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Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Samsung Galaxy S II; which one will most people buy?

There’s a bunch of high-end Android phones coming right around the corner. The Samsung Galaxy S II, Verizon’s Droid Bionic and Sprint’s EVO 3D (now available at your local Sprint store). With so many options, it can be hard to know which phone is right one for you. If only you could ask 14,000 people which phone they think is best, maybe you’d be able to make a more informed decision.

Well, that’s exactly what the people at Mashwork did. The company collected 14,838 opinions about the Droid Bionic and Galaxy S II via several social networks like Twitter and Facebook from April 1st to June 21st. They then sifted through all that data and calculated which phone people were most likely to buy between these two. The results are not surprising.

A whopping 68% of prospective buyers said they were interested in buying the Galaxy S II. Just 32% said they were considering the Droid Bionic. More specifically, 39% of people said they were going to buy the Galaxy S II, with 29% saying that they were only interested in it. On the other hand, 19% said they were definitely going to buy the Droid Bionic, and 13% said that they were considering it.

The bad news doesn’t stop there for the Droid Bionic. According to Mashwork, interest in the Galaxy S II has been growing for the past two months while interest in the Droid Bionic has decreased.

This is certainly not very good news for Motorola, who hasn’t been able to really win our hearts and minds since the original Droid. But never mind what people on Twitter are saying. We want to know which phone would YOU buy. Let us know in the comments.


Via: BGR

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  • http://Website Noriega713

    Galaxy S II…That’s out of these two.

    • http://Website Chuckie

      Not sure how an intelligent buying decision can be made at this time with the final features/specs of the Bionic yet to be released

  • http://Website Austin

    I already bought the phone I would buy. The e3d, this morning. As good as the sgsII and bionic are going to be, the dev community for the e3d will be much stronger than both devices. And that’s how I made my decision.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Sorry, but I doubt the community will be stronger for the Evo 3D than the Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 will sell in MANY millions across the world, and they even gave the CyanogenMod team a few models to hack, and they open sourced everything, including the drivers, while HTC is still unclear about when it will start unlocking their phones.

    • http://Website chris

      You do realize samsung sent a phone to cyanogen?? Developers will be more behind it than the evo with locked bootloader

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    Mashwork’s “study” completely ignores the carrier issue, which makes a real difference in the level of interest possible for a phone that will only be released on Verizon.

    I’d also say that the interest in the SGS2 surging in the last couple months can likely be explained by that phone actually going on sale around the world and reviews (and really positive reviews I might add) going up on all of the major tech sites.

    There’s no question the SGS2 will outsell the Bionic, but whether it is actually the better device is definitely left to be seen.

    • http://Website garrett

      i thought the exact same thing, since the galaxy s II will most likely be available on all major carriers, that means anyone on at&t, tmobile, sprint, or verizon could express interest in buying it, but the only people who could express interest in the bionic are people on verizon. with those odds of course the bionic is going to have less interest.

  • http://www.digitalcents.net dagamer34

    I wonder if the Verizon version of the Galaxy S II will get LTE since the Droid Charge was just released. It probably won’t come out until September/October around iPhone 5 release time.

  • http://Website xero925

    I will get the bionic because it will simply be bad ass! I hate samsungs super amoled technology it makes the phones look gay and I hate the user interface probably the most!

    • http://Website Noriega713

      That’s the first time I EVER heard someone say that about their Super Amoled + screens… I agree that Touchwiz is Frakking ugly… But CyanogenMod or Miui will make it better.

      • http://Website Adam Curtis

        or you could just get a different launcher…

  • http://@jeffsandroid Jeffsandroid

    I’ve already owned a G2x and now have the Sensation, I liked the G2x but it didn’t really feel like an upgrade from the Vibrant. With news that Magenta wasn’t getting a GS2 the Sensation should do fine until the Nexus 3 or GS3 comes out. Of course I’ll be on a different carrier by then.

