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HTC Thunderbolt keeps rebooting? Fix is on the way!

Being Verizon’s first 4G LTE Android smartphone is no simple task. The consumer is not very easily satisfied, and the HTC Thunderbolt’s battery life is already a huge concern. Well, some things we can handle. We might even forgive Verizon for the infamous 4G downtime. We also know that 4G LTE sucks the life out of the batteries, so we can even live with that if we so choose to. But, things got pretty bad with the last OTA update.

While updates are always exciting, the Thunderbolt’s last update didn’t bring good things. After the OTA was rolled out, customers started reporting issues with signal, as well as multiple device reboots throughout the day.

Android Central just got a leaked internal document (posted below) that proves Verizon and HTC are working on a fix for this problem. This problem will be fixed sometime during the second half of June. Sadly, it seems like Thunderbolt users have no option but to wait it out, since Verizon has no short-term fix.

According to this document, if the situation is “unacceptable from a customer perspective,” one can simply get a new Thunderbolt from Verizon. If you think you can handle a few reboots a day, though, you can simply wait for the software maintenance release to come around.

As smartphone users, we have gotten used to bugs here and there, but multiple device reboots a day? That simply sounds like too much to handle, and this issue should have definitely been addressed sooner. What do you guys say? Are Verizon and HTC taking too long to fix this? Are you happy to hear that this update is coming? Also, let us know what kind of issues you are experiencing since the problematic update came around.

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website Chris

    My Incredible kept rebooting too over and over again. I had to go into the bootloader and do a factory reset.

  • http://Website HD

    At least they acknowledge it, unlike some…….(LG)…………….

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    this brings me back when I had ma first android phone (cough cough MOTO cliq xt) and it would reboot to the point where I had no reason to make a phone call. I hope those Thunderbolt owners don’t experience that.

  • http://Website Tim

    so i’ve been experiencing this phenomenon for the last several days, and other than rebooting during a game of angry birds, it hasn’t been too frustrating…yet…

    glad to see they’ve acknowledged it and are working on a fix…now if only they’ll release gingerbread…

  • http://Website Ryano89

    There is a leaked fix available, the catch is that it doesn’t work on Froyo, only Gingerbread. Any chance this delay could mean that the fix will come at the same time as the long promised Gingerbread update?

  • http://Website TXWJ

    I sent my Thinderbolt back last week and they replaced it with a Samsung Charge. Too bad since the Thunderbolt is really a great phone, fast and well bulit. But the last week was unbearable with my phone rebooting 12-15 times a day. I used my phone all day as I am an outside sales rep.

    The Charge has a better brighter screen and much much better battery life, by the Thunderbolt felt better built and was a tad faster.

    • http://Website flk97gator

      I did a side-by-side comparison of “mail” refreshing and noticed that my friend’s Charge appears significantly faster. Have you experienced any areas of the Charge where it is faster than the Thunderbolt?

      I’m sick of the rebooting, which takes forever and a day on the HTC!

      BTW, boght an 1800mah battery, which has helped!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    That what Verizon gets for trying to copy the EVO 4g. There is only one EVO and one 4g network and It’s definately NOT VERIZON….I SMELL ROTTEN EGGS AGAIN

    • http://Website Prichard Gazell

      You mothertrucker, your pissing mua off with all your gibberish. Seriously Dick, 3d 4d or double d’s it don’t matter brotha the EVO sucks crocodile testes. Seriously nooga you need to fall back with all that or ill slap you upside the head and make you wish you had melons for breakfast. Peace.

    • http://Website RyanNoel

      Richard Yarrell, it sounds a lot like you’re just hating on the thunderbolt. I currently own the TB and its a great phone, even with the reboots. The reboots can be a tad annoying, but it hardly takes away from the phone itself. AND suppose someone likes 4g and the EVO, but is locked into a contract, they want the closest relative to the EVO. In addition, the Verizon 4G LTE. Network might be hard to find, but they traffic on it is very low, therefore, its a lot faster than other 4G networks. So maybe you should try using the phone before you judge it. In the event tgat you have, at least verizon and htc took the time to make a phone and network like the EVO has, they’re trying, and when they take off, they’re going to.blow everyone out of the water.


    • http://Website Matt

      HTC built the thunderbolt phone, not Verizon. It is exactly like the EVO which is why I bought it. I like the EVO phone but also rather have Verizon’s better service.

  • http://Website TXWJ

    This is a HTC problem not a verizon problem all was well before the update from HTC

  • http://Website leo

    My DROID X has been rebooting several times a day since gingerbread update. Also text sync is off!

  • http://Website Scott

    I’ve been experiencing the daily rebooting but it’s not that big a deal. Overall, the phone has been outstanding. I can wait.

  • http://Website Jacob

    I have been getting a lot of force closes for sense portion of the OS.

  • http://Website jake

    Verizon has replaced my Thunderbolt twice and this last time it is worse than ever. 10 to 15 reboots a day, texting stalls out the OS and frustrating enough when I click on one single contact to text, everybody in my contacts list got the same text. Almost a scary thought since I tend to have a vulgar mouth. Plus gps won’t work now and I barley can catch a 3g signal even though I can see the Verizon tower from my back yard. Once I’m in a 4g area though my phone is awesome. Everything tends to come to life and work as it should……

  • http://Website Nick

    My thunderbolt reboots every so often, but I cant wait, my mom, dad, and sister have 3 bars of 3g in my house, my thunderbolt usually has 0, so my wifi gets used alot, and the vzw tower is 1 mile away

  • http://Website Name (required)Batonrouge`

    I would like to correct or clarify something stated in this article. Verizon will not issue a NEW Thunderbolt, only a ‘Certified Like-New’ or refurbished one. I very strongly suggest that if you own a Thunderbolt which was new when you obtained it and has no hardware issues, DO NOT go for a refurbished model. I received replacement #5 today and it is fianlly the first I receive with no obvious hardware issues. The “refurbishing” process is an absolute joke. And they absolutely refused to issue me a new phone, even after receiving 4 obviously bad units.

