from the lock screen”

    A Google app has been out for a year or more. There is an lock screen app that you can assign different programs to the lock screen.

  • http://Website Chike

    Everything you just described (minus the first thing) the HTC sensation has. So….yea ios is nothing new.

  • http://facebook.com/kataloony kataloony

    Please Please !! How we can write our suggestions about Android OS and where ??
    Cause i’ve wrote many suggestions months ago in Android Forum but no response ?!!

    1-Improve the Notification ( Close task one by one Like the new notification of IOS5 ) + ( More options for apps Developer )

    2-Improve Gtalk (photo,Audio, contacts, location,links,Broadcast,market apps and events sharing ) + change status and professional personal messages for example set your location as personal message

    3-improve the widgets and make it more professional ( for example : can browsing the calender or any app and no need to open the appellation as full screen

    4-notification LED in Every Android Device with many color sure .. cause its important

    5-New Way in Multitask for switch between applications

    6-make the contacts picture bigger then now !! in google contacts .. cause the picture resolution is very bad right now

    • protozeloz

      what phone you using?

      many features are already implemented on newer skins like blur and touchwiz, also file sharing on google talk has its downs (like easy spread if malicious apps, see older versions of windows live messenger)

    • http://Website Josh

      Contact pictures need to be looked at for sure. I had almost forgotten how annoying my pixelated pictures were in Sense on my Hero. I don’t notice it now on CM7, but I’m sure any new user who saw their pixelated contacts come up on a new HTC phone would get frustrated.

    • http://Website paul

      notification LED in Every Android Device with many color sure .. cause its important

      100% agree, its a pain to every time you enter the room you have to pick up your phone to see if you have missed calls or messages, thank goodness for HTC & motorola for having this on all phones & an app for the optimus 2x to light up the keys.

      I dislike the LED app for samsungs that put an icon on the screen as very unreliable.

    • http://Website M0nk

      You can swipe left or right any notification to knowledge it (an delete it from the notification bar) since day 1 on Android.

  • http://Website Joe

    The number one thing that needs to be fixed is the keyboard.

    When I try to type while in landscape mode, it brings up a new window, but it needs to act like the portrait keyboard, where it won’t bring up a small window, allowing you to continue to look at the page.

    Due to this problem, I’m able to type a lot faster with an ios keyboard.

  • http://Website revs1227

    this is a pretty dumb ppost as
    sense 3.0 came up with the cam idea first and its been on rooted phones for a while
    so have multi tasking gestures…….
    and ive had screen share forever !!!!!!!!!

  • protozeloz

    maybe Samsung touchwiz? it carries most of the features you want

    game center can be a good idea…. similar to what we see on the Xplay? isn’t there some android app from sony coming o fill this one up?

  • http://Website androidlover

    I think this whole post was nothing worth noticeable-android is much better than ios and theres no way android should be having those features mentioned above. Android already has better features and if you want more then install ROM besides average android user its satisfied.
    Also please stop posting such pictures it will just make ios fanboys or whatever they are called, flaunt about their ios more.

  • http://Na Travis

    Btw multitasking gestures = Wave Launcher

  • http://www.appsbybirbeck.com/ Stewart

    1) game center – I’m not a gamer myself, but isn’t this what that 3rd party social gaming buzz is all about? I forget the name, opensocial or something.

    2) lock screen camera – this is possible with the awesome 3rd party lock screen replacement WidgetLocker. You can put anything on your lock screen.

    3) multi-touch gestures – As a tablet user, I can’t say this impresses me at all, but to each their own. I imagine a home replacement could do it easy enough if the app isn’t already using that gesture. How does it not interfere with touch to zoom, a very useful gesture on phones and tablets. I think the split keyboard gesture was mice though.. you listening swift key?

    4) air play – this is possible with the few dlna phones out right now when used with a compatible display. I believe it will also be a standard feature in the new google TV and current set-top boxes when the honeycomb update ships.

    5) newsstand – android subscriptions are being worked on

  • http://Website FELICIA


    • http://Website NotRelevent

      Android has plenty of games, idiot.

    • http://Website Wakawaka024


    • http://Website M0nk

      Please tell me the phones that are going to support iOS 5?

      Just the iPhone 4, so take that fragmentation BS to S.Jobs.

