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Is this real life? Apple copies Android’s notification system and lock screen

At the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple just showed off a number of features and improvements that are coming in iOS 5. One of those improvements is a revamped notification system called Notifications Center, which might look at little too familiar to those of us that use Android. As you might or might not know, iOS’ current notification system is horrible. iPhone users know this, and Apple certainly knows this.

On the other hand, Android’s notification system is a work of art. It’s useful, non-intrusive, accessible, and easy to use. In summary, everything that iOS’ is not. Therefore, is really not a surprise that Apple has decided to go ahead and copy Android’s notification bar. With that said, we’re happy that iPhone users will now be able to enjoy the awesomeness of having a non-awful notification system. You’re welcome, iPhone users.

Since we’re already talking about things that suck in iOS, Apple also demoed some improvements for iOS’ lock screen. iPhone and iPod users will now be able to launch certain apps right from the lock screen by dragging their icons. If you think you’ve seen something like that before, that’s because you have. HTC’s Sense 3.0 has the same kind of capability built-in. If Apple can sue HTC for such ridiculous things like swiping to unlock, I guess HTC can now sue Apple for this as well.

Seeing how Apple is now mostly playing catch-up to Android, we have to wonder if the company will ever be able to match Google’s crazy fast innovation pace. Finally, I’ll leave you with a phrase that fits perfectly with this news, and a video from the same guy that announced these features today.

Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery.Charles Caleb ColtonWikipedia

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Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://Website brian

    They had to copy someone, might as well copy from the best =)

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      Cant wait to hear the apple fanboy’s argument. they’re always crying about how everybody is copying apple.

      • http://Website DK

        can’t wait for Google and HTC to sue Apple

        • http://Website person

          htc shouldn’t. Just Google. HTC didn’t invent Android.
          Then again, I hope every Android OEM Sues apple. I’d love to see that. :D

          • http://Website Sam Williams

            HTC did, however, design the Sense UI which is what Apple has apparently copied for its apps from lockscreen. So yes, they deserve compensation if Apple goes ahead with the “new” design

    • Daniel

      Nothing is truer than those words! =)

    • Reeceb94

      Quoting Steve Jobs there, eh? ;)

  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    Well Apple can’t beat Android. And this is their lousy attempt to put a little dent in Android’s success and it’s not going to dent anything.

  • http://Website Derek

    calling android’s stupid notification system a “work of art” is like calling a Yugo a work of art. Android’s notification system SUCKS!!

    • protozeloz

      sucks so hard iOS is now copying it

    • http://Website Dave

      …and yet Apple chose to copy it. So either you happen to be a genius and both Apple AND Google are wrong. Or, and I know this is a long shot, you happen to be both a troll and a moron.

    • http://Website Paul

      Ah, I was wondering where the Windows Phone 7 users were

      • http://Website Noobbbs

        Then Windows the best now? No one say about it. Haha!

    • Danny

      U suck! Ur probably another nerdy ass apple groupie that jerks off to apples logo before going to sleep..iPhone is an overpriced piece of shit.. and by the way… siri sucks balls..as do you!

  • http://Website Hinds2009

    Thats funny to see apple copy! Let the litigation begin.htc take aim! When you can’t beat them copy them.lawyers are licking their lips and chomping at the sue apple bit!

    • McLovin

      That was my first thought also. An eye for an eye. Apple and everyone is always so hot to copywrite/patent and then litigate on grounds of intellectual infringement, why not stick it to them? That’s what they would do. But this whole locking up of ideas makes me sick to death I can’t stomach anymore.

  • http://Website Raj

    Blah blah blah. Everyone copies everyone. Except apple copies and then claim they invented it.

    • Jeffroid

      You missed out the part where they sue everyone

    • http://necropolislabs.com Terrormaster

      And they also claim it’s innovative and magical.

      • http://Website Kumar

        Yea all apple ever does is take other people’s work and make it more and usable for apple fanboys. Steve does make old technology pretty sexy through and the sex factor is a major selling point for me. htc better sue apple hard though, I’m sure m$ will be pushing htc to sue apple

    • WickedToby741

      Its not so much the fact that Apple copied this or anybody copied anything else, its the fact that Apple throws an absolute fit when they think somebody came even remotely close to copying them, but now all of the sudden they see it fit to copy Android features almost identically and inject them into iOS. Its hypocritical. I could care less that they took it. In fact, I’m happy for their users. I just don’t like how Apple thinks they can do it when they sue everyone else who tries to do it too.

  • http://Website E

    Quick get Apple a box of lucky charms dey seem to run out of magical ideas ….next thing u know honeycome on the iPad 3

    • http://Website E

      Ment honeycomb

  • http://Website hey

    Just another android clone…..nothing to see here folks

    • http://Website CuriousCursor

      hahaha, made me lol

  • http://Website dextroz

    They copied the notification system partly but their lockscreen implementation kicks Andy in the balls for sleeping when it comes to customer service.

    This stuff should have been inherent in Android along with a bunch of other stuff.

    • http://Website Joze

      Umm, I’m pretty sure Touchwiz has had lockscreen notifications for some time now.

    • http://Website Dee

      “This stuff should have been inherent in Android along with a bunch of other stuff.”
      oh you mean like copy and paste?
      how long did that take to get to IOS?
      Cloud activity?
      non-annoying notifications?
      searching in emails?
      native integration?(NOT JUST TWITTER)
      tabbed browsing?
      i mean really…

      this whole WWDC was just a big “LOOK LOOK WE CAN DO IT TO!!” announcement. apple has so much audacity to sue samsung, htc, and a number of others for the most miniscule ideas about smartphone use AND THEN to turn around and BLATANTLY BLANTANTLY!?! copy androids functionality? someone needs to call them out. if i were google i would file a litigation to block IOS5 until they change it to not look like android.

      copying BBM was smart~but i think that might backfire seeing in how BBM will lose some traction it will only force their hand in making BBM availible for other platforms. one thing that perplexes me about google is their handling of Gtalk. it is beyond me as to why they havent done more with it. it should be intergrated much more into the android OS but oh well….just my opinion.

      im highly interested in what ICS holds now.

