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Six reasons why you might want to wait for the Nexus 3 [Part 1]

With so many amazing Android devices coming out, it’s hard not to give in to temptation and just buy one. You can’t blame us; we just can’t resist it. Like a kid at a candy store, we go crazy over things like 4G speeds, qHD resolution, dual-core processors and 1GB RAM. By the time we get to “3D display,” we already have our credit cards out.

Of course, like everything in life, you have to take the good with the bad. There’s a price to pay for those mouth-watering features. And it usually includes a couple Benjamins and two years of your life. In case I lost some of you, I’m talking about the $200 price and two-year contract these phones frequently have.

Two years is a long time, especially in the Android world. Two years ago we only had a handful of Android phones to choose from, and the Motorola Droid didn’t even exist yet. Knowing how fast the Android platform changes, it’s in your best interest to buy the most future-proof Android phone possible.

Well, I’m here to tell you that phone is the Nexus 3. Sadly, the Nexus 3 won’t be released for a few more months. But if you’re a person with patience, the phone could be well worth the wait. Here are the first three reasons why:

NVIDIA Tegra 3

It’s a known fact that NVIDIA is releasing its next-gen mobile processor, Tegra 3, in the second half of this year. This new chip is ahead of everything that’s currently available in the market, and NVIDIA isn’t afraid to tell you all about it. The company is already demoing devices powered by this monster of a chip, and the reaction from most people can be summed up in one word: Wow.

Aside from being able to pump out more eye candy than a Michael Bay movie, Tegra 3 also packs the following features:

  • World’s first mobile quad-core CPU
  • New 12-Core NVIDIA GPU with support for 3D stereo
  • Support for Extreme HD at a 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • 5x faster than the Tegra 2
  • 40 nm by TSMC
  • Ultra Low Power GPU mode
  • 1080p H.264 High Profile video decode

Why am I telling you this? Because we have it on good authority that the Nexus 3 will powered by Tegra 3. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at some of the clues laying around. Like how NVIDIA’s road map fits perfectly with the usual release time of the “Google Phone.” Or how the company already confirmed it’s working closely with Google on the next version of Android. It doesn’t get any more unofficially-confirmed than that, folks.

It’s easy to see why it would be a bad idea to buy a Tegra 2-powered device right before it’s going to be blown away by something five times better. Are you ready for console-quality gaming on your Android phone? I certainly am.

Ice Cream Sandwich

As we heard at Google I/O, the next version of Android–code named Ice Cream Sandwich–is coming out later this year. Starting with Eclair and the Motorola Droid, Google has always released a new version of Android accompanied by an Android phone–except with Froyo. And we expect Ice Cream Sandwich to be no different.

According to Google, Ice Cream Sandwich will be the company’s most ambitious Android version yet. In other words:  If you thought Honeycomb was amazing, just wait ’til you see Ice Cream Sandwich. The Android team will mainly focus on making Android a unified OS that runs everywhere. Basically, Ice Cream Sandwich will blend Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Google TV into one delicious dessert.

As a result of this OS mix, Ice Cream Sandwich will bring Honeycomb’s holographic UI to Android phones. With a new launcher, a new multitasking UI and richer widgets in tow. But that’s not all. Google also gave us a sneak preview of some ground-breaking features Ice Cream Sandwich will have. Like head tracking, where the camera tracks your face and zooms in on it when you’re talking. Or how it uses your head’s movement to move an object on the screen. You can watch the Android team talk about Ice Cream Sandwich on the video below, starting at around 14:00.

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google will also take NFC to the next level. The company will introduce a new feature called 0-click sharing that uses the NFC chip to share information between devices. Users will be able to share apps by tapping their phones together. Or send a YouTube video to their tablet by tapping it with their phone. All in all, pretty amazing stuff. Of course, Google will make this functionality available to developers via an API. Speaking of NFC …

NFC support

It’s no coincidence that the Nexus S was the first Android phone to support NFC. Google has big plans for the technology, and you can expect every Nexus device to support NFC from now on. With new apps and features designed completely around NFC, the technology is fast becoming something you really need to have, if you want to enjoy everything Android has to offer.

Having said that, there aren’t that many Android phones with NFC support out there. In fact, Google’s very own Nexus S is currently the only one that has the chip. But that’s about to change. According to Google, the Android world is about to be flooded with NFC-packing Android devices–including the Nexus 3. If you plan to use any of the countless NFC apps and features Google will release in coming months, buying an Android phone right now could be a very bad idea.

