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HTC unveils the HTC EVO 4G+

For a while, many were speculating the HTC Rider would be another 4G enabled device to grace Sprint’s network.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case.  It turns out the HTC Rider is in fact the HTC EVO 4G+ and is headed to South Korea.  The story broke last night when a video of the handset hit YouTube, later followed by an official product page on HTC’s website.

The HTC EVO 4G+ is nearly identical to the HTC EVO 3D (scheduled to launch on Sprint’s network tomorrow).  The key differences between the two phones are that the EVO 4G+ is a GSM HSPA+ handset with WiBro connectivity with only one camera on the back.  Just think of it as an EVO 3D without the 3D.

Specs on the HTC EVO 4G+ include a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GB or RAM, 1 GB of ROM, 8 megapixel camera capable of recording video in 1080p, front-facing camera for video chat, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, microUSB connector with MHL HDMI output and a 1730 mAh batter all running on Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0.

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From what we can tell, there’s no indication the HTC EVO 4G+ will be heading to this side of the Pacific any time soon.  Without the 3D camera, the HTC EVO 4G+ features the same specs as HTC Sensation 4G that hit T-Mobile last week.  Would any of you trade the body of the Sensation for that of the HTC EVO 4G+ if you had the choice?

Via: Android Central

Source: HTC

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  • RonWeez

    How nmany people would prefer this over the Evolution 3d ?

    • http://Website ddp

      Trash. Looks like a superbrick… and I’m sick of that case design already, HTC! What is an “Evo+”..? Why not just sell the 3D in South Korea as well? Android manufacturers waste time design and manufacturing extra phone that are the same damn thing for no reason. Spend the extra resources on innovation, please!

      If they are indeed making the Nexus 3/4G, it better NOT have this casing!

  • http://Website Uzunoff

    To me this phone is closer to the sensation then evo 3D.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    It’s so great to see the Evo brand of devices extending to our friends in Korea they too deserve the goodness of what we here in the states have always known of our Evo 4g it has been the best Android device and most respected on the market. Myself it is Evo 3d time 3 of my friends got there’s yesterday from ups and I will have mines Friday morning at 8am some 22hrs from now the count down has started. People who slept on this device WILL BE SORRY BECAUSE IT IS THE FASTEST ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET. Take it from one of the most respected technology guys in the business Mr. John Rettinger he will tell you himself enjoy the video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7LWU15Zo_c&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • http://Website snowbdr89

      Dick i think its time you move out of your moms house n get a life and maybe a girlfriend but in your case baby steps first!!

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        For you a job would be great this way maybe you can’t enjoy some fruits of labor and buy yourself something for a change. I already know that anything new is something you can’t afford. I feel for you not enjoying life and unable to pave your own way from an technology standpoint. Hang in there loser maybe I can ship you my Evo 4g that will make you feel somewhat better

        • http://Website snowbdr89

          Trust me when i say this dickless troll, you could never come close to my job an what i make. : )

          • http://Website Greg

            Right, because the average 22-year-old snowboarder ROLLS IN THE CASH!

            End these stupid games.

          • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

            You guys make me laugh. It’s funny how opinions about cell phones turn personal really fast. I love my HTC phones more than the average person. Heck, I started the first HTC blog. But I don’t trash people for having a different opinion than I do. I might inform them where their ideas may be flawed, but I never insult them as a person since in the end it always comes down to personal preference.

          • http://Website Richard Yarrell


    • http://Website ddp

      Thanks for the vid link. I’m quite happy with my NS4G though, and waiting it out til the new Nexus arrives. I’ll be damned if I ever wait for another software update ever again.

      • RonWeez

        For the people that don’t know. You still have to “wait” for the update even if u have a nexus phone just ask nexus one owners. Because the newest nexus will have the newest version exclusively for a while ergo your wait time

        • http://Website Gee

          2-3 months beats half a year. Beside if you upgrade the Nexus each year, you get the newest priority device anyway.

          • RonWeez

            Yea you can upgrade every year but what I was responding to was the fact that he said he doesn’t want to wait for a update. With a nexus phone. You will have to wait even if it is a couple months.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    It’s so great to see the Evo 4g brand being extended to our friends out in Korea they to deserve to enjoy the Evo goodness just like we have been doing since June 4th
    2010. The Evo 4g has been the most respected Android device on the market since day one and it has represented android well. Myself it is Evo 3d time in 21hrs from now I will have my Evo 3d at 8am Friday morning. A few of my friends got there’s yesterday from ups. Take a look at one of the most respected technology guys in business explain from his own words that the Evo 3d is the fastest Android device on the market. Enjoy the video folks we have something special here and people will BE SORRY WHOEVER DOESN’T GET THIS DEVICE… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7LWU15Zo_c&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • http://Website Lamont

    I would definitely choose this over EVO 3D. Why get a phone with 3D camera and no 3D TV to display pics and videos on. My guess is that only about 1/30 people who get the EVO 3D will have 3D TVs to view 3D images & video. Oh and two more things would it kill HTC to bring HDMI Mirroring to sprint phones. And last the more megapixels the better selling point and I think SONY is about to give HTC a run for the money with the creation of their new 16.4 megapixel camera with Sony Exmor optimized for mobile.