      • http://Website CuriousCursor

        You know what would be better than Google suing Apple for money or halting sales?

        Google suing Apple to opensource iOS5.

  • http://Website 222

    who cares? the new iPhone will laugh about android, as always…

    • Samdroid

      the new iphone will be a joke like always. I dont get how someone makes a product that has no features and is able to sell it to morons like you because of loyalty. The iPhone 5 will only be good because Android is so much better, that Apple had no choice but to finally put features in the phone. And even after coping the Android features for iPhone 5, Android is still better. not that is sad. What do you get out of buying an iPhone 5? You know Android is better, EVERYBODY knows Android is better. Hell even Jobs knows Android is better, thats why he’s coping it. Buy the phone that does what you want it to do. Not because Apple wants you to. iFag

      • MattsmomdoesA2M


        I can’t understand your comment…..can you take steve’s cock out of your mouth when you talk?

  • http://Website Yes

    Good. Take androids best features and put it in iOS and continue to make it the best smartphone out there. At least it won’t reset on me if I look at it funny like Andy does.

    • keridel

      no your iphone wont let you make any calls instead….

      still saves you some money on call charges to pay your apple tax i suppose…

      swings and roundabouts..

  • http://Website BenDTU

    Yeah but iOS has been out of beta for a while now.

  • http://Website ronabong

    Funny I heard this news from an iPhone user at work moments ago, had to check it out. She claims Apple will be the first to have notifications and app Lancher in lock screen. LMAO I showed her my Android with the features mentioned above. Amazing how brain washed iPhone users are!

    • http://Website thetruth

      she still doesn’t like you

  • http://Website Brye

    You could say Android copied iOS’ multi-touch gestures (pinch to zoom for example). Big whoops.

    • asdfghjkl

      lol idiot, its the manufacturers responsibility to integrate multitouch gestures into the phone, not the software. htc had a circle to zoom feature that predates the earliest iphone concepts.

  • http://Website Adam

    ummm excuse me. how did iphone notification work before?

    • http://Website Daniel

      Basically they were just pop-ups.

  • http://Website [email protected] Android fanboys – you are everything you hate

    All I have to say back is CONGRATS ON BECOMING “MACF*GS.” This blog post and all of the comments below it reek of exactly what was intensely annoying about the early 2000′s mac fanboy – blogs full of baseless butthurtdom from faux-pundits that act like they’ve got little-man syndrome to another product that’s more mainstream. I’d like to point out that there were no Apple-fan blog posts gayly crying foul when FroYo copied iOS3′s push notification system or iOS 1.x’s multitouch keyboard, etc.

    About the contents of the article:

    - That image at the top of an Android eating an Apple is from google’s developer conference a month ago and incorrectly depicts an Android eating an Apple when in fact Apple and Android are both “eating” RIM’s marketshare. The Android should be eating blackberries, not Apples. Stay classy, Google Android team!

    - the “great artists steal” is a quote from Pablo Picasso, not Steve Effing Jobs. Nobody likes Steve Jobs – if blogs and news articles would quit quoting the ever loving sh*t out of him, maybe we wouldn’t be subjected to his inane drivel all the time.

    - Android prototypes were blackberry clones with tiny screens, qwerty keyboards, and no touch interface up until right around when Google CEO Eric Schmidt was mysteriously asked to step down from Apple’s board of directors. Eric Schmidt literally stole the touchscreen UI, form factor, and plethora-of-sensors idea from Apple – the entire basis of Android – while he was closely affiliated with the company. There were no other ties between the two companies close enough to have facilitated this, so it was either him or corporate espionage.

    Today’s Android fanboy is the new Apple fanboy! Congrats on becoming *exactly* what you hate, Android fanboys!

    • http://Website Imdad Ahmed

      I agree with you, its getting pretty pathetic now, iOS has a lot of nice features and so does Android, in the tech world everybody copies off everybody, all the Android fanboys and Apple fanboys need to just get over it

    • http://Website CuriousCursor

      – Froyo copied iOS 1.x’s notification system?
      Just googled that, wanna see the results?

      - That image isn’t made by Android devs, it was made long before Google I/O 2011

      - We don’t hate Apple fanboys, we hate Apple and its blatant hypocrisy and false advertising.

    • http://Website [email protected] mac fanboys – you are everything you hate.

      … and now you are trolling an android website. CONGRATULATIONS you are the modern equilivant of a wintel user. Go back to your paywall!

    • http://Website Trigger

      I really don’t care that Apple copied Android..

      I really, really don’t.

      I love android and will continue to use it..

      I’m just tired of reading about Apple every 5 minutes..

      Maybe.. maybe.. just maybe if google DOESN’T sue Apple..

      Apple may just realize no one cares anymore..

      @ the user ranting about macf*gs..

      You know… the only reason why I don’t agree with you is because, never in my life have I seen a more annoying company than apple.. yes I disagree with a lot of business practices.. but, my god.. apple never shuts up…

  • http://Website Pervyboii1995

    Even though apple copies, they make it much better from where they copy from! so for all you android users, suck it up and be a man

    • http://Website ReiWind

      If you have the balls to sue others for “stealing”, then for God’s sake, don’t make yourself look like a fool by doing the very same thing you’re suing others for.

