Jun 03 AT 11:04 AM Nick Gray 286 Comments

Official Gingerbread update for the HTC EVO 4G is now available

HTC EVO 4G users can now manually download the Android 2.3.3 update.  Sprint will start pushing out update notifications to EVO 4G owners on June 6th, but they are allowing users to trigger the update manually by pressing Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now > OK > Yes. The update file for the EVO is 110 MB in size, indicating that it does not include any of the new HTC Sense  features found on the HTC Thunderbolt or HTC Inspire 4G.

The Gingerbread update will include a new Downlaods app for easy access to all your downloaded content and should also fix a few random SMS and Gmail issues which has popped up since the EVO’s last update.  Be sure to let us know how the update process goes and how you like the latest build.

Update: Several users are reporting various bugs/hiccups with the update. We’ve heard the gamut here, from individuals stuck on the triangle with exclamation point screen to the update breaking LED notifications, Netflix, and the phone constantly reporting having a voicemail message when one doesn’t exist. Experiencing any of these problems? Let us know in the comments. [via Android Police]

Source: HTC Source

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  • http://Website Stephen

    Mine is just finishing up the install now, fingers crossed!

    • http://Website Mark

      Expect lots of serious bugs and reboots….its android. Additionly, gingerbread is already obsolete which adds to the fragmentation disaster!

      • http://Website Doctor Who

        On steve jobs nuts much?

        • http://Website John

          sounds like he’s on his nuts and more

          • Dink

            Brings new meaning to the term “ball gag”. But anyway…these are usually signs of a failed flash. It’s why I disconnected my service and put a custom ROM on.

    • http://Website Jp

      I have the Evo 4G. I use Handcent for my texting. The LED notification is no longer working. I have read all of the posts on this page and no one seems to know how to fix it. I turned off the stock sms notifications and still nothing. Ive rebooted 2 times. Anyone know of anything?

      • http://Website yaya

        I am also using handcent and I am having the same issue.. Please fix :(

        • http://Website TheStock

          HandcentSMS – Orange LED stopped working on new arrival. Tried LightFlow.. nothing works.
          VoiceSearch – inconsistent and unreliable now.
          Tried reinstalling both. Nothing fixed.

          • Erica

            Same issue. Swype slower. Facebook app consistently won’t retrieve notifications or load anything. Handcent double click to change a word blocked by a new copy cut paste box from update. Also, hardly any working memory with new update. I demand they fix it! I don’t pay this much for a broken phone.

      • http://Website Tiffany

        Mine doesn’t work either, driving me crazy.

      • SO

        I have a similar problem. Used Handcent, got double voicemail notifications and then it suddenly started sending me text messages when I get a voicemail. I uninstalled Handcent and now my regular voicemail app is completely broken. I do not receive voicemail anymore through the stock voicemail app. I have no idea how to fix this. Can I downgrade to the previous version?

    • http://www.vasilys.com Vasily

      I tried so many times to upgrade to gingerbread and I get the triangle with the exclaimation point and the screen freezes there…..

      • craig divine

        I get the same problem is there a third party ap that can help with this update.

        • Courtney

          Same. I’ve tried it four times with same triangle and exclamation screen.

  • http://Website omari

    holy crap doing it now

  • http://Website Rob

    Cleared VM icon, no issues with gmail. VM icon hasn’t come back. No other problems at all.

    • http://Website Rob C

      How did you clear the voice mail icon?

      • http://Website bleed green

        Rob, try a PRL update. Mine has now been gone for two days.

        • http://Website andrew

          yeah im having the same voicemail icon problem too. it says i have 3 new voicemails. I tried updating the PRL and a message comes up saying that the PRL could not be updated (error code 1012)

  • http://Website phil

    Live backgrounds freeze when I unlock the screen, most often happens with water.

  • http://www.3for.tv Greg

    Once it finished updating, My phone was constantly rebooting/sprint startup screen. I had to hard reset:

    (Hold power and volume down) to make it work again… but lost EVERYTHING. Guess I needed a fresh start anyway…

    • http://Website Mark

      quod erat demonstrandum

    • Mr. Lowe

      THIS is my problem as well. My phone can’t seem to stop rebooting. When it gets to the home screen, it turns off and reboots again. I have to hard reset, clear cache, and totally reset the phone, re-enter everything (mail accounts, profile info, etc), restore my apps…and a day or so later, it will do it all over again.

      This time, I’m trying a hard reset, TURNING OFF THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE feature in the “System Update” menu (under Settings). We’ll see what happens then.

      • K

        Factory resets don’t work – problem (auto shutdown, reboot loop) continue. I’ve gone through three complete factory resets to no avail. Off to the store tomorrow…

        I loved my Inspire – right up until this “upgrade”.

  • http://Website Stephen

    Installed, do not see any problems. Not noticing anything major, which is expected. When I got an email, the notification in the notification bar is the default icon. Closing out of an app has a fade effect back to the home screen.

  • http://Website mark

    Did the update no probs.

    - selecting text is much easier!
    - space indicator in the app section is nice
    - come with a restart button now!
    - comes with telenave

    - telenav is so slow and lane feature is a monthly fee
    - can’t uninstall the crapware.
    - doesn’t come with Google talk with video.

    That is what I found so far.

    • http://Website Stephen

      Yah no 2.3.4 with Google Video Chat leaves MUCH to be desired. First time I ever really feel the want to root this thing to get 2.3.4.

      • http://Website Doctor Who

        As arnie would say, Do it, do it now!

  • http://Website adam

    Voicemail notification appears after the update and wont go away, really like the restart option now from power button.

    • http://Website Robert Cuppernell

      I am also having problems getting rid of the voice mail notification icon

      • http://Website Anna

        Got the update yesterday and now I also have a “pending voicemail” icon that cannot be removed.
        How did you fix this?

        • http://Website TEE

          I kept getting the VM notification also. If you go to your settings>call> and tap “Clear Voicemail Notification” it should go away.

          • http://twitter.com/vitaminjeff vitaminjeff

            Thanks so much for the tip TEE! The phantom voicemail notification was driving me crazy!

          • http://Website WillRM

            For the record, I cleared the notification MANY times using the “Clear Voicemail notification” which worked — but then after a seemingly random period, a new notification would appear (with not message of course).

          • http://Website jacob

            Guys to remove the voicemail notifacation go to settings, call, then clear voicemail notification. Worked for me after update for my EVO. Good luck.

