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Five features in iOS 5 that show how Apple is now playing catch-up to Google

Is the company that revolutionized the mobile world now falling behind a more nimble and restless opponent? It seems so.

Apple has a reputation of shaking up every market they go into. They did it in the PC industry, they did it with MP3 players, they did it in the phone market, and now they’re doing in the tablet world as well. Knowing that, I was expecting the company to wow me once again at its WWDC conference this morning. I kept waiting for the one feature that would make me run to the nearest Apple store and sell my soul to Steve Jobs. But that never happened.

Instead, what I saw was a company that is now trying to keep up with the 800-pound gorilla in the mobile world: Android. Feature after feature, I kept thinking to myself: “I already have this on my Android phone.” In fact, some of these “magical” features have been available since Android 1.0. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Notification Center

As we told you earlier today, Apple agrees that the Android notification system is awesome. That’s why the company went ahead and copied it pixel by pixel. We don’t blame them–the previous iOS notification system was a disaster. It interrupted whatever you were doing, forced you to choose what to do right away, and there was no way to keep track of all the notifications in one single place. Now when your iPhone-touting friend shows you this new cool notification bar, just say: “You’re welcome”.

Lock screen

Launching apps right from the lock screen? Yep, Android did it. Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0 and HTC’s Sense 3.0 both support this feature. It’s kind of ironic that Apple is suing both of these companies for copying iOS, but the company doesn’t have a problem doing the same thing.

Twitter integration

Twitter integration is coming to iOS in a big way. Pretty soon, iOS users will be able to tweet from their browsers, photo gallery, YouTube and Google Maps. Twitter information–like user name and photo–will also be added to any contacts that have a Twitter account. Sound familiar? It should, because Android has been doing this for ages, only better. Due to Android’s openness, any third-party app is able to reach this same level of integration within the OS. From popular services like Twitter to a hot new startup, everybody is able to do this on Android.


Safari’s version for the iPad is getting–wait for it–Tabs! You might say that this is just an obvious feature to bring from the desktop version of Safari, but the iPad has been available for a long time and, interestingly, Google introduced this same feature a few months ago for Honeycomb. Coincidence? You tell me.


It’s not even fun anymore at this point. With iOS 5, users will be able to “Activate and set up your device wirelessly, right out of the box. Download free iOS software updates directly on your device.” As you probably know, Android has been doing this since the T-Mobile G1. Last time I connected my Android phone to a computer was to…. wait, I’ve never done such a thing. Welcome to a wires-free world, iOS users. We’ve been waiting for you for years.

You know you’ve fallen behind when most of the features you announce are in response to whatever the competition is doing. While Apple is busy adding all these features, Google is already thinking about the next big thing. By the time iOS 5 arrives this Fall (in the Fall? really Apple?), Google will be getting ready to release Ice Cream Sandwich. If what we saw at Google I/O is any indication, Android’s next version will make iOS 5 look like a Fisher-Price OS.

Now that you’ve read about the features that Apple copied from Android, here are five features that Android needs to borrow from iOS. What do you guys think? Will Apple ever be able to catch up to Google? Let us know in the comments.[1]


  1. Image via MobileAttack
Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://Website steve19137

    I was almost ready to jump ship until a) I discovered that it’s basically impossible to unlock a Verizon iPhone to run on Sprint, b) I remember the cool Sprint/Motorola event tomorrow I think, and c) Ice Cream Sandwich will likely be the UI refresh Android has been waiting for. Android just wins like always :D

  • http://Website Micah

    I was seriously laughing the whole way through the live stream of the event. Announcement after announcement I was thinking “Yup this is so magical, and I can already do it on my android powered phone.”

    • http://Website Frank

      Really? They might not have the selection of retarded games, but there are plenty of quality games.

    • http://Website Ace

      Aren’t you a little old to have a deciding factor in you phone be games? And besides the game selection is on the developers not the OS

    • WickedToby741

      First off, i would like to refute your comment by stating that Android has plenty of games and they’re getting more quality titles by the day. Secondly, isn’t it just a sad sad day when you have to resort to comparisons of the amount of games you can get on your phone just to prop it up? Is that your last remaining argument? Maybe its just me, but games aren’t really a feature of my phone but rather a convenience, a mere way to pass the time. Its far from something I’d use as a main argument.

    • http://Website Ryan

      What does iOS have that Android doesn’t? Oh, and I’m talking about games worth my time… I have an Xbox 360 and a PC for quality gaming.