      Apple wouldn’t be getting shit for this (if not praised for incorporating good features that others made) if they just didn’t have to get on a soap box and declare war against anybody that also borrowed good ideas from them.

  • http://Website Adam

    I heard that you had to swipe on the notification to go to it. How is this better than TOUCHING it?

    • WickedToby741

      Its more magical.

    • http://Website my galaxy

      Because you can get on with what you are doing, look at it when you want and have a string of notification without it needing to trouble you. They are a quick swipe away when you need to look at them. But maybe you like being interrupted every time you get a notification.

      Obviously, apple saw fit to copy what we all know was a better system in the first place so the touching question is a bit moot.

  • http://Website neodoru

    Yo, alie, read before you write man! Htc “borrowed” the lockscreen thingy from nokia! Stop being a pussy!

    • Samdroid

      So what, All we are saying is that Apple copied it.
      And he also
      copied LG prada
      copied NeoNode
      copied Kane Kramer
      copied Acorn computers
      copied Burst.com
      copied Nokia
      copied Picasso

      innovative my ass

      • Samdroid

        Oh and I forgot the biggest one

        copied ANDROID


  • http://Website Greg

    I’ll bash Apple as much as anyone, but their copying this was inevitable…and it’s silly to play their game and point the finger.

  • http://Website neodoru

    here you go lazy:
    Nokia bubbles (htc’s muse): http://www.labnol.org/software/nokia-screen-lock/18635/

    • http://www.neilcalvin.com ncalvin

      Either that article was way the hell out of date or your aim is way off in calling someone else lazy. The article was dated April 02, 2011 and Samsung has had this functionality since TouchWiz 3.0, which dates back to no later than July 2010. Try again.

      • http://Website neodoru

        R u serious?! Look at TouchWiz 3.0 again pal! There’s nothing like Bubbles on touchwiz!!

        • Alex

          Touchwiz anything sucks ass

  • http://Website spike

    Seriously do u guys have nothing better to do? i mean c’mon grow up, “windows copied mac, this copied that, ios copied android” get over it already, its the competition between all these corporations that completely ruin user experience for everyone.

    One company hogging a tech purely for sales is greedy (and yes all company’s do it i ain’t taking sides) , and just feeds you fanboys with your superiority complexes, stop attributing to the chaos already, an iphone user should be able to do everything with a android user that they could do with any other iphone user in my opinion, so stop sitting there with your smug “ahah my phones better than your phone” attitude, nobody wins..

    • keridel

      do watch sports? do you support your favorite sport team? maybe wear that teams shirt or “jersey”?

      thats all fanboy-ism is. geek sports fans

      basically apple stole one of androids plays and there star player. this makes fan angry.

      i hope apple’s new system works. wont make me buy one though.

      i reccomend phones based on the person buying. if you are interested in phones and like to play i suggest android. if you are looking .for a fashion accesory that is also powerful with apps i suggest an iphone. done.

      • http://Website neodoru

        ” if you are interested in phones and like to play, i suggest android ” – are u kiddin’?! play with what?! with roms maybe, otherwise, if u want to play games there’s no other choice but go to ios (1 example should be enough – dead space)!!

        • http://Website Robbo

          Man, are you kidding? Android is so customisable that I spend a couple of hours tweaking settings daily for enjoyment sake. Anyone with an iphone that wanted to do that would have to just turn their phone on and off, on and off. Not nearly as much fun…

          • Samdroid

            Yeah… I love my iPhone 3G that dont have a video camera, or flash, or live wallpaper, or control over icons, or great voice recognition, or true multitasking, or widgets, or shortcuts, or stereo BT that works, or oh I lost count….

  • Jasonhunterx

    Samsung should also sue because that slide to call an return message is from touchwiz lockscreen O.O

  • http://Website E2K

    Apple reinvented/perfected the android notification system, here is how:

    -on android, you cannot see new notifications in fullscreen apps/games
    -on android, you cannot close individual notifications from the drawer without launching the corresponding application
    -on android you cannot have multiple notifications per application
    -on android you cannot choose which applications you want notifications from

    It seems like you are a bunch of uneducated noob teenagers, especially looking at the tone of the article.

    Also Google did not invent the notification bar; it was already in Windows Mobile when Android was still in development as a cheap blackberry ripoff:

    I am sorry but you noob cunts got schooled pretty bad. I suggest you delete my comment and continue to be the ignorant fanboys that you are :-)

    p.s. I have a motorola droid on 2.3 ;-)

    • http://Website Silgrond

      1 – I wouldn’t like it. Imagine you’re playing a game, then you accidenatly touch it. I prefer this way
      2 – That’s true
      3 – False. Try twitter with an account which has messages and mentions. Upon installation and first run you’ll get 1 – search your friends 2 – mentions 3 – messages
      4 – Why would I want to choose it?

      • http://Website E2K

        regarding your comments:

        1-Wether you would like it or not, on iOS5 you have the choice
        3-I meant that for example with gmail.app or google talk, you can only get 1 notification, if you get new mail/messages, you only see the last one.
        with your twitter example I believe you can still only get 1 notification per ‘category’.
        4-because i want notifications for my work email but not for twitter or google talk/IM bullshit. I was under the impression that android fans like yourself enjoy choice?

