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HTC EVO 4G gains Gingerbread, loses Netflix

After waiting for months, HTC EVO 4G users finally got a taste of Gingerbread this weekend. Though you may be enjoying the benefits of the update to Android 2.3, there seems to be a pretty big downside as well. As many of you have probably realized, Netflix has stopped working on updated EVOs. Netflix has stripped the EVO 4G from the list of supported devices and confirmed this is due to the recent Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

This is not good news to hear, especially for one of the very few Snapdragon devices that is compatible with the Netflix app. Netflix has been one of the most anticipated apps on the Android platform, and its arrival was big news to everyone, even though many can’t make use of it. Netflix does mention that they are working on a fix, but no details on the time frame were given.

Having this service available on Android is great, but it has also been a great disappointment for many Android users. The fact that it is only compatible with a few devices is definitely a big issue in and of itself, but it seems like OS updates might be bringing issues as well. One does wonder if this problem will rise up every time a device receives an update. What do you guys think? EVO users, are you upset about this?

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website Dclaryjr

    Yea, it’s disappointing but since I’m bi-mobile, I’d rather watch it on my iPad anyway. I’m more interested in seeing if we’re gonna get Sense 3.0

    • http://Website watbetch

      On this old junk? lolno

      • ayocuz

        Sense 3.0 might be dual core only

        • http://Website HunterNIU

          I have Sense 3.0 on my EVO 4G. Works great without dual core.

          Netflix stopped working just today though.

  • http://Website Matt

    Kind of annoying, don’t really notice much a difference with this update and and I lost an app I was starting to use frequently. I wouldn’t update if you have an EVO and like netflix.

    • http://www.dtmcd.com tmctiger

      I didn’t update my evo and netflix stopped working and disappeared. so even with not updating netflix still doesn’t work.

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog Nick Portelli

    I have root and will wait for the modders to incorporate the new update…or just go cyanogen.

  • swhall

    Call Netflix and complain 1-866-716-0414. I did and was told they want to hear from their customers. They said their engineers were working on a fix, they want their Android app to be successful. I am able to login and see movies, lists, etc. but can’t stream anymore.

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Im rooted and streaming my a$$ off running Cyanogen Mod This app alone has added an additional 2.5 gb of usage per month. Good thing I have unlimited usage.

    They may not be a reality soon :0(

  • http://Website john

    Yes, I’m not happy. I spent about $50 bucks on an HDMI docking station so I would have netflix on my tv when I travel. Yet another wasted investment.

    • http://Website Mojojojo

      CM7 2.3.3 Evo Netflix has worked from day one…sounds to me like it is the way they updated the OS and not the Netflix App, working fine here on my end.

    • Taha


      I have a H T C evo 4G and upgraded to android 2.3.3 and now HDMI not working. did you get yours working. how? please share detsiks. thasks much.

  • http://Website Nick

    It’s pretty frustrating, considering they didnt add anything to benefit me. In fact they also removed the ability to turn off internet from the menu when holding down power.

  • http://Website jes24

    Wii dUh

  • http://Website MrEvil

    They’ve disabled the app on all HTC evos, mine is still running 2.2 and the app stopped working on Sunday.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Actually the gingerbread update was much better than what everyone here is speaking of. This update has brought a better sense experience to the evo 4g as well as better ability to manage your battery usage, better browser functionality, better keyboard, just a much snappier experience in general much better than froyo hands down. As far as netflix being missing now i can only hope they fix it soon not only for the evo 4g but for the evo 3d as well and the sensation on tmobile. Until then I will gladly use HTC WATCH ON MY NEW EVO 3D or download some moview from android market either way I will be fine until it is fixed.

  • WickedToby741

    They’re just getting into the Android game, there are hiccups to be expected as they learn the ropes. Anybody remember how much of a rocky start it was for Angry Birds?

  • http://Website Tim

    Who cares not me! I don’t want to watch a movie on a phone anyway. And it is Netflix’s problem to fix their software not Android.

  • http://Website Evo_Dro


    • http://Website Darla

      haha, i have an iPhone and im laughing…

      • http://Website Lin

        I have an android and I’m streaming it to my tv, who’s laughing now? Btw how amazing is it when I want to switch battery on an iphone, I can’t even do that. What a waste.