    Think its safe to say I’ll have my EVO til HTC releases something worth getting on Sprint, it can’t be hard to make this EVO 4G+ a CDMA phone.

  • http://www.bewareofraj.com Raj

    Sigh. I totally wanted the sensation but didn’t want tmo anymore. Tmo is OK and I loved my Nexus One but I needed a better network.

    So I am getting the 3D. I don’t care about 3d and honestly, who does? I wish the sensation/ evo 4g+ was on sprint.

    I wish the mobile phone industry was more like the pc/mac market – pick whatever phone you want, then pick whatever network you want. Seriously, why hasn’t this been done yet?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      It has, it’s called the rest of the world.

  • http://Website ES(PN)

    No one thought the HTC Rider was hitting Sprint, it’s the HTC Kingdom.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    @greg yes i do snowboard alot and i do make a very comfy living and no im not 22.

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      No your not 22…..Your 12

      • http://Website niftyjack

        I don’t think having a not or a 12 is possible.

        And before you say “your stupid”, I want to say that I haven’t seen my stupid all day. It’s at the hospital after forgetting how to use stairs and promptly tripping and falling down them.

    • http://Website NVMYEVO

      snowblower89 get on your snowboard and fly off a cliff and make some money. LOSER

  • http://Website Jason

    I’m a current Spring HTC EVO 4G owner/user. I think this 4G+ looks hot, and I, unlike others, have not tired of this body design; I can definitely appreciate a simplistic, all-black, clean & refined design like this.

    Although the tech. specs of the new 3D are nice, I’m not interested in getting it, as, quite frankly, I could care less about 3-D, especially when it is alleged to reduce viewing angles and such on the display. I’d rather stick with my current 1st gen. Evo. I think the dual cameras on the 3-D are excessive and bulky looking, and I don’t care what it’s sporting on the inside, or whether it’s got a HD display: I’m good on that for now.

    I WOULD however, definitely buy THIS new EVO 4G+ if it were coming state-side. I’m jealous of Korea. It’s like the 3-D without the 3-D crap I don’t want, and it looks sexy. Who’s doing HTC’s market research? I’m having a hard time believing that there were a lot of people going: “Yeah! I’d LOVE a 3-D phone!” … It’s too gimmicky & takes away from the simplicity of the case design for me.

    This 4G+ not coming to the states though… A mistake on HTC’s part, if you ask my personal opinion; at least they’ve lost one potential sale : []

  • http://Website Jason

    @ Lamont: I mirror your sentiments.

  • http://Website L

    i was playing around with the evo 3D and this evo 4G+ should’ve been sprints choice. the whole 3D concept would be nice if it was better executed on the handset, but it is the 1st time around for that gimic. maybe one day it’ll work out great but not this time. wish the evo 4G+ was coming to sprint.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I’ve been playing the the EVO 3D for about a day now. Yes, the 3D functionality really doesn’t improve the phone’s overall experience, but the quality is definitely not gimmicky. everyone I’ve shown the 3D images and videos off to has been impressed (mainly iPhone users). having been to CES twice now, I can say with confidence that 3D is here to stay. Best Buy offers a handful of of 3D cameras already so it’s only natural that the technology starts making its way into cell phones as well.

  • http://Website Jorge

    IIf it has the same bands tmobile us has then it would be nice on tmobile since it could work with tzones or web2go, but I’m sure it has the world standard only. Does any one know why the desire hd or whatever phone in Europe it is that had tmobile 3g bands?

    • Big-V

      The HTC Evo 3d x515m GSM version will work on T-mobile 3g network because it has AWS which is 1700mhz and 2100mhz bands.

  • http://Website Tim

    This is the phone I would get the 3D is a fad and this one may have a better camera.Hope it makes it here.

  • http://androidspiele.net Hendrik

    Woow, i think itßs time to replace my HTC Desire First Generation ;-)

  • shutupdick and snowboard

    This may be a year old but you both should just shut your mouths. Forever. Severe your fingers and leave the site for people who can play nice. Douchebags.

  • Sumit Saha

    How I connect 3G mobile network in htc Wibro Evo 3G+ ?

  • Sumit Saha

    How do I connect 3G Mobile Network in my htc Wibro Evo 4G+ ?