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Google Search for Mobile gets tablet version, Instant Pages; and Google Goggles learns Russian

With so many popular products like Chrome, Android and Gmail, we tend to forget that Google’s core product is still Google Search. The company reminded us of that today by releasing more features and improvements for Google Search than we can shake a stick at. Although most the announcements were aimed at the desktop version, the company didn’t forget about its mobile users.

Google started by announcing a new version of Google Search for Mobile. This now has a row of buttons at the bottom, allowing easy access to local searches for restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. You can read more about it here.

Google also introduced a new feature called Query Building. As seen in the video below, this feature lets you do exactly what the name suggests: build queries. But instead of typing every single letter, you can just press the “plus” button when Google suggests a new word.

What’s more, Google Search for Mobile has been optimized for tablets. This new version of Google Search is a mix between the desktop and phone versions. You can still access most features available in the desktop version, but it uses more touch-friendly buttons. Google Images Search is also getting an update for tablets. And you can scroll infinitely, just like on your desktop computer.

During the event, Google managed to wedge in that Google Goggles will soon be able to translate Russian. The app will recognize Russian text from a picture and translate it to English. Pretty useful stuff, if you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of Russia. Which for most of us only happens when playing Modern Warfare.

Moving from small updates to mind-blowing new features, Google announced something called Instant Pages. This feature takes the already-awesome Google Instant to the next level. While Google has done lots of work to speed up their search engine, web pages still take a lot of time to load. The company said they won’t stop working to speed up the web until loading sites feels as fast as turning a page in a magazine. That’s music to our ears.

And that’s where Instant Pages comes in. The feature works by pre-rendering the website you’re most likely to click on after you do a search on Google. That’s usually the first link on every search result page, according to Google.

Instant Pages works in tandem with Google Chrome by telling the browser which pages to pre-load. As soon as you click on a link, Chrome shows you the pre-rendered web page.

The end result? Instant Pages saves you around 2-5 seconds per page. That’s a lot of time if you ask me.  And as they did with Google Instant, the company took the opportunity to tell us that this feature will save humanity countless years worth of time.

While this feature is available for Chrome Dev users right now, this feature isn’t expected to be released for Android for a couple weeks. The reason for the delay? They want to see how much more bandwidth this feature uses. Seeing how all carriers (except Sprint) are going on a data diet, we can’t blame them.

Are you guys excited about all these new features? Let us know in the comments.

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