          • Abhijeet Joshi

            Thanks a ton for the tip. It was driving me crazy too. Does anybody know why SIPDroid doesn’t work on HTC sensation? Is it the locked bootloader?

          • telo62

            My “Clear Voicemail Notification” area is greyed out so there is nothing to tap on. This used to work on the older version but now…nuthin’.

            Still have my VM Notification…

  • http://Website E

    Jus did it on mines I like the fade effect no problems at all just wish I had the app that I opened on the notification bar

    • http://Website AnthonyRyan

      Updated my brother’s evo to gingerbread yesterday morning and no problems at all no vm icons nothing.. I guess he’s one of the lucky ones

  • http://Website bjhoppy

    Netflix won’t play. Only issue so far.

  • http://Website Nick

    The Netflix issue is most likely due to Nexflix hard coding the app to work with specific handsets. If you’re having issues with it, be sure to leave a comment on the Android Market so that the Netflix team can update the app to work for the EVO again.

  • http://Website palopezneri

    Netflix don’t work…:(

    • http://Website Greg

      Remove netflix and then reinstall it to see if that fixes it.

      • http://Website Doctor Who

        Netflix is no longer available in the market on my pnhone.

        • http://Website jay

          Same here Netflix dosent work uninstalled an its not in the app market

  • http://Website Nicholas

    Turning off internet is no longer an option when holding down power…

  • http://Website Janson

    It’s a long install and reboot, but everything works well. Some of the notifications have better graphic design. I like the new Sense animations.

    Netflix is definitely busted. Evo 4G with 2.3 is not listed as supported on the Netflix Android market page, which kind of sucks, but must be a temporary condition.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I met with my HTC rep the other day and he told me that the MyTouch 4g, G2 and Inspire 4g are all getting the Gingerbread update over the next couple weeks.

    • http://Website bignuts

      Are you sure about the inspire getting gingerbread?!?!

  • http://Website thom tuttle

    So not diggin this new update. I’ve got the voicemail icon…and no voicemails. It also messed-up some of my fav apps

    • http://Website Robert Cuppernell

      I can’t get rid of this voice mail icon either. Driving me nuts!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I woke up to the gingerbread update this morning at 6am. There is many great differences the flip clock now flips correctly, the gingerbread keyboard is totally the best keyboard ever, the fast boat feature is slamming, the text is more crisp espically in the browser and sending of texts, and the browser in general works with much more fluidity. The install was very fluid inside of 10mins I was up and runing and the battery management is so much better when you go to settings and runing services you can better control all the processes. I am very pleased with this update. I have had no related problems or issues.

    • http://Website Grimdeath

      How did you get the stock Keyboard? All I see is the Sense Keyboard, Swype, and my newly installed SwiftKey X Beta keyboard.

      • http://Website Da Beast

        He probably downloaded it from the market just like anybody else that has it on their Evo because the GB keyboard is in the 2.3.4 update with the new sense.

        • http://GP-INTERNETOneTuchConnetionOpenFeedback Md.Anisur Rahman


    • http://Website Bacon_hat

      Yeah, screw that shit. I have to get the gingerbread keyboard from the android market. The freaking arrow keys still in the way in stock keyboard. (nonrooted)

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Netflix is runing well as ever

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I adore well hung men

    • http://Website O.J. Simpson, live statement from jail

      Can we meet up?

  • http://Website Joshua

    I cant get the update to trigger on mine…..HELP!!!!

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      A few people have reported that switching the WiFi and then back to 3G/4G can fix this issue. Also, you might want to try manually changing the date in your settings. Sprint’s update system is a bit weird. That last trick worked for the first few updates that Sprint rolled out.

    • http://Website bleed green

      Yes, turning OFF WiFi will trigger the update. Then you can turn WiFi back on for the download.

  • http://Website Julio E

    Netflix not working won’t let me change my home screen I download launcher pro and can’t see it on the app drawer .

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I dont see any “fade” effects. And how do you clear the voicemail icon??? I’ve tried everything that i know to do.

    • http://Website Nick

      Possible fix: go into Settings -> Call Settings -> Clear Voicemail Notifications. If that works, be sure to let us know.

      • http://Website Jeremy

        SHIZAM! That worked. Thanks!

      • http://Website Rob C

        That worked. Thanks!!

      • http://Website bleed green

        Nick. You d man!

      • http://Website bleed green

        It was worth a try Nick. Comes back after power cycle. We have two EVO’s. One had voice mail during upgrade and has this issue. We cleared all voice mail on the second EVO prior to upgrade and no issue on that one.

  • http://Website Ben

    What about the EVO Shift?

    • Nick Gray

      The EVO Shift’s Gingerbread ROM leaked out a few weeks ago. Based on that, we will probably see Sprint and HTC roll out the Android 2.3.3 update for the EVO Shift in a month or two.

  • http://Website Ivan

    Sprint + HTC= #win. First HTC phone to get gingerbread is the Evo 4G…That is why I’m sticking with Sprint and the Evo line of phones!

    • http://Website Doctor Who

      Could have been faster with this update! Like atleast a month ago!

  • http://Website Fawad

    I bought an unlocked Inspire 4G phone and i’m using it on the Rogers network in Canada. I tried to update it from the phone but it keeps telling me that the phone is up-to-date. It’s running Android 2.2.1, How do I update it to 2.3.4 Gingerbread without having to root my phone? Could someone please help me out. Thanks.

    • Nick Gray

      The Inspire 4G Gingerbread update is now yet available. HTC and AT&T will probably be rolling out the update in mid summer.

  • http://Website Axl

    The voicemail icon solution is not as it seems. Whenever I reboot the thing re-appears. I want my visual voicemail :o/

    ALSO, I use Handcent for texting and now everytime I get a text I get notifications from both HTC and Handcent…not cool :o/

    • Nick Gray

      To fix the SMS notification issue, you will need to turn off notification in the HTC SMS app.

      • http://Website Axl

        Thanks for the HTC Messaging fix (I should’ve known better). Now to get this VM issue permanently fixed. Thanks again!

  • http://Website docoverkill

    yes you can clear the vm indicator with the setting function but it keeps coming back over and over. any fix for that.

  • http://Website chris

    Having same problem with update regarding new voice mail message not going away even with force close and reboot.

  • http://Website Brad

    Once it finished updating, My phone was constantly rebooting/sprint startup screen. I had to hard reset:

    (Hold power and volume down) to make it work again… but lost EVERYTHING.