If these three very good reasons aren’t enough to convince you to wait for the Nexus 3, make sure you read part 2 of this article by following us on Twitter (if you’re following us on Twitter, that’s the easiest and quickest way to know when you can read it). In part 2, we’ll talk about the other three equally important reasons you might be better off saying ‘no’ to the Sensation–I mean temptation–and just waiting for the Nexus 3.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • M

    good thing i’m waiting no matter what device will come in the mean time. after my n1, i just want an unlockable boot loader and vanilla android out of the box. even though i only use cm7. i want google’s fixes as fast as possible.

    • http://Website LeMon James

      I missed out on a championship ring, because i cowardly didnt show up.
      But this time im lining up early, eagerly waiting in line to grab this phone and lift it up into the air.
      [just like MVP ()irk did]

      This will be the best and most successful moment in my entire life.


      btw, …not 4, 5, 6, 7, ….no……. im lifting it 8 times!

      • http://Website Derek

        13 yrs for Dirk.

      • http://Website conun

        ROFL +

    • http://www.soundcloud.com/nickthegreek nick

      there wher some leaked specs that it’ll have a dual core ti but if it has a tegra 3 i will camp outside the company that will be anounced to make it until the first unit is for sale

  • M

    follow you guys at twitter to read the next part? sorry, i don’t do twitter, i really really love your site, but please stop w/ this aggressive ‘social’ media crap.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      It’s just the easier way for us to communicate with our readers. But you can also subscribe to our RSS feed if you like http://feeds.feedburner.com/androidandme

      • M

        i got the feed in my list already :) i was expecting a twitter exclusive posting based on the wording…
        this drove me mad, i mean i rarely find a competition to win stuff nowadays since almost all the time i gotta use twitter or facebook and tell all my ‘friends’ about it. i accepted that, but jumping through hoops to get articles? well, all sorted now, gonna relax now…

        • http://Website Seth

          Just use one of your throwaway email addresses to make throwaway twitter and facebook accounts. Then just use those for contests and whatnot.

        • Alberto Vildosola

          I get ya. No, we’d never do such a thing as a Twitter-exclusive article. Sorry, if the way I wrote it made it seem like it.

          • http://Website Greg

            Uhh, you clearly did make it sound like that.

        • http://specialbrands.net/ Daniel W. Crompton

          You can also get twitter feeds as rss feeds, without having a twitter account.

    • http://Website Shane

      Define aggressive.
      How did you find out about this news post in the first place? did you manage without twitter?
      Your response is perplexing.

  • http://Website Ted

    I won’t buy a new Android phone until both the quality and amount of Android games improves.

    I love Android and I currently own an Android device, but the selection of Android games totally sucks compared to the iPhone’s selection.

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      So u really holding out on the gameplay, everyone has their reasons but I would prolly look at lack of power or specs. I’m not a hardcore android gamer so think so far it’s heading it the right direction

  • http://Website masterxchief

    Too bad it will never make it to Verizon.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      That’s the problem, and it sucks. I am in NYC, and Verizon’s network here is so much better.

      I am hoping that Nexus 3 will come out on both T-mobile and Sprint at the same time. Sprint’s network is not too bad here (I’ve been using it for many years until I switched to Verizon to get the Droid.)

      T-mobile? Unless it divorces from the idea of merging with AT&T, otherwise, I will never use its service.

  • http://Website Cristian

    I’ve already made up my mind to stick with the Nexus series. After owning the Nexus One, I deviated a little and regretted it by not getting Gingerbread months after its releases, and having a locked bootloader. Needless to say, I switched back to Google’s devices, and bought the Nexus S and it’s wonderful. Though the Sensation is tempting, I know it’d be better to wait a few more months for the Nexus 3.

  • http://Website fryhole

    “Starting with Froyo, Google has always released a new version of Android accompanied by a Nexus phone.”

    I hate to be that guy…but Froyo was not accompanied by a Nexus device – the Nexus One launched with Eclair. There isn’t actually a precedent for a new Nexus with each Android update.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      You’re right. It’s fixed now, thanks

  • http://Website Inhuman5000

    Nexus 3 all the way.
    Nexus 3 will have great specs, but One thing the nexus 3 will be lacking is the type of screen it will have.most likely it will pack a qhd display. The same the sensation , evo 3d has. That screen doesn’t look as good as a Samoled + one. Even if it has higher resolution.
    This is the only concern I have with the nexus 3

    • http://Website dagamer34

      The dream however is a 1280×720 display. LG has already said it’s going into a phone this year, it’d be great if it was the Nexus 3.