        • keridel

          sorry confused by point 4. if you dont want notifications from gtalk or twitter then turn them off?

          i know you can….

          maybe i missed the point of that arguement.

          and point 1. you have the choice in android but dev’s dont code notification bars into full screen apps. its why they are called “fullscreen”

      • Reeceb94

        1) if you accidentally touch it, your as blind as a bloody pole. It’s about 1cm long and as easy to avoid as someone wearing neon clothing at night.
        2) yes, it’s better. Even you think so. Apple – 1 android – 0
        3) no. The latest android merges them all together. For example, my Facebook merges all
        7 messages and notifications into two messages. That’s when the bloody Facebook notifications work -.-”
        4) because apps such as twitter, Facebook, gtalk, email etc are annoying. Don’t you just wish you could switch them off without having to go through the apps settings to find a tiny button saying “turn of notifications”? Yes. Yes you do.

        Also, I am wrong. Cyanogenmod7 enables you to separately clear a notification without launching the app. But that’s a CUSTOM ROM.
        And I feel I must say this for all the android fanboys hating on everything apple does.

        Apple has not copied “Android” at all.
        android is NOTHING like Htc Sense or Samsung Touchwiz. They are essentially custom roms. And to be honest, they have taken ideas from a apple. For example, multitouch display. That’s why android didn’t incorporate it until later on for fear of apple suing…

        Also, those saying apple gives no freedom compared to android, why d’you root your phones in the same way you’d jailbreak an apple device? Always confused me…

    • Samdroid

      You have a motorola droid on 2.3 my ass. you are a total iFag to the core. And no iFag would have a droid. But your a good liar like Apple. Hey what about
      live wallpaper?
      and shortcuts?
      and widgets?
      and great voice recognition?
      and true multitasking?
      are they going to copy er reinvent that too?
      man they have a lot of copying er catching up to do.
      See, in technology, it’s so fast paced that is not copy make it better. It’s who did it first.
      Android did it first and iPhone sucks

      I have a 3G, and it dont have a video camera.

      • Reece

        I have a htc desire HD.
        But I also have an iPad 2? So I’m a fake iFag?

        No. It’s true, amazing phone. Better tablet.
        I don’t use the live wallpapers. They lag, they’re useless, they make you LOSE not GAIN friends and battery life…
        Widgets? Sometimes. Rarely. I like the whole dish. If I’m offered a starter or a three course meal, it’s obvious which one I’d take.
        Voice recognition. Siri. Say no more…
        True multitasking. This is a strange one. Because last time I checked, apple did implement true multitasking in iOS 4, did they not?
        It doesn’t hang in the background, lowering performance and battery life, instead, it is stored in memory. And like android, removed after a period of inactivity.
        Shortcuts. Yeah, they’re available on iPhone as well as android. Fail much…

        Notice how you only list shitty features.
        Does android have a massive range of one size fits all apps? No. Most phones can use less than a quarter of the android market due to fragmentation.

        Does android have a great battery life? Not really. I’m lucky if mine lasts 6 hours of inactivity…

        Do ALL countries have 4g? No. Only around 3% of America has. So it’s a waste of time AND money.

        You’re basically listing the fact that android has a sexier launcher than the iPhone. Which, in my opinion, is true. But once you leave the garden you find some ugly beasts. Theses ugly beasts are called “Android Apps” and almost 99% of them are themes or icon packs for launcher pro or ADW launcher. Sorry, but it is true…

        And actually, windows did it first, windows mobile.
        And then, android copied apple in the application based smartphone. So to all the hardcore android fans, take note.

        And, last time I checked, most of the features on the iPhone suddenly appeared on the android os?
        Smart dialling?
        Full HTML browser?
        Messaging features beyond normal phones?

        iPhone made these before android. And android copied.

        And, I assume you’re going to hit back with flash on android?… Well. Adobe is stopping that, so looks like android is by default, copying apple…
        Also, freedom. If you have so much more freedom, why do you root your androids? Surely they can do ANYTHING you want, straight out the box, no?
        Well. Let me say. The iPhone or iPad can do twice as much when jailbroken than an android can when rooted.

  • http://Amiga KG

    My Amiga did this back in the 80′s… I really don’t know if Android / Google will be able to do much about it…

  • ChrisLH

    Android is much more functional than iOS, but iOS looks much better than Android. If Apple is starting to copy functionality from Android, Google needs to start copying some of Apple’s user interface ideas and making it much easier for developers to make applications with high quality graphics and animations. This eye-candy is what sells Apple products and Google could learn from that.

    • http://Website jackie

      LOL my IOS is so UGLY….it’s just packed with boxes of apps no customization are you kidding me?
      Looking at my friend galaxy s2 with widgets touchwiz 4.0 live wallpapers super amoled screen that is not blocked with all these apps makes me jealous:/

      • Reece

        Makes you jealous?
        Jealous that your friends phone is heavily outdated, fragmented? Not receiving any more updates?
        Once android set down and focus on one design instead of thousands of different designs, fragmentation will be stopped and android can continue. Until then, android is constantly out dating itself. I never feel outdated with my iPad…

        Also, The quality of apps on the iPhone is immense compared to android.

        Look at the google search app on android. Look at it on iOS. HUGE difference in quality.
        Look at YouTube for android. Now compare to iOS. Which is better and more feature filled? Hate to say it, but iPhone wins here…

        Look at The standard function apps on the iPhone, now compare to the android version. On android it is usually out of place, slow, clunky, unappealing and such. I’d rather eye candy in apps and a dull launcher over eye candy in the launcher and a crappy quality of apps.

        When you find ONE android app that makes the iPhone version look like dog shit, tell me. But I guarantee you won’t…

    • http://Website ..

      It would be nice if Google could copy Apple kind of like how Apple copied google. But Google would get sued. LOL

    • Samdroid

      Features sell phones to smart people. iFags get off on pretty boxes that you cant move to see your wallpaper

  • http://Website Alexandre Cassagne

    I think Android nailed the notification system, and that the reason for that is … it’s natural. And god knows Apple is known for making natural feeling products, so i guess that’s probably why Apple ended up using it. It’d be interesting to know objectively from the engineers if Apple really copied / inspired themselves from Android or if they just did what they thought was natural.