    Also SMS LED no longer works after this “update”, so it seems

  • http://Website Melissa

    I had the voicemail issue which I cleared via settings and it’s stayed gone through a reboot of the phone. What I *can’t* get rid of, and I can’t find any information about it, is that in my notification bar there are now four icons, all the same, that look like little documents with a gear in the top right corner.

    I can’t get rid of them. At all. They don’t seem to MEAN anything either.

    Anyone else have this issue? I have an HTC Evo 4G.

    • http://Website Melissa

      Whoops, the gear bit is on the bottom left of the icons. It’s making me crazy! Does anyone else have this issue?

  • http://Website Joel

    Wireless N not working anymore.. Anybody else notice this?

  • http://Website Andrew

    I have the triangle and exclamation point :(

  • http://Website Steve

    Voice to text stopped working. Rebooting 2X didn’t clear it up, and but a battery pull did.

    • http://Website EB

      I have the same issue. Reboots clear it for a few hours but then it stops working again

  • http://Website Belinda

    Does not work on my iPhone 3G! Gingerbread is broken and this crap should be pulled immediately!

    • http://Website facepalm

      oh god i hope this is a troll

  • http://Website Melissa

    Okay, the icon matches “HTC DM”, “File Browser” and some other important services. It’s there times four in my notification bar – HOW CAN I GET RID OF THEM?

    This is making me insane.

  • http://Website Muggs

    This update is a waste of much anticipation. Hardly anything new. My keyboard is the same although selecting txt is no longer a dread. Netflix doesn’t work and they left the Vomitware from the last update on the phone. Pissed. And can’t hard reset. Sense is the same. BOOOOOO!!! I don’t root my phone as to not void it’s warranty & I always break/lose my phone. So middle fingers up to Sprint/Google for this bogus “major” update.

  • http://Website C

    Did update and vm icon will not disappear. Spoke with sprint and they are aware. Only solution they recommended was a hard reset.

  • http://Website C

    Going to call settings and selecting clear vm icon does work. THANKS

    • http://Website Louis

      Thanks for that post on clearing the VM. So simple, made me feel really dumb.

  • http://Website C

    False alarm, icon reappears after power cycling. Damn u sprint.

  • http://Website jm

    My vid cam doesn’t work after update. Turn on cam. Then switch to video hit rec and nothing happens then basically freezes??? Any ideas stock evo

  • http://Website Kelly

    Just updated –

    Bad news: Netflix is a no go, VM icon is frackin’ annoying and won’t go away…

    Good news: finally got a back space function that is similar to the select text icon when using the keyboard…woo hoo!

    Other things remain to be seen…I’ll have to keep playing with it… I really want to root my phone but I’m sceeerrrddd! I don’t want to break it, lol!

    : )

  • http://NoNetflix Nicole

    Ever since the update, no more netflix… I wonder how long it will be till this is fixed… really frustrating because I pay monthly for netlix and now it doesnt work on my phone… and I used it alot during work… I know thats terrible LOL.
    sucky, very disappointed! The update was supposed to benefit not annoy. Where is my undo button?

    • http://Website bleed green

      I don’t think that is an accident. Blockbuster obviously has deal with Sprint, and Netflix is competition.

      • http://Website Doctor Who

        Where are you getting that idea from?

    • http://Website Deanna

      I think Sprint broke Netflix on purpose. Sprint is the cheapest carrier for unlimited data. I know that I was personally watching like 6 episodes of TV every day at work on Netflix. I bet you that Sprint was losing a TON just in the few short weeks that Netflix was available for the Evo.

      Just my theory…

  • http://Website Dominick

    OK ,,,, heres the total bugs I have found…

    LED indicator with the Handcent app NO LONGER WORKS…
    Speech to text was an isssue with the above but turned off and on a few times and it is working again.
    Also… if they are not gonna give us the new sense,,, we should be allowed to turn the existing OFF!!

    • http://crap Nicole

      I just notived the LED light wasnt working either for whatsapp… that stinks!!!

      • http://Website YAYA

        My LED does not work either, that sucks

  • http://Website Rick

    It stopped my voice search also along with netflix on my evo

  • http://Website cheel

    Upgrade worked fine.everything works.no problems at all.

  • http://Website cheel

    Nevermind netflix isn’t working.wth.

  • http://Website tammy

    I updated with the odexed, rooted update from XDA and my LED works fine with Handcent, I can record video in 720 and I have no voice mail indicator stuck on. I have an Evo I got on day one, maybe that is why I’m not having issues. I keep testing stuff because I keep reading about all of the issues. Weird.

  • http://Website michelle

    After the software update on my htc evo my phone keeps telling me i have a voicemail but i really don’t haver any, this is very anoying.

  • Prince77

    Well with everyone having all these issues, I am glad I didn’t try to manually install this update. I am really glad I have my phone rooted

  • http://Website Zach

    Says I have voicemail that I don’t havecan’t clear
    notifications either..this is lame…

  • http://Website tierra

    does anyone know how to fix the broken led light or has anyone called sprint about it because mines has stopped working !

    • http://Website Steve

      LED’s notifications are broken.

      Download Light Flow (lite) that will fix your missed call, vm, email sms/Handcent Leds.

  • http://Website James

    I updated mine yesterday and now it won’t recognize my SD card. I took it to sprint and they said my SD card works fine just not in that phone now. What do I do?

    • Rafi

      I updated yesterday on a T-mobile G2 and same deal with my SD Card. any suggestions?

  • http://Website drizzy

    ….wow there goes me going with the upgrade ….wonder if they will pull this before they send it out to everyone ota…wow has someone had a positive upgrade cuz I have read nothing but problems?

    • http://Website Kevin C

      Yeah, I think the ones with a smooth upgrade don’t have anything to post about.

      I have not had any if the problems I saw posted. I do have one minor annoyance: the more aggressive memory clearing keeps kicking the HTC launcher out while I’m doing other stuff, and it takes a long time just saying “loading” when I hit home. I haven’t seen others post this, so maybe just one particular widget is slowing me down.

  • http://Website Brian

    The new update causes my EVO to falsley indicate new voice mails. Also, the new voice mails are not coming up on the visual voice mail list.

  • http://Website Tiffany78

    i have an iPhone 4 and its working flawlessly.
    You meandroids are such a bunch of losers.

    Have fun with your bricks!!!!!!

    • http://Website jdshoe

      You suck at life

  • http://Website Ryan

    Does anyone know how to fix the blinking LED notification problem? It works for everything but my text messaging. I am on the HTC EVO using Handcent. Went through the settings on both Handcent and the stock SMS program and turned the blink notifications on and still nothing. HELP!!