      • http://Website burnfox

        Games from XB360 or PC are cool,but you can’t carry them in your pocket。

        Try PSP & 3DS without phone feature.

      • dan

        iOS has the quality, this is what Android does not have.

    • Richard Yarrell

      sadly apple is still closed and closed for close minded people as well.

    • http://Website kar

      everything on this post may be correct… but y is android soo huge? and definitely worst display… it can never come near iphone…

      • http://Website Robert

        You are unaware of what you are saying.
        Android phones are now sporting Samoled+ displays. they may not have the “resolution” but they have a greater sub pixel density, which is why they are better.
        they are brighter, and more accurate in the pixel display than an iphone 4 screen.
        resolution is not as important once you reach a certain point, and the 800X600 range on a 4 inch screen is well beyond necessary.
        your 40 inch hd tv is slightly higher resolution than your iphone 4. yet you dont complain of its “low quality”

        this is due to the fact of your vision capabilities and your distance to the tv.
        androids have the best displays out, just not the highest resolution.

      • http://Website sczmn

        android is software made by google. the display is hardware not made by google who makes android.

        • http://twitter.com/nay12x Nay

          i thought this was an android website…why would an apple fan boy be on here?
          u idiot did you not know 95% of every iphone is NOT supported by apple….apple makes 5% of the iphone…all those parts in the iphone are suppliers…and the iphone isnt even made at an apple facility, its made in another country by another company..

      • seriously

        Wow…. Seriously? You are obviously one of those people who like the stupid iPhone for its popularity.

    • trexuphigh

      How’s Siri and Photostream working for ya? And are you the person that bought that Android tablet. I was wondering who that was.

  • http://Website steve wright

    The notification draw is such a joke :D As you said it is pretty much pixel for pixel !!
    Hath the no shame Apple??

    • http://Website steve wright


      • http://Website Tyler

        *hast thou

  • http://Website dylan

    Lol its funny I was thinking the same thing I’ve been using and enjoying all these features since 2009 and its just now coming to ios. What a pos update to iPhone, I think Google and other companies need to sue apple for copying their ideas. Give it 2 months and apple will be suing over shit they copied!

    • WickedToby741

      Actually, its a fantastic update for iOS users. As you’re probably aware, some of these are very valuable features and without them, the experience would be sort of derived. Thats what iOS users have been dealing with all this time we’ve had these features, so this update really is great for all of them.

  • http://Website android lover

    thats 6 thigs dummie

  • http://Website Eric

    These are available on one or two android phones. 90% of android crap aren’t even on the latest firmware. And never will be. So whatever. You wouldn’t have android without iPhone. So suck our cocks.

    • http://Website Frank

      El oh El

      Froyo/GB runs on just about every Android. And they all do this. Silly fan boy is silly.

      • http://Website Frank C

        Damnit Frank! I was the 1st “Frank” up in this biznitch! Nows I’m gonna has to change it to “Frank C” lol! Regardless our names kick @ss! (high five)

    • http://Website Chris

      Actually, all these features are available on 97%+ of Android phones. Might want to look at the stats again. :D

    • WickedToby741

      I do believe all of these things can be had on devices all the way back to Android version 1.6 and possibly even 1.5. If I’m not mistaken, over 99% of Android phones run at least Android 1.6.

    • http://Website iDavey

      Yes…the OS that was purchased in 2005 wouldn’t have been made if iPhone didn’t get introduced in 2007. Oh yes….how silly to think that. And how is it that 90% of phones can’t do it? Notification drawer been present since Android 1.0. Quit talking while you’re not ahead.

      I guess Android wouldn’t have cloud syncing without iPhone either.

    • http://Website Eric

      These are available on one or two android phones. 90% of android crap aren’t even on the latest firmware. And never will be. So whatever. You wouldn’t have android without iPhone. So suck our cocks..

    • uranidioterica

      You obviously like the stupid iPhone cause its a freakin status symbol.

