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HTC EVO 4G to get another update in 5 days, Netflix coming back

HTC EVO 4G owners were very happy about the recent Gingerbread update. The device was running smoother than ever and things seemed to be perfect… until EVO users tried to watch their favorite movies on Netflix. It wasn’t nice to find the app was no longer able to stream movies or that the HTC EVO 4G was taken off Netflix’s supported devices list.

But it looks like things are about to get better, because Android Police’s ninjas have just brought us a reason to be happy again. This leaked document states that the HTC EVO 4G will be getting yet another OTA update on June 20th (next Monday). This update will fix issues with the visual voicemail notifications, the hearing aid compatibility menu and, yes, the Netflix compatibility problems.

It’s definitely nice to hear this problems is getting resolved so quickly. HTC EVO 4G users will definitely appreciate having Netflix back. Check out the image of the leaked document below for more details about the update. Hold on tight, EVO users!

Via: Android Police

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  • http://Website steve

    Nice!! Then the rooted update will be available on June 21st!

    • http://Website BREAKING NEWS

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  • http://Website Hugh Jasoll


  • http://Website Boriqua2000

    Netflix was just one of many apps that stopped working after the update. I wish i can go back to froyo. Gingerbread messed up my EVO4G

  • http://Website bjhoppy

    Good deal! Only issue I have had was the Netflix app. Other then that the update rocked!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    At least that will give me a little while with my Evo 4g and netflix before I purchase my Evo 3d. They better get netflix rolling on that very fast

    • http://Website Oreo

      Have you seen the review of the Evo 4g 3D from Engadget. Ha ha. Glad I have T-mobile and the brand new Sensation 4G.

      • http://Website snowbdr89

        3d on a phone is a total joke and this phone is a over hyped gimmick id take tge sensation over the evo 3d anyday

        • http://Website panic


          • http://Website Ed

            Ah great coment! Tmobile sucks!

  • http://Website chris

    HEY! Why is it taking it soo long for the Samsung Epic 4g to get the app?

  • http://Website ÿ╩┌

    htc is evil, its asian

  • http://Drippler Troy Thompson

    Why haven’t they fix the problem with the sound coming out of the head jack? It’s still coming out in mono not stereo.

  • http://802.11n? swedub

    Are they going to give us 802.11n back? I want my extended N range back! They gave it to us June 2010 then took it away June 2011!

    Check it out for yourself …

    Settings > About Phone > Hardware Information > Wi-Fi : 802.11b/g

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    @panic i never said it wasnt a bad phone but i did say take away the 3d and its no different then most phones that are coming out an most people bag on it because of dickhead yarrells obsession over the dumb thing!! Dick your obsession over this phone is getting a lil creepy maybe its time you get a girlfriend homie, i mean a real girlfriend


    can netflix get us xoom owners going please !!!

  • http://Website steve

    will there be a fix for the compass on this upcoming June 20

  • http://Website catalino

    Hope this works and I get netflix back

  • http://Website don

    Yes, who needs a 3d camera? as far as Im concerned, that is a deal breaker for me on the evo 3d. Just give me a good quality, simple, REGULAR camera. Maybe I will move to t-mobile for the sensation if I can’t get root on my EVO again.

  • http://Website jeremy rathbun

    Don’t download the OTA update it will cause problems with the software on your phone. It sends text messages out to other people that you have not selected for text. It deletes things off your phone without asking. It won’t let you delete notifications and gives you a false notification icon. HTC prematurely released this update without further testing. If it is netflix you are trying to get working again I sugest you go back to android 2.2.1 unrolled they get this issue resolved.

  • http://Website jim yes

    the breaking news of update to 4.22.651.1 will fix the netflix problem. supposedly coming out today. yet under my system info software number shows 4.22.651.2. the installed softer is of a higher release number than the software coming out? confusing!

    • http://Website jim

      the software coming out is 4.24.651.1..

  • http://Website marvin

    when is this update is suppose to happen it is now june 20 when the update is suppse to be and running and when i check my phone says there is no update whats going on. is it going to happen or is it a butch of bs.

  • http://Website Justin

    This a GB update for EVO SHIFT!!!! NOT EVO 4G!!!!!

    • http://Website bjhoppy

      You obviously were wrong. People are getting the update. Just got mine.

  • http://Website robert

    I accidently deleted my netflix app off my EVO 4g and now I can’t seem to find it to put it back on any suggestions

    • http://Website kevin

      I am right there with ya. Uninstalled Netflix after Gingerbread to try a reinstall and it wasn’t out there. Now after the update released yesterday, I still can’t download Netflix app. Maybe you could find someone else that has it and use the bump app to get it back on yours? Never used that app but that is the only way I can think of getting it back on the phone.

