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MIUI, HTC take Android lock screen to next level

While there are lots of people who aren’t fans of HTC Sense 3.0, we’re pretty sure most people do enjoy the new customizable lock screen it includes. The lock screen on the HTC Sensation and HTC Flyer allows users to unlock the device and launch directly into four user selectable apps and can also display social media updates, pictures, the weather and even stock quotes. But HTC wasn’t the first to deliver a lock screen with the ability to launch directly into an application. The MIUI team has featured this same capability for quite some time and will soon release new features and UI variations.

The next MIUI update (scheduled for later this week) will include four new lock screen styles that theme developers will be able to customize with their own graphics. Since no documentation about the new lock screens has been released yet, we’re not sure if users will be able to swap in their own apps or if they’ll be stuck with the ones shown in the image.

miui_unlock_screen htc_sensation_unlock_screen

Either way, it’s nice to see the MIUI team offer more options for their user base. We’re hoping more Google manufacturers realize the lock screen has a lot more potential than it’s current iteration. We know there are a number of apps on the Android Market that give users more options when it comes to lock screen. Let us know what you use and which features you enjoy the most.

Source: MIUI

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website Dan

    MIUI is good but stock is so smooth. Damn I hope stock Android gets a whole redesign for Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • http://Website THIS IS FRAGMENTATION

      welcome to fragmentation

      • http://Website Xiutian

        Actually, it’s called having choices.

        • http://Website anony

          Actually, it’s called fragmentation

  • http://Website Matt

    I haven’t delved into the whole rooting and flashing thing just yet but seeing MIUI has finally pushed me over the fence into the root & flash scene. I hadn’t really looked at all the things the dev community get up to but you get quite the appreciation for them when you do.

    • http://Website Cheeto

      Do it! Its like having a whole new phone. I change my rom like every week and its the best thing I ever done to my evo. Most of these roms actually triple my battery life as well.

  • http://Website honihiwa

    stock is so smooth but MIUI is good AND SMOOTH

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    Actually, before both of them did it, Widget Locker already was able to do that and is still able to do it. And it also works on basically any rom. :P

    • http://Website TWiT Commander

      I tried Widget Locker for 2 weeks. The thing is a battery hog. Sometimes, I had to charge 3 times in a day! I thought I was doing something wrong, so I installed Widget Locker on another Android device I had, but changed absolutely nothing, no customizations or anything, and the results were the same.

  • http://Website heldtos

    I love the new MIUI lockscreen.
    Stock is still smoother and has less bugs than MIUI.

    Ps: I do like androidandme but font size in the internet site is too small. I don’t have this concern with other internet site.

    • http://none.com kai99

      ever try “Cntrl” + “+” = Bigger font size. smh…

      • http://Website heldros

        Ctrl + + + + + on a Nexus One. Bien sûr

  • http://Website kazahani

    Noob questions:

    -If I flash to a custom rom, do I still have access to Android market? I’ve been told that I will lose my app data, but can I at least go back and download them again?

    -What are the chances that I permanently screw up my phone if I don’t know what I’m doing?

    • http://Website Tim

      Then don’t do it !If your phone works fine with no problems I would not you can brick the phone.Just to get a new screen no been there done that and after the update I am stock now.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Rooting a phone is a dangerous process, but if you follow the appropriate directios for your handset you should have no issues. Be sure to do a lot of research and be sure to check out youtube. There are a lot of How-To videos out there which show you step-by-step how the process works.

      You can typically root your phone without looking your current data. This would allow you to install Titanium Backup which will save all your apps and app data. Once you install a new ROM you can restore your latest backup from Titanium and you should be all set.

      There are a few ROms out there that do not have access to the Android Market, but they are in the minority.

      • http://Website kazahani

        Thanks! Super-helpful!

  • http://miui.us miui

    your source should credit miui.com or en.miui.com for the official miui site :x

  • McLovin

    My favorite all time app is also a lock screen app called Executive Assistant + developed by Appventive.

  • http://Website futuro

    Im running a MIUI for 2 weeks now, n i really like so much this rom.. im running the latest version 2.3.4 Gingerbread on HTC HD2 THIS rom has lots of pretty cool stuff end i can wait for this update :) even tho this MIUI has pretty cool locks screen pretty awesome!!!!!!

    • RonWeez

      I always wanted to know it the hd2 ran flawlessly as a android device or does it have a few hickups and problems. Honestly

      • http://Website migueltherocker

        Mine runs as well as any native android device I’ve ever used.