    • http://Website Steve

      Led notifications are broken.

      DL Light Flow (free) and use that for vm, email, missed call, sms/Handcent notifications.

  • http://Website bre

    Just loaded update and now have new voicemail notification when none exist. What is the fix for this???? Very annoying.

  • http://Website Michelle

    Update has interrupted LED notifications.

  • http://Website panic

    None of my gameloft games work anymore, says they are not original versions.

  • http://Website Gary

    Netflix wasn’t working at all.
    Uninstalled it but then when I tried to reinstall, its no longer in the market…

  • http://Website brian

    I am getting a voicemail message when one doesn’t exist, with the new upgrade.Does anyone have any suggestons,

  • http://Website John P.

    Updated with no problems other than Shootme screen capture app no longer works on non-rooted Evo. On startup it says it needs root access. Reinstalled & still won’t work. Android should come with screen capture built in! Definitely notice faster game performance. Miss the silent sound option on the old shutdown screen. Don’t use Netflix so no report on that. This is not a major update. Battery life is greatly improved, so for that alone it is worth the update. Text selection improved, but still needs more improvement.

  • http://Website Serg

    my service bars have gone down. i either get some or none at all. it will not keep service locked for a while.

  • http://Website william lugo

    Keep getting the triangle exclamation point. Idk what to do. If anyone could help would b great

  • http://Website aprill campbell

    I did the update and everything seems to be doing fine except my most favorite ap and that is netflix. Any idea when and if this is going to be fixed. PLease.

  • http://Website jason d

    downloaded new update a couple minutes ago via WiFi.
    -Then installed the download
    -Phone reboots into ‘Android system recovery’
    . …..gives the following error

    Please help me, I want this update ASAP!!!
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/app/Ac
    countSyncManager.apk”. E:unknown command ["edcdf
    E:unknown command [83d45:)]

    E:error in /cache/OTA_Supersonic_4.22.651.2-3.70.651.1_releasefd659qys0dtscp.jv.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

  • http://Website jay

    Netflix is the only problem I have PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I’m waiting until Monday to see if Sprints pulls this update. I just started using my Netflix app, so I could miss it for a little awhile if we’re talking improved battery life. I was considering the 3D now that I see they are jerking us by not improving Sense on the original, I might hold off another month or so to weigh more options.

  • http://Website Abdul

    I am having trouble with Netflix not playing the movies or episodes at all. When I hit play it tries to start to play but sends me back to the main menu.

  • http://Website john

    Loaded gingerbread update but as phone tries to startup i keep receiving error the application htc sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly please try again. Force close. It seems locked in a repting cycle and i cannot get past it….help!

    • http://Website Scott

      This happened to me tonight. Any fixes to this problem yet? This really pisses me off. My phone is stuck in this loop. The ony fix i found on the internet was to hold down the search button and type: settings then go to applications and clear the cashe on htc sense. I’m unable to do this because when I push the search button I am only able to do a voice search which goes to the internet or a QR search which opens up a camera app QR Droid.

  • http://Website anoied

    It says I have a voicemail when I dont!!!!!!


  • http://Website matt

    Voicemail bug shows 2 messages but nothing in voicemail at all.

  • http://Website Cameron

    1) gmail not working will not update
    2) VM alert does not go away
    3) low memory message will not go away
    4) jumping cursor while typing issue

  • http://Website Kirk Miller

    My phone constantly reports having a voicemail message when one doesn’t exist!!! HELP!!!!

  • http://Website vicky

    nooo netflix :( everything else is fine .

  • http://Website Boz

    It is working fine for me on all fronts. Netflix, vm, gmail updates. Sorry to hear others having issues. May finally take the root plunge after the modders work out the gingerbread kinks. (stable gps has been a deal breaker for me)

  • http://Website DST

    Voicemail notification appears after the update and wont go away, very aggravating…how do I get rid of it?!!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Mine says my Evo is up to date but I only have 2.2. Anybody else not getting the update? What do i do?

  • http://Website Louis

    I have the voice mail notification that appears and will not go away.

  • http://Website Tony

    Ever since I installed Gingerbread, my speech to text will not work! ARRGH!

    • http://Website Frank

      Having same problem. I walk into sprint store (after battery swap to full battery) and STT worked flawless. I walk back to my vehicle and mic not picking up anything like I have mic on mute?

  • http://Website Kenant

    I am not getting the voicemail problem, but I am having issues with Kik sending, but not delivering messages. Also, and this is weird, I am intermittently roaming while sitting here at home. I installed the update last night and this didn’t start until about an hour ago – been using the phone for 6 hours this morning, no issues. The triangle pops up and goes away. Right now it has been up for about 5 minutes. I am NOT in a roaming area, WTF?!

    • http://Website Steve

      Update your PRL and PROFILE under settings “system updates”. The PRL will ping your tower and your profile..well it will be updated. Should fix that roaming problem.

  • http://Website Laura

    I see swype on the application management page, but how do you get it to update on the messaging?

  • http://Website Natalie

    I haven’t been able to receive SMS messages since I updated my phone on Saturday. Factory Reset and Updated PRL and Profile, still not working. Sprint still hasn’t been able to resolve the issue! HTC EVO

  • http://Website Christan

    Just updated my Evo and its saying I have a voicemail, when there’s no voicemail. Also showing voicemail icon.

  • http://Website Bane

    VM icon, voice recognition wasn’t working for a day. Of course HTC and Sprint haven’t heard of these issues from any other customers.

  • http://Website Kris

    Since updating, my home screen refreshes itself almost every other time I go back to it..my speech to text doesn’t seem to be functioning properly either..please fix bugs asap..htc evo

  • http://Website Katrina

    since I upgraded my software, ii have constantly hardback notification, which I cleat but it reappears. It is a pain in the booty for sure. Any suggestions on how to make it stop…..

  • http://Website Brandon Freeman

    Updated yesterday and when it restarted it get stuck on the white HTC EVO 4G screen. Called HTC and just ran me through the hard boot and no luck, still stops on the screen. Told me have to get a call warranty and get a new device. Anyone have any ideas? If not how can an official Sprint update brick my phone? Should have stayed with Verizon. Just switched few months ago and never had an issues with updates on my BB.

  • http://Website bleed green


  • http://Website bleed green

    VOICE MAIL ICON – Delete ALL voice mail before you do the upgrade and you will not experience this problem. If it’s too late, try a PRL update. I did this two days ago and the icon has not returned..