  • keridel

    i think we are in that place in time where all the design from everywhere will come together.

    take a car for example. there are many different car shapes but on the inside they are all pretty much the same.. same gears, same engine, steering wheel and so on.

    eventually all phone OS will have pretty much the same features. it will then be up to us as consumers to choose the phones we want based on aesthetics rather than function.

    and this can only be good for the ecosystem as a whole.

  • http://Website shlammed

    And Android copied this from BlackBerry so not exactly sure what you’re bragging about.

    • http://Website natalie

      -Cause apparently apple is suppose to be innovative but doesn’t really do shit they do not make most of the parts needed to power their device and they actually do copy a lot of crap from other people..i.e. mirrors world sued apple for like 650 million.

    • mka146

      actually, blackberry copied that from android…
      android had it since 2008
      blackberry had it only in blackberry os6

  • http://Website basher

    What you are you guys talking about? Who is coping who? Just look android, 80% of it look like iPhone (the better 80%). Rest is just polution with 1 or 2 features that are ahead of iPhone. Of course Apple copied it, what would you do if everyone else was coping you all the time. Look at all the ipad clones.

    • http://Website jacobamark99

      Serious, even as as iphone user…I have to admit the android is way more practical.
      I’m jealous of my sisters galaxy s2, NFC technology, proper bluetooth so you can actually send files to any device or even connect bluetooth mouses,flash browsing so you can watch videos not on just stupid youtube, widgets, awesome pull down menu etc etc

      Iphone was a waste of my money and can’t wait till I get rid of mine and give it to a stupid apple zombie.

      • Sandroid

        Same here. I think when I get the S2. I’m going to video myself smashing my 3G with a hammer, and youtube it. because youtube is the only flash you can do on an iPhone.

  • Samdroid

    Apple is sooooo playing catch up. Thats why their coping Android. Because Android has kicked their ass so bad, and their so far behind that Apple had to do something to make a shitty phone a little better.

    iPhone is a joke Bahahahahahha

  • Samdroid

    It’s true Steve does like Picasso. which explains why he copied the Finder icon from a Picasso painting.

    Innovator, Bahahahahahahha

  • Samdroid

    hahahaha. yeah I want a phone that dont have NFC technology, shortcuts, live wallpaper, good BT, widgets, control over icons, etc, etc because Steve told me it was the best. (what flavor is that, grape, yum)

  • Samdroid

    I would love to see iPhone copy live wallpaper. ALTHOUGH YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO SEE IT. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    iPhone sucks

    • Reece

      When you see your phone, do you actually orgasm over seeing the live wallpaper? Does poking something on a screen give you immense joy?
      Instead, it uses a lot of battery life, RAM, memory, speed and more.
      That’s why apple doesn’t want it.

      Also, it makes the launcher lag like fuck. I don’t want that…

  • Abhi

    Surely,now apple had to answer android guys like me.Everyone looks to the best & copying is inevitable but copying android on one side & sueing its OEM’s on other shall fall hard on apple,EVERY OTHER OS FEARS ANDROID & so does apple.TIME TO SEE NOW HOW APPLE FALLS IN ITS OWN TRAP.I m in india where android is gaining upper hand fast.(I own a galaxy s & will.buy S II very soon.)

  • Wow

    And our genes are copies of our parents so why don’t our parents just sue us? lol jk

    Apple has gotta stop trying to keep what they stole, at least Bill Gates was a good guy and donated millions to charities, while Steve Jobs sells overpriced crap and sells them 50x what they are really worth and keeps it all to himself.

  • Diogo

    Apple sues HTC for slide to unlock, thats fucking pathetic..

    google is going to sue the shit out of Apple…

    iphones are bullshit.

  • Stan Lee

    iOS5 FAILS BALLS AS iPHONE 4S fails BALLS. Copy or not, i love my samsung galaxy s2, all tuned up, soon to get 2.3.5 update, suck on that bitch. I love seein wallpapers on my screen, change them whenever i want or put huge ass widgets on my screen, you know, just to make life easier. Oh and dont forget swype which had been updated recently and it totally kicks ass. Just saying. I’ve had iPhone before when i was 16 and it was NOTHING but a pain in the ass, but you see the only reason i bought it because everyone else had it and of that apple logo. But soon as i got Android device with a large screen like 4.3 inch.. first impressions… FUCKING AWESOME. I can watch movies in HDD biiiiiiitch. The functionality, i dont like touchwiz that much because it reminds me of crappy ios, i downloaded SPB Shell 3D.. HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT? My whole interface is 3D, guess apple doesnt have that one eh? So 3 words for you; Suck A Dick.

  • andy vazquez

    Apple didn’t only copy the notifications the ycopied a lot more things android rules you can find out here brighttopia.blogspot.com

  • Alex

    HAHA. that’s why they just now have dual core and voice integration, an 8mp camera, and is just now getting Android’s notification system that was with Android more than 2 years ago. It seems that they are playing catch up, and that they will not catch up. There are just too many awesome Android phones for them to compete with.

    • Reece

      I can’t help but notice that all the people trying to disapprove the theories of Apple stealing have been rated down into oblivion? Bit sad people. As an Android AND Apple user, I have to say that everything stated by the Android Fanboy community is utter bullshit.