      • Dave

        I have 2 iPhones a 3GS and a 4 and I used to be a fanatic Apple fanboy. Apple iphones are very good no doubt about that but over time I mean years and as the status symbol effect wore off I began to find my iPhones not useful for things I really needed which are too numerous to mention. Things like the calendar alarms which could never be heard. I had to use a different brand phone for calendar and appointment reminders. The having to be tied always to iTunes was a pain. For everything there was an app. I couldn’t customise my own phone the way I wanted. To see the weather or stocks or news I had to open an app. Then I came across Android an WOW! SCREENS!! WIDGETS!! Just looking at my screen I can see the currency rate, the weather, the stocks and news WITHOUT having to open any apps. I customised to my hearts content and created a workscreen, a gaming screen and an information screen and just switched from one to the other by swiping as needed. And the update took a few minutes. I’m still updating my iphone 4 to ios 5 as I type. It took 3 hours to download last night after which I went to bed. Now it’s been restoring for about an hour. And I’ve still got another iphone to update. I’m just stuck at my PC all day updating my iphones. And this is Apple innovation?? Bullshit it is. Android has won me over because it’s simply BETTER and LIGHT YEARS ahead. All Apple have is an established CULT who blindly follow them without question and more apps. That’s not enough to keep me using Apple.

    • nay

      uhmmm isnt this an android website? apple fan boy gtfo

      you are on our dicks being on this website!

  • http://Website Stephan Jones

    Couple things.

    Yes, this is a huge acknowledgment from Apple that iOS was lagging behind Android in a few key usability categories. However:

    Third-party apps are not the same as first-party system-level integration (and are often not nearly as well-executed). If that were the case, then most of the features Apple unveiled today can be counted as having been part of the platform for ages now too (with the exception of the notification system).

    I’m sure you’ll love Ice Cream Sandwich when and IF your particular handset maker gets around to releasing it for your phone (or you spend hours installing a third-party build — In which case you’re generally not the kind of user at which most of Apples products are aimed), but judging by the track record, you won’t have it until long after Google has released it unless you’ve stuck with the Nexus line.

    There are also several things that Apple is copying RIM on with iOS 5, but the clincher is that the things that make iOS great (superior dev support and the most polished mobile device UI in existence) are still unmatched in Android, and now Apple has integrated pretty much any of the features that attract users to Android or BB.

    • http://DualSub.com Randy A

      Yes, Apple has integrated many features found first on other phones. 70% of smartphone buyers don’t buy an iPhone. That’s not gonna change much.

    • WickedToby741

      It doesn’t usually take hours to install custom ROMs. Also, your assumption is correct that we’re not the type of people Apple is targeting. A lot of us have chosen Android because we like the greater freedom it awards us like having choices in hardware and software as well as manufacturer and not having to rely on a manufacturer to push updates for us. We like to “shop around” as opposed to having a one-stop-shop like with Apple. A good number of us are willing to trade polish for pure function. Some people enjoy the simplicity of the walled garden approach, but not everyone.

    • http://Website iDavey

      Explain polish. What is it exactly.
      Because that seems like a subjective term to me.

      Android is reaching a userbase comparable to the ENTIRE iOS install base. So I’d say that’s a lot of people that find Android, Sense, Touchwiz “polished” enough.

    • http://Website Steven

      “stuck with the nexus line”?! Bitch please!

  • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

    iOS = better apps, more apps,
    real developers, games, games, games, NO FRAGMENTATION

    Android is lagging behind, especially because of this terrible fragmentation, splitting up the community!

    • http://DualSub.com Randy A

      No fragmentation? Tell that to all of the 3G and earlier owners. Tell that to anyone with an iPod that can’t update to iOS 4. They’ll all laugh in your face.

      • http://Website Brye

        And yet, some (if not a whole lot of) Android phones introduced last year have yet to reach the latest Gingerbread update, while Apple’s updates stretch back as far as three model cycles that can be updated on the day it’s released. Don’t hate, appreciate that you even have the opportunity to even hold these sorts of phones, if it were not for these two companies.

      • http://Website Paul

        And tell an Android user these people are whining about *that*, and they’ll laugh in *yours*.

    • protozeloz

      no fragmentation? check the verizon iphone and tell me how is your icloud doing


    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      iOS = better apps, more apps,
      real developers, games, games, games, NO FRAGMENTATION

      Android is lagging behind, especially because of this terrible fragmentation, splitting up the community!!

    • what

      Have your freakin 3G phone tell that to my 4G phone! Of course, if it ever sends…

  • http://Website Frank

    Games. That’s all it has… Misinformed troll is misinformed.