      • http://Website Nexus S 4g FTW.

        I have a Nexus S and it slaughters your iPhone….neeeext!

  • http://Website Misscanales

    Yes super pissed finally found a way to watch movies then this happens but on the other hand my evo is faster and I hv netflix on xbox

  • http://Website eddie

    im really pissed this sucks. i was enjoying watching my netflix on my phone “EVO” . im rooted. will it work on that cyanogen??? if it dis im rebooting to that again. let me know if it works on it????

    • http://Website Jess Newcomb

      Yes it does flawlessly as does google music. I have cyanogenmod 7 and both are up and running.

  • http://Hellyehaaisbeen4dayssincethatntheyhaven'tfixthatimabouttocancelnetflixaccount werner


  • http://Website WorksMike K

    Works fine on my updated EVO 4G.

  • http://Website Guorgio

    Losses Netflix I wish only Netflix that I lost four of my most used apps that I paid for don’t work anymore my evo and my wife and son and family members ho converted to evo from iPhone mad about what happen now I must say I hate android I used to love my evo now I wish that I stayed with the stupid iPhone I lost so mush money that I have invested with our evos ma Vafanculo

    • http://Website Steve

      Yeah, iphones is so cool. Please, go back to it.

  • http://Website MicroNix

    What is Netflix doing? If the Netflix app works on an OG Droid running Gingerbread, then it sure as heck should run on the EVO. Why are they having such difficulty with this?

  • http://Website hindle

    If your rooted change your build.prop like we had to on nook color

  • http://Website Mark

    I’m disappointed, but knowing how hard it is to stay on top of updates from platform developers and knowing very little about how well in advance the Netflix team actually had access to the release candidate of 2.3 for the EVO I can’t be too bitter about it.

    Netflix has been great to me for five years. I can watch it on my comp and Xbox, the EVO was really just a bonus. I can wait, it’s not killing me not having it.

    Still kinda bummed though. Was hoping to watch an episode of IT Crowd in bed tonight :/

  • http://Website Jess Newcomb

    Go with the cyanogenmod 7 gingerbread love and you get google music and netflix flawlessly I might add.

  • http://Website EVOlutionized

    Rooted Evo running Android 2.2 and Netflix works fine. I did try a rooted version of the 2.3 update and Netflix worked then as well. Switched back to 2.2 just to see if I could. Anyway, I came across this link and you can download the Netflix app from there to see if that works.


    • http://Website Averymc77

      tried this link…didn’t work

    • http://Website AnnLee

      nope doesn’t work

    • http://Website Jaydon

      Thanks for the link.
      It downloaded & installed just fine. Now if only it would play my shows. I pressed n held to open in a new tab n download started automatically.

    • http://Website Luis

      WOW!!!!!! THANK YOU!! Downloaded this app installed it and it works just like before ( make sure to allow your phone to install third party apps first) but this is a working app!

  • http://Website Michael Hawk

    Upset? It is currently 1am on Wednesday and I am still going on ONE battery since 8am yesterday (Tuesday). This is a first, folks. Prior to the Gingerbread update, I had three batteries that I would swap out in the same timeframe. I can forgo Netflix for a little while for this perk alone. I no longer experience some minor annoyances in Swype which seem to have disappeared since the update as well. Screen transitions are smoother and it just seems faster. I am REALLY glad I updated even if Netflix broke in the process.

    • http://Theturneddownalltheradiostoboostbatterylife! Mad Dog

      I live in the country and Sprint 3G just barely made it here to begin with. No I have zero 3G, zero to one bar for cell tower (depending on which part of the house I’m in) and the wifi strength is MUCH lower.

      Please give me back my old HTC EVO! Sprint – You screwed up!

  • http://Website Shepdawg

    My Netflix app says there is a new version found and that I need to upgrade, but when I hit OK it says the requested item could not be found…meanwhile the app is running in the background, but I cannot access it with the overlying information screens…whats up with that?

