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HTC readying OTA update to unlock Sensation’s bootloader

Keeping true on the promise to return to their hacker-friendly roots, HTC has indicated they are working to prepare a software update for the T-Mobile HTC Sensation that will serve to unlock the phone’s bootloader. (Though we still aren’t completely sure what they mean by “unlocked”).

This update from HTC didn’t come via traditional channels such as Facebook or Twitter, but instead surfaced as an email response to concerned members over at XDA. With the launch of the Sensation only a week away, the modder/early-adopter crowd was starting to get antsy over this issue, and it’s good to see that HTC has responded in some way to their concerns.

Since no visual proof was offered, we’re still a tad on the skeptical side before we receive official word from HTC on this issue. That being said, we are optimistic that the Sensation will be unlocked at some point in light of HTC’s recent adjustment of their lockdown policy.

Does this move by HTC have you re-considering the Sensation 4G, which hits stores on June 15th, or have you already decided on the Galaxy S2? Or to hold out for the Nexus 3? Sound off in the comments.

Via: Unwiredview

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website Dennis P

    If they unlock it we will buy!

    • http://Website Sarah Palin (the republican hood rat)

      i hope they unlock the fragmentation and unlock better games as well!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Alankrut Patel

    I really want this phone. But i hope it doesnt have the acclaimed “Death Grip” that people are talking about

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Don’t hold it that way? muahahaha

    • http://Website btelks

      All phones have death gripe issue. It’s only tested out tho on phones with external antanne for some reason. Don’t let it fool you.

    • splitsan

      i have been using the sensation for the past 2 months now and i have not experienced any death grip issues.

  • http://Website fuzzy80

    What about Desire S and Incredible S?

  • osatrevor

    Honestly… Not having NFC is the big deal breaker for me here. We all saw at I/0 how hyped Google was about using NFC in the future and I think they are going to really start pushing it from Ice Cream Sandwich forward. I would hate to have a phone that doesn’t take full advantage of what Google sees as the future. For this reason I will either buy the Galaxy S II or the Nexus 3. It all depends on how long it takes Samsung to actually launch the fabled phone.

    On a side note anyone know how I can get Google Music Beta to work on Verizon phone flashed to Cricket?

    • http://Website 20°

      There will be micro sd cards with NFC in them in the future, so you will have that option if the phone doesn’t offer it. Also, NFC isn’t popular enough atm to “need” it right now anyways. Maybe in a year, but not now imo.


      • osatrevor

        Very nice! I hadn’t heard about these chips and that does change the game a bit…

    • http://Website whosaidwhat

      Didn’t google announce a sticker that will make any smartphone NFC capable?

  • http://wolstenhol.me Phil Wolstenholme

    This is the one thing stopping me from buying a Sensation to replace my ageing Hero that unfortunately died a watery death… I agree that NFC would be nice, but at this point is still probably more of a novelty niceness than an essential.

  • fatspirit

    OTA delivery means no warranty is broken (like in case of SONY’s unlocking)?

    • http://Website Dags

      Not necessarily. Even on the Nexus One, if you unlocked it (typed ‘fastboot oem unlock’) you were warned that it would void your warranty. I expect that HTC will provide a similar solution here, ie. S-ON until you choose to unlock.

  • fatspirit


  • http://Website JD

    Bought mine today from Walmart. I have faith that this thing will be rooted within the month.

  • http://Website Tmo dont go

    I really like the specs of this phone and having a 3.0 sense ROM on my MT4G, I really enjoy the Sense as well. Only thing stopping me from buying this phone or any other T-Mobile phone is the possible merger at hand. I don’t want to buy an expensive phone then become part of the AT&T family. If it does happen, then I’m stuck with a phone I won’t use as I’ll jump ship to a different company.

  • http://Website Dags

    I’m sorry that Android And Me don’t know what an ‘unlocked bootloader’ means. It means you can flash ROMs not signed by HTC. That’s all. It’s spelled out quite clearly when you unlock the bootloader on your Nexus One. Samsung knows what an unlocked bootloader means, Sony Ericsson knows what an unlocked bootloader means, and HTC knows what an unlocked bootlader means. If you guys don’t know what it means, I suggest you do a bit more research but at the very least it means that HTC will give users a legitimate process to change their new phones to S-OFF (probably through a ‘fastboot oem unlock’ command). That post by Russell that you linked to was an ignorant, negative load of…

  • http://Website bill

    Per an email I just recieved from HTC Support, ANYONE telling you that ANY specific HTC phone will be unlocked is full of it…. they are still working on it and have NO specifics for ANY phones.

    “We’re pleased to announce that we have heard everyone’s comments and constructive suggestions and have decided to go forward with this initiative. We currently don’t have information regarding which phones will be unlocked; Keep an eye on our official website and official social media outlets for announcements about which phones will be bootloader unlocked.
    We currently don’t have a schedule yet, but stay tuned; we will let you know via through our official website and official social media outlets.”

    So the ONLY thing that HTC is saying is that they are working on it, but there are still NO details on if they will only be unlocking NEW phones, only phones produced after a specif date, or ALL phones.

  • http://T_MOBILE stAfly

    UNLOCK… i have this phone… its a B-A phone… all we need is the bootloader unlocked and it will arguably be one of the best phones out there….

  • http://Website puschkin

    i hope they unlock sensations from vodafoon to

  • babar

    Hello Everyone can tell me somebody after the Boot loader the all problem of HTC Sensation ( Death grip Issue,Battery Drain, and Over heat Up Device) will fix or not any Body have a solution of these issues please kindly inform me and please tell me how to install this application & whats advantage or disadvantage this app thanks u..Please put some attention