      • http://Website Robert

        didnt think of trying to bump it i know i tried doing the app sharing app on the phone and that didnt work so i’ll try to do the bump gotta put it back on my phone though

  • http://Website Jason

    I’ve got an HTC Evo 4G, under Sprint… and I’m currently running [Software Number] 4.22.651.2. I checked for an HTC Software update yesterday, and today (12:37 PM EST), and… nothing. “There are no updates available for our phone.” Can anyone confirm that they’ve actually received this update and they’re actually running the new software version?

    • http://Website Jason

      Hmm… Oddly enough, I flipped off my 4G radio and checked for an update on 3G and voilà, there it is … To software version 4.24.651.1. Weird to me that it wasn’t detectable over 4G, but… Oh well… It’s only 6-some MBs, so it won’t hurt.

  • http://Website Jason

    So, my update installed flawlessly and I’m back up and running. Apparently the App Market still isn’t offering the Netflix App for the Sprint HTC PC3100 (HTC EVO). So, the update was applied for Netflix compatibility… and now it’s on Netflix to provide the app that supported by our latest build? Anybody know when we can expect that?

  • http://Website Jason

    OK, spent some time on the phone with Sprint Advanced Tech. Support, HTC customer service, and Netflix Customer Service.

    Long story short: I’m the first to report the issue to Sprint based on the update, but they anticipate more calls now. There’s nothing they can do and they’re at the mercy of the HTC updates that are pushed to the phone.

    HTC: We don’t deal with the apps, and we can’t help you (which is bull-shit), you need to call and talk to Netflix directly.

    Netflix: Oh, there was a new Sprint update recently to address the netflix compatibility issue after the 2.3.3 gingerbread update? (new to him). Regardless, he said that the app is not ready yet and that’s why it’s not delivered out and available for download in the Market. They get a lot of calls on this, it’s a big issue, and something will be available in the near future (no specific date or ETA provided), and check out blog about the issue (netflix.com/blog) for updates.

    That’s it. So, no netflix fix for this individual HTC Evo user :(

  • http://Website Raimond

    I am getting my EVO 4G tomorrow from WireFly. Leaving the iPhone after 4 years. Will I automatically get notified about the update and should I install it?. I do not use Netflix or tethering at all.


    • http://Website Jason


      You can always manually check to see if any updates are available for your phone’s software by (from the home screen) pressing [Menu], selecting [Settings], scrolling all the way down to and selecting [System Updates], then selecting [HTC software update] and pressing the [Check now] button at the bottom. It will tell you whether or not it’s found updates for your phone.

      If you check the [Scheduled check] option under that same menu, it should proactively go out and check for system software updates based on a schedule it obtains from a server, and will notify you of updates. I personally rely more on manual checks than I do on the scheduled checks/notifications.

      Best wishes with the Evo… I think you should be pleased : []

      • http://Website Raimond

        Thank for the detailed instructions on the update issue, a big help for me.
        I am really looking forward to the arrival of the phone. I went to the local Sprint store and got to look at the system for a short time. It seams, like I had read over and over to be a superior OS from the iOS I have become so accustomed to.

        For the second part of my question, it seams to me following this trend that there are issues with the Gingerbread update. Forgive me if I don’t get whole version matrix correct the first time. I don’t want to right away while try to learn my way around the Android OS throw a wrench into the mix.
        Thanks again….

        • http://Website Jason


          For me, overall, I’ve really appreciated the Gingerbread update. It has resolved battery-life issues pretty well for me, and the UI is smoother and more responsive than ever.

          There are only really two major issues that Gingerbread introduced for me:

          1) They patched a security flaw to allow ShootMe (a screenshot app) from working on the Evo. It was never meant to work on non-rooted phones, but there was a flat that allowed it access to the graphics data, which they deem a security risk, so they patched it and now ShootMe and no other screenshot app. works to allow me to take screenshots of my phone. The app will still work for rooted devices, but I’m not one of the rootees.

          2) Of course… The Netflix app is not yet troubleshooted to work with the latest Gingerbread software to stream videos. This makes the Netflix app unavailable in the market, and you can’t download it. Netflix is working on the issue, but still not finished yet and hasn’t unvailed the app. back to us users. They’re working on it though.

          Other than that, I love my non-rooted Evo, and wouldn’t trade it for an iPhone, even with the Gingerbread update and the known issues I listed above, which are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. : []

  • http://Website Jason

    The app has now come back as being available in the market for the Evo 4G (Spring HTC PC36100). I downloaded it and it is mostly working properly without issue, with the exception of a few episodes of shows just not loading completed and giving me a locked black screen that can be force-closed, and doesn’t require you to force-close the entire Netflix app. So, a work in progress I would think, but mostly satisfactory, considering this is my first time actually using Netflix on my device.

  • Robert D Hirst

    I have the EVO 4g. Can the navagation directions be heard on a bluetooth earpiece? If so, what is the procedure to get the sound at the headset?

  • James

    anyone else having a problem with the evo design and pluging it into tv and watching netflix