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Help us identify this mysterious Motorola device and get a cookie

Who doesn’t love a blurry and suspicious leaked photo of an upcoming device once in a while? We sure do. Today’s treat is brought to you by the guys over at PocketNow, who have come across the photo you see below. The device is believed to be an Android device from Motorola. And that’s where all the details stop.

The device is obviously going through the testing phase, seeing as it has a ribbon cable attached for some serious testing business. Then there’s the lack of any visible hardware button. (Gasp! Ice Cream Sandwich!) Or maybe it has capacitive buttons and they’re invisible when the phone is turned off. PocketNow also notes the device has a “horizontal seam at the bottom,” meaning it could have a QWERTY keyboard. So, does anybody recognize this Motorola phone? Let us know in the comments.

Name that phone.

Via: Pocketnow

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  • http://Website Ruben

    Frankly, i think it looks like an HTC device. It does not look ugly and blocky enough to be Motorola. Anybody’s guess though. If it is Motorola, they are going in the right direction with the styling of it. Wait, wait, wait…. Nexus 3 anyone???

    • http://Website Aj

      It may not be blocky but it doesn’t have HTC’s signature aluminum look. Plus it has a MOTOROLA logo on it. I just hope it doesn’t have Whatever The Heck They’re Calling BLUR Now.

    • http://Website Motosurf

      it says motorola on the top, smart boy

      • http://Website Ruben

        You know I have looked at this pic for a while and do not see a Moto logo. Nor do I see where the phone says Motorola. I see a speaker on the top of the phone. If you mean the title says Moto, that means squat. They don’t know what this is. They are asking us for christ sake. Show me definate proof that it is Moto, or its anybodys guess what this is. Does not look like Moto to me. Just my own opinion. I could be wrong, but so can everyone else without any real facts about the phone. Idiot.

  • http://Website redmaner

    Milestone 3 maybe?

    • http://Website Freddy Kroger

      its name is pocketnow.com

      Pretty clever name for a phone imho

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    It’s the Motorola Monolith, named after 2001: A Space Odyssey. Because I’m a nerd and it’d get me to care. :P

  • http://none Whocares

    Who the fuck cares? Get some info then post up this type of shit….

  • http://Website Hello Moto

    its the new Motobrick

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1450119698 Luis


    • http://Website Gerbilstampede

      Olympus = Atrix

  • http://YouTube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus Nolasco

    The Motorola Droid 3!?

  • http://Website Aj

    Maybe it’s the Motorola YAYNOMOREMOTOBLUR. Now there’s a thought.

  • http://Website rey

    i think its the bionic!

  • http://Website rey

    or the monarch!

  • http://Website zedklind

    Bionic test unit with the capacitive buttons shopped out

  • http://Website Gigi s

    Moto defy 2

  • http://Website Ezc

    Wild guess, Nexus 3 ?!!?

  • http://Website scott

    Id say its either the bionic or the targa

    • http://www.lament.us lament

      There is no Targa anymore. The Bionic is replacing it.

  • http://Website hi

    it kinda look likes the phonton 4g with the corners

  • http://Website Diirtee Sanchez

    motorola triumph ?

  • http://Website Product F(RED)

    It’s the Photon 4G for Sprint. Look at the corners.

  • http://motorola.com/mobility motorola c.e.o.

    This device is a Motorola Droidâ„¢ SUPERBLURâ„¢ with a chasity belt for a bootloader.

  • http://Website foxtrot21alpha

    Look its the new *Craporola 3* with yup you guess it kids.. BRAND NEW MEDIOCRE TECHNOLOGY!!! with a whole new look to sucker you into buying one the have a better version come out next month! YAAAAAAAAAY! :)) Aren’t you sooooo excited for this!??????

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Yep it’s the Photon. No thanks.

  • http://Website Motorola CEO

    Its just a paper weight.

  • http://Website T3chFr3ak07

    Gonna say its the moto nexus 3 that was reported on bgr a few weeks ago. Though a droid 4? Seeing the possible keyboard edge

  • http://www.twitter.com/droid_dizzy T.W13

    Maybe Revision 3 of the Droid Bionic or the infamous Motorola Droid Nexus. I mean its gotta happen someday have it have ICS, 8mp 1080p dual led flash camera. 4.5″ screen NFC, omap4 or tegra 3 qhd no pentile. All black & all white models. A Droid eye that uses nexus symbol as boot animation. Attachable detachable keyboard like the old LG versa.

  • http://Website Phyxius

    Besides the ever-present Mr. Blurrycam, was it necessary to watermark over the non-descript phone, guys? Major FAIL

  • http://Website Ryan

    the moto bravo

  • http://Website JAG

    I hope know it as soon as this week!!

  • http://Website cb2000a

    It’s the Motofail Bioshock.

  • http://- Zhi Hao

    Maybe it’s just a prototype… I sure hope Moto steps up their game!

  • http://Website Mystery

    What about the Motorola Mystery

  • http://Website Motorola Android Indonesia

    I think thats Motorola Bullet or Motorola Jet. If we flash back when Motorola accidently show Motorola Mobile Phone with totally different design and will be thinnest smartphone.

  • http://Website Motorola Android Indonesia

    Some rumour says Nexus 3. I dont think that’s from HTC because HTC Nexus One already TOTALLY FAIL SALES. Every brand have one change to produce Nexus Phone. Samsung already with release Samsung Nexus S.

  • http://Website Memo

    Looks like the nexus 3 to me.

  • http://Website Omeer

    The Motorola prick with motobrick UI?

  • http://Website anonymous

    Could this be the Droid HD?

  • http://Website ken cooper

    The droid x4g

  • http://Website Mark

    Seriously, who gives a flying crap? Just another Android device that will have 2.2 or 2.3. How will it be any different from what we have now? >_>

  • http://Website thesparxinc

    If there is a motosign on it, im pretty sure you used a moto device for making the photo.
    … totally didnt see. You checked device infos ? what they say ?

    …but to answer you question:

    1.) i’m with Motorola CEO… its a 500 bucks paperweight!
    2.) if not, maybe its the dark soul of the company

  • http://Website Art

    I think this is the Motorola Cookie.

  • http://Website gianmaira

    is the MOTOROLAâ„¢ UNDROIDâ„¢

  • http://Website vikram

    The device may be Motorola xoom

  • http://- Zhi Hao

    Motorola…. Cookie? :)

  • http://Website Jimmy Dingo


  • http://Website ShazShaz

    Hmmmm Photon 2 maybe ?

  • http://Website Chris

    Could it possibly be a dual screen device? I was recently in a focus group where we tested a dual screen device running 2.3. It looked to be a Samsung though.

  • http://bytemat.blogspot.com mat

    It has the same ear piece screen as the Droid x and x2. Maybe a new version of the Droid x with the hard buttons removed. I’ll say it’s the new Motorola Droid x3 now with less buttons! It also has a completely unlocked bootloader.

  • http://Website cman

    It’s the Motorola Skynet. They’ll be releasing next April 19th.

  • http://Website Smith

    It’s undoubtedly the Sprint Photon 4g. Unless motorola is releasing another from with the same frame.
    same thickness, color, corners, rounded edges

  • http://Website thetruth

    it is the motorola xt780

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    Looks like this is Motorola’s Nexus

  • http://DanHakimi.com Daniel

    It doesn’t look like a phone. It looks like it might be a 4g modem, or something.

  • http://Website Bob

    It looks to me like the Photon.

  • http://Website Tyler Bailey

    Motorola Droid 3

  • http://Website ken

    I’ m seeing a “BLACK WIDOW” by Motorola on my LG OPTIMUS S!