  • http://Website Gio

    The update went well but notice the Vm icon keeps coming back up even when there is no VM. I have to go to settings > Call and clear the VM notification.
    This has become a bit annoying.

  • http://Website chris

    My evo will not let me download it it starts and then it shows a big caution sing and freezes up and then I have to take the battery out for my phone to work again

  • http://Website Ron

    Since the update been noticing few things worth mentioning, as others are reporting voicemail notification issue, battery consumption report is showing more usage from android system and display when phone is in complete idle for majority of the day after charging, have had noticeably more force closes, apps like TeleNav gps navigator continues to run, can’t stop, as well as maps and calendar

  • http://Website Greg

    Phone indicates new voicemail messages when there are none.

  • http://Website Scott

    I downloaded the update this evening and attempted to install, when my phone tried to start up the Force Close message popped up( sorry the application HTC sense(process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly please try again. Force close. My phone is stuck in a loop force close over and over again. Of course Sprint had no suggestions other than take it to a sprint store and sorry about your luck. I’ll transfer you to my supervisor, which means I’ll put you on hold for ten to fifteen minutes and hang up on you. Sure do miss t-mobile customer service.

    • http://Website Scott

      I fixed it! I went into the bootloader menu by holding down the volume down button and and the power button; then selected clear storage. the phone rebooted and was factory reset. I reentered all my personnal data and am back to normal. Gingerbread 2.3 is still loaded. got my phone back, why couldn’t the sprint repair desk do the same thing I wonder? Makes you wonder…

  • http://Website rafael adames

    The only problems I have had with the Ginerbread updatee was the LED notification light doesent go off. This is extreamly annoying. Please fix this soon! ASAP!

  • http://Website Charles

    Since the update my Evo will not read my sd card!! I know it is not the card because it reads fine in my computer. It stop reading it after the update! Can anyone help me?

  • http://Website AJ

    Every so often HTC Sense will reset itself and take me to my homescreen since the update and now my flip-clock actually flips but is usually lagging behind the real time…a few apps here and there aren’t compatible, and my battery seems to be dying alot faster, so far I really don’t like gingerbread!!!

    Non-rooted EVO (Wishing it was still 2.2 :))

  • http://Website anne Shepherd

    Voicemail notification every 40 mins even when I clear voicemail notification from setting, also get the notification every time I receive a text message. Are you guys gonna fix this??? It there anyway to un-install update?

  • http://Website reagan

    My dial pad is messed up. #’s 1,2, and 3 are larger than the rest. Same problem with vm icon popping up. 3g is terribly slow!

  • http://Website S2DaBoo

    I am having a low memory error when I have 47.88 MB free, it is rebooting after every uninstall. Once I did a full reboot I only have 42MB free. Then after ten minutes low memory error came back on. What can we do to repair our issues

  • http://Website Shay

    its telling me i have a voicemail when I don’t

    • http://Website WillRM

      As suggested by Bleed Green, try updating the PRL. I just tried it, so we will see (fingers crossed).

  • http://Website will

    Yea no netflix playing ,will load than goes back to main menu pissed

  • http://Website will

    Also my eBay search bar acting funny,and my clock will update the time as soon as I unlock my phone

  • http://Website Candace Guilford

    I get the triangle exclamation point too. About 30 sec into the download.

  • http://Website Tim Landers

    Lost netflix…. Not liking this update….

  • http://Website Jessi

    Constantly have 5, always 5, voicemails…

  • http://Website mOOky

    On an unrEVOked EVO 4G running 2.2 (baseband, software 3.70.651.1) I got the update notification. For grins and giggles I tried to apply the update without unrooting, and got the little happy droid with the white triangle and exclamation point.

    So, assuming that was an unhappy upgrade, I simply did a battery pull, and booted into recovery (power / vol down), loaded up the Clockwork Recovery and restored my system from the backup that I performed immediately prior to attempting the update (I’m no dummy…).

    Just booted, and have my happy 2.2 ROM back in business, still rooted, Netflix still working, no silly VM icon, etc. etc.

    I think I’ll hang out here until the brilliant folks at unrEVOked update their amazing product to support the 2.3.x update (and of course, Sprint fixes their (in)compatibility with Netflix, or vice versa, whomever needs to tweak the version check.

    Good luck out there, and happy ROMing.

  • http://Website Gary

    Well ran the update for EVO, and everything went smooth but now it keeps telling me that I have voicemails when I don’t and for some reason the live voicemail isn’t there anymore. I have to keep calling my voicemail.

    • http://Website WillRM

      See my comment below. Try updating the PRL as suggested by @Bleed Green and see if that helps.

  • http://Website YAYA

    My LED is not working anymore :(

  • http://Website WillRM

    Ever since installing the update, have been getting voicemail notification when there is no voicemail (driving me crazy). My son updated his EVO at the same time and no such problem so clearly it’s more than just the update — that is, update alone is not causing the problem. Saw suggestion above to update PRL which I had just completed — so we’ll see if that does the trick.

    I’ll report in a couple of days.

  • http://Website mike

    I updated and wish i could go back to 2.2! Try this if you updated…..open your web browser and type in google.com….lmao it will close the browser and put you back at the home screen! Oh and no net flix!

  • http://Website alysha

    My LED light for notifications is not working since the update

  • http://Website Debbie

    Hello…. has anybody gotten an new noticification status bar icons with the newest update for the EVO 4G? I got this one that looks like the ear piece and the handle of a phone with 2 curved lines. I googled and looked in the manuel for notification icons and don’t see this one. I did notice that when I pull down the notification bar, the day and date pop up to left of the bar. Also just tapping on the icon reveals the day,mon., and yr. as well. Just curious if anyone has this icon?

  • http://Website Derrick

    Wish I had waited to see how gingerbread update would effect my EVO. Netflix does not work, I get voicemail alerts everytime starting phone when there is none & random restarts when using browser. An update is suppose to improve your phone.

  • http://Androidandme Lacrawdad

    Cannot get the voicemail icon off the screen

  • http://Website dee

    During a phone call, when I reiceve a sms message it makes this loud obnoxious beep. before the update there was a way to turn it off .. cant seem to find it on this update.

  • http://Website Brian

    This update is terrible. the voicemail indicator is stuck on and the internet browser continuously crashes.

