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MOTOBLUR who? Motorola’s Android experience loses its name; help us come up with a new one

Android phones with MOTOBLUR might be the first with social skills, but they don’t seem to be making a lot of friends. Motorola confirmed yesterday what we’ve been hearing for a while:  the MOTOBLUR name is gone for good.

As you probably already knew, Motorola and Sprint announced a couple of high-end Android devices yesterday. There were talks of 4G speeds, qHD displays and dual-core processors. But the name MOTOBLUR was absent from all press releases. Since the company won’t come out and say the MOTOBLUR name is dead, we’ll go ahead and do it for them. Rest in peace, MOTOBLUR.

This doesn’t mean that Motorola’s customized version of Android is gone, though. It just doesn’t have a name now. The Motorola Photon 4G , for example, will launch with Motorola’s own user interface and experience. We’re calling it GhostBlur until Motorola gives it a new name. You’re welcome to come up with a new name and post it below. If we like it, we’ll change GhostBlur to yours. So, go ahead and unleash your river of creativity upon our comments section.

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website rock3r

    I’d hope it’s Goneforbloor

    • http://Website rename it

      MotobluRyan Leaf

  • http://Website RyanMacG

    Didn’t Android Central do this last year when the Droid X launched?

  • http://Website Gmo

    Gorillaz (Damon Albarn’s next band)

    • http://Website 83 worshipper


    • http://Website Chuck Stevens


      • http://Website 1978.03.23

        love it :)

  • http://twitter.com/jefmes Jeff

    Can I be completely unoriginal and just say we call it “Motoblah” ???

    I have a crazy idea. How about Motorola just leave their interface OFF of their phones and start a new slogan.


    I’ve had the G1, then Droid, Droid X, and now Atrix and a Xoom. For all intents and purposes I’m a Motorola fan. But I keep getting rid of their interface. So fine Moto, put something out there, but let us turn it all off with a single checkbox if we want! You give the hardcore Android fans what they want, and they’ll recommend to others that Motorola is the way to go for Android. I’m still shocked that they don’t see that.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Preemptive flame strike – YES, I know the G1 wasn’t a Motorola device.

      • http://Website KIMIR

        Yeah. Good thing you said that. I almost killed you.

  • http://hyperom.com Max

    Mm… BLURMOTO? :)
    It’s not Motoblur, and marketing department gets to re-use old materials

    • http://Website 214


  • http://Website LBSalvego


  • http://Website Stephen

    Ive got a great new name for it: garbage

  • http://Website mardenator

    I’ve got one.. how about DeadAndBlurried? Stock Android > any custom UI, don’t care how nice it looks.

  • http://Website Alan

    “The phone will ship pre-bogged down with Motorola’s Pain && Suffering ™ UX”

  • http://Website Jack


  • http://Website Aiman


  • http://Website KIMIR


    • http://Website _000_


  • http://www.simplytechie.com BJ

    I say we name it MOTODODO!

  • http://www.jaduncan.com James Duncan


    I’m not sure PR departments do irony like that, though.

  • http://Website Drew


  • http://Website Darkseider

    Well let’s see shall we?





    Any and or all would suffice.

  • eidolon1138


  • http://Website mark

    I really don’t see nothing wrong with the name but with the experience with MOTO blur. In all honesty its damn ugly. You get a better experience with a launcher such as Adw or launcher pro. MOTO blur is not at all polished looking. It looks like a cheap ass launcher from the market that no one wants. If you ask me I would totally start from scratch and call it touch Sense Ios LOL!

    • http://Website Relol

      You gave me an idea! MOTOLOL

  • http://Website Manny


  • http://Website Thorpeland

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig!! I don’t care if its no longer called Motoblur. If they still put it on the device… its still ugly. Just because you change the name doesn’t change the product. Ugg.. Corporate re-branding at its worst.

  • sota767


  • http://Website ulla

    MotoBron James

    • http://Website Shewie

      Asked Lebron for $1, he only gave me 75 cents because
      he didnt have a 4th quarter!

      • http://Website Frank C

        Lmfao! Well said.

      • http://Website The morning after

        looooooooooool :D
        yeah, James is relying on D-Wade

  • http://Website Usman

    Locked bootloaders..that is all.