  • http://Website Nicholas Turner

    I’m a happy android user because I am hoping this will push the android team to bring better and more awesome features to android, and do something about the fragmentation that exists from carriers/manufacturers wanting their own silly UI on top of everything

  • http://Website Daniel

    You know, one of the things I like most about A&Me in general is how this site is usually devoted to Android, not to silly bashing of other platforms. Yes, iOS has introduced some features that Android already had (notably the notification system, which is even more of a copy than the multitasking system was last year), but the same can be said in the other way. Similarly, Microsoft brought the safe lock-screen camera and swiping between views as a central concept before Apple and Google, but are still lacking in copy&paste and multitasking. That’s life, each company gave focus on a different featureset and now they must each catch up to the set their competitors chose. And let’s be honest, iOS has its ups and downs, just like Android (or every other system), it’s silly to focus only on the negatives of any platform.

    Now, please, can we get back to focusing on Android? I’d really like if this website didn’t turn into another fanboyish place. You don’t need to trash-talk on your opponents if you’re actually good, and I’m sure we (both as the Android community and as Android and Me) are better than that.

    • Dave

      You’re right. I loved my iphones for a very long time and they are space age devices well ahead of their time but I’m that sort of guy that if something better comes along I’m willing to take a look at it and if it is really all that better then move on from my iphones which I did. I was madly attached to my Apple iPhones but after getting a Motorola Xoom tablet and experiencing Honeycomb I can’t even look at my iphones not even the new ios 5.0 because even ios 5.0 I already have everything it has and more. I got widgets and screens I can customise to my liking but my iphones are preset to Apple’s preferences.which is apps and I can only basically change wallpapers.

      The problem I feel with Apple is not the hardware but the operating system. It’s too restrictive. It’s set in stone. You can’t customise anything except pointless stuff. That’s what let’s it down.I’ve got a game screen a work screen a Baha’i screen and an information screen with widgets where I can see information immediately without opening apps. On one screen I have a slideshow of family photos going on all the time. But with Apple I have to take what they give me even if I don’t like the layout. I’ve been sitting here for an hour and a half and still waiting for ios 5 to restore my apps!! Android doesn’t do that to me. Having had Apple iphones for years and 4 of them I just find Apple so backward now compared to Android. I thought Apple was all there was and nothing else could ever compare not until I tried Android that is and I relaised that what a lot of people are following is HYPE and status symbols and not really investigating which is best because if they did have a good look at Android they wouldn’t be so sure of themselves anymore.

  • http://www.renaldojohnson.com Renaldo J

    So compare some of these charts here


    To the features listed here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history#4.x:_Fourth_major_release_of_the_OS

    And you tell me if the iPhone doesn’t have some form of fragmentation. It hits platforms, and no one is immune to it.

    In fact, http://developer.android.com/resources/dashboard/platform-versions.html with less than 5% of Android users on sub-2.x firmware, I think that things are about the same in each category.

    Any developer that complains about fragmentation doesn’t read googles COPIOUS documentation on optimizing apps and such, and shouldn’t be considered a real developer.

  • http://Website Ì☻

    The facebook app on android is so shabby…i always want to put my foot into the android mouth for even calling this an app. Its shambles and pales in comparison to the iPhone app STILL STILL STILL

    • http://Website Brandon

      Educate yourself young padawan, the Facebook app was made by facebook’s developers, not by google, so if you have an issue with the facebook app, send an email to Zuckerberg or use and alternative in the Android Market

      • keridel

        he didnt actually complain about google just a statement about the shit facebook app.

        i agree BTW it is awful

    • wowreally

      Has it come down to you saying that the freakin apps are better? And let me tell you the developers make more apps on ios, because like you, they are brainwashed!

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    Turns out, this is an Android blog.

  • http://Website Arthur K

    I agree, this is amateurish journalism. The author made himself look like a fool.

    Android and me turns into a yellow press of the android world.

  • http://Website BenDTU

    You should run another article like that one you ran this time last year about how “Android fans shouldn’t worry about the iPhone 4″? That was one hilarious read.

  • http://Website alex

    apple gives contradiction life, they sue everyone for every little thing yet they copy off key things on android, and i bet they are going to call it a “revolution”

  • http://twitter.com/indeciSEAN Sean Francis

    The grand irony is as I’ve been eyeing switching over to a Droid device, the biggest turnoff to me is biased garbage like this. While I don’t think Apple is without their flaws (a lot of them, sometimes) I know that myself and most of my Mac-using-friends can admit that. I go to an Android site however, and as much time is spent bashing iOS/Apple as heralding the cool shit your device-of-choice can do well.

