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Meet Android 3.2; Honeycomb’s last iteration coming this summer with 7-inch screen, Qualcomm’s chip support

If you thought Google would make us wait ’til Christmas for a new version of Android, I’m here to tell you how wrong you were. Meet Android 3.2, the last version of Honeycomb you’ll ever see (according to This Is My Next).

Much to our surprise, we saw Huawei announce the first Android 3.2 device earlier today. The tablet has a couple more firsts onboard. The company’s MediaPad will be the first Honeycomb tablet to launch with a 7-inch screen and a Qualcomm chip. This is all thanks to Android 3.2′s support for both these specifications. Until now, only NVIDIA’s Tegra and 10.1-inch screens had been suported. If you HTC Flyer owners jumped out of your seat and cheered, you’re not alone. Hopefully, this update means HTC will now be able to bring Android 3.2 to the Android 2.3-powered tablet.

Supposedly, Android 3.2 will be the last version of Honeycomb before Ice Cream Sandwich arrives later this year. At that time, all Android platforms will be updated, bringing them under a single umbrella. Aside from adding support for many more tablets, the guys from Building 44 also managed to cram a bunch of other stuff into Android 3.2. Including bug fixes, improved hardware acceleration and updated versions of Movie Studio, Movies, Music and widgets. Not too shabby, considering Android 3.1 came out little more than a month ago.

According to TIMN, Motorola Xoom users can expect Android 3.2 to hit their devices in the coming weeks. Future Android 3.2 devices will launch in the month of August. We should start seeing the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablets start to pop up soon after, unless Google hits any blocked roads and has to delay the release of ICS until 2012. Let’s pray to the tech gods that won’t be the case. Keep an eye out for an official Android 3.2 announcement out of Mountain View over the next few days or weeks.

Via: This Is My Next

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  • http://Website iLoveLiveUnqiue

    I can’t wait until Ice Cream

  • http://Website IonFist

    “According to TIMN, Motorola Xoom users can expect Android 3.2 to hit their devices in the coming weeks”, XOOM wifi here and still didn’t receive 3.1! I am very disappointed by Motorola and the “Google experience” on the XOOM! I didn’t buy the Transformer which was 100 pounds cheaper because I wanted to get the updates on time!

    • http://Website Daniel

      Welcome to the club! MotoFail is not great at updates, or producing stable software…

    • http://Website Martin

      eeehh? I got Android 3.1 for my Xoom Wifi shortly after Google IO back in May!

    • Dee

      I have the xoom Wifi also but I have gotten android 3.2 for over two weeks now. I guess its the location.

  • http://Website THIS IS FRAGMENTATION


    • http://Website labrat

      I know I shouldn’t bother but this is a .X release, it will be upgraded in no time, especially given the 3.1 update we have seen.

      It is called progress and not fragmentation.

      Good job troll, I want those 30 seconds back…

    • http://Website THIS IS FRAGMENTATION


  • http://Website Garrett

    To me the only people who should have an issue with fragmentation are those that were either not smart enough to get a device with developer support, or didn’t care enough. Either way it doesn’t matter. It’s not like the device is no longer functional because it doesn’t run the latest version.

    People are still running Windows XP out there. You know the OS that was released in late 2001. This is a mute point that’s only being pushed because there are a lack of real issues.

  • Get_At_Me

    Early adopters often get the shaft. Xoom users have it maid. They have the oldest Honeycomb tablet, yet they get updates first. Much like the Nexus One is the oldest “next gen” Android device, but its among the first to get updated with new software. I think some ppl (even saavy ones) assume that since all Honeycomb tablets are pretty much “Vanilla” that they’ll all get updated almost instantly. Obviously that’s not true. The only HC tablets running 3.1 are the Xoom & Galaxy Tab 10.1, although Asus and Acer said they’ll update their tablets….but when?……I was an early adopter of the T-Mobile G-Slate (their flagship Honeycomb tablet)….I have since sold my G-Slate on principle b/c neither LG or T-Mobile even bothered to comment on 3.1 or general bug fixes. It has zero support on XDA also. And when i say zero, i mean zero. There’s no G-Slate section on XDA. Its the only Android device i’ve owned that didn’t have a dedicated section on XDA and i’ve owned (i’ve owned 8 different Android devices btw)…..There’s virtually no fragmentation with Honeycomb tablets. The Xoom, Transformer, Iconia Tab, Galaxy 10.1 & Thrive all have the same screen size/resolution & the same Tegra 2 processor. One would think it would take very little effort to update theses tablets with them all being identical at the core……Just imagine if Netflx support comes to 3,2 + devices only. Alot of ppl would be itching to get that 3.2 update. Android updates (even incremental ones….tend to me be very important.

    • http://Website kb

      Hhmmmm…. don’t know about the other devices 5you mentioned, but 3.1 has been available on my transformer for almost a month now. Pretty sure I updated mine a few days before it was available for even the mighty zoom.

  • http://Website Jake

    Honeycomb is a total fail!!!

    I won’t even consider thinking about buying an Android tablet until we have Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Not only has Google decided not to release the source code for Honeycomb, but Honeycomb has barely any quality apps.

  • Jeffroid

    Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus 3 and Nexus Tablet is the real dream come true for us

    • http://Website Gee

      No doubt that I’m getting the Nexus 3 (have the NS + N1), and I want to pair it with a ICS tablet but the apps are just not there yet.

  • http://Website Joss

    I own an ASUS Transformer (Honeycomb 3.1). It’s a decent device, but Honeycomb is more a beta version than what you expect from a state of the art dual core Tegra device. Compared to my Samsung Galaxy S2, it’s simply slow. Even Flash is not usable! I’m kind of disappointed…

  • http://Website cucking funt

    Google is really taking fragmentation to a whole new level, wow. Whats next?
    That happens when you let decision makers like Andy Bumdrunk Rubin take over.
    Androids downfall, this is epic fail history in the making – live and en vivo!!!!

