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Midweek Madness – Score a Movie Night Out with free AMC and Regal movie tickets

To perk up another slow work week we’re here with a fresh installment of Midweek Madness. If you’re not familiar with the practice Midweek Madness, we like to give things away on Wednesdays. If you are familiar, you know what happens next.

We’ve got a huge sack of movie tickets to give out! Movie Night Out recently released version 2.0 and to celebrate they’ve passed us 10 sets of AMC tickets and 10 sets of Regal tickets to give away to you, the loyal reader. Each winner selected will win a pack of 4 tickets, via mail, to his theater of choice. We’ll be drawing winners today at 5PM PST (the end of our workday), so make sure you enter promptly. And how do you do that, you might ask?

To enter, leave a comment below with your plans for the perfect Movie Night Out. If you need help, you can download the app from the Android Market. Movie Night Out will help you select not only a film, but adjoining activities like dining and drinks. You can even select an occasion (like Guys Night, Date Night, Uplifting Night) and the app will do its best to pair together a perfect evening out on the town. Noticeably missing here are suggestions for an quiet evening alone. If you’re in a funk, how about the suggestion “Stay home, watch Old Yeller, and eat a cold can of ravioli.”

Whatever your idea of a good time, make sure you leave us a comment below telling us about it to be entered to win. In your comment, make sure you include whether you’d like AMC or Regal tickets. If you don’t pick, we’ll have to guess, which might make for a future bummer.

This contest is for US residents only. Sorry international readers, we’ll get you next time!


UPDATE: We chose our winners, so you should have received an email if you were one of them.

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  • http://Website Stacey

    Date Night – I’d love to take my husband to see the new Transformers when it comes out. AMC Tickets would be great!


  • http://Website Keith

    I need a date night… ;)

  • http://Website abmone

    tickets to the movies for xmen would be nice

    Amc. Gimme the yo.

  • http://Website Justin

    I plan on taking my wife out to a movie of I win.

  • http://Website mrcrusha829

    Perfect cap to the night…. couple of drinks at a nearby restaurant and walkin over to the theatre to catch the new Transformers….Perfect!!

    • http://Website mrcrusha829

      Forgot to say AMC of course!!

  • http://Website ruben

    Drop the kids at the sitter. Have a nice dinner with the wife, mcdonalds or something (economy sucks) then hit up a movie befor picking up kids. Or maybe take the kids and watch Harry Potter or something as a family. Either way these tickets will bring some much needed liesure time to my family.

    • http://Website ruben

      I forgot too. AMC please.

  • http://Website Jeff

    Plans for the perfect date night: My fiance and I are going to make dinner on the grill, go see Cars 2, and then grab some dessert on the way home. Regal tickets would be awesome!

  • http://Website Steve

    So many great summer flix coming out! Girlfriend is a movie buff..I’m going broke.

    Android and Me and my EVO FTW!!!

  • http://Website tiffany priddy

    Taking my girl to her favorite amc theatre then heading out to our favorite sushi place for some cali rolls and saki!

  • http://Website holly

    Movie night with the hubbie would b great…. amc tix please :)

  • http://Website Mike

    Can’t beat dinner and a movie. Regal please.

  • ravila88x

    I would start the night by pulling out my Nexus One and using Movie Night Out and plan a romantic comedy with my lady friend and her Nexus S and we would go catch dinner at Yard House, watch a movie, then finish the night with some drinks at The Lazy Dog Cafe. Thanks Movie Night Out for the recommendation!

  • http://Website Azure

    If I won the tickets I would take the love of my life out on a date. We’ve both had some excruciatingly rough times between being evicted from our apartment due to our “landlord” being a scam, having to relocate to a new place to live, and with deaths and the abrupt move we’re flat out broke. Its been three months since we’ve gone on a real date just the two of us and winning this would be the best glimmer of light in a doodoo covered hallway of bad luck.

  • http://www.hashbrownsandbacon.com Kevin

    I want to take my girl out to watch Transformers Dark of the Moon. She never understood why Transformers is so important to me. I need to prove that it is not crappy franchise and with this third one, I’m hoping its reputation can be avenged!! You must help me redeem a part of my childhood to her.