    • http://Website Ricky Jr.

      people kill me with the fragmentation issue. but little do people know anything less than a 3GS got left behind. smh

  • http://Website giorgio

    Please people before you talk about anything you don’t know about LEARN about Apple and android why I sold my iphone4 after being creazy Apple and moving to android sample I did not root my new android phone why because I don’t know how and I don’t need to all I did is a simple amazing thing and you’ll find it in the market its called widget unlocker and power amp iPhone so behind android and I’m saying it because I used to sleep with my iphone 3gs and iphone4 now I sleep eat listen to music take pictures and even dance la tarantella with my android phone. Finito

  • http://Website Harkirat


    you seem to be focusing on a vanilla android installation that is available on hardly 1% of all android devices (Nexus 1 and Nexus S). This comparison is by all means going to be biased and not a correct representation of the facts. iOS5 is living proof that developer wise Android is the better platform, and that Apple is now playing catch up not only in terms of device activations, and hardware, but also in terms of device features.

    Additionally, the way you have presented your article, you make it sound like these five features are impossible to have in Android currently. When the truth is that market leading android devices such as Galaxy SII and HTC Sensation will cut your list down to two or three points.

    As an ex iPhone user, and a current Android user, it hurts to see that these are the kind of articles that end up making people like me making a bad decision into buying an iOS device.

  • http://Website YMCA of San Francisco 69ers

    ***This comment exploded into a million little pieces of glittery magic***

  • http://Website nXt

    Read your comment about ignoring third party apps…. uhhh.. why? Apple is so closed that they NEED to implement new features into the OS itself. Android, if you can think it up, you can make an app that CHANGES THE OS. (No Root required).

    1. Open Feint. Search Android Market for that and you’ll get tons of games. There’s a dedicated Open Feint app too that let’s you do live chat, game achivements, global leaderboards etc.
    Game Center pretty much IS an app. Open Feint is the same. (Open Feint was on iOS first).

    2. Like others have said, Widget Locker.

    3. Like others have said, Google Gestures.

    4. DLNA apps, like others said, kinda sucks, but it’s there. This is one where Android needs to be greatly improved.

    5. Newstand. Uh really? Why do you want this BUILT into the OS? Again it’s an APP that Apple decided to put inside the OS….. aka BLOATWARE. There’s plenty of subscription based newspaper/books/magazine apps on Android.

  • http://Website Shahood

    Two things where iphone beats Android phones are 1) no fragmentation and 2) far better and OS compatible hardware.
    No matter how feature rich Android gets, its not gonna beat Apple due to above two issues but if it cures them, Apple would fall way way behind.

    • http://Website Joe

      Fragmentation? I know a lot of people talk about this. But user’s don’t see a darn thing about it.

      Meaning, users are not affected by this because if you look at the stats almost all apps run on Android 2.1 and almost all the users out there are on Android 2.1+

    • http://Website Traceline

      If by “Os compatible hardware” you mean 1 or 2 devices, which are themselves incompatible with the world around them, then yeah… you’re right…. google and android sucks at that…


      hold on…. there’s literally hundreds of devices that will run the OS, I can plug my phone / tablet into practically any PC / MAC / Linux box and manage it’s content with no further “help”….

      so – yeah – I can see EXACTLY what you mean….

    • http://Website M0nk

      How many iOS devices will support iOS 5?

      Just 1: the iphone 4. So you will have and iOS for the iphone/2/3, other for the 3GS and now other for the 4. That my friend is the definition of fragmentation, you will be not able to run new software on still selling hardware (3GS)

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    I would love something like ‘game center’, I just want something more organized!
    I will never go to a apple product; Google all the way but it does sound nice.

  • http://www.androidhogger.com Kunal @ AndroidHogger

    When Google comes with something it is much better than Apple in any aspect. This new features may be enticing to individuals as per the needs. Not all are fan of reading magazines!

    Yeah I do agree Google has to do a lot more to take iOS clothes off, but the liberty which Google provides cannot be matched with Apple’s.

    Gaming is the area where I’m truly disappointed with Android. Being very honest I had to get an iPod to enjoy iOS games. Google seriously needs to do homework on it as games is one of the reason for youngsters to buy a smartphone. Because everyone wants to enjoy the best on the move.

  • http://Website sensonydp

    I love android, my HTC Flyer has had those all features…..

