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Google’s Building 44 gets a face lift!

Amidst the massive collection of buildings filled with Googlers in Mountain View, California, is the infamous Building 44. This building is, as they say, where all the magic happens. Building 44 houses the offices where Android development takes place. You’ve probably seen the pictures; the lawn of the building is home to a collection of massive Android sculptures. These sculptures, made by the Themendous statue makers, have been growing right alongside Android and filling the lawn as they do so. Now Building 44 is decorating not only the lawn, but the building itself.

Earlier this week Android Engineer Dan Morill showed this image of the “Bugdroid” now plastered above the entrance of the building, complete with antennae growing out of the top. Among other things, the big green window cling probably casts a pretty cool looking shadow inside the building and blocks out the ridiculous sunlight that comes pouring through that entrance. Although, it could also be a pair of monitoring antennae installed to keep an eye out for the spaceship that’s supposed to be landing in Cupertino…

Source: morrildl on Picasa

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