  • http://Website MW

    I’d like to take out my new woman to go see green lantern since shes a big comic book fan…then its off to a Mexican nite spot for tequila and salsa dancing

  • http://Website Kevin Wong

    Regal tickets would be great for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II for a night to remember of the final film with my girlfriend.

  • http://www.mobilebitworks.com Mobile Bitworks

    The perfect movie night out? How about free popcorn, drinks and hotdogs? These summer movie nights out with the family has put my credit card on life-support! (Regal)

  • http://Website topher

    My wife’s birthday is in two weeks. I’m planning on taking her out to dinner, a movie (probably Transformers, she wants to see it too!) and a nice hotel away from the kids. AMC would be great.

  • http://www.twitter.com/droid_dizzy T.W13

    Date night with two beautiful girls………,
    my little sisters who are one and two. we’ll be watching Cars 2. Will take my girl too. ; ) so make that three beautiful girls.

  • shadowxof

    Dinner with the wife and the out to Regal theaters to catch cars 2 (yes we are Disney nerds)

  • http://Website Jeff

    My wife and I have an 18 month old son and we just graduated from college. We have not been on a real date for months. This would be awesome! AMC would be preferable, but there is a Regal Theater nearby as well.

  • http://Website SensationallyBrown

    Using the $25 gift card to Giordano’s we got then going out for a movie at the gorgeous AMC complex, followed by desserts, and some late night beach volleyball. Can’t imagine a better night spent

  • http://Website Nas

    I would love to get some Regal tickets to watch my first 3D movie. Green Lantern looks like a winner.

  • http://Website DEVLIN

    I really want to take a friend to see Super 8. First beers at the local bar and then Super 8.

  • http://Www.twitter.com/JaeMoonwalker Jerad Fisher

    My perfect night out is one with my future wife/the mother of my two children.A night away from the children,and a chance to reconnect.First dinner,and of course drinks,to help unwind after a grueling week of work.Next,a walk holding hands,enjoying the night air. This followed by a movie at our local AMC theater.A movie of HER choice,of course,because we all know that everything runs much smoother when the woman is happy. This night would end perfectly with a conversation over icecream and the car ride home;making it home just in time to tuck in the kids and kiss them goodnight(and pay the babysitter,of course)

  • http://Website Anthony

    I’d love to get some Regal Cinema tickets for Transformers and Harry Potter coming out next month. My lady and I are very excited for Harry Potter in particular and are both traveling for work the weeks before and after its release. We’ll have one available day, the Saturday after launch (7/16) as she’ll return from Cincinnati on Friday and then I’m off to Orlando for the week after! A special night is very much in order here since she’ll be gone the week before. There’s a great Indian restaurant across the street from the theater, which is her favorite, so I’m thinking I’ll treat her to a nice meal there followed by the flick, and maybe somewhere for drinks afterward or a nice stroll to enjoy the summer evening; who knows where that’ll take us :) Love really is bliss, guys!

  • http://Website Reina

    Id like AMC tickets to go see harry potter 7! And the a nice italian dinner! Woooooo!

  • http://Website Jenelle

    What: Date night with my movie-experience-obsessed husband! During the Great Recession I put my foot down on going to the theater and have made him stay at home with me watching Netflix, etc. It’s not the same, I know, but we’re trying to work the expensive seat experience back into the budget now that things have improved for us!

    Ticket: Either, but Regal is preferred! :)

    • http://Website Jenelle

      And to specify the “perfect date night ” we’d see Cars 2. I didn’t know this was even coming out until I read a previous comment! WOW! My husband and I saw Cars on our first date. :-)

  • http://Website Bryan

    I’d like to take my wife and son out to dinner and a movie.

  • http://Website Sammy Brence

    Man, I still need to see Green Lantern, X-Men, and the Upcomming Transformers! Those would be the perfect Geek night out Movies of Choice!

  • http://Website lonnie brown

    I have been depressed a long time since divorce after 23 years. I used to take my family out once a week for dinner and a movie. Its been 2years since. My kids asked me to a movie for fathers day and I panicked and said maybe in a week or 2. Plus we can’t afford it. This would be a huge lift and hope invoke a change in my life. Thank you for the opportunity. And our theaters are regal.

