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Gingerbread officially arrives for the HTC EVO Shift 4G; here’s how to get it

HTC EVO Shift 4G users will no longer look at their Gingerbread-toting friends with envy. Sprint has announced today that the Gingerbread update is now available for the HTC EVO Shift 4G. The phone joins the Nexus S 4G and HTC EVO 4G in a growing list of  Sprint devices with Gingerbread.

According to Sprint and Google’s Gingerbread page, you can expect all the following features to arrive with this update:

  • Swype
  • UI refinements for simplicity and speed
  • Improved power management
  • Internet calling
  • Downloads management application
  • Tons of stability and speed improvements
  • The ability to laugh at those who still have Froyo (like me)

You can get all these goodies on your phone right now by following these very easy steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press Menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Flick up to scroll down and tap System updates.
  4. Tap HTC software update.
  5. Tap Check Now to see if any updates are available for your phone.
  6. If a system update is available, tap OK to download the update.
  7. Once the download is completed, tap OK to install.
  8. Your phone will power off and back on to complete the software update.

With so many Android phones receiving the Gingerbread update lately, I’m sure we’ll see that Developer Version pie chart get a whole lot of Gingerbread love next time it’s updated. Maybe by the time Ice Cream Sandwich gets here, at least 20% of Android users will be running version 2.3.

Have any of you updated your HTC EVO Shift 4G to Gingerbread already? If you have, we’d love to hear how it went. What do you like about the update? Have you noticed any considerable speed boost?

Source: Sprint

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    My wife might be getting this phone. Then i would have a new phone to make android videos on! #wwjoshdew

  • http://Website abtreece

    I updated my EVO Shift 4G to 2.3.3 last night. The entire process took about 20 minutes and the only app I had issues with was Twitter. After a Twitter update everything has been working smoothly. It does feel a bit quicker after the upgrade, but I wouldn’t say it is a night/day difference.

  • http://Website c00ller

    If you install the OTA it will unroot, and you won’t have root until the devs figure it out. Until then, this is a rooted version of the OTA

  • http://Website c00ller

    You know the Gingerbread OTA is pretty imminent? Many people who recently received refurbished/replaced G2s discovered their phones already (accidentally) had the Gingerbread update on it. The OTA was leaked in mid May.
    So don’t worry. It’s coming soon. For more information, the G2/Desire-Z forums on xda-developers is a great source.

  • http://Website andrew

    Ive had 2.3 for some time now with cm7 I got my hands on this gingersense before sprint released it and let me tell you it is amazing. I had become used to the fact that i had a “smartphone” and part of that was droping a battery to reset at least every copule of days….. Not any more as i said this is amazing. You have to try it out!

  • http://Website mike

    Downloaded mine this morning while at work. It’s like having a brand new phone. I can see improvement in a lot of areas. Will play with it tonight to see all the new items. No issues at all.

  • http://Website Robert

    Evo Shift running Android 2.2. Says no update available. Had to have a store re-program it when it was new because the internet only connected at 200kbps. After 3 months of blazing connectivity my web is back down to 200-400kbps max no matter what signal strength.

  • http://Website Robert

    Before I get trolled, yes I turn the phone off regularly, drop the batt, update PRL and profile. I’ve updated the PRL to the point where it told me there was no update before. The phones proxy or others web settings seem to have reconfigured.

  • http://Website Bob

    How do you update to swype 3.0?

  • http://Website Doug

    Updated my HTC Evo Shift to 2.3.3 last night. I am now experiencing the following problems:

    1. Battery issues – My battery used to last all day with normal use. soime internet, but mostly email and texting. Now, my battery drains at what I wouls call twice the speed. I do have Juice Defender (and Ultimate) installed, but it does not seem to help.

    2. Reboot issues: After finishing with texting someone I click on the Home button only to have the phone reboot itself. Same thing happens when in some other programs.

    I will end with just those tow, but there are a few other quirky things going on. For example, I no longer have the abilit to “Force Stop” an application from Menu – Settings- Applications – Manage Applications – Running. Ability just does not exist anymore. I can be on the Internet and go through the above procedure to clear cache from Internet, however the Internet will not even be listed as a running application.

    Can anyone tell me the exact method I would go throught to find ALL my running application and how to Force Stop and clear Cache?

    Thank you in advance.


    • http://Website Maria

      I am having the same reboot issue from the internet. I was having some quirky issues with texting…without hitting the search key, typing g took me to gmail, s to messages. I rebooted the phone and cleared the shortcuts so that seems to be fine now. It was also pulling old messages into my send field when trying to type a new message, the reboot seemed to help with that too. Now just to figure out how to stop it from rebooting on its own 5 times a day!

      • http://Website Andrea

        I’m having the same problems with the texting. I don’t know how to fix it!!!

        • http://Website Rachel

          I found that if I pressed the search key while typing a message, it fixed the shortcut issue. I also cleared the shortcuts by going to settings>search>clear shortcuts, and did a reboot, but it didn’t help.

  • http://Website Bryant

    I got the update last night, and since then I haven’t been able to open any text messages that I’ve been receiving. It just keeps saying that it’s loading and it doesn’t do anything. It also unsynced a lot of my contacts from facebook. How do I fix all of these issues?