    • http://Website iDavey

      Maybe you should go over to TiPB.com and TUAW.com and then you can say you won’t switch to either. Because as much as they bash iOS here, they bash Android there.

    • http://www.justnewlistings.com/arlington-virginia-blog/tags/great-falls-virginia-real-estate/ jay Great Falls

      Switch to android and you’ll never look back at Master Steve again nor will you have to bow to him throughout the day doing things his way.

      Proud iMac 27″ user here who knows a better platform when I see it—for the pocket android rules. Thinkers use iMacs and androids.

      On the tablet front, the latest 3.1 honeycombs are quite competitive with iPad 2 but are just now hitting market this summer.

      It’s great having 7″ tablets to choose from though that fit inside Old Navy shorts and sport coat inside pockets. Very handy for business. Android allows so much variety and choices for consumers…..

  • http://Website Josh

    I’m an Android/Google/Chrome guy myself, but the one place iOS wins is its support for connection to the internet via proxy… My CR-48 was easy to connect internet via proxy at work, but if I were to get an Android Powered Tablet (i.e. the HTC Flyer/EVO View) I would have to rely on a data plan, no wi-fi connectivity at work (yet those with iPads have no problem doing this). Such a simple thing, but Google seems to have little interest to add the (very basic) feature for those connecting at work/school.

    • http://Website Arnold

      Since version 3.1 Android now has wifi proxy support.

  • http://www.winniekepala.com WinnieKepala

    I agree with your points completely. Apple is indeed playing catch up to Android.

    2 more feature you forgot to mention:-
    1. PhotoStream on iCloud = Picasa Web Albums sync in Android Gallery. Oh ya, we also don’t have 1000 latest pic in the last 30 days limitation.
    2. Split keyboard for iPad landscape = SwiftKey X Android app.

    More ammunition for iFanbois to ponder…

  • http://varemenos.com/ Varemenos

    twitter integration? :/

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR

    I have grown tired of pointing out the obvious comparison between Apple’s mistakes in the PC market and, now in the smartphone market. However, there is one thing that Apple will never be able to catch up on…. the proliferation of new, innovative devices (usually 1 or 2 per week) ! Apple’s walled garden philosophy only works until someone sees the underserved market potential (in this case Android), and opens the game up to everyone. And Apple will never be able to bring into their circle of trust the same number of software and hardware wizards that are making Android the dominant smartphone (wireless ?) OS.

  • http://Website Violet

    i really think both operating system are good… that’s why i have my ipad with me but also have my X10 as my mobile phone…

    frankly speaking i like iOS much better then android… but the freedom that i have in android is much better then what i have in apple… at the same time, those freedom also make my mobile phone vulnerable…

    and the other thing i hate from android, they really fast in releasing new android… but most of the mobile phone player hardly catching up with the new release… and sony ericsson just announce that there won;t be any further upgrade for x10 family, which mean i’ll stuck with my gingerbread 2.1 (not even 2.2!!)

    i know there are ways to upgrade it manually, but it involve a lot of steps…

    if u guys here talking about an expert operating system user, well it won’t be problem for you guys… but the problem is, out there the majority of human being are the one who’s not an expert in operating system… sometime you call them incompatible user LoL…

    so i’ll be using my x10 for my basic communication needs (phone calls, text msg), my personal agenda, my music… but for mobile need (browsing, social networking, email, messenger, office file), i rely on my ipad still

    i can buy myself an android base tablet pc… but the problem is, none of them are as smooth as ipad and none of them have life battery better then ipad ^^

    • http://Website JimT

      Respect your opinion, but disagree.

      My ASUS Transformer, Xoom, HTC Flyer, and Tab are as smooth as both my iPad, and iPad 2 (I am a gadget addict what can I say). All devices, even iPad 2, are a bit jittery at times. Once you get beyond moving 20 small icons per screen, iOS is as jittery as the other devices named. Heck, even my $300 eLocity A7 with Tegra 2 is smooth.

      I have found my Tab to have similar battery life to the iPads in my daily use. Maybe in a test to zero charge, the iPad may give a bit more time, but I usually have at least 70% charge left when I plug either the Tab, or iPad back in after a day of use.

  • http://Website alex

    I love android and everything it can do…I only wish Android could be as polished (well thought out animations, screen transitions, rotations) as apple. You guys think it’ll come in Ice Cream Sandwich? Or will it be typical google “function over form”?