    • http://Website ddp

      I sort of regretted the fuzziness of the PenTile SAMOLED on my Epic, but idk, it doesn’t seem the same with my Nexus S 4G. I think it may be MIUI I just put on, just fell in love with this latest version. I haven’t seen a SAMOLED Plus in person, but I’d like to see a qHD-like resolution with Super Amoled Plus-Ultimate display greatness. :)

  • http://Website dagamer34

    The Nexus 3 will make for a nice GPS unit. :)

  • http://Website Max

    After experiencing the hype and the dud of “dual core” phones. I’ve learned never to get myself wet and in a frenzy for most things Android. I’ll simply wait till when it comes out. If it’s a good phone and better than the other selection at the time, then whoopie, I’ll get it.

    • http://Website dagamer34

      That’s only because the Nexus S wasn’t a dual-core phone. If it were Tegra 2, then it’d be FAR more popular.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      What dud? Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensations seem to be very popular. Don’t blame the chip if the phone coming with it sucks.

  • http://Website Hinds2009

    I’ve been on the wait for the next nexus bandwagon for a bit.I’m good with my nexus s.Pure android plus updates = win

  • http://Website Dave G.

    There’s no guarantee that Tegra 3 will be running the Nexus 3. Nvidia said they’re working w/ Google on the next version of Android but it seems more likely the focus will be on the tablet form factor.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      Yea. Back then, most people expect Nexus S to have a dual-core CPU, but see what we got? Also, the Nexus One could use a display with a resolution rivaled the Droid, but it didn’t.

  • http://Website DNK

    Oh come on I just convinced myself to get the galaxy s 2 when it comes out here. Now I am not sure about it. I love Nvidia’s processor and Samsung’s AMOLED screen a phone with both would be the dream.

    • http://Website Charles

      Me too! The Nexus S3 sounds like it’s worth waiting for but for how long? A couple months away. Really? We still don’t even have the Galaxy S2 in the US!

      • http://Website astranger

        you know Nexus 3 will hit US first. :)

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Me too. But LG’s new AH-IPS display with 1280×720 resolution would be incredible as well!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Nice for those who want to wait, but if I see something I really want I’ll go ahead and get it. I could always sale if the N3 is really impressive. On the other hand, it could be the Nexus S all over again. It’s a good phone but not the great phone everyone was anticipating last year.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell….Awaiting my Evo 3d

    At best this all RUMOR with Google you never know when or the exact day of Ice Cream will be launched. Even with that the same thing can be said as to WHO EXACTLY will make the next Nexus 3 either HTC OR LG either way these things WILL BE A PART OF 2011 AND ONLY GOD KNOW’S WHEN THIS WILL TAKE PLACE IN 2012..Bottomline I live for now and will purchase for now whatever device rather it being my beloved Evo 3d or the Sensation or the Galaxy S2 or the upcoming Hercules all ARE FUTURE PROFF DEVICES. The current operating system isn’t even optimized for the CURRENT DUALCORE DEVICES I GUESS THEY WON’T BOTHER TO FIX THAT ISSUE TILL ICE CREAM. My Evo 3d IS THE BEST DEVICE FOR 2011 and will hold court till July 2012 till the QUADCORE EVO COMES OUT I can wait to see about all that stuff knowing that in 10days I will have the best device the market offers for today. Plus even when the version of ICE CREAM arrives the first wave of device to get that update will be the Evo 3d without fail. The only way I change from the Evo family of devices is if HTC makes the next Nexus 3 and ONLY IF IT PROVES TO BE BETTER THAN ANY EVO PRODUCT. THE EVO PRODUCT is what made all this possible today everthing is being made off of the Evo 4g of

    • http://Website clocinnorcal

      Wow, relax a little. We get it, the evo is great. Do you work for sprint?

    • http://Website jbn

      Do you jack off to evo 3d pics yarrell?

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell..Awaiting my Evo 3d

        Evo 3d will always be the device that sets the standard. People can hate all they want..WHO CARES..bunch of stumble bums

  • http://Website panic

    Seems like your going all out to bash the Evo 3D. WTF is up with that.