  • http://Website Erb

    After school movie night. Summer classes end on Friday and it would be great to get people together and watch Green Lantern at our local Regal. Followed by lots and lots of alcoholic beverages.

  • Tran Lang

    Date Night. I’d like to take my wife out to see The Hangover II. AMC tickets are great.


  • http://Website adam

    Dinner: olive garden, love their bread
    movie: xmen origins at the regal
    Dessert: cold stone

  • http://Website Geraldo

    Honestly, I just want the tickets because I’m too poor and broke all the time and I don’t think I’ve been to the movies since December. I work part time at a grocery store cuz it’s very difficult to be full time. All I can afford is my bills, a bit of food, and maybe some gas. I don’t know what plans I’d make since I’m single and barely have friends. Maybe I’ll go with some coworkers. Either AMC or Regal. Doesn’t really matter.

  • http://Website Loc Huynh

    Dinner: Zed’s it’s a new restaurant that opened near where i live
    Movie: Transformers 3

    This is the best summer for movies in a while. So many sequels to good movies coming.

  • http://Website paul puri

    The perfect night out would be making my wife see a comic book movie at our favorite regal cinema. In imax of course.

  • Rubrewskey

    Taking my brother and his wife out on a double date with me and my girl. Regal Cinemas.

  • http://Website Kaz

    Of course, the perfect date night would be if my Regal tickets came with a babysitter, but I would be willing to spring for that if I had some Grown Up Time (oh, get your mind out of the gutter) with my wife and could go for a nice dinner, a movie, and some drinks afterward…

  • http://Website Deter

    Date night with the wife. Take her to dinner, see a movie, go home to snuggle on the couch.

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    Playing hookie from work and going to the Regal theater across the street

  • http://Website Nerfherder

    Perfect Date Night: Leave the cell phones at home. If the place burns down, I want to remember a good night!. A Dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s to start it off, followed by a short drive to the theater to watch Cars 2. On the way home, stop by the Ice Creamery for a helping of the best ice cream in the area, then a walk in the park, laying under the starts, enjoying each other in the summer breeze. Ah, for a short time, we forgot we had kids, or worries or whatever! Yup, that’s the plan. Movie Night Out is an awesome App too, but it wouldn’t put this one together, I tried.

    • http://Website Nerfherder

      Got lost in the thought of it but didnt say which one. Regal, please!

  • http://Website Steve

    Date night to watch Captain America. not some girly movie. =) AMC please..

  • haljordan16

    I’m in the middle of studying for the bar. A free AMC movie would be welcome reprieve – especially because I’ve been reading Green Lantern since I was 6.

    Android & Me 4E!

  • http://Website Matt

    Date Week:

    1. Go to Chicago to see and experience the beauty of the city.
    2. Come back to LA to see the few but still beautiful buildings of LA.
    3. Watch Transformers, see Chicago get absolutely obliterated.
    4. Have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen afterwards talking about how lucky we are to not have been in Chicago when the Deceptions took over.

    Regal is the theater of preference but will take either Regal or AMC!

    Thank you!

  • http://Website Greg

    Going to the movies with my wife on our date night is like getting on a space ship and traveling to another galaxy. We get to explore new and different worlds of movies, see new directors come to fame, and learn new things about life, happiness, and even love. Movie night goes way back to the golden ages of the 1950′s where young Rockabilly’s and Betty’s would cruise to drive-in’s with their girl around they’re arm to partake in a timeless treat. I love going to Regal theatres because of their rewards program. I scan my Regal card and I get free popcorn, drinks, etc..

  • http://Website Manuel Dela Cruz


  • http://Website Sanket

    A date night with the wife would be perfect on a saturday night! Watch cars 2 and have good gelato at a local mom and pop joint next door to the regal cinema

    Regal plz

  • http://Website Mike K.

    Here’s what I would do – I”d take my wife to a movie, handing the 2 extra tickets to the kids hiding by the exit door to sneak in. AMC

  • http://Website joee

    Why do I need an AMC movie night out? Kids! With four tickets I can send the kids to one movie and take the wife to another one where the adults can be alone for a couple of hours. Bliss!

  • http://Website Richard Pyle

    I would take my family out for a nite of food & fun!