  • http://Website joe

    Im having so many problems after update. I have the voicemail that isn’t there. I have no signal at my house now. Please help

  • http://Website maggie

    my phones says it has a voice mail but it really doesn’t fix it soon please

  • http://Website MarkM

    updated my EVO that I bought on day 1, now my phone says that the economy is on the upswing and that all bail outs worked. Man, this thing is broken in a major way. Lol.

    all kidding aside, we have 2 Evo’s, mine bought on day 1 and my wifes bought like 2-3 months later (not that this has anything to do with anything) but hers has the VM icon that you can clear but it will come back after a reboot. I have been thinking of rooting mine but have been scared, it would be nice to have tethering, hotspot etc…. but with this update what would be the cost?

  • http://Website dont wish

    Keeps telling me I have 5 new voicemails when I don’t have any !!

    • http://Website ltgilliam

      Did you guys try Menu – settings – applications – manage applications – ALL – Voice-mail – Clear Data – then reboot the phone (power off then power on)?

  • http://Website tgtrav

    Since updating, my GPS indicator at the top of the screen now usually says the GPS antenna is turned on, whether it’s actually on or off. Weird. Battery life is noticably better, though!

    • Brandon

      yes I have the same problem, any fixes on this?

  • http://Website jacob

    Guys to remove the voicemail

    notifacation go to settings, call, then

    clear voicemail notification. Worked

    for me after update for my EVO.

    Good luck.

  • http://Website Stephen Mims

    Since getting the update I have the voice mail notification, which is easy enough to deal with. Of course Netflix doesn’t work, but the biggest disappoint is that my voice-to-text can’t hear me so it’s become useless. Please fix this soon or let me know how to undo the upgrade.

  • http://Website Mike

    This is a watered update my weather doesn’t
    always work!!I dont see any battery improvement still need app killer to kill pesty apps!! Google needs to work on that constany running apps!!!Update should have been 2.3.4 with video chat withe new sense!!!

  • http://Website alex andrade

    Voicemail message with no voicemail.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Update went well! I like how the phone is faster and smoother. I like the new icons and the new internet browser layout.. however a few minor problems, one being the pending voicemail notification. It says its pending so I cannot even clear it in the settings.. the browser crashes constantly and thw voice to text is now shit.. HTC/Sprint/ Someone please help!

  • http://Website Thomas

    I updated my EVO, and 2 voicemails are stuck in notifications. Tried just about everything.

  • http://Website Cathy

    I had the stuck v/m icon, it took two tries, but settings>call>clear voicemail notifications got rid of it.

    However, when I drag down the notifications bar, my “clear” button has disappeared, and I don’t like that AT ALL. Any fixes for that?

    I use a security code to access my phone. The keypad used to match my screen background. Now it’s a bone-ugly white. Any fix for that?

    I’m not liking this update. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • http://Website Cathy

    The clear button just reappeared out of the blue. I didn’t do anything to make it happen.

  • http://Website Michael

    I have tried the update numerous times get the triangle with the exclamation and then tried to manually download the file on my computer, rename it, copy to SD card and install it. Get an error 7 Failed: Check_cid

  • http://Website Mark

    Can’t use my camera as my SD card is not recognized anymore. Any thoughts?

  • http://Website TL

    I am also having voicemail notification issues with no voicemail… I can clear them via SETTINGS, CALLS, and CLEAR VOICEMAIL NOTIFICATIONS but it is getting old.

    Also, my Sprint Family Locator application is no longer working. I have to go to the website, which works, but the app is so much cooler.

    Oh well.

  • http://Website Rachel S.

    LED lights only flash when phone is off the charger, but they’re no longer customized per contact which is REALLY annoying.

  • http://www.elitesmi.com ketan mody

    We updated and have the pending vm icon that wont go away. Very very annoying!

  • http://Website Ed

    I used to have the hearing aid compatibility setting to on, so I could hear better in noisy environments. Now I can’t find where the hearing aid menu is located so i can turn it on for my wife’s Evo after the gingerbread update. It’s like the menu option just disappeared, although the hearing aid icon is still on the toolbar indicating it is activated.

  • http://Website Yvonne

    I updated mine a couple of days ago…at first I kept getting notifications on some “voicemail” which just wasn’t there, I manually remove the notification but every time I have to restart my phone or just turn it off and on, the notification appears again. Lately I’ve also been experiencing problems with my connectivity to the network. I use EasyTether to use my phone’s internet on my laptop on the go, but since the update it has been quite slow. It keeps showing DNS issues. Is any one else experiencing these issues? I don’t want to have to do a hard reset :(

  • http://Website Marlekka Jones

    After update phone says I have 3 vmails and have to manually call for them. When I call there aren’t any vmails and the notification will not go off. It’s a problem because I cant tell when I really get vmails

  • glavanway

    Updated to a rooted 2.3.3 two days ago.

    Reboots quick
    Starts up after shutdown in less that 20 seconds
    Extra (small) eye candy (like the red and green lines on the answer/ignore “bar?”)

    Random alerts for texts, notifications, download complete (via sounds) – happens in waves
    Voicemail icon
    LED – haven’t seen it on since upgrade – just noticed cause I don’t use the LED much.
    A little less than half the phone calls I make or receive end up starting on speaker for no reason.

    Very frustrating.

    • glavanway

      Oh, and Settings > Call > Clear VM notification, cleared my VM notification like it was cool. Did it 30 seconds ago. Hope it stays gone.

  • http://Website Dorian

    I have been receiving false voicemail notifications since updating my phone.

  • http://Website mike

    The hearing aid icon is on and I cant find a way to get it off. any suggestions?

  • http://Website Fire Marshal…

    Did the update on htc evo 4g to gingerdead, er I mean bread…speaker quality went from great to scratchy and distorted even w volume down…cant use speach to text for all …battery drains faster and I have a huge extended battery goes 50 hrs on standby, ringer not loud missing calls, vm icon but use google, and everything else that others have said….been w sprint 12 years, done!

  • http://Website jon ryan

    I have the extra voice mail notification and I do not have a mesaage.

  • http://Website Steven

    Will Speech to Text be fixed with the Gingerbread update?

  • http://Website Betsy

    I have installed the latest update and have the voicemail icon/notification saying I have 3 new messages and I don’t, how do u get rid of that?

  • http://Website Berry

    Phone says I have a voicemail but I don’t. And netflix doesn’t seem to work.

  • http://Website Jprich

    Anyone else see this … When on a phone call, I can’t get my dial pad to come up. So I can’t “dial one for English…”.

  • http://Website Bruce

    After the update, I now also have the stuck voice mail notification, so I’m turning off all voice mail features (so I can ignore the false alerts) and changing my outgoing message to warn others not to leave a message. Will not use voice mail from now on with this phone.