    • http://Website IrlPanda

      The G2X isn’t the same thing as the SAMSUNG SGII. Not even made by the same manufacturer. xD

  • http://Website Meister_Li

    Samsung Galaxy S II for me, even if we had a Bionic over here. Motorola’s treatment of customers is horrible, especially in Europe, they lock their boot loaders and don’t update their mid-range phones. Despicable! Samsung does all of those things better, and the screen is nicer.

  • http://Website rothbart

    Galaxy S 2 if Verizon would get off their asses and announce it’s release date. I’m coming off an original Motorola Droid and am BEYOND READY to upgrade… if something more tempting gets released elsewhere sooner, I may consider jumping ship…. :-/

    • http://Website garrett

      i’m in the exact same boat, i’m still on the OG droid and even with all the hacking ive done its still just not cutting it anymore, mine cant handle GB so i’m doomed to froyo until i upgrade, and i just havnt seen anything yet that i want to drop $200 on, so hopefully the GS2 or the bionic can impress me enough to finally upgrade, hopefully the GS2 has LTE, then i would get it in a heartbeat

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      I find myself in a similar situation. OG droid (CM7 runs well for me) has been a great phone, but it’s time to upgrade. Both of these phones have been high on my radar and which ever comes out first will be my new toy.

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    SGS II hands down

    • http://Website ACR

      Galaxy S2 International version no crappy US carrier variants.

  • http://Website Jason

    I currently have a Droid X and I really like it, and my wife has a Droid 2 and likes that… not really sure why people bitch so much about Motorola. Okay, they have locked boot loaders… how many people really give a crap?

    The only reason I would care about the boot loader is to get stock Android so that I get updates a bit faster than six months after they are released, but I wouldn’t even care about that if Google & Verizon would finally get it together and get a Nexus that works on Verizon (especially if it was LTE, too).

    Compared to any other phone that came out around the same time (1 year ago), though, I think my Droid X is at least as good… and I’ve compared it side by side with some of the latest phones, and I don’t see all that much improvement (I really don’t care that my apps take 1.5 seconds to load vs 1 second… they still load fast enough that I don’t feel like I have to sit and wait).

    If there was a way for me to make my Droid X operate on LTE, I wouldn’t feel any particular urgency to upgrade at all.

    • http://Website Meister_Li

      The Motorola Milestone (Droid 1 in europe) JUST got Android 2.2 and had to run on a VERY buggy 2.0.1 build for about 8 months, with bugs that where fixed ages ago on the american version and could’ve been fixed easily on the european version as well… If the boot loader was unlocked, like on it’s US cousin.

      But instead of taking care of it’s customers, Motorola replied with telling them to buy HTC phones if they want to modify them. (on several occasions, as a reply to angry support emails/youtube comments/facebook comments/tweets)

      Aside from that, their Motoblur user interface is shit and if a phone isn’t widely sold or expensive, they drop it like a hot potato, to sweep it under the rug and forget about it.

      Samsung on the other hand even updated the Galaxy Europe (a 3.2 Inch 600 Mhz entry-level phone) to Android 2.2 shortly after it came out, never locked anything down on their phones and even helped the developer community by providing them with free Galaxy S II phones.

      In other words, Samsung cares about it’s customers, Motorola does not. Aside from that, due to the locked bootloader, you are forced to go with Motorola’s updates, no matter what, and if they decide the Droid X isn’t worth updating anymore, you’re screwed, because you have no way of installing a custom Kernel on it – at least until recently, when they finally found a way to boot one.

      • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

        “In other words, Samsung cares about it’s customers…”

        Ask people who have a Samsung Moment if they feel that way.

      • http://Website Daniel

        I owned the Samungs’s first Android phone, the Galaxy i7500, before getting the Milestone. Samsung’s support for this was the worst! While it didn’t have long standing bugs like the Milestone, it was never updated beyond 1.5, even though 1.6 was released shortly after the phone’s release. Thankfully O2 advertised it with features it didn’t have, so I returned it after a few months and got the Milestone.
        Samsung’s track record might not be perfect, but they surely improved a lot! In the situation today, I would buy a Samsung over a Motorola any time!