  • http://Website deepimage

    Me, wife and stadium seats with the arm rest up.

  • http://Website Manuel Dela Cruz

    ****Please… Android and me you will decide if I get to eat Dessert or not****

    Would start with an hr massage for my wife at luxe spa. Then nails done.Wherever she wants to eat, whatever movie she wants to see, and then I’ll have every right to ask for dessert when we get home….. =)

  • http://Website Username

    Date Night with my wife at Regal please.

  • http://Website Dennis

    I am so behind on current movies and I love seeing them on the big screen! I would have date night for the next month completely set! Just add dinner, and I am good to go.

  • http://Website Biglou

    Well my perfect movie will start with finding the right movie for everyone to watch then make sure we got goodies and at my house beer and we all sit back and enjoy the movie

  • http://Website Neal

    My girlfriend and I could really use some us time and a reason to get out of the house. All we have the sitter now we just need some regal tickets to see transformers

  • http://Website tk

    Take some friends to see Captain America, Tranformers or Cars 2 (or maybe all three?), while sneaking in some steak n shake.

    AMC please.

  • http://Website eid3tic

    My perfect movie night it going out with family and friends and having fun! I’d appreciate AMC tickets. Thanks!

  • http://Website Sri

    Me, My Wife & the Androids ….. :-)

  • http://Website oddball

    Family night out with the kids. Some Chick-fil-a and Cars 2 would be a great thing.

    And either type of ticket works for me I have both down the street.

  • http://Website AVS

    Double date (w/ my wife & mr. Andy Dx) sounds like a plan!!!

    • http://Website AVS

      At Regal.

  • jerkyjones

    Date night with the wife.

    • jerkyjones


  • http://Website Darin McIntyre

    The perfect way to spend a night out is with my girlfriend and a couple friends. There is no better escape from the doldrums than immersion in an alternate reality for a few hours. It’s great to get away with those closest to me and still know that we are all having our own experiences doing so! Going to the movies is the quintessential summer vacation that you don’t have to leave town for!

  • http://Website Aaron Myers

    I would love to get Regal tickets to see the new Harry Potter with my wife. We have been going through the backlog of movies and really enjoying them in order to be prepared for the newest one next month.

  • http://Website Darin McIntyre

    And to specify, regal theater all the way!

  • http://Website John Mark

    me and the Mrs. need a good excuse to leave the kids with a sitter and have some adult conversation. and a good movie wouldn’t hurt, either. Regal, please. Thanks!

  • http://Androidandme Amos

    I would a movie night, its my wifes birthday and me, her and the kids would love to get out

  • http://Website Mark D.

    The perfect date? You give me free tickets, I take my wife to a movie, I buy a lottery ticket on the way home and win the powerball. -perfect date.

  • http://Website Thomas

    I would love a date night with my new wife to Regal Cinemas. I only go to regal. Always a good experience.

  • http://Website Animate

    Movie Night?

    My fiancee has been working 60 hour weeks (she’s a nurse) for a few months now to help pay off our wedding. I’d love to just let her relax and catch whatever movie she wants to see.

    Regal theater in our area.

  • http://Website sungam

    Going out with my wife after restlessly caring out newborn for 3 weeks.


  • http://Website Jon

    Any movie not suited for a 5 year old at my local Regal. Dinner with a juicy rare 16oz steak w/ caramelized onions and gorgonzola sauce and crispy fries on the side. A Ice cold glass of lemonade and vanilla ice cream. This is making me hungry….and what ever my wife wants.

  • http://Website jody

    Wife and three kids, very costly to spend family movie night together. Regal tickets would make the night fun over the summer! Aloha.

  • http://Website Chris

    Head out for a man-date with some of my buddies. See some awful movie with plenty of explosions and stuff my face with everything bad for me… like a cup of that fake butter stuff.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    double date to see horrible bosses after enjoying some pizza at cicis buffet! if were up for it afterwards, some cosmic bowling as well!

  • http://Website Kevin

    To sober up after downing a couple drinks at a bar. AMC

  • http://Website Andrew Davis

    First, I’d take my wife out for dinner, where’d we each order the same thing we always do. If we’re feeling fancy we might even order an apptizer.