  • Alberto Vildosola
  • Jeffroid

    “I kept waiting for that one feature that’d make me run to the nearest Apple store and sell my soul to Steve Jobs. But that never happened.”

    This is exactly what I had always felt.

    It is obvious that the competition has driven iOS down to follow its competitors even though Apple had the first-mover advantage.

    From here on, iOS will lose its comparative advantage gradually.

  • Jeffroid

    Did Google patent the use of “widgets” on homescreens?

    I sure hope that crApple does not copy this one day

    • Jeffroid


      iWidgets – it’s MAGICAL

  • http://Website Roy

    I must say that I do like the way the notifications in iphone. I’ve felt that the pull down bar was not fully used. Being able to preview 2 messages instead of listing that there are two messages as well as being able to click away items per type are good moves by apple. Also, notifications on the lock screen are done really well imo. Google should take a little look here. (weather widget in pull down is bs btw, just like stocks, but api to put your own stuff there? Awesome!)

  • http://Website Ryan

    How so? He is simply pointing out that Apple is now using ideas from Android. That is all. Remember when all of the Apple fanboys claimed Android just copied Apple? Yeah, this is just proof that Google is the game changer.

  • http://Website Alex

    I wonder who Google copied in the first place… could it be Apple? If it weren’t for Apple, we still would think Motorola Razrs were cool. iOS is has a better user experience than Android and it is also much easier to develop for. There are some things that Android is better at, but in the things that really matter, Android is still far behind.

    • http://Website Brandon

      And what may I ask are the “things” that really matter

  • http://Website Anna1978

    If android is so much better, then why are the phones all so ugly? I mean, i cant stand these thick phones with cheap plastics. My iPhone 4 looks great and its back is just ONE plate. Much better than on droids which uglifies the look.

    • keridel

      the i phone 4 is lovely but if you have ever dropped it you’ll know its very very easy to smash

      but the android phones out now i beautiful as well. the sensation the sgs2 the DHD even the arc are all great looking devices.

    • http://Website jr

      oh, I get it now, iphone users want “pretty” phones, and are willing to exchange that for performance and freedom, I mean here I was wondering what on earth they saw in a iphone, just “looks”.
      it all makes sense now

      • Dan

        Heheee…! The iphones performance is just a lot smoother than android. My sis has a Galaxy and I have an iPhone, she regrets so much that she bough an android…
        And the 4s just smashed out all he other phone, and I fell sorry for them. :’( :P

  • http://Website Stan

    Hi Albeto,

    I guessed you have not use Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD and android phones. Of course you get those basic android phone you will not have those features you listed above.

    Regards to your comment on:-

    1. Wireless connectivity of TV:- Android already has DLNA features on the phone, but with more style. You may download Remote Desktop and this allow you to turn your android phone to wireless mouse pad.

    2. Game Center: Android phone already have that on Samsung, Sony Xperia

    3. Camera button on lock screen:- This really depend on individual whether a camera button on the lock screen, again Android has the flexibility to do that. Because there are phone has a physical button on the side

    4. Social Network integration: I think apple come in 2nd. Most Android phone has more than just Twitter integration, Android has Facebook, Twitter, Picasso, Fring, Skype, MySpace and many more integration to its UI

    5. Notification: Android has the feature long enough….

    Yes, I agree iphone is good phone, and Android is coming up with more fancy phone like SGS 2, Sony Experia Arc, LG Optimus 2x.

    In fact, which are the phones I will buy, my choice is either iPhone or Android, I will say no no to Nokia, WP7….

  • http://Website Brains

    Apple’s own page only mentions that tabbed browsing is available for the Ipad, no mention of it on Touches or Iphones….

  • http://Website Seph

    I will switch to iPhone if it becomes the ultimate Android device :-)

  • http://Website Sebastian

    Who cares?

    Nothing wrong with copying, only makes the product better for the consumer.
    That’s whats important.

    Competition rocks.

    • http://Website jr

      I love competition too.

      without lawsuits

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/goutham-raj/17/2ab/b21?state=&code=b3c742638e56c4d46c79d15960a366cb Gauti

    i think android features are simply cool, its not over yet days pass on android technology will bring suparb applications that each and every user will be satisfied. it’s defiantly a future generation mobile…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple is OLD NEWS no real true android user will ever need an iphone what does it do??? Enlighten me on the apple iphone it does nothing in the REAL WORLD….