    • http://Website E

      God u sound like every other jack ass troll in this site

  • http://Website Man with the golden gun

    My gf said she loves 7-inchers! Tablets? Not so much.

  • http://Website Hans

    Since it was said that Honeycomb doesn’t have any minimum hardware requirements, how come there haven’t been any single core Honeycomb tablets yet? That alone makes me question the HTC Flyer ever getting 3.0+.

    • http://Website Robbie

      I think its mostly because android is moving in a dual core direction and single core devices are becoming obsolete. But you’re right I doubt flyer will ever get honeycomb because its single core and because HTC is terrible about updates (I’ve had two of their phones) it seems unlikely that they will port sense ui to hc in a timely fashion which means that tthey will probably have another tablet out by the time they ever feel like rolling it out

    • http://Website TechObserver

      Honeycomb has been limited to the Tegra 2 chipset prior to Android 3.2. That is why you haven’t seen any single core Honeycomb tablets. Or any 7-inch tablets running Honeycomb prior to the MediaPad, which is why this article and webpage exist and the whole reason you’re here posting… Sorry, but I have to ask, did you even read the article?

  • http://Website eli311e

    People complain about fragmentation on the market and with updates because of hardware and software limitations but I mean seriously ITS THE SAME THING AS OWNING A PC? We don’t complain about fragmentation on that and there is A LOT of it.

    • http://nicholasoverstreet. Nick Overstreet

      The only people complaining of fragmentation are ignorant trolls who don’t even understand what fragmentation means and why the term is irrelevant on Android.
      Guess what trolls, apps written for 1.6 can work on 3.2. U MAD?

    • http://Website TechObserver

      The only reason people are complaining is because Android is free. No one is yelling at Microsoft because they haven’t received Windows 7 yet; Microsoft would end up telling the User to upgrade their hardware and buy the new OS. So maybe handset makers should begin charging for updates? No manufacturer is required to provide free software upgrades, especially if the phone itself is working fine, it’s just good for reputation and business. For some reason we (as a collective whole) have begun to not only expect updates but arrogantly demand them when we should be grateful that the handset we bought months ago will get support for future OS releases.

      People who want the latest and greatest should learn to fork over cash for it and quit complaining.

  • http://Website Sandman

    I own the Asus Transformer running 3.1. I have no issues at all. Fast as can be, very few force closes, etc. The flash works very well. I have a 15mbps download rate and have no issues at all. A lot of people that i know that have issues with flash have slow DSL connections. I just hope that I get the next few updates. I don’t want to be the owner of a brand new tablet that turns out obsolete in less than a year.

  • http://Website Joe Sinkwitz

    Ice Cream Sandwich? Heck, I’m still waiting for Viewsonic to upgrade my G-Tablet to Honeycomb.
    C’mon Viewsonic, you lead us down a rosy path and then sidestep us like a pile of horseshit in the middle of the road.

    • http://Website Mailboxhead

      CM7 is all I have to say. Runs like a dream on my Gtab. Not even sure I will upgrade to HoneyComb when they port it over cuz right now CM7 runs so well.

      The G-tablet came with garbage software on day 1, what did you expect. Just make the switch to CM7 and you wont be sorry.

  • http://Website 111111

    in before new 3.3 fragmentation….

  • http://Website Stuart Brown

    Thought I saw a 7″ honeycomb, with tegra 2, for A$529 at Office Works Marketown, Newcastle Australia. August quad core cpu, dozen core gpu tablets come out, Christmas smartphones, would like to see some gddr5 ram in them at 3Ghz, to prevent bottlenecks.
    Running a sammy gs with froyo, having upgraded from eclair, waiting for gingerbread, already there in Europe and Asia. Froyo is slower, sometimes crashes, applications need to be force closed, it does more though. I await Ice Cream Sandwich, my country is working on optical circuits, vastly lower heating profiles per operation. Also working on solar paint, remember the world will need 4 billion 3D ultra definition tablets by 2018, evo 3D $US 729 I heard. With six and a half years to my target and 900 million smartphones by years end, 700 million mobile phones in India alone.
    Here in Oz half of all mobile phones are already smartphones, and 90% of the population has a mobile phone. For 3D UD we will need LTE advanced at 1 Gb p/s, Huewei are currently best at this. Alternately WiMax 2 at 300 megabits per second, might be sufficient, though longer to download high bandwidth movies. Our WiFi will improve to meet the demands of Gb/s optical and copper links to handsets. Heuwei also best at 1 Gb/s Cu lines.

  • http://Website stusmygsgbrd

    Just by the by, Huewie now mediates half of all mobile connections, 1/3 of all telephone connections. Only 150 million literate Indians don’t have a mobile phone, at 850 million literate, 75% of the population, 85% of the young. India is making a $50 android tablet, with a govt. subsidy it could be $25 with 850 M wanting one.

  • http://Website John

    Honeycomb is a beta release of ics. If you are rooted you can change your LCD density to 220 ppi on the xoom and see a gingerbread UI. With this new 3.2 update they are only getting closer to I cs by supporting more cpus and screen sizes. Just enjoy what you already have, although I am guessing many of you are submitting a review on a tablet you have never used :-)

  • http://Website willio

    I have ad Adam Tablet from Notion Ink, when does we have Honeycomb 3.2 for this Tablet?

  • http://Website Les Smith

    Received my 3.2 update for my wifi Xoom at 11:00pm, Thursday the 14th. I live in metro Phoenix.

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