    While at the restaurant, we’d get drinks. Me, a fruity one, and my wife, a dark beer.

    Then we’d head to the movies late, like always, and miss the previews which I love watching. But we’d be on time for the actual show.

    After the movie, I’ll have to ask my wife what happened because I was blinded by some dude texting the whole time. Then we’ll head home, and both pass out.

    Now, that’s how you do a movie night.

    • http://Website Andrew Davis

      …. Oh, and Regal cinemas would be the venue.

  • http://spunkymonkeys.me Chris

    I would finally be able to have a normal date night with my amazing wife!

  • http://Website Dan Stone

    Guys night out!
    Start it off with the worlds best sushi at Mikuni’s in Roseville, then off to see the new Transformer movie… finish the night off over a cold one.

    Regal Tickets for me thanks,

  • http://Website Jessica

    Pizza at Dewey’s with the husband, then a movie, then drinks at Surly Girl.

    (AMC, please)

  • Coolio

    Some Regal tickets to watch Dark of The Moon would be awesome!

  • http://Website Kevin

    My ex-girlfriend and I broke up last September after 6 years. I raised her child since she was two year old as if she were my own. Her grandmother recently died and I haven’t seen her (our) daughter in maybe two months because she’s been bumping back and forth between my ex’s home and her mom’s home. I’d use the tickets to take her out to the movies and enjoy a day off with her. Summer break is upon us so I feel she’d enjoy a day out with me and my mother…

  • http://Website chad

    I could really use a movie night out because im constantly working all the time literally everyday and my wife is at home with our 3 kids all day long so we never get a chance to go out to a movie or anything

  • http://Website Matt

    Father/Son time.

    Pixar’s Cars 2 is coming out this weekend and it’s perfect timing for my 3.5 year old. He loves the first movie and he’s just about the right age to sit through an entire movie at the theater. This would be his first movie-going experience.

  • http://www.localbizbits.com Larry

    I would love to score some Regal tickets. With the tickets, would take the family out for pizza and then check out the new Kung Fu Panda2 or Cars2 movies. We do not go to the movie theather that much any more due to the high cost, so this would be a great gift I could give the kids. Thanks

  • http://Website Chris

    A chance to get away with my wife and leave the kids with a sitter for some peace and quiet! Oh, and a movie too. AMC would be great!

  • http://Website Daniel Batista

    I have a two year old….nuff said! My wife and I havent gone to the movies since the little gremlin was born. We have time but money is all for the little terror! this will be a great date night!

  • yuichiror

    I’m thinkin’ me and my four kids goin’ out to see Cars 2!!!

  • yuichiror

    At AMC…

  • http://www.oscarcampos.com oscar

    Date night:

    Take the wifey out to dinner and then head over to the theater to catch a “chick” flick. =)
    Regal, please.

  • http://Website Donovan

    Roommates night out: Live in my house with 3 other people, would love to be able to get us all together have a drink and dinner, and catch a movie! AMC FTW!!!

  • http://Website Dan

    I got to get out of the house from our baby girl. We will have a real excuse to finally hire a baby sitter and get to the grand cinemas!

    AMC all the way baby! No pun intended.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Double date night.. then after bowling at Vero Bowl and some pool on a wednesday then end it at our local beach just enjoying the night..

  • http://Website Jeremy

    oh and AMC

  • RonWeez

    Taking my gf to see bad teacher then going to a nice restaurant in Atlanta like straits

  • E-man

    With four tickets I could do a date night, if I could get a date :(, and guys night! Let’s keep my movie streak going strong this summer!

  • http://Website Danny

    My perfect movie night would be going to see the Harry Potter finale with 3 friends, followed by a night of indulging in butterbeer from a local pub.

  • http://Website Arni

    A night with friends catching one of the summer blockbusters at a Regal Theatre!

  • http://Website Dave

    Going Ape for the whole Planet!

  • http://Website Vic

    To Clark Wimberly and whom it may concern,
    I would like to have a Funny Night out to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins or Kung Fu Panda 2 with my gf and sis. We’d love to get Regal tickets, our night out has been postponed 4 weekends now! Thanks.