      Apple was first, true. Apple DID steal the Android notification, true. But they didn’t just copy it, they made it better. They put live widgets into it, (weather, stocks etc) they have made it easier to use that Androids. (sorted into apps, ability to clear a single item instead of having to clear all, with one tap) and it can be accessed from ANYWHERE. Something Android should have implemented ages ago, in my opinion. Can’t remember how many times I have had to go to the home screen just to open the notifications drawer…

      Also, the lockscreen notifications.
      Let me get this through ALL the illiterates on here.
      Apple didn’t steal this. They had it LONG before, you just couldn’t interact with them. They have upgraded that.
      And, actually, they haven’t copied Android at all here, they have copied Samsung’s TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense 3.0. Variations of Android.

      finally, people saying Android is the best phone maker? How? The lack of apps? The unstable coding? The constant crashing? As an Android user, the market is slow, it’s hard to search for applications, the phone always freezes and doesn’t have a fluid-feel to it. For example, pinch-to-zoom is very slow on my Desire HD, but fluid as water on my iPad (With iOS 5) The scrolling is so much more fluid on the iPad and that’s what makes a phone better. Not fancy customisable items or homes, looks, functionality and overall sexiness.

      Also, before the shitstorm starts, Apple came first. Steve Jobs therefore has a right to be upset that Android “stole” its design.

      They stole the entire Apple smartphone experience (Downloadable apps, full web-browsing experience etc). If Apple wants a few features from Android, they should have access to it. Similar to how Apple invented the first GUI computer, and Windows soon followed. It was agreed that, due to the blatantly obvious requirement for a GUI, it was not able to be patented.

  • What is an IPhone?

    Why is apple in any discussion anymore. Blackberry is still beating apple despite their blackout. Android is 7 out of 10 phones. Apple is only 1 out of 10. Blackberries are 2 out of 10 phones. Yes Im not counting windows .0004 percent or whatever they are at. So with those state apple is losing to Rim and Android is just destroying everyone. It is a one sided victory where all the bench comes in to play. Its not even close Iphone is iDead!!!!!

  • http://dildo.com john

    hahahahaha, google f****** sucks and everyone is still defending it! Good copies everything from apple. Then when apple “copies” one thing from google, its a problem? BULLS***! And, need I mention that apple’s “copied” notification center is actually good instead of a hunk of crap that the Android system is?

    I really hope Apple blows google up as Steve Job’s said he would in his biography. Google needs to be exterminated for abusing Apples patents.

  • trainman261

    I am really quite surprised at the insults, mudslinging and everything else going on here. I’m a new Android user, and I love Android to the point where i don’t even understand why IPhones survive, but the insults here are just ridiculous.
    yes, it is completely natural for companies to copy each other nowadays, and i have nothing against it. it happens all the time. what i can’t stand us when apple suddenly tells out like a thirteen-year-old girl when someone copies their stuff, but they copy just as much themselves. i just find it so sad to see people here insulting each other like this. go ahead, show other people what your phone can do, but don’t follow samdroid…but please, can you spare me all the BA HA HA HA HAS? thanks.

  • Reece

    You android lovers see through a thick smokescreen made by google.
    Google didn’t have the lockscreen feature. Htc and Samsung did. And even so, that was only on their tablets and such. This is for both iPhone and iPad. So, in short, apple did not copy android. They copied Samsung and htc. Not like they haven’t copied apple in the past though, is it?

    Also. You think android is further ahead, you say iPhones are below that of the lowest end android device?
    Tell me.
    When you buy a phone, you want the following:
    - long battery life (iPhone win. By miles.)
    - entertainment. iTunes and app store, anyone? (speaking of which, I haven’t seen a single music store for android. Only illegal music download apps)
    - speed. iPhone doesn’t have super processors. But they are good enough. No lag, no freezing. Super light OS and much more.
    - simplicity. To be honest, I picked up an iPad and used it straight away, but it took me almost five minutes to simply place a widget on the galaxy tab. Pressing and holding didn’t work and nothing was obvious.
    - you want it to work straight away. iPhone. Pick it out of the box, switch it on, it works. It was only a matter of time before setting it up went wireless. Don’t sweat blood over it. It isn’t a “massive android feature” all phones do it now.
    - notifications. If you haven’t noticed, their notifications are SIMILAR. Not exactly the same, it’s sexier and easier. You can access it from anywhere, rearrange as you wish, remove one at a time instead of all at once, group by date etc.

    Basically, apple take something from someone else, reinvent it and claim it as there own. This isn’t thieving. It’s called progress.
    If this was thieving, both android and apple would be gone after Microsoft.
    Microsoft would no longer exist due to infringing apples patent on a GUI.

    So, android lovers, I’m not disrespecting you, but, name as many countries as you can with 4G, name an android phone business user that really uses widgets instead of the apps themselves and then reply back. Because from my eyes, nobody really wants fancy stuff like that.

    Live wallpapers, ram.
    True multitasking, speed, memory and more.
    Heavy os, everything.

    Basically, when google shave off a few lines of code, they will be able to stop apple. But until then, iPhone will remain the most famous and dominant device.

    (also, notice how apple only releases one iPhone a year? Notice how this year, the iPhone 5 WILL crush android. They don’t release a phone with marginally higher specs than yesterday had.)