  • http://Website Joe

    For the sake of argument you ignored 3rd party apps and ROM’s?

    Frankly, that is the reason why I love Android. I don’t fit some cookie cutter mold. So woo hoo all you iOS 5 fans, you are locked into those features.

    Guess what? I have the ability to get my phone to do pretty much anything with 3rd party apps and ROM’s, it’s my choice as the user and I love it. No thanks I’ll never go back to the cookie cutter model!

    • http://miosblog.de Mio

      Or open the source and do something new.
      There are maybe 5% Designers under all Smartphone-Users… How great is it, to open a file, edit it’s look and feel, pack it, sign it, and jep, it looks like how you want it.
      e. g.:
      MIUI-Rom! Most customizeable OS ever!

  • http://Website shani

    With due respect,most of the Android phones are from carriers that have modified the OS one wat or another. Only stock vanilla experience you’re talking about is on 3 phones. The HTC dream,the nexus one and nexus s. Every other (almost) phone has a custom OS. Also Android is about customization,there are apps for everything you just said. If you want it,you can have it.

  • http://Website Raptor

    Nice articles, Alberto. This site win a lot after your appearance here.

  • http://bandroid.blog.hu Bandroid

    “Launch the Camera app right from the lock screen” – Sense 3.0

  • http://Website Manolo

    I’ve just purchased the HTC Sensation and the lock screen is amazing, I can’t see how this article’s author failed to mention that, sure its part of Sense UI but its still an android handset.

  • http://Website poinck

    All points do not matter, if you have a Nexus device, except the airplay stuff in general. But I don’t miss hat either on Android (o:

  • http://Website joeldjro

    For the sake of the argument, if you don’t have a Nexus you own a modified Android ROM. So I don’t understand your reasoning dude.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Personally all this ADDED STUFF TO IOS really means what to android lovers it means NOTHING people select and purchase android based on freedom of manufracturers and just the freedom of openness Apple will never mean open. Htc is the best manufracturer of any android device and being an owner of an htc android devices brings so many features that truthfully what more can you ask for. In my world apple will never be able to catch up. Apple offers a great little toy yeah it looks pretty with that retna display but android is for men there’s nothing the current iphone 4 can do that my Evo 4g can’t and my future evo 3d will BLOW THE IPHONE 4 AND ANY FUTURE IPHONE OUT OF THE WATER….Honestly no matter what apple adds it will only be CATCHING UP TO ANDROID CASE CLOSED……

  • http://Website Paul

    What I really want if Backup & restore, When I purchase a new Android phone it should download & install all purchased & free apps from the market place.

    I believe there is a backup option in settings but on my LG optimus 2x & from has i have read most phones do not have this option, google should have this on EVERY phone & it MUST be on every phone. & is you install an app to your phone if you have a tablet it should be automatically install to the tablet aswell.

    • http://Website Luis

      Well, you can reach a pc or a tablet, or a phone and go to http://market.android.com login with your google account, go to “My market account” and you have there all the apps you installed from market in any of your devices, just push the “Install” button and you’re done…

  • http://Website roy

    I am surprised the author didn’t mention the lockscreen. The way iphone does that at the end of the year is way more useful than anything (including widgetlocker) that android has right now. The ability to see all your notifications without pulling down the notification bar is hugely helpful imo!

    • http://miosblog.de Mio

      Get Flyscreen and stfu, k?

  • http://Website cyano

    Some features exists right now. Pulse and you have your newspaper. For the cameraproblem use widgetlocker or a gesture, if you a cyanogenmoduser. The rest you don’t News.

  • http://Website Traceline

    Re: camera from lock screen – the new version of sense (on the sensation) does this “out of the box”

    Further you can customize any app into the 4 available slots for this.

    So – apple are actually playing catchup…. yet again… with this..

  • http://Website Traceline

    Oh… and the version of sense on the incredible s will wirelessly stream video and music over wifi to dnla devices without any further software / patches / drivers / hardware.

    so… that’s 2/5 that’s factually incorrect

  • http://Website Dudemeister

    Widgetlocker for the lockscreen camera. Don’t need to root or anything, you install one app.

    Even if stock android had it, the majority of consumers are using customized HTC or Sony Ericsson lockscreens which would overwrite it. This point is really “what HTC/Sony/etc need to add” not what google needs to add.

