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HTC Evo3D launches June 24th at Radioshack

The folks over at Phandroid have gotten a hand on a Radioshack circular (check it out in the gallery below) announcing the release date of HTC’s flagship Evo3D on Sprint. Those of you wishing and hoping for an early June release will be slightly disappointed, as you won’t be able to get your hands on the Evo3D until June 24th.

Sprint has not yet announced the availability of the Evo3D from their stores. It’s possible they’ll release it a day or two earlier, but for now we’ll assume the 24th is the final date.

Though not necessarily the best of news, June 24th will be here before you know it, and 3 weeks is just a short time to wait for this awesome device.

Who’s going to be waiting in line on the 24th when these beast hits stores? Or are you holding out for the Photon 4G or Galaxy S2? Sound off in the comments below.


Via: Phandroid

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  • http://Website zeeshan

    omg omg omg omg the HTC EVO 3D hits stores in less than a month. I cannot wait to get my hands on it

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Does anyone really care about this over hyped locked phone?

    • http://Website Justin

      Apparently you didn’t get the memo. HTC has publicly stated that they are no longer locking the bootloader on this phone and have no intention of doing it for future android phones.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell


  • http://Website Noriega713

    I almost bought it but he writes IN CAPS LIKE THIS!!!! remember…lol.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Fake Yarell’s been spam’ed. :)

      • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

        Where is our resident, uh… troll? I would have figured he’d be all over this thread already. ;-)

  • http://Website JOHN

    Richardo Yarrell you’re the biggest douchebag

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      PISS ON YOU….JOHN……..

  • http://Website snowbdr88

    Im really hope your not reffering to me as that p.o.s. dickless yarrell

  • http://Website Antjones21

    Snowbdr88 how is the phone over hyped because it’s 3D? if you take away the 3D it still is one of the best phones out there spec wise. Secondly it’s not going to be locked, HTC has already come out and said it will not be.

    • http://Website snowbdr89

      Id hope its not locked down, a locked phone is more useless then dick yarrell

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Never FEED THE ASSHOLE TROLLS they are both the same dirty bums…@Snowbdr88 or Snowbdr89 just pointless same ol garbage. Piss on him and WHOEVER HATES SPRINT OR THE EVO 3D

  • http://Website Drobot

    I’ve had mine pre ordered at Best buy since may 2nd. Finally an official date imo!!!!! I will miss my og Evo but my dad will enjoy it.

  • http://Website abluedevil

    Can’t wait for this beast to come out. I love my Evo, but it’s time for an upgrade.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    i know htc came out n said they will unlock their phones from this point on so obviously phones like the evo 3d and the sensation have already been made so im curious if they will be locked or unlocked!!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    HTC Evo 3d will simply be the best NOTHING WILL BE BETTER. June 24th well it is what it is I’ll just spend sometime with the very close cousin of my beloved Evo 3d the t-mobile Sensation. I will be front and center at t-mobile June 12 or 15 just to play around with this and learn the device so when Evo 3d comes out I will be able to quickly set my device. These devices will both be the best on the market for the summer of 2011. Content is KING and the Evo 3d will have so much content and with Qualcomm announcing there snapdragon platform game store the games will be endless. Whoever HATES EVO 3D OR HTC/SPRINT….WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK OR FEEL…Evo 3d will RULE android JUST like the Evo 4g did in 2010…

  • http://Website Arokiadoss

    I am eagerly waiting for this Evo 3D. I bought Evo 4g last month with Bestbuy Buy Back Program and I am impressed by the speed and various other features of this phone. When I upgrade my phone to Evo 3D, I will have to pay only 100 bucks more from my pocket. Rest of the money (350$) will be provided by Buyback program :-))