    • trainman261

      I don’t understand what is wrong with you. Yes, Android is definitely ahead. How about you actually tell me something that the iPhone CAN do and not tell me how all of Android’s features are useless? Even the points you mention about how the iPhone is better don’t make sense. IPhone wins by far in terms of battery life? You apparently have not seen the galaxy s II. Then, you mention iTunes as an advantage of the iPhone. Are you joking? I don’t honoree how many nights I’ve stayed up fixing problems with iTunes. Because iTunes, let’s face it, is one of the most poorly coded programs out there (unless you’re one of those people trying to convince me to buy a Mac, trust me, iTunes was coded with that in mind, that windows users think it’s a windows problem andnot one

      • trainman261

        [continued] of iTunes’ problems, I’m not an idiot, after all). I used to be on iOS, and I am now on Android, and you do not know how glad I am to not be chained to iTunes. Not a single legal music store on Android? Quit being purposely ignorant. Amazon music store. BANG.
        Next. Speed. Sure, Android might be a bit more heavy, but not a much as you mention. I’m on a single core processor here, and I am just fine. Not to mention I have 10+ widgets on my desktop. IPhone isn’t super light, either. Try owning one for more than a year. Update the OS, and don’t tell me you don’t notice anything. Every iOS update had made my device slower and slower and slower.
        Than you go on with simplicity. And I admit, Android might be a little more complicated than the iPhone, but then, it usually only gets more complicated when you’re doing stuff the iPhone can’t do, and even when that is the case, it is usually not that much more complicated. 5 minutes to set up a widget? I’m sorry, but staring at a timer and setting up the widget after those five minutes are up doesn’t count.
        Then you say you wasn’t it to work straight out of the box. You say every phone can do wireless set up nowadays, and that was the problem. Until recently, the iPhone COULDN’T. Apple didn’t reinvent the notifications, either. It took Android’s model, and applied a few minor changes, the most important of them that have been integrated in Android 4.0. Apple didn’t reinvent them. Now, let’s say they would have made a system that would have let the user push and hold on the notification to see a more full preview, or added a system that learns which notifications you want to see in full screen apps, for example, and a couple of features like that more, THAT, my friend, would have been reinventing.
        And then you say that no one wants Android’s features. Well I think that the market process you wrong. Android’s market share is growing massively and has surpassed iOS. And, before apple took Android’s notification system, every iFan said that no one wanted that kind of a notification system anyway. Now apple took it, applied some minor changes, and you’re hailing this thing as the best thing since the wheel. Hypocritical, really.

  • Reece


    1) iTunes.
    To be honest, the amazon music store doesn’t cut it for me. Never has, never will. Not as fast or feature filled as iTunes is…
    It’s a third party music store. And, you say it is slow? Because iTunes isn’t slow and clunky at all, despite the ideas that it is. It is a side market for the app store.
    Anyway, the iTunes store has more stuff than amazon can DREAM of having.
    And, you say iTunes is poorly coded, slow and a horrendous experience.
    On windows, sure. On mac, a bit. On the iPad, iPhone or iPod? No. It’s a completely different experience. Everything is so simple and easy to find, it’s faster than the android market and such and doesn’t lag at all!

    2) battery life. Okay, just how long is the Samsung galaxy S 2 battery life? Roughly 11 hours. How long is the iPhone? Pretty much 12 hours of constant usage. Face it. iPhone uses less resources than android, therefore it can be underclocked, thus lengthening the battery life dramatically.

    3) Tell me what an android can do that an iPhone can’t, and I’ll tell you whether or not it is REALLY necessary. Wireless hotspot? Yeah. It can do that. 4G? No. But since nowhere has this yet and won’t for a good couple of years, there’s really no point in fingering someone over it. Custom Roms, nope, iPhone cannot do that, that is where android excels. Getting rid of the shitty original os and getting a custom made one put onto it. I’m using cyanogen mod at the moment, so I know what I’m saying.

    Also. Your notifications dream. Most of that IS on there.
    You can customise which notifications can appear, how long for, in the form of a banner or alert and more, all with the push of a button. With android, there is really no easy way of turning off notifications without going through the apps settings and such, hunting down the “Off” switch.

    And, you obviously cannot read. I said it took me 5 minutes to WORK OUT how to add a widget. Gingerbread is by FAR easier and better coded than the likes of honeycomb. Don’t even TRY and deny it.

    I also know about apple forcing you to use iTunes to set your device up. But now they’ve hopped onto the wireless bandwagon. You know, like android did with windows and RIM?

    And, I know android consumes more of the market than the iPhone. But that’s like comparing one grape to a bunch of grapes. Unless you are a complete dumbarse, you’d know that the BUNCH of grapes would be more abundant, as there are MORE of them. There is ONE iPhone. There are over 100 android devices!!

    And, finally, I’m not stating that android users didn’t use those features at all. I’m saying that there really is nothing worth fingering yourself over on it. Moving, animated wallpapers? Woop. Sometimes they bring a bit of joy to my life, but very rarely…

    Also, I don’t think you understand the notifications.
    The only reason twats are loosing their balls over this is because of the pull down notifications bar. If that wasn’t there, nobody would be bothered.
    They copied the pull down bar, I’ll give you that, but the banners and alerts are all unique. More likely you’ll find that android will soon copy APPLE with this.

    • Reece

      Also, I’ve just remembered, with the iPhone, you could ALWAYS download an app for your computer or your phone, with android, it started out as only on your phone and then they “Copied” apple by using a download service for the computer.

    • trainman261

      Maybe if you wouldn’t be so rude, it would be interesting to talk to you, but I think this will be my last comment, then I’m signing off. I know you’ll tell me how I’m stupid, whatever. as to the music, I’m pretty sure google music is going to be doing that. On the other hand, on Android, you can always go to a music selling website directly, and download it there (ahh, downloading whatever you like… Another thing the iPhone can’t do, in combination with actually using the file system, and don’t tell me I don’t need that, I use it on a regular basis). Battery life, yes, Android does it. Galaxy can do those 12 constant usage. And it’s not only that phone that can do it. My friend goes on for huge lengths with Android (my Android you can’t quite compare – it’s a media player) – I’m taking about weeks.
      And then… I’M supposed to tell YOU what features it has, but YOU tell ME what is useful? No, buddy. I tell YOU what is useful. Because you won’t do much more than read it, find every reason to bash it, and tell me it’s useless.
      1. Don’t tell me widgets are useless, I use them

      • Reece

        Features of the iPhone?
        Multitasking gestures,
        Easier multitasking.