  • http://Website Nice

    Best comment ever “Android’s next version will make iOS 5 look like a Fisher-Price OS.”

  • http://Website Derek

    iOS is still a true operating system, android isnt. Android is nothing more than a fancy java runtime environment. Apps for iOS are compiled and run natively on the cpu. Apps in android are just java apps runing in a java virtual machine. Thats why android phones need such massive cpus to run apps that run beautifully on iphone 2G. There’s nobody that can dispute this fact. I have games on my iphone 2G with its puny 500mhz cpu and 128mb ram that run more smoothly and get better FPS than games that run on my powerful and overclocked samsung captivate.

    • http://Website Derek

      Also there’s another area that iOS blows android away is in malware. iOS doesnt have malware (unless you jailbreak it and leave the stock password as alpine). Every android phone is subject to malware and the Google market just lets them come right on in. So now you must have some form of antivirus resource hog on your android phone. iOS is 100 times more secure than android.

  • http://Website pjax

    I’m an Android fan, and I think this article is very biased

    I admit (and I’m relieved) that most of the iOS 5 features were taken from Android, but I find it bad taste to keep bashing iOS while heralding that Android is better in everyway. It’s bad taste to say iOS has “copied” and then say Android should “borrow”.

    Both devices have their pros and cons. Personally, I’d like mulltipoint multitouch on Android (not just two)

    Keep the bias down low. We don’t want to sound like fanboys

    Journalism advice for Android and Me here.

  • http://Website Reng

    I roflmao when apple give the iPhone an update to ” cut, copy and paste “, which windows mobile had it since day one . I still get a kick out of it still, thinking about it.

    “Cut, copy and paste bro! !!! “

    • http://Website Romeo

      Hate much? I’ve had every platform and continue to have them (except symbian) with and iPhone 4, Samsung Focus (wp7), Atrix4g/Inspire4g/Aria (android), Pre (webOS), Torch9800/9700 (BlackBerry OS), so I’m not fan boy…. does the iPhone not do cut, copy and paste the best? Do the other have ‘Shake to Undo’ ???

      Who cares who had something first… isn’t about what works for the user and who does it better? If there are two pairs of jeans in which you are planning to purchase one that cost the same price, look identical, but one is made by a company that uses better material or is known to last longer… which would you go with? My point is, whether they both do it, which one does it better?

      • http://Website Romeo

        I apologize for the grammatical errors. In a rush.

  • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

    You guys need to stop acting childish and talk about something productive.

  • http://Website Daniel D

    They deserve 5 law suits from Google for copying!

    • http://www.friendstagger.com TagMyPals

      What about Google copying PayPal with their upcoming Mobile Payments? or copying Facebook with their Plus1 Button? or all the companies that “copied/tried to copy/trying to copy” the iPad?

    • Sam

      Hmm apple made the iphone and ipad wayyy before Google did. I don’t see your logic filled with android junk. I own an ipad and a samsung galaxy tab and android is the craziest thing i have ever seen. Also this autocorrect bar on my galaxy tab using to type this on is driving me superbonkerssssss. At least apple autocorrect doesnt change every single word you type

  • http://Website Shane

    You know, I love the features of android, but at the same time i’m starting to hate it. The fact that iCloud is better than the google services kills me. Syncing is incredibly nice, they actually have a real office type app (The Google Docs app is the biggest piece of crap ever.) and the User interface in android is killing me. Im running sense, which is highly polished, and it’s still boring. Everything is inconsistent.
    Thing that surprises me most, is that search on android sucks. I don’t want to use some stupid widget to do the searching, I want it to be built in to the device, like iOS and webOS has been doing. Even Blackberry does it better. The contacts app is utter crap, Camera software sucks, The games suck, Hardware is always below top notch. I mean iPhone 4 has the best hardware.
    I’m an android user, and a hardcore nerd/geek, but polish is a major selling point for me. And Android is seriously seriously lacking it. I don’t want to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to disappoint me.
    Google, step up your freaking game already.

  • http://Website Steven Taylor

    Im switching to the next iPhone as soon as its available. Im sick of the poor fragmentation, waiting for apps to be converted from native iOS apps and games are such a joke on android.

    iPhone here i come.