    I agree with the rest though. Can’t think of any other apps that do all that right now.

  • http://Website Damien

    Launching the camera from the homescreen would be great (without having to download a separate app), since most users – including myself – didn’t know such an app exists. I suspect most Android users are not people who will “root” and customize their phones; they just want a great out-of-box experience. Heck, nearly all of my friends who have Android phones wasn’t even aware you can even change the keyboard.

    Another thing I’d like to add to the out-of-box experience for Android:

    - Like iOS and Windows Phone 7, have no carrier-installed crapware or at least be able to uninstall them. (Because the Nexus phones aren’t available on all carriers.)

    - Like WebOS, have a gesture area. This would make going buttonless much easier. (I really wish Google had brought buy Palm instead of HP!)

  • http://Website Steve Thomsen-Jones

    As some others had said, and my 2 cents:

    #1: OpenFeint. Give me cross platform solutions over device/OS specific any day. I already wish GamerScore and Trophies were one system, here we have a chance to make that so on mobile.

    #2: Widget Locker or there’s an app to add a camera launcher to the notification bar I used before rooting.

    #3: I like having hard ware buttons to force close apps when they crash and they do, more on Android than iOS, so leave me some.

    #4: Agreed, that is cool. Presumable they could pull this off with Google TVs

    #5: Kindle. One app on all systems, and with it;s own devices too. I don;t want seperate solutions for each platform. To much of that gone on in the past. One Service, multiple platforms is how things should be more often ( See OpenFeint comments above)

  • http://Website Dudemeister

    Actually, iMessages looks pretty handy. Tbh I have my phone with me *all* the time, but being able to check and reply to texts from a tablet or gmail would be a nice option.

  • http://www.dumbtechgeek.wordpress.com Michael the Dumb Tech Geek


    That’ll take you to LockMenu , a FREE application that puts 8-10 sliders on the lock screen, each programmable to directly open an app. It fricking rocks.

  • http://Website kenny

    i use HTC and i already have those,apple just copied them.look who’s so cool now.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m glad to see that 4 out of those 5 will be on my HTC Sensation with Sense 3.0 right out of the box.

    If you would have asked me a year ago if I would buy a phone with Sense.. I would have spat on the ground and muttered something in fake Russian. Today.. I’ve completely flip-flopped on the issue. I love the features Sense 3.0 has added to Android.

  • http://miosblog.de Mio

    We’re – from Apple – asked us, what do we have to copy from Android Apps, rebuild them, and make them unchangeable. So, what you see here, this is iOS5. Copied from Android, I guess.

  • http://Website Dude

    Pretty sure Android does have a magazine/newsstand app now called Zinio. Think it got loaded onto my transformer with 3.1.

  • http://Website irv

    How you can ignore 3rd party apps? That statement shows that you have no idea what android is. You have to understand one thing, every thing you see on your screen is an app. Launcher, lock screen, dialer, camera, gallery, music player… EVERYTHING! Because of the way android built every 3rd party developer can develop an app that acts exactly like a system app. Lets take for example the gmail app, its a system app but you can download it from the market, does it mean it’s a third party app or a part of the OS? Unlike in ios everything in android can be replaced by third party apps.
    That’s why third party apps can’t be ignored. We don’t have to wait for Google to put a camera button on the lockscreen, we have an app for that. We don’t have to wait until Google put tabs in the browser, we have an app for that. And so on…
    Android features are limited to the apps you have installed on your phone.

  • kyubinexus1

    You have make me wanna delete my androidandme.com account because of your retardedness.

    point#1: HTC Sense 3.0 can launch not only camera from the lock screen, but any other apps you want to launch from the lock screen…HTC Got there first which means Android got there first. Kill urself.

    point#2: Google Gesture seach and enable actually lets you use gesture from anywhere in the UI without fukkin everything else up…Google got there first which means Android got there first. Hang urself.

    point#3: Game Center…thats what Xbox Live or PSO is for u retard…nobody cares if you are playing a mobile game and your friends will probably disown you if u do things like that that prove u have no life, not to mention unless everybody is using the exact same thing, meaning non cross platform gaming, then wuts the point in having game center…u retard thats just like saying hey XBL buddy, lets play this PSO game together…Slice ur wrists.

    point#4: Airplay mirroring…r u really that dumb? more than half of Android devices today have DLNA capability…but im guessing you don’t know what DLNA is since ur an Apple Fanboy Troll…how useful would Airplay mirroring be if you can only use it with Apple only products, cuz Im pretty sure thats wuts gonna happen, Steve Blo-Jobs is gonna come up with the iTv and thats gonna be the only way to use Airplay mirroring…do ur research…and then… Drown urself

    point#5: Just like ol buddy up there said, Google Books, not to mention Nook for android, Kindle, and lets just go with the standard vanilla android and HTC Sense News and weather, which updates however often you tell it to…Drink a rat poisoning milkshake.