  • http://Website lori

    Why isn’t Verizon getting in one these cool new phones!

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      Cause they try to get everything else, never knew u can make one game for a provider (or however the length was). Still wanna play Madden

  • http://Website SocalTeknique

    Hell yeah ill wait for the Nexus 3! After owning a G1, Nexus One, and my current Nexus S I can’t get anything else other than straight Google phones. N3 can take its sweet time to come out because my NS is plenty fast for now.

  • http://Website Carly

    The Nokia astound actually has nfc as well.

  • http://Website skeeterflea

    I went from g1 straight to g2x. I waited as long as I could. I will never renew if tmomail gets bought by att. I don’t know where I will take my money at that point.

  • http://Website finn

    I just hope it will come to Sprint, cuz I may be able to wait

  • http://Website Wasim

    I was gonna buy this phone regardless of if i buy a phone now or not…..the SGS2 is looking like a great device, and if it comes to tmobile, im on it! But once this Nexus 3 comes out….im ditching the SGS2 right away for it! Im a Nexus buyer, but the Nexus S disappointed me so much i talked myself out of it! Nexus 3 is gonna be sickkkkk!

  • http://Website duh

    World’s first mobile quad-core CPU
    New 12-Core NVIDIA GPU with support for 3D stereo
    Support for Extreme HD at a 2560 x 1600 resolution
    5x faster than the Tegra 2
    40 nm by TSMC
    Ultra Low Power GPU mode
    1080p H.264 High Profile video decode
    ——battery life….1 hour—–

    • http://Website Giggles

      Lol right? Next thing we know it won’t ship with a battery anymore but instead a grounded three prong ac adapter only lol

  • http://Website Giggles

    The sad part is, the term future proof isn’t even future proof anymore. The sad part is if you really want future proof it’s not on the android platform it’s on the iOS platform.

    • http://Website James

      uhm ios is not future proof, eg the 3gs doesnt get all the features and what about the 3g?? and Google has already said that products will have to be supported for at least 18 months(not great but its something)

      • http://Website Giggles


  • http://Website pepe

    Nice post. I was also convinced to buy Samsung Galaxy S2 when it hit the US (and then sending it to my country, wich is way away from there, menaning lots of $).. but it got me thinking. I might just wait 6 more months to see what ICS brings to us and what phone will squeeze it the most..

    BTW, when nexus 3 comes out, we might be seing the first 6-core phones coming out.. and the circle never ends. F#@k technology.

  • http://Website Moo

    First is koo and all but most of the time it doesn’t always equal the best. Actually most of the time the trailing tech comes out much better. My thing is get a phone you are satisfied with that does what you need it to do. As soon as the Nexus 3 comes out there is going to be that next phone that blows it away, then the next phone that blows that away. With the rate of technology I don’t see how you can future proof yourself. You get a Nexus 3 on a 2yr contract and by time your contract is up that thing will be considered ancient.

  • http://Website Justin

    You forgot the most anticipated feature of all. Ice Cream Sandwich will bring hardware acceleration to our phones. Can your stay snappy snap snap…………snap snap.

  • http://Website Comet

    This article pretty much sums up most of the reasons why I’m waiting for the Nexus 3. I have a Nexus One and although its starting to feel dated the jump to dual-core and getting a front facing camera is not worth it when you know that there is a larger performance leap coming around in a few months and most important, the reunification of the Android platform.
    But there are a few other reasons why I’m waiting. I think the way the tablet and smartphone market is right now, is simply not bearable for most people wallets.
    You get charged a very high price for adding small features such as extra flash memory or 3G. On top of that carriers are in my opinion illegally trying to block tethering applications and overcharging mobile access.
    Many families simply can’t afford mobile access for each family member. I think one of the key evolutions in the market will be hybrid devices. I mean smartphones turned tablets or netbooks.
    Products like the PadPhone, the Transformer, the Motorola Atrix and so on. And Ice Cream is the real glue here. One system that depending on the screen size is capable of converting its UI to Tablet or smartphone mode.
    There is a reason why Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5 for this summer. Apple is getting its weapons ready. Google will release ice-cream. And Microsoft will also release a big update to the Windows Phone family.
    Google will need a good Nexus product to showcase its platform capabilities. This fall will have a lot to talk about on how the market will move forward.