  • http://Website iSlackerz

    The Droid Bionic may have done better had it been out when it was initially supposed to be available. The Galaxy S II, while not out in the U.S., is available and getting fantastic reviews across the Internet. I haven’t read a single bad review about the GS II. Great reviews help build the anticipation and word of mouth about the GS II.

    Delays and silence make people look away from the Bionic. Avoiding reading some mention of the GS II everyday (if you read tech sites) is like trying to avoid the plague in Europe during the the 14th century.

    The point is out of sight out of mind. Keep quiet on the Bionic, Motorola. I’m sure that will be a successful strategy.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Why do people have hardons over the nexus? The sgII is far better but this is hard to judge since no one truly knows the newer specs of the bionic or atleast i dont.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I take it this survey is for people who have committed to signing up for or remaining with Verizon?

    I think it all depends on factors which are unknown at this point. Which phone will feature LTE? Will the Galaxy II be “Binged” by Verizon or otherwise crippled in some fashion which is their way of going business…

    I think the Bionic will sell better.. just because the mainstream public knows only about “Droids”.

    • http://Website garrett

      thats a really good point i hadnt thought about, i mean all the phone nerds like myself will go crazy over the GS2 cause the specs are amazing, and samsung is known to be dev friendly and give updates, but to the general, less knowledgeable public, anything with “droid” written on it is gold, so i think even though the GS2 might turn out to be a higher quality phone, more, less nerdy, people might buy the bionic, especially if it has LTE and the GS2 doesnt

  • protozeloz

    Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy <3 :D

  • http://Website Matt

    I currently have a Motorola and because of that I will be looking into the Samsung. My only concern is how well made it feels… I love the design but nervous about the construction.

  • http://Website Thaghost

    SGSII…now let me go read this interesting article

  • http://Website Thaghost

    Ok, I think it its time to give credit where it is due. First, we slammed samsung for their lack of support and unoriginal designs. Now, we need to congratulate them for moving full speed in the right direction. They are updating their phones, rubbing elbows with cyanogen, tweaked their ui and removed the lag and they now have the best phone on the market period and the best android tablet. HTC ships the most android phones but samsung as a company is the only company taking aim at apple and they are trying to dominate the industry…

    Sent from my g2x

    • http://Website sleepin

      “best phone on the market”? Lulz. HTC is right here with them bud. Maybe read a bit before spewing a load of chap out ur ass…er um mouth. I believe the sgII will reign over bionic. With VZW data capping….it makes their 4G worthless. Therefore Sprint is going to see a.flood of customers who want unlimited 4G data. And…since the sgII rocks socks… I think it will be easy to convince people to use this or the e3d.

      • http://Website Thaghost

        excuse me sir, SGSII is the best phone out right now.

      • http://Website Chris

        Verizon lets existing customers keep their unlimited data so its only new customers who will get capped. Not to mention all indications are that the gs2 wont be LTE

  • http://Website Darren

    HHHHmmm….. I am a die hard DROID fan but considering Moto’s stance on the locked bootloader I’m gonna have to go with the Galaxy S II on this one. Sorry DROID. :-(

  • The shadow

    Galaxy ….. its like its name ..

  • http://Website Dennis

    Well when you announce a phone in January and then delay it until summer not releasing specs thats what should happen to Moto\Verizon!

    • http://Website chris

      That is moto. Verizon can’t help it moto was having issues with the phone I mean they made a completely new design so there had to be something wrong with it. Verizon cant announce a phone that wasnt even completed. And if they would have with the battery issues people would have been bitching and moaning more than they already are.

  • http://www.lament.us lament

    Why does this infographic say the Bionic is shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich? There has never been any rumor or discussion about that. I’m almost positive it will have Gingerbread.

  • http://www.kablowie.com Greg B

    I’m a physical keyboard guy, so neither.

    • http://www.lament.us lament

      You must be holding out for the Droid 3 then.

      • http://www.brainhandles.com Greg

        Yup… Sorta. By going to the tiered data plans and charging ridiculous SMS fees, VZN is making me seriously consider staying on Sprint. Of course, with the rumor that the Droid 3 will not have an LTE radio and be stuck on 3G, it makes it that much easier to stay at a 2 Gig data cap.