  • http://Website mike krajnak

    Net flix no longer works and can’t turn off hearing aid option on EVO 4g

  • http://Website ammon morgan

    I am having the voicemail issue. Any help would be great

  • http://Website Heather Ryan

    Amber LED light no longer functions post upgrade, only the green is available. I had grown to LOVE this feature, so I hope it gets fixed!

  • http://Website jared

    Says I have 2 new v-mail but none are on there.

  • http://Website PleasePullThisUpdate

    My Evo has been stuck in an endless loop since the update…on top of that:

    1) gmail not working and will not update
    2) Voice mail alert does not go away
    3) low memory message will not go away
    4) jumping cursor while typing issue
    5) LEDs gone or constantly flashing…
    6) Netflix GONE – calls for an upgrade and then can’t be located

    Called Sprint Customer Service – they referred me to a store with a tech dept…nowhere near me and too far to get to.

    Sprint – PLEASE help!!!

  • http://Website William summe

    Voice was fine until updated. Now on the locked screen and notification tab says I have ten new voicemail but I dont. so far other that that good update. Any suggestions?

  • http://Website andrew wells

    My voicemail is stuck, shoot me an email if it gets fixed

  • http://Website Shaye

    It has slowed my phone tremendously. And the voicemail notification when I dont have any is pure annoying. My LED light wont stop going off even though I don’t have any voicemails.

  • http://Website David

    Please tell me how to fix voicemail notification (not the temporary delete option only to have it come back again)!!!

  • http://Website bibi

    New update sucks! Cant get rid of vm icon :(

  • http://Website paula

    Just updated by Evo Shift and my ability to delete several emails at a time is gone. Can anyone help?

  • http://Website Dan

    I have the voicemail glitch! No new voicemail but its been telling me I have one. Cant get the notification to go away.

  • http://Website manu204

    Just updated firmware last night and can’t believe all the problems!! NONE of my uploaded apps appear any more in the app section; all apps that were on the home screens just show the droid icon, but none are useable; my voicemail icon disappeared from the home screen; none of the softkeys work; and I have a “low memory” on the top of the screen that won’t go away, even though I have tons of room available on the SD card and around 40MB free in the internal memory.

    Can anyone help? This is the worst thing that has ever happened since I’ve owned the phone!!

    • iJedi

      The low on storage space shows when you have less than 45MB left on internal storage, that’s why it won’t go away.

  • http://Website steven johns

    My 3G just goes away since the new Gingerbread update. Have to turn off phone and restart to get it back.

  • http://Website Jim

    Since the update both my wife and mine randomly do a soft reboot. Seems like it is after using the back button to get out of the browser. Also my search button quits working randomly and usually requires 2 restarts to fix.

  • http://Website John

    Very frustrated that the LED notifications in Handcent are gone. This is an important feature for me since I must keep the sound notifications off most of the time.

  • http://Website Samantha

    I installed the update about 3 or 4 days ago for my HTC EVO Shift 4G and I had all of the features, except the new Gingerbread Keyboard.
    I was experiencing frequent force closes of HTC itself. A message would pop up saying The appilcation (processor.com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. The only option would bet o force close.
    After looking at many forums, the best solution I could find would be to reset everything, so I did. Now, I no longer have the new Scenes that came with the update, like Wood and Metal. I would really like to know how to fix this.

  • http://Website Becky

    I just updated my Evo 4G and now it requires “background data” and syncing to be on all the time. It is draining my battery and I wish I could undo my update! Help! Is there anyway to go back and undo this?

  • http://Website Jody

    I am experiencing the voicemail icon constantly on but no VM issue.

  • http://Website alexis

    well, after the update im not having problems with the voicemail constantly saying i have a message, im not having led problems, but i have nooooooooooooooooooooo service what so ever, anyhere i go. once in a while i get texts but i have either the X over my bars saying no service, or i have a roaming symbol and 1 or 2 small bars. almost everything i try to reply to wont send and is kept in undelivered messages. i also have no 4g network even closeee to my city, so im left with wi-fi, nothing else. i need to find a way to un-install this soon!

  • http://Website susie

    im getting a voicemail error n im tired of deleting it in the clear voicemail notification

  • http://Website PET

    weather widget will not update after Gingerbread update, cycles updating for about 30 seconds and nothing…

    expect this kind of issue with MS updates, not Android!

  • http://Website Leshan

    I have the evo 4g, and I keep getting a voicemail notification, and when there is none and it won’t get off the screen, its bugging me help!!!!

  • http://Website tommy

    No led for me either :(

  • http://Website Kristin

    I did the update about a month ago and just the last couple of weeks I have started roaming all of time…in places where I ALWAYS have service. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet about why this could be happening, and I’m finding out that it is because of the recent 2.3 update. As of right now that is the only problem I am having after updating, but it is extremely annoying to never be able to use my phone. Is there any way to get this fixed or restore my phone to the original software that it came with?

  • http://Website Lellybean

    After the update had issues with the weather widget not showing current city, just “current location” which finally corrected itself last week. My other issue involves 4g. I attempted to connect a day or so after the update, and 4g has been stuck on “TURNING ON” ever since with with the buttons greyed out. USB tethering is also stuck for some reason. Now I have to recharge my battery about every 4 hours. All tech support could offer was hard reset, which Ive had to involuntarily do twice before because of stupid defects. I love my phone, but I really want to throw it somewhere, Im tired of losing my data.

  • http://Website ed

    I have had issues with the voicemail indicator saying there are new messages

  • http://Website Jake

    Have the 2.3.3 update installed with no issues what so ever. Don’t have to worry about voicemail since that’s handled on the network side by Sprint. Netflix works great and no SMS issues at all.

  • Bev

    My 1, 2 and 3 on my dial pad is much smaller than the rest of my numbers. Anyone know how I can fix this?

  • Genny

    Just updated my phone a few days ago, and ever since my phone hasn’t been the same. It won’t allow me to send text messages to various people, and it freezes up all the time. The numbers that are in my contacts don’t show up as the contact name in the text messages either. Anyone have any of these same problems? :/

  • crystal

    Is There Any Way You Can Make Suggeations For The Updates.. I Liked It More Before The First Upgrade When You Can See The Duration Of Your Convo.. Also Could They Make Our Apps Menu Like The Nexus S Where It Kind Of Looks Like A Cube Or Something ..