  • http://www.clusta.com h0ruza

    Ok so we could wait for the nexus 3 which really means waiting for Christmas just as we’re entering the summer….nah.

    This makes no sense to me as I love great devices because I’m a tech geek and proud of it so a better plan would be to upgrade to or go and buy a Samsung Galaxy SII now and in six months I could be gearing up the nexus 3.

    Win win.

    Look at where we are right now. The Galaxy S one is still a great phone and would be my choice above many new phones that are being released recently if it weren’t for its successor which has everything the nexus s has times y so this time next year do you think Samsung will sit on their hands or do you think they will fill the next flagship Galaxy S phone with even more mouth watering goodness?

    Save up your pounds or dollars, have one less drunken night a month and buy that mofo in cash with pride and a smile because at the same time you’re doing the world of good for the android market share.

    I known I’ll be buying a phone with a III in its name but it might not just be the concept version but the kickass flagship production car in 12 months as well.

  • http://Website Jedi

    I would have gotten the sensation, but my contract ends in December and i’ll get the full discount then, and that’s probably when the Nexus 3 will come out. It makes more sense to pay for another Nexus device (i love my nexus 1, still) when i have full discount on Tmobile then pay out the nose for a sensation now and it be outdated already 4 months later.

  • http://Website Rohan

    I can’t decide whether to wait for this or get SGS2!!
    If SGS2 comes with NFC (right now it doesn’t in India, but maybe in a month it will), then isn’t it pretty future-proof itself? 1GB ram, unlocked bootloader. It should be easy enough to put ICS on it even if samsung doesn’t release upgrade in time (CM8 anyone?)
    Will N3 have any other advantage over SGS2 that I’m missing here??

  • jian9007

    Yeah a Nexus phone about every 6 months is possible according to Rubin. He was saying that they release products in the Summer and around the holidays which means Nexus 3 around Christmas and then )possibly) another one next summer (coinciding with new versions of the OS). You wait for one then another one comes out just like all other smartphones. I’m on T-Mobile so who knows if the Nexus 3 will run on it if the AT&T merger gets approved. Google will not want to make a phone that would be incompatible with T-Mobile’s network shortly after the merger. That’s my main concern. They may release it for Sprint and AT&T instead for all we know.

    Additionally no announcement regarding SGS2 coming to T-mobile other than the rumored Hercules in September and that rumor says it would ship with Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz dual-core, not Sammy’s Exynos. If that’s the case I might as well get the Sensation 4G (since I’m currently eligible for the full upgrade discount) since it has the same chip then see what the Nexus 3 looks like and which carrier will get it. In the meantime at least I’ll have something better than the original MT3G I have now.

  • http://punmobile.net punzz

    yeah, it is come nividia tegra 3 !, and that extreme hd stuff is sooo exciting

  • http://alostpacket.com/ alostpacket

    One thing to note about using NFC for data sharing is the data transfer rates will be very slow. Approximately 1/4th that of Bluetooth (524kbps vs 2.1Mbps).

    I am also a bit biased as you can already share apps, contatcs, photos, and music over Bluetooth with my apps Listables and BlueMuze.

    There are also apps to that do data sharing using an internet connection which is still likely faster than NFC, although only slightly depending on your carrier/phone 3G/4G, etc.

    So this isnt really new, but NFC will be pretty cool fo auto configuration of Bluetooth data sharing or internet data sharing.

    It could also be cool when combined with Arduino for auto configuring a home automation task. You could, for instance, swipe your phone past an NFC sticker when you get home to turn on lights and music and preheat oven to cook up some dinner :)

  • http://Website Chris UK

    Now I know I’m probably being totally stupid, but I already follow A&M on twitter….

    How do I get Part 2 of the article…. ??????

  • TriggerTreats

    Love my N1 and I’m on the fence about getting something now or waiting for the N3. But who will make it? I certainly hope it’s not LG. After the problems with the G2X, specifically the reboot issue (which is worsening to the point where devices are getting caught in an endless boot cycle); people needing their devices replaced 2, 3, 4 sometimes even 5 times…LG pointing the finger at Tmo and Google and Tmo pointing the finger at LG (did no one learn that lesson from the N1′s launch?)…the whole thing is nothing short of a debacle. I fear an LG Nexus 3 would be Steve Jobs’ wet dream come true.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    “Google has always released a new version of Android accompanied by an Android phone—except with Froyo”

    Translation: Google has released two phones. One of them had a new version of Android and the other didn’t…..This is classed by yourself as ‘always’ is it?