  • http://Website Xzavier

    They better fix the whole GPS thing as well…you go into GOOGLE maps and the next thing you know it shows your location 5 miles away…I’ve been on the phone with them for some time and HTC as well. I’ve cleared the cash settings several times and it didn’t work.

  • http://Website josh

    Yeah, I got one of those “new” thunderbolts. Notice the CLNR? That’s certified like new replacement. Which by the way just feels used compared to my original phone. The power button in particular is less “springy”. The worst part is that it still is rebooting even with factory restore and formatted SD Card. not only does mine reboot, it will completely power off with 100% battery. This makes it useless as a : phone, pda, email, text msg, or alarm clock. I feel completely ripped off. I think I should have waited 2 more weeks and got the Samsung charge. Or heaven forbid a f’ing iPhone

    Don’t get me wrong the thunderbolt is incredible and I’m perfectly happy with everything about this device – WHEN IT’S ON. Keeping it on is however the issue. I could live with the win-par stock 1400mah (the $60 extended battery is 2750! But after buying the t-bolt and battery u could have bought a charge). But this rebooting and power-off is too much to handle .

    We need to start the chanting


    Maybe VZW can’t ignore all of us…

    • http://Website Brandy

      My boyfriend and I paid $300 a piece for our TBs…just in March. Every day the rebooting gets worse…the GPS doesn’t work which is a huge issue since my boyfriend is a truck driver! Phone gets extremely hot for no reason…..freezes on text messaging….need I go on?!?! Verizon has done NOTHING to help us but suggest we BUY new phones or trade them in or sell them out right!!! NO WAY will I buy another phone!I just paid almost $600 for 2 phones a few months ago!! Also I do not want a refurbished phone bc I just bought these BRAND NEW! I also have 5 other additional lines on my plan for family members….SO I am switching providers!!! Verizon has shown us VERY POOR customer service! Goodbye Verizon! (Which is sad to say since I’ve been a loyal customer for almost 10 yrs!!!!)

  • http://Website Ohborin1

    I’ve been experiencing the same restart issue about 4 times a day. I also have another issue where the touchscreen stops responding and I have to hit the top button off and on again to get it working.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    • http://www.mythirtyone.com/lfogleman Lisa

      Yes! My touchscreen stopped working as soon as I would reply to an email or text. Also I’ve had my speaker to go out. Verizon had me do a factory reset and so far its back to normal. Hope this helps!

  • http://Website Mark

    Mine has rebooted three times this morning while listening to Pandora. Pain in the… This is turning me off to HTC although I’m glad I went to android from blackberry.

  • http://Website WTHec?

    I dont use it very much but i have noticed at least 1 reboot per day. I have had it about 7 days now

    • http://Website ScoFran

      Verizon is aware of the issue. HTC is also aware and should be coming out with a software fix within the next 2 weeks. Verizon offered me a new “certified” phone for now but advised me to just wait it out…it is annoying but I apparently am not alone. Good luck to all!

  • http://Website ETShaffer

    Same thing has been happening to me since I got my phone on the 24th. Thank God I decided to look up the issue instead of going on a rage. I hope they get it fixed soon! Also, I believe the problem is that the new update did something to where it can’t handle as much. Just my thoughts, because mine only restarts when I am doing A LOT on my TB.

  • http://Website cju

    i dont know if any of you have noticed, but when you do not have consistant coverage or you turn the radio off (airplane mode on) these rebooting issues seem to cease – i use mine as an alarm clock between 5pm-7am and never once has it rebooted ~ then again it is also on the charger or plugged into usb intermittantly during those times.

    • http://Website cju

      otherwise the thing reboots every 30-45 mins. wtf.. In doing so i noticed the battery level drops each time as well.

  • http://Website thomas griffin

    I purchased my tb new and have been having the same issue least 12-20 times a day ..whether I am using the phone or not also the messaging will freeze and force close constantly while Texting…

  • http://Website B. Y.

    I just felt compelled to comment on this because I’m so frustrated with the fact that I paid $250 for this phone with a 2 year contract, it was suggested to me as a great phone, yet its been nothing near great. I’ve had constant problems with it, and my monthly phone bill runs about $200. For the kind of money I dish out to Verizon it would be nice to receive excellent service. For example, they offer nothing in return for all my troubles, like a discount or possibly exchanging it for one that works, or something. Yet if a mistake is made on my part, like paying my bill late or something, I get no mercy. I realize that’s how things go in life, but it doesn’t make it right. I’ve been contemplating just having a land line, or getting some cheap prepay phone….I don’t know, we’ll see… So basically, yes I am upset about waiting so long for a fix, and let’s hope this update actually fixes everything….

  • http://Website chris


  • http://Website chris

    Ok I was fine with the reboot until now. I was in the middle of a bass fishing game and got rebooted with a fish on. What the hell. Fix the damn thing already. I can and will swap this for an iPhone. U can have it back.

  • http://Website chris

    I don’t want a damn iPhone. Fix the damn thing already. How’s this dude at Verizon

    gonna tell me theres no issue with the phone?

  • http://Website alydia

    I’ve had the tb for almost a month and it reboots about 1-2 times a day…..total b.s for such an expensive phone. I knew I should’ve gotten the iPhone…….ps when is this “fix” supposed to happen?**** also have problems with signal….

  • Bryan

    Looks like update/fix just hit today!

  • Frederikogqv

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