  • http://Website Guillermo

    Go out with some buddies to watch the new Transformers

  • metters79

    My wife just gave birth to our first son last week. Our anniversary is approaching, and I would love to take her out to a movie. Since we have been so busy getting accustomed to a newborn in the house or helping her get through a tough pregnancy, we haven’t been able to make it to a movie. Winning this would force us to make the time to relax and enjoy a movie as well as be mindful of our new tighter budget. Thank you in advance if you pick my comment!!

  • http://Website Alfred

    Any time my wife and I can have a “date night” at a Regal theater is a GOOD night! It’s such a rare occurrence with four kids…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mula951 Oscar

    Perfect night out would pizza/pasta from Sabarro’s, a movie at AMC, and a nice jam session afterwards!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mula951 Oscar

      Or Regal! It doesn’t matter cause they’re near each other! Lol!

  • http://Website Joe

    I’d use it to see Super 8, heard it was a great movie!

  • http://Website B2L

    I would absolutely love to take my wife out to go eat some awesome cheesesteaks at Moochies, and go see a movie at AMC.

  • http://Website kalil Stoudmire

    Me & my lady friend catch the a showing of transformer or some comedy afterwards go out somewhere for late night munchies that a perfect movie night for me and amc please

  • http://Website juandarkness

    Date night with the wife to FINALLY see X-Men: First Class! AMC would be awesome!

  • http://Website Nathan

    Just to be able to take the kids to see Cars 2 before I go to be a Drill Sergeant and never have time with the family

  • http://Website Karly

    Had a baby not to long ago and my husband and I haven’t had a “date night” alone since. We’ll use these to go see the last Harry Potter movie. :)

  • http://Website Brandon

    I would love to see xmen at amc. And then go for dinner at olive garden afterwards.

  • http://androidandme Emmanuel

    Go to my favorite mexican restaurant for some good food and drinks, followed by watching bad teacher at Regal!

  • http://Website Freddy

    Ufff!!! I would love to take out my girlfriend to watch Super 8 and scare the bejesus out of her! She hates scary movies so im going to tell her that its about this love on another planet. In the end shes going to love the movie because she usually does! After the movies we can go out to dinner at Bahama Breeze :)

    Regal Tickets please!

    Freddy Dominguez

  • http://Website Freddy

    Ufff!!! I would love to take out my girlfriend to watch Super 8 and scare the bejesus out of her! She hates scary movies so im going to tell her that its about this love on another planet. In the end shes going to love the movie because she usually does! After the movies we can go out to dinner at Bahama Breeze :)

    Regal Tickets please!


  • http://Website Ray

    I just started my new job this week and would love a Movie Night Out with my new girlfriend so we can celebrate. I STILL haven’t seen Super 8 yet and I’m dying to see it, and I’m also looking forward to Transformers and Captain America next month. I’d really like to take her to a nice restaurant like Capital Grille and share a bottle of wine, followed by the movie, and then cap it off with some live music in a nearby dive bar.

    There’s a great AMC theater equipped with a 3D IMAX theater that we’d love to check out!

  • http://Website Jason

    My perfect night is a Juicy Lucy and a brew at the Blue Door, followed by some sort of sad bastard flick that will make me feel tingly about the fleeting nature of love. Then a nightcap someplace cheap. Cheers!

  • kidgoofy

    Date night? Whats that? Ever since I began going out with a single mom its been difficult to go out without her lil boy. It would be fantastic if we could go out for “adult” time.
    I’m crossing my fingers.

  • http://Website Nick

    I’d love to take my fiance out to a movie.

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    I’d like to take my kids to the movies. AMC tickets.

  • http://Website Khrystal

    Date night with the hubby would be lovely considering we havent left our one yr old since he was born!
    AMC tix would be great! thanks!


  • http://Website Micah

    Uh oh I think i’m a few minutes too late. Anyways i’d love to take this girl out that I just started seeing (I will regardless of the tix) for a movie, dinner (she loves sushi and I found this nice japanese restaurant we’re going to go to), and whatever else we feel like doing. I want to see the new transformers movie. AMC would be good since it’s closer, but either is fine.

    ~ Micah

  • http://Website smooth3d

    If I won a set of AMC tickets I would take me and my girl out on a romantic dinner and take her to see her favorite chick flick.