    With that kind of logic I don’t put much store in this article.

  • http://Website Paul

    Cant wait, but if no LED notification light then no thanks. Get back to the Nexus 1 & put one on the Nexus 3

  • http://Website Ban

    Nvidas stuff is fuc*ing over rated. I mean look at how hyped tegra 2 was and what sh*t it actually is. Can’t even use a honeycomb tablet in a different orientation without butchering the frame rate.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    6 Reasons You Should NOT Wait for the Nexus S:

    1. The phone is 6-8 months away (an eternity in Android terms);

    2. The phone will be inferior in SOME specs (i.e. Nexus One multi-touch issues or Nexus S no SD micro-SD slot);

    3. If you like HTC.. If rumors are true about Tegra 3 since they don’t use Nvidia

    4. Although stock Android has advantages, it is downright amateur looking compared to Sense 3.0.

    5. If you are on AT&T, don’t expect the Nexus 3 until many months into 2012.

    6. If you are on Verizon, don’t expect it ever.

    • http://Website Mars

      You have no damn idea what this version of stock will look like. Not everyone wants that cartoony Sense. If someone wants to want until this comes out to compare to other options,phone/carrier,that’s their prerogative.

      • http://Website Mars

        Edit *If someone wants to wait..

      • http://Website Miguel

        Neither do you know what the processor will be…

        Neither do you know what the screen will be….

        Neither do you know who the manufacturer will be…

        Neither do you know how much internal storage it will have…

        Neither do you know if it will have removable storage…

        I have been a huge proponent of stock Android. My two phones were G1, Nexus One, and G2. However, Sense 3.0 has taken the interface to another level. It has polish and spit and small touches that make stock Android look almost as if unfinished.

        • http://Website Mars

          I didn’t claim to know any of the things you mentioned. I’m simply saying, if someone wants to wait and see what the Nexus 3 has to offer then make a decision after that..that is their prerogative. You keep going on this spiel about stock Android vs. Sense when none of us know how this new “unified” stock experience will look like come December. If you pull the trigger on a purchase now..fine, if later this year no biggie. Having a choice is great yeah?

    • http://Website Miguel

      *Correction: I meant “Nexus 3″

    • http://Website Gee

      Sense is amateur hour as far as graphic design is concerned. No better than what a first year graphic student would produce.

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m currently stuck with a Samsung Moment from Sprint and am upgrading to an EVO3D as soon as it comes out. Smoke signalling is more effecient than trying to use this defective POS phone. As much as I’d like to wait for a Nexus 3, right now it’s release date escapes us, and I for one simply cannot wait. Once I get my new phone, my Moment is going on the block to be a target for my 40 cal. :P

  • http://blessayfromamerica.blogspot.com Guy Bailey

    I am still a very happy N1 Owner – the lack of MicroSD turned me off the S but as my T-Mob contract runs out in Feb 2010; the N3 will be rolling along at exactly the right time.

    Keepin’ it in the (Nexus) Family.

    • http://Website Miguel

      So essentially what your saying is that since your contract is not up yet, your primary motivation for not upgrading now is that, not that you prefer the N1 over everything out there right now.

      I am coming off a Nexus One as well. While I prefer the colors and blacks on the N1 compared to the Sensation, everything else about the Sensation destroys the Nexus One.

      My primary reason for needing to get rid of the N1 is that I am constantly running out of storage space for apps. Plus the processor was getting slower and slower seemingly.

  • http://Website Grey Beard

    They promised “Console Quality” gaming with Tegra 2……now you’re saying we have to have a Tegra 3 to get it?

  • http://Website KKShiz

    Does the Nexus 3 have HDMI mirroring? Give me that and I’m 100% sold.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    We’re talking about at least a 6 month difference between the release of Sensation/Evo3D/SGS2 and the nexus 3. Waiting a month makes sense, but waiting 6 is a bit much. I can get a SGS2 now on contract, sell it for 5-600 down the line and pay an extra 100 to buy the Nexus 3 off contract.