  • http://Website :D

    I remember the MOTOKRZR and MOTOROKR

  • http://Website Filip


  • http://Website Frank C

    I don’t miss Motoblur whatsoever! When I owned the Cliq (dont judge me) it came with Android 1.5 at first and Motoblur actually did make the experience better. But as time went on and Android matured past 1.6 Motoblur became pretty pointless. All the pros it carried with 1.5 were no longer necessary since new features within apps and Android itself made Motoblur pointless. It did shine when it was needed but Motorola..get with the times and stop trying to make Android “better” when it’s the opposite now..you make the Android experience worse! Ya feelin me..hello Moto….fine…goodbye moto. Hello G2x ;)

    • http://Website JayMonster

      II find this interesting and in a way quite comical, since it was the old Blur version like on the Cliq that gavee Blur the reputation that it had now. Despite the fact that the Launcher was improved ( still don’t like it, but at least it doesn’t look like a Fischer Price toy now) and they cleaned it up ( though social and new soul force themselves into memory) the slow, laggy, and cluttered look of the version you mention is still what most people seem to think of and remember about Blur ( since none of that is true on “GingerBlur”). Yet here you are saying that the old version was the ome that was “OK” Just hours to show, that nobody seems to see things the same way.

  • http://Website Mads Østergaard


  • http://Website Mark


  • http://Website Jimkenobi

    Bloatoblur or motoblah are my standard descriptions.

    • http://Website Alberto Vildosola

      Ha, good one. I’ll be putting up a poll soon so you guys can vote for the best.

  • http://Website David M

    MotoFail cause their skin sucks and the original Android is way better!

  • Mighty_O


  • http://Website Mark


  • http://Website Chris

    Is it too much to ask these days for phone makers to just use AOSP Android and keep the stock launcher?

    We don’t want MotoLocked.

    And why is it that a develop with a lot smaller resources can make a better launcher than what these manufacturers come up with?

  • http://Website ppp


  • http://Website Jane Honda


  • http://Website BoD


    • http://Website Relol

      ! eno doog

  • http://howabout... anthony g


  • http://Website Joseph


  • http://Website right_mr

    So many choices…
    Sent from my Atrix with bloatoblurb

  • Drew


  • http://Website djembeman

    If Motorola wants to skin Android and it sucks, why don’t they just develop Widgets that are or could be useful that you can choose to use on stock android?


  • http://Website Zach


  • http://Website win steg


  • http://Website Marcus


  • http://Website bildad


  • http://Website LjNj_RC51

    Who cares about da blur… Android without Sense makes no sense to me.

  • http://Website paulo


  • http://Website heyzeus!


  • http://Website bill bixby


  • http://Website thesparxinc

    Haha!… i totaly agree to you all

    they build up a nice pack of haters agains them.
    …and they really deserve it.

    they a bunch of liars. (bootloader issue)

    they make a roundhouse kick to all devs faces with the comment:
    “3rd party apps are the reason for 70% of warranty”

    … OF CURSE! its not motorolas faul ;) they dont make mistakes.

    motolola sucks!

    they died in times of phones (except the razr) and they soon die again!

  • http://Website Giggles

    I guess I was the only one on the planet who likes Motoblur

  • http://Website StarSpangled

    I hope the new name is “Stock Android”

  • http://bytemat.blogspot.com Mat

    I liked either motoshit, or MotoBloat. They need to kill it all together then on the Tombstone it can say RIP, the reason everyone hated their OG Droid at first… Or the reason everyone loves Jrummy so much hahaha.

  • themetatron

    Motophone7, and ban moto from android til they get a better understanding of the market and how android os actually works. You can’t have your ui running 8 services before any apps open.

  • http://Website enki


  • Practical Idealist


  • http://Website jonnyboy

    Proply name it motosense or motordroid … cuz any other name is just plain garbage …( g2x )

  • http://Website Jonnyboy

    I never liked Motorola at all… so I agree with everyone , cuz if they don’t change there UI then they shouldnt use android on there phones …

  • http://Website rename

    Motoblur Revamped or Motodroid

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg Bulmash

    Motorola VapoRub

  • http://Website Charlie Callow


  • http://twitter.com/thatloudkush Bryan

    I think they should keep the name Motoblur. I find nothing wrong with the Software & I don’t think it’s fair just because people don’t like it that it’s being shut down. Motorola is NOT the only phone brand in America, there are other options people can make so I disagree with discontinuing Motoblur because of nasty comments. #TEAMMOTOBLUR!

  • http://Website The Ultimate Mind

    MOTOFOOL or MotoFail Or Blura eScorta da motorola (try to say this 5 times fast :) LOL)

  • http://Website atul

    Please Consider another name


    or MotoMInto

  • http://aboutandroidapps.com/ Arie

    perfect site and provide the latest information for the world community

  • Josh

    how about….. MOTO-R-BLOAT….??? Has that summer broke down on the lake ring to it….

  • http://www.androidworld.co.in ibad sha


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  • Rodolfo Maglinao


  • MyD0j0

    The manufacturers (as well as the carriers) need to quick pretending that their crapware is worth while or that customers really want it at all.

  • Mikal Wagner


  • trevor

    I would call it motorola applications platform