    If you are gonna post something, make sure u do the research, ur on an ANDROID Forum saying wut ANDROID should do to catch up to Apple…Last but not least, GO F**K URSELF.

    ANDROID FTW!!!!! >:)

    • http://Website PB

      Wow, you really excell at poor manners and foul language. What was the point of delivering pure insults in a civilized argument? You sir, are a muppet.

      • kyubinexus1

        wow really? well let me apologize for PERSONALLY insulting you, and let me ask u for FORGIVENESS for using my GOD GIVEN RIGHT and FREEDOM OF SPEECH…U could’ve actually skipped over my comment if it was that big of a deal. but I understand if u have to make urself feel good by being chivalrous by coming to the rescue of a confused APPLE TROLL. Muppet??? surely you could’ve come up with something a little more witty than that. O wait, let me watch my mouth before my *tech mom/dad* washes my mouth out with soap. Get a life.

        • kyubinexus1

          Btw PB, it wasn’t pure insults…it was 75% facts, 25% insults. Why don’t you chaperone everyone else on here who doesn’t edify the discussion? people man i tell ya. **BANG**

  • http://Website AndroidOrDie

    Surprisingly poor article/ argument.

    I for one prefer to have android remain clean and bloat-free and let developers and manufacturers provide a lot of these features for those who want/need them (all of which they already do!!! Ref: Openfeint, Samsung TouchWiz 4.0, DLNA, Google gestures etc).

    Alberto, dude, I love your work but own up to this one man – this was not one of your best pieces.

    • http://goo.gl/5UiHz AnroidOrDie

      As a follow-up, here is an interesting way to look at iOS building functionality that is already provided by apps: http://goo.gl/5UiHz

  • http://Website AndroTux

    Okay. THIS post is worth an unsubscribe!
    iOS copies the whole Android system and you are going to post something about things that you are missing on Android?
    What the heck is wrong with you?!

    You lost one reader, man.

  • http://youtube.com/patsandsoxfan5 Alex Carlson

    Another thing that i wish we had, although it seems minor, is the ability to take a screenshot. I know you can root your phone and get it but i really wish it was something that was able to be done without rooting

    • http://Website Kin

      Well, some devs already show us the possibility to take screen shot without rooting with Gingerbread, just need some time to develop, and some devices such as G2x, Galaxy SL can take a screenshot without root!

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Airplay –> DLNA

  • http://Website Danny Boy

    I wish i had an iPhone, its so much better than my old droid

  • http://Website Rev. Spaminator

    Woa! Is this guy some kind of Fanboiii or what? Nothing good can ever come from Apple!!!

    Here is where I would like to add some sarcasm-tags. (xml style, attribute: tone=snotty)

    Seriously, there is a lot of good thing to be learned from Apple, just like Apple can learn from Android. That is the whole point of open source, to promote a community of sharing and using the best that everyone has to offer. The problem isn’t Apple’s tech as much as their one-way approach to the community. They are happy to take ideas and code but they tend to get litigious when it comes time to give something back.

    • http://Website AndROIDS

      Yeah, sharing ideas is one thing, but how do you share ideas with a company that insists on trying to patent oxygen and then suing every living creature under the sun?

      When Apple “borrows” fully implemented features of Android, it claims to be innovative, but when any Android phone manufacturer develops a new feature, they quickly find out that Apple filed some obscure patent years ago and are more than ready to go to court to enforce it even though they never implemented it!

      An open source/ sharing environment is founded on good faith! The Android community has seen little of that from Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia etc

  • http://Website iLoveLiveUnqiue

    First off, I will say Apple has quality and their OS works very well.