  • http://Website Blaw

    Transformers… Regal please !

  • http://Website James!

    I’d like to check out Super 8 with my girlfriend. I’d prefer Regal, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

  • http://Androidandme Anthony Omer

    Porterhouse steak, grilled asparagus and sweet tea first by the pool then a movie with a tub of corn with lots of butter….. AMC please

  • mac08wrx

    Dinner Movie And then A little sumthing Sumthing

  • http://Website Jonathan

    oh, and i would like regal tickets if i win, thanks!

  • http://android.com Ryan

    Family night out at the movies. It’s summer time, lots of great movies to watch with the kids!

  • http://Website eric

    Guy Night – A summer blockbuster with all of the guys. Popcorn, thrills, spills, and an overall great time out!

  • http://Website Kam Perez

    I refuse to pay to see Green Lantern, but if I have free AMC movie tickets…

  • http://Website Steven C.

    Date night for me and my wife. We don’t get too many with a 18 month in the house. We would take her to the Grandparents house so my wife and I could make a complete night of dinner and a movie. Just some good couple time, then come home to our beautiful baby girl.



    • http://Website Steven C.

      Regal tickets please.

  • http://Website lordkaosu

    I’m in! Movie, maybe dinner, and a good night! Regal tickets for me.

  • http://Website Danny

    Take a good friend and go to AMC theater next to my house. Buy us some X-Men tickets. Get popcorn, drinks, nachos, hotdog, and other goodies do munch on while watching a good movie with the free tickets that Android and Me haven given me. ^^
    Thanks in advance haha

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    all my friends go and see transformers 3 and i’d like regal entertainment tickets

  • http://www.digitalmeneghini.com Anthony

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary the end of June…. We haven’t gone out since before our daughter was born in March.

  • http://www.digitalmeneghini.com Anthony

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary the end of June…. We haven’t gone out since before our daughter was born in March. I’m easy to please AMC or REGAL.

  • http://Website Jim

    I’d love to take my girl out to an AMC theater to catch up on all the movies we haven’t been able to see because we’ve been saving to move. Throw in a trip to California Pizza Kitchen, and a nice bar for drinks, and that’s a perfect night.

  • http://Website adam

    Have a babysitter on Friday nights all summer.. Dinner and any comedy movie, and I’m good to go! Regal, please.

  • http://Website Bill

    I’d take my wife out for our 3 year Anniversary coming up on the 4th of July! AMC please!

  • http://Website Steve

    I’ve already made plans to take my wife along with our niece and nephew to see Cars 2 in 3D. It would be great to not only be able to see the movie but be able to afford all the pop, popcorn and candy they can consume. You have to send them back to their parents all jacked up on a sugar high. Either way we are all going to see Cars 2 in 3D, thanks for the opportunity to win free tickets.
    Regal Please!!!

  • http://Website Tanner

    This would be neat to be able to see the new Harry Potter on one of AMC’s giant screens! The AMC by us is a little more than a thirty minute drive so it’s always a special occasion when we get to go!

    Thanks for the consideration!

  • shhon75

    Date night to take my fiancé to see Transformer 3, hand over 2, or bridesmaids. Regal tickets pls

  • http://www.ronaldparisi.com ronald

    Watching 28 days later in Imax while Cillian Murphy strokes my hair.

  • http://www.ronaldparisi.com ronald

    Also I’m cool with regal or amc! Cillian Murphy FTW!

  • http://Website Jenelle

    Hmmmm…. have the winners been announced/contacted? I don’t know if I lost or not yet, LOL.

  • http://Website Name (required)


  • http://Website Devesh

    My friends and I are dying to see Harry Potter at midnight when it comes out! Tickets to Regal would be nice :)

  • http://Website Rich Johnson

    I really need these tickets I work 60hrs a week and don’t get paid very much I have 2 kids who run me regged I need a night out!!

  • http://Website randi

    Cars 2!!

  • http://Website Crystal

    I would prefer a Girl’s Night out with my closest college friends. After a hard day of work and classes, watching a funny new movie with you best girls would be quite relaxing.

    PS. I’d prefer Regal.

  • Chay’Anna Sanders

    You guys phone