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Google Mobile Search gets brand new features, right before Google Search press event

Google seems to be rolling out a new version of its Google Search website for mobile devices. This new version focuses heavily on local search; they’re adding a row of icons below the search bar to let you look up restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc.

Tap on any icon, and Google allows you to get directions or phone the location–right from the website. This update is part of a bigger push within Google to own the local space. Google’s strategy to become the go-to location for everything local includes NFC, Google Wallet, Google Offers, Google Places… and now this Google Search update.

Coincidentally, there’s a Google Search press event happening in less than an hour. You can watch live here. We expect the company to go into details about these new features at the event. But Google might have some surprises tucked away, so make sure you stay glued to Android and Me for any big announcement to come out of this press event.

While we wait for the video feed to go live, tell us which new features you’d like to see Google announce today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll nail one of them.

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      At least say something productive.
      maybe like “Google is really redefining search for mobile”

  • http://Website themanwithsauce

    All this does is make me think “and microsoft thought they could force the phrase “bing it” into our vocabulary”. Sorry ms, but with changes and updates like this, “google it” will remain king for a while.

  • Stu

    How do I turn the tablet version of google off ! Why force another “mobile” version on my ipad !!! Its reLly annoying.