  • http://Website TRDRACER21


  • http://www.appsbybirbeck.com/ Stewart

    Why choose? Since the Nexus One I’ve always had two devices. G1/N1, N1/Evo, Evo/NS4G, NS4G/Evo3D. Continuing this trend I will likely go with Evo3D/N3. There is nothing like having a pure Google device for development and the latest OS updates, but also its nice to have a more powerful and feature rich phone for my daily usage and don’t get bored with having the same phone for 2 years.

    Pay full price for the phones and either get the new BestBuy buy back guarantee or sell the outgoing model on CraigsList or eBay. It sucks having a $600 phone sit on my desk inactive, but when it comes time to sell, you don’t take much of a hit selling the phones used off-contract.

  • http://Website Manly Man

    Is the Nexus3 going to sprint?

  • DaEXfactoR

    heres a thought…what if the launch of the Nexus 3 coincides with the release of the widely speculated and mythical device, the ummmm,,,lets call it,, The Nexus Tablet??? pieces kinda fit,,,,Ice Cream Sandwich unifying the platform, Nvidia Tegra 3…interesting prospect. That being said, I cant wait…gonna get what I get now, and if those products come to fruition, guess I’ll get what I can get for The Evo3D and Galaxy Tab 10.1, and then get the new hot ish….

    • DaEXfactoR

      seriously though, i think its just too much speculation to put off getting some of the stuff available now. Especially holding off for a device that hasnt even been announced, never mind given a release date…get what you are gonna get now and be happy. something “better” will always be looming around the corner

  • http://Website Anjie

    I’d love this phone but the truth is. It won’t be a quad-core. Google’s not that stupid. Android isn’t even optimized for dual-core yet. Think about how long hazelnut or whatever it’s called will be. This will be one heck of a beast but what google does won’t suppress it’s hardware.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/wrg25 W!LL

    Is a good thing that I only use the nexus devices….. I started with the 1st ever Android phone the G1. Then the Nexus One and now the Nexus S…… and later the Nexus 3

  • http://Website What the?

    Did Google’s own Nexus used for the movie rental demo (time 24.45) lose 4g connectivity? LOL…and how is that individual model keeping full bars inside a large building when I keep reading stories of the NS having signal issues.

  • http://Website Lol

    Not connected to google services at 37:35 either…for seamless connectivity being one of the keywords at IO 2011, it continues to be an issue for a number of us NS adopters. :(
    I hope the N3 turns out with a better launch, reliability and “life” expectancy (no reboot fiasco, reception issues, or released without certain features that would increase the life use of the device such as a sd slot, snappier processors, better power management, etc). Doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest by all means. Just enough higher-end tech so the phone has a fighting chance to be “absorbed” (for the lack of a better word lol) by the consumers that it will have people having second thoughts on whether they want to upgrade for the next best thing. People still love their Evos and N1, both which are prime examples. (I know there are other phones out there people love so please stay off my case :))
    …At least I know the OEs are pumping out great phones like the sensation and photon to keep people like me satisfied. When I buy a phone, I make sure I’m going to be fine with it for the 2 years to come because dropping 200-600 dollars a pop every few months isn’t light on the wallet. Plans are decently priced for single lines but those family plans get expensive quickly and having a contract makes it all that much more important you buy something you’ll like…

  • http://Website EVO 3D RULES

    Verizon as well as At&t suck ROTTEN EGGS. Apple and the Crusty IPhone is also garbage

  • http://Website jbrandonf

    So one phone is released and all of a sudden game developers are going to want to port their “console quality” games over when only a fraction of overall android users can play it? BS

    And NFC will only be great when everybody has it. It’ll probably be a few years before technology like that really kicks into high gear.

  • http://Website Secret admirer

    I know I should’ve been paying attention to other stuff, but… Anand is hot! :P

  • http://Website Joshua

    LOL!!! I swear you guys wrote the same article about why to wait for the Nexus 2! Look how that turned out… nothing special at all. I may wait for this, but i’m certainly not going to be as ambitious about it as you guys are. You are a little over the top in expectations.

    NFC is quickly becoming a must have technology????? Seriously, do you live in the NFC capital of the world or something because I don’t see it anywhere. I don’t see many apps for it. It’s still virtually non existent. I usually am not very harsh with words but that was a really dumbass thing to say. Going to read part 2 now, but like the Nexus 3 I am not going to get my hopes up….

  • http://Website Mike

    hey…i heard that samsung s3 will have 3D video support… would nexus 3 have such a facility…
    which one would be better galaxy s3 or nexus 3

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