        Basically, not too much. Same with android.
        Does this not tell you something? Does it not tell you that android copied EVERYTHING from Apple?
        No. But they did copy 99% of it.

        And, sorry to sound rude, but your being rather blunt. I’m not supposed to give everyone else features found on the iPhone, because the iPhone isn’t a feature phone, it is an everything else phone.
        And, once again, I’M NOT SAYING IT IS NOT GOOD. Bloody hell, I’ve said this three times now! I said, ask someone on the train if they use it, more than half will say, no!…
        I’m saying I DON’T USE IT. I didn’t ONCE mention that you used it…

        I’m not interested in talking just as much as you. I would if you wished, but it is your call.
        All I’m getting at is, you obviously haven’t owned an iDevice as you failed to note the simplicity of iTunes and the app store. A standard on the iDevice range.
        And, yeah, I love the idea of downloading music straight from the web, but apple only blocks that due to piracy. I find that annoying, but it can be overcome by downloading music onto your computer and syncing…

        • Reece

          And, as I’ve said, I have a htc desire hd. I have every reason to bash my own phone, same as you have every right to bash the iPhone.
          You just need to expect a bit of bashing in return… ;)

    • trainman261

      Maybe if you wouldn’t be so rude, it would be interesting to talk to you, but I think this will be my last comment, then I’m signing off. I know you’ll tell me how I’m stupid, whatever. as to the music, I’m pretty sure google music is going to be doing that. On the other hand, on Android, you can always go to a music selling website directly, and download it there (ahh, downloading whatever you like… Another thing the iPhone can’t do, in combination with actually using the file system, and don’t tell me I don’t need that, I use it on a regular basis). And I’m not sure what you get that “laggy” Android market from. Battery life, yes, Android does it. Galaxy can do those 12 constant usage. And it’s not only that phone that can do it. My friend goes on for huge lengths with Android (my Android you can’t quite compare – it’s a media player) – I’m taking about weeks.
      And then… I’M supposed to tell YOU what features it has, but YOU tell ME what is useful? No, buddy. I tell YOU what is useful. Because you won’t do much more than read it, find every reason to bash it, and tell me it’s useless.
      1. Don’t tell me widgets are useless, I use them all the time. In fact, my first home screen only has one icon left. I’ll give you an example how widgets are useful. Example: checking the latest news from your friends on Facebook. IPhone: unlock, find Facebook icon, open it, wait for it to load the content, and read it. Android withFacebook widget: unlock, find Facebook widget and read. Example 2: checking the next calendar event: iPhone: unlock, find calendar icon, open it, look at today. Android: unlock, find calendar widget.
      Next: Swype keyboard. I can type a lot quicker. Using it now.
      Next: with an app I can make my screen “transparent”. I can now safely walk while working on my Android. And not just typing. This isn’t possible on the iPhone because of the iPhone’s restricted app architecture and processing system. Oh and in fact, I haven’t even rooted my device.
      And to your comment about the numbers, no, there is not one iPhone. There is iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, etc, to be exact. And if you actually knew something about these numbers, the galaxy s II has been selling massively, and Samsung sells more phones that apple. But the fact that there aremany different Android phones doesn’t change anything – Android is still ahead. People who want to go with Android have a much larger selection. And to your metaphor, it doesn’t make sense.
      And don’t tell me I don’t know how to read. I think the problem is you don’t understand sarcasm.
      As to what you’re saint about “my notifications dreams”, you didn’t write get it but I’m not going to go into that again. Android will probably (and already partially has) carried the improvements over. But now we get back to the main point of the article: iFans (like you)constantly complain when some other OS copies apple, but here we have apple copying Android (don’t tell me it’s not copying, it’s not just the fact that it gets pulled in from the top – there’s more to it than that) and that’s perfectly fine. I’ll write here what I wrote somewhere else: when you have all the iFans screaming “open your eyes, _____ is copying apple”, I say “take off your blinders, in technology, everybody copies everybody”. I guess this the last time I’m going to this site, it’s so full of ignorant commenters, both on the apple and Android side.

      • Reece

        I’m British. I understand more sarcasm than ANYONE on this bloody planet.

        Why would you text whilst walking? That’s dangerous! Even with a transparent message background! And, this can be done once jailbroken.

        Widgets. I dislike them. Purely because of the slow factor of them. The lack of screen estate and features found in the original app.
        Facebook, the app, perfect in every way, the widget? Not so much. Friend stream? Terrible…
        Plus. It doesn’t refresh itself often enough, so it is essentially the same as loading up the app and refreshing it through that… It is hardly like shaving a few milliseconds off your life means anything…
        Also, it must be mentioned that iDevices have “instant on” apps (similar to android apps, except there is no waiting around on a black screen for the app to load up when the phone is slowing down…) meaning that they load as soon as you click the icon. Almost as fast, if not faster than the widget itself would be.

        And yeah, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. The original won’t be sold soon. Same as the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

        Not once have I complained about android, windows or RIM copying apple. I see it as a healthy business and product movement, without it, we’d still have crappy, 1990 tech.

        Also, the amount of phones WILL count. If you had one choice, or hundreds of choices, which you go for?

        And, android doesn’t have all the above features for notifications I mentioned in iOS. Check again please. They stole from cyanogenmods notifications, that’s about all they have done to update it…

        • Reece

          And, you should root. It opens up a much wider selection of apps ;)

          And, I could tell you were using swype due to the amount of spelling mistakes…
          That’s why I stopped using it… To annoying for me…

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