  • lorib

    My husband and I both have the HTC inspire 4G and are having the same buggy issues with the update. Camera randomly stops working and is nothing but black screen until you turn off and back on. Texts sometimes won’t let you type and now no longer show the persons name just phone number. I tried a soft reset and it solved the issue for one day. This update is horrible! I have never had so many bugs and issues with a single update. I have also shut off my vibration feedback in text entry because sometimes it works and sometomes it doesn’t. Anyone have a link to somewhere telling me how to rollback this stupid update. I loved my phone up until I installed it

  • bob

    issues on HTC EVO 4G after upgrade:
    1. Sense constantly rebooting upon leaving an internet site
    2. speaker volume affected
    3. sms msgs deleted
    4. the phantom vm alert stays on when there is no vm
    5. the low memory message alert shows up when under 45MB and will not go away
    6. voice recognition is inoperable

    makes a great phone very mediocre.

  • Sheldon Barbash

    This whole update is a downgrade give me back my phone this “upgrade” was forced . Not wanted eithed fix it or buy my phones ( 2 evos 1 evo shift) have had ALL of them replaced and they STILL DO NOT WORK PROPERLY !!!

  • Sujit

    My HTC Evo’s 3G is messed up. 4G works perfectly fine when turned on, Wifi also works perfectly when turned on, but my 3G while i’m driving just doesn’t connect. I’ve rebooted a couple of times to no success. Any help?

  • blake

    Voicemail notification never goes away.



  • Bradestroy

    Has anybody had any problems with the phone constantly rebooting? It’s driving me crazy. Reboots after every app!

  • Erickia

    How do I move the gingerbread keyboard from the right side of the screen back to the bottom where it was?

  • Michael

    i have a problem, after installing the new update. im getting a screen saying “DATA CALL FAILURE” then it says “error code 98. Unable to establish wireless data connection. if the problem persists, please contact your mobile phone company.” pleas help someone i need to fix this. should i hard reboot it?

  • Ayla

    Ever since I updated I noticed my phone being extra slow. Wasn’t sure if it was because of the update or because I downloaded Google Voice. Either way it needs to stop. I want to throw my phone across the room every time I try and do something.

  • http://www.soulcentral.co.nz Carina

    i’m too lazy to read through the comments. but i have a samsung galaxy ace. have upgraded to gingerbread – no drama thanks to a tech boyfriend.

    have a constant ‘new notification’ icon on my notification bar though. it has no details, so i dont know what its for. i can ‘click it’ but it does nothing. the ‘clear notifications’ button is not available.

  • Lindsay

    Just finished installing gingerbread on my htc evo 4g and my camera won’t function. Says I need to insert an sd card but it’s already in there.

  • den

    I installed it and my phone was brick. Have a replacement phone now and will not install again.

  • RitchieRich

    I have tried several times to root my phone, I believe that even though I used setting to return it to a new state that it is altered on a deeper level, which is why it craps out every time I try to install the new update…

  • savannah morin

    My EVO will not let me view my new text messages…this has been going on for 3 days straight now

  • Erica

    I have the VM indicator stuck too… all messages have been reviewed, retry download attempted. No dice.

  • Jonathan

    Anyone who did the new update and anyone who didnt do it, find out how to root your phone at HTCEvoHacks.com!! If you updated your phone with the new update from HTC, they’ll probably have instuctions of how to get your phone back to the way it was before.

  • James

    stuck on the triangle with exclamation point screen for update left it there all night the next day and it still stayed there.

  • fred

    Since my phone automatically updated, I no longer have the notification of the icon for text messages received and my clock app has disappeared from my apps page. Can anyone help me with either of these problems?

  • Jon

    Just installed the 2.3.3 and now the bottom menu (that has the menu button, the phone button, and the add to page button) has permanently moved to the right side of the screen and now it covers up everything on the rightmost row. It even covers up half of the htc clock widget. I can’t even move apps without them being deleted from the home page because the trashcan icon covers up so much of the screen. This is the worst update ever and I want my phone to go back to being awesome.

  • Kyle Vanicek

    My phone is constantly displaying a low or no storage icon, despite the fact that i have deleted just about all of my apps, and i’m not receiving text messages. Seems like lots of others are having this and similar problems?

  • B

    I wish you weren’t forced into doin updates. This Gingerbread update sucks! Why would you take away call duration from the call history option?? Seems like a basic function that people would probably want on their phone. This has been an issue since the upgrade in June 2011, but they apparently are too stupid to fix it.

  • Sammy Garcia

    Mine is always having that triangle with explanation and I really want to update my phone, what do I do?

  • Marty DeBusman

    I started the update then it froze with a “White Tirangle with a yellow explanation mark and a blue droid?” I pulled the battery, when it restarts it loads then it suddenly shuts down again a goes back to the “White Tirangle with a yellow explanation mark and a blue droid?”.

  • Gary Thomas

    I seem to expercing the same problems that others are having. Real quick I have the htc evo 4g and everytime I try to update my phone with the gingerbread update my phone freezes and a white traingle with an explanation mark in the middle comes up. I have been trying this for the past month and I have made no progress. Help would be much appreciated thank you!

  • curtis Little

    I unlocked my htc sensation and put a at&t 4g sim card in it.I need the apn for I can get my data,mms and texting to work.will you please help me out. Curtis

  • candice

    This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ……. Sprint couldn’t even fix my phone …… NOT WORKING properly since UPDATE —- TEXTING, ROAMING CHARGES, WEB PAGES UNAVAILABLE, CLEARED OUT MY LINKAGE TO CONTACTS, EN — FN STUCK ON SCREEN, and more issues …… 110% UNSATISFIED!! I never claimed to be good at computers but these people who are making these updates, are setting people like me back … Time is money and I don’t want to be wasting either of mine … Now I am … Thanks a lot … FOR NOTHING

  • Darnell

    My netflix app doesn’t work anymore. Please fix it I have a HTC EVO 4g.

  • Courtney

    I have tried updating to Gingerbread for a while now. I continue to get the exclamation point and triangle halfway through the installation process.
    For some reason, this phone has a lot of bugs. My stock messenger has a bug that sends messages or shows that they are received in the future (a message sent at 1:30pm Wednesday will show up at that time but be listed on my stock SMS as received at 1:30pm Thursday).

    I have heard this new update has a bunch of bugs in it as well but really, I keep trying to update it because I keep hoping they will come out with a new update that actually works!
    I just re-downloaded it and am waiting for my phone to have enough battery to install. Cross my fingers!