  • http://Website Hans

    Samsung Galaxy S II for me.

    Exynos > Tegra 2.

    • monlosez

      Exynos is missing too many games. Tegra 2 games and Gameloft games.

      • http://Website Hans

        Those games better be able to work on mobile devices with non-Tegra processors. Otherwise, Nvidia will be creating a whole new world of android fragmentation.

  • http://Website cb2000a

    Samsung most likely. Unlocked bootloader and really good reviews. People love this phone. The Bionic will probably have a locked bootloader and not as nice of a screen…time will tell.

  • http://Website koldkore

    Was the og droid pure vanilla android? Ding ding ding, Motorola.

    • http://Website Hans

      The OG Droid did have stock android, but the Droid/Milestone were the ONLY stock android devices Motorola ever made(from what I know). So I’ll take TouchWiz 4.0 > MotoNinjaBlur anyday. :)

  • http://Website Jay

    There are 39% idiots that still dont care if they get updates on a timely maner or get them at all. This is why the world is going to sh8t. Because of morons like this that are still able to have a vote.

  • Scotter

    Do any of you Galaxy lovers realize the resolution of the Galaxy S2′s screen is last gen spec?
    Have you seen the difference between 960×540 and 800×480? Don’t let Samsung foist their old screens off on you just because they want to get bang-for-the-buck out of old materials/processes. HTC and Motorola are leading the way with resolution. At some point there will be apps that look like crap on 800×480 or just plain don’t support it. But more importantly, for a *now* perspective, browse web pages at 960×540 and then go back to using 800×480 and see how that feels.

    I’m also not ready to give my money to Verizon. I had them as a carrier once and it was not an enjoyable experience. And really, do you want to support a carrier who replaces Google search on Android phones with Bing? Seriously?

    If you are buying a phone in the middle of 2011, I suggest you be more careful than to buy something that already has an important spec (resolution) that is obsolete.

    My next phone will require at least the following:
    - 960×540 resolution
    - 4.3″ to 4.5″ screen (thin bezel, please)
    - 2 or 4 cores
    - a gig of RAM
    - 16 gig of internal storage (I would be happy with 8, too)
    - be thinner than 11.5mm (thinner is better)
    - not look like the iPhone
    - prefer stock Android

    So yes, I realize I may have to wait until November (the next Nexus) to get the phone I really want. I’m OK with that. My confidence is bolstered by the fact that I chose well when I bought my Nexus One in December of 2009 and it served very well.

  • http://Website Ichigo

    Sensation 4g FTW biatch!!!!!

  • http://Website Priscila

    Hi! As I have already bought the Galaxy S, surely I’d buy galaxy S 2. It is the best smartphone!

  • http://Website nwbee

    Galaxy S2 FTW

  • http://www.resg.info Anton Stetner

    we would all buy the bionic but its not out yet. LOL

  • DonChinga

    We know a lot about the SGSII, but very little on the Bionic since they keep “updating” it. If there was more info, I would have a better idea about choosing.

  • http://Website vasras

    The question is silly. GS2.

    GS2 is sold world-wide, advertised and in the channel in everywhere.

    Droid (the whole branch of phons) is basically a North American phenomenon.

    When the numbers finally come in, Bionic is lucky to have moved even 20% of what GS2 does.

    Really, there’s no comparison.

  • http://Website je

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  • http://www.clusta.com h0ruza

    The best things Motorola has done to date is the original droid and the droid x. From that point to date they have fallen short of expectations with the minor tweaks to the droid two, the Atrix took forever to get to market and now that it has it has really filled its role as a powerful smart phone and finally here we are still waiting for phone that should have been out months ago. I’m guessing there are quite few people who’s expectations have lowered due to Motorola’s devices of late or there support methods.

    I own a milestone 2 and love it but the compromises stick out like a saw thumb when your days phone use is littered with force closures and OS hangs.

    Samsung seems to want to create a flagship phone which has as little compromises as possible.
    My choice has been made clear for me.

  • http://Website MJ

    Samsung Galaxy S II or on Verizon, Samsung Function. Well only if it’s 4G. I suspect it will be.