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Leak: Thunderbolt OTA update coming June 30th; Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Amazon Appstore pre-installed

Thunderbolt owners have been frustrated about random reboots and other issues since the last update. We know that a fix is in the works and is supposed to come during the second half of June. But we hadn’t heard more about the OTA until these images showed up in Android and Me’s inbox.

A Verizon insider has sent us a couple of screenshots of the OTA’s release notice, and mentioned this update will be available June 30th. A possible release date is always nice to hear, but that’s not what impressed us the most. It seems this isn’t just a maintenance update as we originally had thought.

The leaked document mentions some impressive additions to the upcoming update, including features like Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, pre-installed Amazon Appstore, Skype video functionality and gTalk video compatibility (which comes with Android 2.3.4). Now, we may be a bit hesitant to believe this because these features do sound a bit “too good to be true,” but we surely hope this is legit! Our insider does mention there could be small changes to the release notice, though. Regardless of possible changes (whether good or bad), he does state the release date is definitely going stay the same (June 30).

Check out the images below, and don’t forget to share your opinions with us! What do you guys think? Real? Fake? Is this simply too amazing to believe?

Thank you, Verizon Wireless Insider!

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  • http://Website mptrh336

    Awesome to own a tbolt right now!

  • http://Website chris

    And a Thuderbolt too!
    What other crap are they throwing on there for everyone?

  • Anonymous

    Well, lets just hope that HTC added into this update the unlocked bootloader (that they recently promised) too!

    Although, I seriously doubt Verizon would give HTC (or any Android manufacture for that matter) their blessing to unlock their bootloaders.

  • http://Website tim

    Ok now please leak the software itself :-)

  • http://Website BurnedTugBoat

    This is great news for us TBolt users but can someone explain 2.2 and 2.3 Android differences. I dont have reboot issues but I want gingerbread but don’t know what’s the difference and if I want to download when available.

  • http://Website Triangle

    I hope it happens. When are they going to bring 2.3.4 to the Droid charge?

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    thats good especially wit the newer version of gtalk with the built-in video chat

    • http://Website eagle1967

      real or not.
      notice it says gtalk compatible which is only saying this is 2.3.4
      it does not say gtalk with video is in the update and in fact i would say this pretty much states it will not be.

  • http://Website vx1


  • http://Website vx1

    Given VZW’s history, you have to forgive those of us who will only believe it when we see it.

  • http://Website Noah

    Looks fake. Google doesn’t use the term “gTalk” and the word “extensions” is misspelled.

    • http://Website YoYoMa

      Where does it say the word “extensions” ??

      • http://Website Noah

        That’s my point. It doesn’t say extensions, it says extentions.

        • http://Website Cameron

          Don’t Forget “Enchanced” aGPS. Unless this is the new term for the GPS that only works some of the time (In which case it makes perfect sense).

    • Anonymous

      Google doesn’t use the term “GTalk” but perhaps the Verizon sales department whom “perhaps” designed the information pictured above does, and didn’t know any better.

      And yes, “enhanced” is misspelled as “enchanced”. Although, we all make mistakes/typos as humans. :-)

  • http://Website DroidFan

    Will this solve the random reboot problem?

  • http://Website S

    Smoke weed everyday!

  • http://Website tome

    Gingerbread is almost useless with the sense overlay. Just give us vanilla gingerbread and ditch sense… Please!

    • http://Website JayMonster

      Yeah, uh… give up that pipe dream right now! They are going to shove Sense in an upgrade and remove some apps to make it for and you think they are going to abandon it on the TBolt? Nope won’t happen.

    • http://Website jonehi

      I ,for one, thinkn sence is amazing besides sence distiguishes HTC from moto, samsung, ext.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    You can get vanilla gingerbread on your tbolt its called rooting an installing cm7 or other custom roms.

  • http://Website Kemp

    Hope this update finally let Thunderbolt users get Netflix

  • http://Website CK

    MORE bloatware (Amazon, Skype)? Where did they find the room? My TBolt came packed to the gills with at least 17 useless applications which Verizon has decided I need.

  • http://vzw.com steve

    There is no update coming out, those pictures are fake, but there is an ota in august. Just be patient.

  • http://Website Dan

    Verizon Support Twitter confirms, there is no such update… http://twitter.com/#!/VZWSupport/status/86451562385383424

    To those that say to be patient, you obviously do not have a thunderbolt that has been struck with the ‘reboot bug’ that was supposed to be resolved in an upcoming update. I paid Verizon good money to get an “awesome smartphone” and I get almost two months of daily (most times multiple) reboots. Doesn’t seem right, and I have yet to come across anyone at VZW or HTC that knows of any kind of a remedy to this. I just need a phone that works, and getting strung along about a phantom update makes it even more frustrating. Verizon & HTC need this buckled down, soon, or they may lose one customer for sure.

  • http://Website bob

    id say there gonna lose two! im fed up with the “be patient its coming soon” story. so here is june 30th come and gone and nobody has any REAL evidence this update/fix is ever gonna happen. looks like alot of junk phones that alot of people shelled out way to much money for. htc and verizon suck. i want my money and my upgrade back

  • http://Website Jimny Cricket

    So, my calendar says June 30 (5:37 PST) and no update. What’s up? Is this just yet another rumor and nothing more?

  • http://Website Just Me

    We are all hyped up about the update not being released today, but keep in mind that it was a leaked rumor, not a proven fact, yes, the update is not out yet, but neither was the phone when the “rumored” released date was given was it? I do too have the problem w my phone booting about 3 times a day, now is not as often as it used to be ( up to 7 times daily) but still a bit frustrating, oh well, I guess that’s what we get for not waiting long enough for the phones to be out before we go and pay exorbitant amounts of $$ for something brand new out of the factory. As for Verizon loosing a customer, yes, they may loose a customer, but they are gaining $375 out of you for ETF and yet another cust will come to take your place. So, patience is the key here, meanwhile, I’ll sit back and continue with life as intended.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Mine rarely reboots anymore

  • Love TB

    Had my new TB since 8/2. No issues whatsoever. Rooted, unlocked, bloatware removed, and running stock Froyo 1.70. A great phone. And those of you with battery issues, turn off 4G if you are not in a 4G area; makes a huge difference in battery life. I love HTC, and will wait patiently for any update that comes along.