    • http://Website aubrey

      After installing the update u will find it is like getting a brand new phone in alot of ways. To link to facebook again go to settings then syc and you can redo it from there..i dont know about the messaging but most times if u call the carrier they can refresh it for you and it will fix..as for old messages appearing..mine did that then eventually fixed itself. My text is now running smoothly…btw i hate swype lol

  • http://www.renegaderadio.net sean twisted

    Just updated to gingerbread this morning and I can say it is a VAST improvement.. I share a laptop with my girlfriend, so when she’s on it I use the net/etc. Heavily on it, and with froyo (and juice defender installed), I would have to get it on a charger halfway through the day.. but I’ve been running it heavily for about 6 hours now and I have to say the battery life has improved greatly as well. Swype is nifty (although I got the shift because I’m not a fan of on screen keyboards… Had a motorola cliq xt with 1.5 on it and hated it) I’ve yet to run into any major bugs yet..

  • http://none David

    Since this update my phone has been slower than ever. Everytime i exit an app it does a soft reset and has to reload everything. So far in my opinion this update sucks.

  • http://Website amber

    I love everything about this update except for the fact that I can’t just tap the screen to take a picture, I have to hold the button! So pppppplease make a new version that has that function(:

  • http://Website Michelle

    I have had nothing but issues with my phone since upgrading to Gingerbread and nothing is getting better! The whole joke? Follow below:

    I got my Shift on the first day they came out – I upgraded that phone to Gingerbread the day after is was available and had some, but few nuances to deal with.

    However… that weekend my screen cracked (even with an Invisible Shield!)

    I got a new Shift earlier this week… upgraded it to Gingerbread while the phone was raw (hadn’t put on anything). I have now been living in a very bad phone world… no internet connectivity, poor signals, constant network failures, perpetual reboots out of nowhere.

    I am reading that many are experiencing these issues yet there is no plan or belief on the HTC / Sprint / Android side that these issues are impacting users. Well, they are… I can’t use my phone in the middle of a regular town (Boulder, CO) WTH?

    My “old” shift rocked with Gingerbread and I couldn’t understand why people were moaning but I now get it… I may have to leave my shift… the one phone I waited for… I can’t do the brick of a Samsung and must have a keyboard…

  • http://Website aubrey

    Since my gingerbread update i have had the following problems with my phone. The bigest problem being my microphone is messed up leaving my voice sounding garbold or very quiet to the person on the other end of incomming and outgoing calls. Most of my apps will now forceclose most times and almost everytime i tap the home screen button my phone reloads!! Sprint told me it cannot be fixed and i must wait until htc puts out patches to fix the bugs..has anyone heard anything about any patches?????

  • http://Website Atiya

    I noticed after downloading Gingerbread that my battery is more efficient , however it takes longer to get to my homescreens. Why do I need to see a screen announcing HTC (as if I dis not know that’s what I am using), before watching the downloading icon spin and then finally my homescreens appear. Before I hit the home button and voila, there it is. Very annoying.

    Also the cut and paste feature is not as sensitive as it use to be.

    I liked the phone feature that allowed me to send someone directly to voice mail. I see that persons can be totally blocked which is nice but don’t lose the ability to send certain individuals directly to voicemail. It can be very useful to hear what people want to say without having to speak to them. Blocking them does not offer that.

  • http://www.gotwood.ws lil_sol

    the htc restart then loading still comes back eventually, i still can’t get swype to work no matter what I try. Time for a new upgrade sprint

  • http://Website aubrey

    I was told there is not fixing these problems until patches are available. Hurry up please!! I paid a fortune for this phone i would like it to run properly!!! I was also told bt sprint that my phone cannot be downgraded back to the original software!!!!! Grrrrr!!! My two biggest most annying gripes are the constant loading screen when i exit from an app and the fact that my microphone is messed up and no one can hear me!!!

    • http://Website MNMS

      I have had all of the issues listed above. It is an HTC issue not Sprint.. I have taken my phone into Sprint twice now. I am so mad. I want the old system back. I do like the changes and features, but I don’t like:
      Swipe doesn’t work at all
      programs like Gmail, facebook, and text messaging forceclose ALL the time.
      When I am on the internet or in the market or playing a game, I get the soft reboot and the HTC screen.
      My signal sucks! I can’t make calls most of the time and the signal comes and goes. I lose calls and miss texts thanks to the signal.
      I love my shift before.. NOW I HATE IT!!!!! I have even complained to Sprint and they did nothing. But told me to wait.

  • http://Website ab

    I have had nothing but problems when I first downloaded gingerbread:
    A lot of times I can not make or receive calls
    Can not log into the internet
    battery drains by the middle of the day where before the update it lasted the whole day
    HTC said to reset the phone, but it did not help!
    There should be a way to go back to the old version if this an update is not working properly for some phones :(

  • aubrey

    My phone did another update about 3 days ago. Since then my microphone has been better and it has quit force closing but the stupi load screen is still annoying me..so far i havent noticed any other issues..but im still waiting for then to appear.