  • http://miui.com miuirom

    Hi please credit the original source @ miui.com or en.miui.com or twitter.com/miuirom

  • http://www.devolute.net devolute

    I put MIUI on my Nexus S this week, it is the 1st rom that I have tried.

    I am not disappointed. There are glitches here and there, but it’s under very rapid development and a lot of the problems are theme makers not rounding off absolutely every corner (figuratively speaking).

  • http://Website Mario Chalmers

    MIUI is in chinese, but i hate chinese! Pass.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The unofficial MIUI developemtn teams translated MIUI into English quite some time ago.

  • http://Website §§§§§§

    Chinese spyware. Beware!

    • http://miuiandroid.com MarkHUK

      Not true, no spy ware in the ROM at all.

  • http://Website jdharm

    You should be crediting http://en.miui.com or http://miui.com for this or mention their twitter @miuirom instead of a site which simply used Google Translate on a text file.

  • http://dxpetti.com DXPetti

    MIUI is great but you have to understand its a weekly beta ROM similar to that of Cyanogen Nightlies. If you are prepared for that then jump on because it has some fantastic features (still miss having a launcher but meh).

  • http://www.cn-replica.com alan

    cnreplica handbags available now,pls visit: http://www.cn-replica.com for details

  • http://miui.us Joe

    MIUI is releasing a stable build version 1.7.8 this friday on 7/8/2011

    So for all those tards posting above that stock is so much ‘better’ or ‘smoother’ you guys are Full of it.. MIUI is 100x better than stock, and the new releases are also waaay smoother, maybe a year ago yeah stock was better because MIUI was still very much Beta. But this will be it’s 46th update and release and it’s finally being released as ‘stable’. This ROM is amazing and if you have an EVO and aren’t running you are doing yourself a huge disfavor. I absolutely love HTC and my EVO, but i love MIUI even more because it allows me to literally BUILD my own phone. There are 100s of themes in every aspect of your phone to choose from, rather than choosing a single theme for every aspect of your phone, you can pick your own theme for the Lockscreen, and another theme for your phone dialer, and another for your notification bar, text messaging, icons, fonts, wallpapers, and basically build your own phone exactly to your liking with 100′s of themes to choose from in each category. The ROM is NOT chinese, it was developed by the chinese, and so was basically every piece of technology in your home, so whoever is saying that is stupid. The ROM has been 100% ported over to English and is 100% usable now, with all features working minus the 4G i believe? Maybe it is working now
    im not sure i do not even get 4g in my area..

    MIUI Rocks, if you own an EVO.. DOWNLOAD, WIPE, FLASH, SMILE

  • theetrueyoshi

    really cool!

  • Disturb

    nice theme

  • http://www.amonfog.nl amonfog

    completely agree wit Joe.
    i’ve been on the cyanogenmod4milestone team for a year. On my stock milestone I noticed that Motorola updateprogrammers were lazy asses. and programmers like doshaska (who made the first hack enabeling him and others to make roms). but during the summer I started noticing that cm7 with android 2.3.7 started acting very slow (2.3.7 being targeted to high-end-2011 phones)

    miui (based on cm7) (android 2.3.7) made my phone look cool again (setting up themes feels like selecting a ringtone) and you can shuffle the different themes for lockscreen, messages, settings, bootanimation, icons, wallpapers, etc. in just a few seconds.

    above that: my phone is faaaaaast (being harmlessly overclocked to 1ghz) the whole thing is kinda animated but very smooth.
    I’m not allowed to promote apple but see it as: the openess of the phone, free(dom) of apps and rich functions from android combined with the graphic solidness of iOS.
    battery life is the best there currently is within my selection for roms and just so much better than stock 2.2 and 2.1 since it uses cm7′s 1000mhz for running and 250mhz for sitting in your pocket.

    Not enough to ensure you it’s cool?
    miui comes with custom settings app that’s just better and richer than stock, custom music app with equaliser and visualisation, custom phone, contacts and SMS apps that can be themed in whatever way you want. has update over the air, that makes updating your phone as simple as pushing one button.

    It felt if I suddenly had a brand new phone, and after selecting a nice new theme I get the feeling again.

    weekly updates? updating is the first thing I do every Friday morning as I just can’t wait for the cool new functions and fixes

    need help on installing? check the contact form on my website or Skype me (amonfog) I’ll help you for free. (actually miui’d a lot of milestones already + some desire hd’s and galaxy s’s)