  • http://Website evohacker

    I have a rooted evo running the older fresh 2.2 Rom and netflixs still works did update but flashed back when I found netflix quit working and I know cyanogenmod 7 works but it has a lot of bugs and I like htc sense that’s why I bought a sense phone

  • http://Website jude

    Ya I’m so mad I updated my EVO n now netflix don’t work n its not on the market either so I pages 8$ for nothing thanks 4 the disappointments n wasting my $

  • http://Website jk

    Yes especially after buying a nexus 4g for my wife because it was compatible with netflix.if it doesn’t update soon for my evo I will be cancelling my subscription!

  • http://Website zaxonne’

    I am so glad I checked before updating to gingerbread. I will wait for the issue to be resolved with Netflix before updating.

  • http://Website Wayne

    Just don’t up date……. Still working on 2.2… so glad I waited.

  • http://Website chris

    Help yeah I’m mad now I can’t watch movies or my weeds

  • EVO User

    So glad I didn’t update my EVO yet. Netflix still working great on Froyo 2.2.

    • http://Website Ricky

      Lucky…….I fucked I love netflix

  • http://Website arturo

    Upset is a little light, I’m pretty pissed. That was the best app I had. I loved netflix.

  • http://Website John

    What’s really frustrating about all of this is that Netflix just killed the EVO regardless of the OS it was running.

    This of us who didn’t upgrade and stayed with Froyo are blocked from using Netflix even though nothing changed on our end.

    What a crock of BS.

  • http://Website Mad Dog

    Sprint – You screwed up! Lowering radio strength to gain battery life! Bogus! Give me back 2.2!

    I live in the country and Sprint 3G just barely made it here to begin with. No I have zero 3G, zero to one bar for cell tower (depending on which part of the house I’m in) and the wifi strength is MUCH lower.

    Have you all noticed the the OS does a soft-reboot after using the Facebook App and several others? Mine takes about 20 seconds to reload each time I leave several apps and I do not like it!

    Please give me back my old HTC EVO! Sprint — You screwed up!

  • http://Website Mad Dog

    Sprint – You screwed up! Lowering radio strength to gain battery life! Bogus! Give me back 2.2!

    I live in the country and Sprint 3G just barely made it here to begin with. Now I have zero 3G, zero to one bar for cell tower (depending on which part of the house I’m in) and the wifi strength is MUCH lower.

    Have you all noticed the the OS does a soft-reboot after using the Facebook App and several others? Mine takes about 20 seconds to reload each time I leave several apps and I do not like it!

    Please give me back my old HTC EVO! Sprint — You screwed up!

  • http://Website Ricky

    I’m very disappointed that this new update isn’t supported by Netflix this make me want to uninstall this update just so I can use Netflix once again. Netflix is by far my most favorite app that’s why I’m so disappointed.

  • http://Website Luis

    The only reason I became a netflix member was cuz I wanted to watch movies thru my evo 4g! But now strongly considering canceling membership!!!

  • http://Website jimdboat

    Yet another disappointment from Sprint and HTC. It’s just like the sync support for Office 2010; they can’t get their act together and admit it when confronted with their problems. All I can say is RENEWAL TIME will come up and you know what they say about payback. I wouldn’t buy their stock unless you short it.

  • http://Website Julissa

    Hey…i actually have evo 4G and updated my phone to version 2.3 and netflix tells me that it has been deactivated! Damm

    I really want Netflix company to solve this issue. This upsets me pretty bad!
    Hopefully they find a solution!

  • http://Website Charles Snyder

    Actually, I am going to cut them a little slack. I have experience in governance issues when dealing with App development on mobile platforms. Its not only the operating system, but particulars of the hardware can cause problems. Should they have regression tested this app first, prior to the launch of 2.2? . Yes. But I am assuming that the fix is probably working through their SDLC procedures. Hopefully, they are using Agile, not Waterfall. Netflix should investigate some automatic tools that can check for these types of bugs.