  • http://Website Doowang

    telling anyone that an apple product sucks compared to an android product is like telling an atheist that God exists. nuff said there

  • http://Website Anwar ali

    Why can’t I make video call using skype from HTC DESIRE S (with front facing camera) to iPhone 4

  • http://Website Ace

    I always hated apple because they portray their products to be the best and people just follow ever so blindly. They hold out on features so they can release it on the next iphone and charge you another 600 dollars. Why should copy and paste not be on the very first device? Flash? Releasing a phone every year is a money making device that simpletons are funding.

    “If you dont have an iPhone” i have a music player, i have ebook readers, i have apps, i have evreything you offer and more. and now your copying some of the things that make android android. My only problem with this is if they are successful with these features there will be fewer differences in the two OS’s

    • matt

      The thing is, other companies may make the features first, but Apple ALWAYS makes them 10x better than the original, and that’s what makes Apple such a great company. Copying? It’s called competition. Everyone does it. It’s a matter of what phone does it best, not first.

  • http://Website Goldarn

    The coolest thing about the update is I’ll be able to update my old iPhone 3GS to use all the new cool features without any problem at all, or rooting, or anything.

    Steve Jobs wanted to change how cell phones work. Android proves he succeeded.

  • http://Website Achraf

    If android didn’t excist ios 5 would still be crap

  • http://www.getios5beta.com/ Remy

    Go to http://www.getios5beta.com/ to activate your UDID for $6.95

  • http://Website Val

    “Due to Android’s openness, any third-party app is able to reach this same level of integration within the OS.”

    Any third party app can do the same in any operative system as long as Twitter allows it. This is not specific of Android.

    • http://www.google.com Hoogle

      Why dont we look at the future. When all will move up to the cloud. Who do you think will finally win? the company expert in marketing and polishing or the #1 search giant expert at SPEED and FREEDOME? I think only the androids will fly since there hands arent tied to there backs. They are FREE to FLY to the CLOUD!

  • http://Website shlammed

    Ummm…and how long were these new features available on BlackBerry devices?

  • http://Website basher

    You guys do not get it. The whole beaty of i products is that they start simple with something that actually works, and then keep adding features graduall to keep it working… This is a very different approach from companies like Microsoft or to some extent Google: Put k-zillion options/features and let the consumer get totally confused with something crashes and fails all the time. Whe do these IT gigs finally I understand that we just a phone or a computer that works, not a pocket NASA navigation center that eats up our valuable time.

  • http://Website lalo

    i hate apple!

  • ip4

    iPhone users are more satisfied than android and more people choosing iPhone as their next purchase…this shows how android is..ha ha ha stupid android


  • jeff

    i feel sad for all the apple fanboys

  • Dan

    Lol, they are atching up and doing even better ! :P
    The iphone 4s just killed the other phones, I even feel sorry for them… :’(

  • Pablo Sanchez

    to me, my past experiences with android have been nothing but dissapointment and faliure. the features were okay but had major execution errors and sometimes crashed before startup and i would have to restart the device to get it working again which took like 5 minutes and 47 seconds. when i got my iPhone is was amazed, yes they stole from android, but they made it bada$$. like, even though the display isn’t as good or the screen not as big, enevtually, it comes to a point when a celular telephone becomes a tablet in size. this is what apple does, it revolutionizes in the iPhone 4 and plays catch up in 4S. they did the same thing with the iPhone 3G and 3GS. now, im not saying that iOS has its share of problems, it does, but i can get over the occasional internet runaround and app drop. but android did the same thing but in a worse way.

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    For a long time celebs have flocked to designers like sheep clamoring for their well-known gowns when it was time to make their ‘grand entrance’. But now, trendsetters like Paloma Faith, Scarlett Johannson, Winona Ryder, Katie Perry, and Barbara Streisand are selecting to produce their personal exclusive style, deciding on classic garments rather!

  • Gash

    Both OS’s are good it depends on what you want. I have had several iPhones and several android devices. I personally prefer iPhone just for the AppStore its great android doesn’t come close. It’s just a personal opinion I loved my SGS2 but it had to be traded back in for a iPhone 4S and it all boiled down to the AppStore. I love my games and the customer service you get from apple is better than any company out there. You drop your phone and smash the screen. Take it back to apple and they give u another brand new handset for free or repair it.

  • Sam

    I found an error in the first paragraph:
    Apple didn’t shake the markets of those things, apple started it since the apple 1, ipod, ,iphone, and ipad. Google and microsoft just copied what apple did and got all the credit.