    Second, Apple has been playing catch up. They’ve added features they’ve been lacking and other manufactures had for a while. They either do it differently and for whatever reason it’s called innovative. Why? Idk. In this case they copied Android when it came to style of notifications. I’m sure there was a more creative way to do it, but it is what it is. It shouldn’t bother us. Things like this will happen. Apple doesn’t want to change their OS to much cosmetic wise and that’s the reason why they’re behind in features. They’re limited. They have to step outside the box a little.

    Should Google start some type of Gaming Center? I think so, but Tegra and other options are in place of that. I think there can be a smoother way of doing things. Like Chavez said, “Android is a mixed bag.” Google can still be open but they need some type of rule or solid way of doing things. They need to nip and tuck things together.

    Ice Cream is coming and it’ll be more then cosmetic changes I’m sure. I hope it becomes more so one platform and helps manufacturers build devices that will have a future.

    Most of these features that your posting about can be done without rooting and modification. That’s the point of apps. I guess you mean you wish it came out the box doing all these things. There will be another post once Ice Cream freezes over and then what?

  • http://Website jamo

    Sony just annouced an Android gaming center is on its way, Watchout!

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR

    I don’t see any big features on this list of 5. I am a big user of the camera on my Droid and even I don’t really care about the camera-directly-from-lockscreen “feature”. Apple does what they do beautiful, but it isn’t close to what Droid Does.

  • http://www.techendeavour.com/ Rahul Aggarwal

    I think the airplay mirroring is a meaty feature and this is proved in the video! This is tempting for anyone and it has all the reasons in the world to convince yourself to posses it!

  • http://Website Dan

    Sounds like a kid writing this article. None of those features are useful.

  • http://Website adam

    this article is dumb u can launch camera from lockscreen since cyanogenmod 6. Android does have good game go search up the market stop being lazy..

  • http://Website adam

    this article is dumb u can launch camera from lockscreen since cyanogenmod 6. Android does have good game go search up the market stop being lazy..

  • http://Website Rich

    I think the author missed the point that ios5 will stream to apple tv (a box not all tvs). I can plug my phone into any tv with a small cable, providing it has scart. Better than having to lug more equipment with you on the road? I think so. The author of this piece has been very, very naive in regard to the points he has raised here

  • Zappy

    The iPhone has a feature that allows it to display the remaining battery on a connected bluetooth device in the status bar. Its _very_ handy. Anyone know if this is possible on Android? If not, thats a feature i’d love!

  • http://Website adam

    if you want a battery indicator u can find it in app on android market or u can hack your phone to have it.

  • http://Website Ricky Jr.

    just give me true push notifications, a quality gmail app that i can do everything from (empty trash) and i would b satisfied.

  • http://Website Aqil Subahan

    You know Android has OpenFeint AND Papaya which are both similiar to game center you know.

  • http://Website Bob

    I use Widget Locker to launch the camera, as well as several other Apps or features, already. You can also have Widgets on the lockscreen. Much more useful than just one feature, chosen by Apple.

  • http://Website Danz8502

    has this moron ever heard of zinio? it came on my g2x preinstalled! and (ghast) i can have magazine subscriptions on my phone! WOW!

  • http://Website Eli

    Your forgot to say a UI with as few bugs as iOS.

  • mavricxx

    Multitasking Gestures was copied right off the Playbook. I love my Playbook btw, love the gestures to control multitasking, it makes a world of difference.

  • http://Website seewewequs
  • http://Website Northern Paladin

    The great thing with Android is that when they do get a version of “AirPlay” (if, indeed, it doesn’t already exist — research “doubletwist”) it will end up working with your X-Box 360, Wii, PS/3, Roxio, TiVo and any other streaming device they can think of.

    iPhone, I’ll bet, will only work with Apple stuff. Even if you already own two game consoles and a TiVo, you’ll end up buying still more iCrap because that’s just how Apple rolls.

    Everyone has already mentioned WidgetLocker for the camera but basically you can put anything you want on your Android lock screen — LED flashlight, chat, music player, camera, whatever. Personally I think it’s silly. I want my lock screen to, well, LOCK MY PHONE MAYBE. But it does show that with Android, whatever your phone has the hardware capable of doing, “there’s an app for it”.

    With iPhone, regardless of what hardware your phone has, your phone will ever only be capable of what Apple personally decides to allow. iPhone to your TV through your X-Box 360? Don’t hold your breath.