  • http://Website Mikedeezy

    Uh, yeah, I’m freaking furious!! I had been keeping my old iPhone with me just for the Netflix funtionality. Then finally I got it for my EVO 4G and it was awesome so I finally got rid of that stupid small screened iPhone!! I was super excited about early gingerbread updatability so like an idiot I went ahead and updated even though I knew the update killed netflix from my engadget feed, which is glorious by the way. I assumed they would fix it quickly and all would be well. Now its been over a week and still no news on even a timeframe?! WTF?! They should be hammering out code like nobody’s business! iOS updates have been hacked sooner. Oh well I just have to live with it I guess. It just sucks to have awesomeness for a short time and then its gone. And while I’m on the subject I have one more gripe not related to netflix. I bought the EVO when it first came out. It was the first 4G phone on the first 4G network. It’s been almost a year and I still don’t have 4G service!! Yet I see people all around me who have never had a smartphone ever before and don’t know a damn thing about technology with the latest dual core models running on verizons, tmobiles, and atts 4g networks. WTF Sprint!!!?! I was the first one and sprint was the first provider and everyone else except me has 4G. Epic fail!!

  • http://www.drcellphone.com Dr. Cell Phone

    We have had a lot of people calling in about this problem. Everyone who updated to 2.3 lost their app, some get stuck at the log-in screen and some who did uninstall and now trying to install again can’t find the app in the market.

    This would be a big loss for netflix, if they don’t put together an update pretty soon for EVO.

  • http://Website lovelyday

    oh so sad…my comp died a few weeks ago and my evo was the only thing giving me my netflix american dad fix…so sad…i would have delayed the update had i known :(
    hurry up netflix app!

  • http://Website lovelyday

    oh so sad…my comp died a few weeks ago and my evo was the only thing giving me my netflix american dad fix…so sad…i would have delayed the update had i known :(
    hurry up netflix app!

  • http://Website carmelo

    This is really upsetting & not fair

  • http://Website GaryT

    I haven’t updated yet . . . Netflix still working for me. Glad I waited. Has anyone heard and ETA for a fix of this issue?

  • http://Website Michael

    I just called them… they said it would probably be another couple of weeks. =o(

  • http://Website jmajico

    Hell yeah! Almost wish I still had my iPhone :(

  • http://Website h2obaby

    I didnt update my evo and my netflix still stopped working!!!!!

  • http://Website gia

    I was able to download the netflix app in the marketplace, it took up so much memory that I decided to temporarily unistall until I needed it, went back and it was gone……. I hope they can figure this out.

  • http://Website Luis

    Very upset. Mainly because of the lack of communication with customers. As a paying customer I would have appreciated some kind of “heads up” or at least an explanation of what happend. It’s understandable that issues will arise when new platforms are being used but to not have open communication with customers is not very good business. Hopefully this issue is addressed soon. Are there any suggestions on who I should try to contact in order to voice my concerns and compaints? I can’t review the app becuase I uninstalled it believing a re-install might solve the issue only to find out the app was no longer available to EVO 4G users.

  • http://Website stragler

    I guess fortunately I didn’t even know about the gingerbread update, now I will wait till netflix gets update. I still get the “newer version available” message on the app, but just hit cancel and away we go.

  • http://Website Wesley

    No worries for me. Works on my evo running cm7.

  • http://Website Katelyn216

    I don’t understand how it’s working for some and not others. I bought the Evo the first week it came out. I never got the netflix app to work to play movies. I could only check and update my queue. My husband just bought the new Sprint Google Nexus One 4g and it plays netflix movies in HD and his phone was less than my EVO after all the rebates. How come a less expensive phone can do it, and the EVO can’t?

  • http://Website bigsf49er

    Fuck ya I’m mad.

  • http://Website mslovelyday

    I read somewhere that we’re getting an update as soon as today!

  • http://Website martianpackets

    I experienced the same problem… upgraded to Gingerbread from Froyo and Netflix died.

    Now, about 2 weeks later, Netflix is back on the app store. I installed it on my HTC Evo with Gingerbread. It doesn’t work right now. When I try to load a movie, it shows 3 seconds, then it goes back to the previous screen.

    I hope they’re still vigorously working on this problem. Frankly it is unacceptable to have their core application become broken, and then to have no communication readily visible (for instance, a link to a page in one of the include files on the netflix consumer web site) explaining what happened and what is being done to rectify the problem.

    I don’t necessarily blame Netflix for the problem itself — after all I don’t know how Android communicates its upgrades to major providers like Netflix – I blame Netflix for the sophomoric, head in the sand way they’ve handled the problem once they learned about it. I expect more from a college kid who is programming php web sites on the side.

  • http://rediff sm

    Yes very upset